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 My Stats

Age: 38

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7

Weight: 110

Measurements: 36D-23-36

Pussy: Smooth and Sexy

Ass: Round and tight

Favorite Positions: My legs over your shoulders

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a bar stool with people around

Hobbies: Fucking in the shower, Cumming, Shopping, Spending money, Being a total MILF

Specialities: Freaky Fetishes, MILF, Cougar, Role Play and Cuckold


I am Jackie, the neighbor you wish you had. The hot little MILF who never gets enough dick to make her happy. My husband is lacking in the manhood department so I fuck other guys every chance I get. I love getting cock in my cunt so I guess you could say I am addicted to dick!

I have been married since I was 20 and my god it has been a blast. Well not with him, but with all the cock I get on the side. Being a soccer Mom has even doubled the amount of cock that is on the prowl for a freak like me. I guess that men just love the idea of fucking someone else’s wife. I absolutely love fucking all the old bitches in the neighborhoods husbands. I guess you could say I run the MILF Wagon!

If your looking to bust your balls in that tight slut next-door then you wont have to look an further then right here. I just baked some cookies and I will pour you a big glass of MILF to wash them down with. I squirt and it is always nice and sweet. Cum on over and you might find me bent over the chair or bouncing up and down on one of my many sex toys. Mommy has a huge toy box full for naughty boys to play with.

Well the hubby is off to work so why don’t you pick up the phone and call the hottest and nastiest little slut you will ever need. I do it all. There is nothing I will not do to make you scream out the name “Jackie” over and over again. Call me for an intense fuck session today!

Call 1.866.949.9737
for Phone Sex with

9 Responses to “Jackie”

  • Wow, jeans, sweater, smokin body, killer voice, what more could a guy want????????
    Only one thing………………more!!!!!!!!!

  • This girl is fine as hell n that azz is perfection~~ Nothin she wont do on a call. A straight up wild n sexxxy phone freak! Luv the way u throw it down baby:)

  • Jackie is absolutely amazing. Great voice and personality. She’s great at taking your ideas and running with them.

  • Amazing, sexy voice, the whole package

  • This lady has an awesome voice and one of the dirtiest minds I’ve encountered. She is an expert at playing your best friend’s mom, or a strange older lady on the hunt for younger cock. Superb!

  • Really sexy voice – I love it when she starts talking dirty and drops it down to a whisper – very erotic. Once she figures out what words do it for you, she works them into the conversation like no one else can. What a sweetie!

  • Terrific! Friendly, sexy, and fun. Thanks Jackie for a great turn-on!!!

  • Jackie,
    It was so hot to finally have my way with you when I called playing your husband’s college buddy and best man from your wedding. You’re right you’ve always known that I wanted you who could know I wanted you that bad?! I’ll call again soon!

  • Jackie, I sure enjoyed our married soccer mom fantasy today. Without having to tell you knew what buttons to push . Thanks for a awesome half hour call I’ll have to talk to longer from now on you’re so much fun.


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