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 My Stats

Age: 19

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 112

Measurements: 34C-22-32

Pussy: Bald

Ass: Spank-able and ready for action!

Favorite Positions: On your lap!

Strangest Places I've had sex: In the teachers lounge.

Hobbies: Friends, IPOD, Myspace, movies, snorkeling, amusement parks, concerts and tanning.

Specialities: Daddy's girl, Age play, Family fun, Financial domination, Teacher/Student, Naughty babysitter, Cross dressing, Anal, Gang bangs, Rape, Snuff, Scat, Golden showers and tickling.


I’m Bree! I’m your naughty little teenage brat. Let’s get right to it! I love to have fun and naughtiness is my specialty. As you can see, I love to have something hard in my mouth, preferably your COCK. I love to role play and I’m great at being a Daddy’s girl. I’m a bratty princess that loves to tease the hell out of your cock with my tight, sexy outfits. I’m not stuck up or prude by any means but I always get my way (giggles).

I’m very open with no inhibitions. I’d love to give you what you want, any way you want it, like a special made order.If you wanted to take full advantage of me, I promise I wouldn’t tell anyone. That’s what I use to tell my high school teacher.

I know I have that innocent look, like the girl next door but I am far from that. Don’t ever question a girl’s inadequacies when she sucked off a whole entire football team before. Once you call me, you will experience my deviant sexual mind. I will fulfill all your deepest desires and take you to pure ECSTASY…beyond your wildest dreams. I’m your submissive little girl who isn’t happy till she gets what she wants. Only I can please you the way others have no clue how too. Call me and experience the ultimate teen fuck of a lifetime!

Bratty Bree

Call 1.866.403.3466
for Phone Sex with

14 Responses to “Bree”

  • This babysitter knows her place….and will do anything for money. She has the nastiest sweetest voice and will go into the woods as an innocent knowing full well she will come out a bonafide cock-whore….regardless of who’s watching. Call her if you want some lil princess who do WHATEVER you ask…

  • hey bree email me so we can get into futher things that i wnat from you!!!! sex!!! I mean!!! or erotic converstaion on my email! My email is

  • i want the most erotic phone sex you can give to me i want you to make to so fucking horny!!! And i will do the same to you!!! I want to make you come!!! text back as soon as you get this!!! also send me so erotic naked photos of you and th crew to my email above as soon as poosible!!!

  • THE BEST ROLEPLAY EVER!! I have called a few other sites and always got some old ladie on the other end yawning and not saying a thing, but Bree took it to a whole new level. I also felt comfortable with her not to mention totally turned on!

  • The way Bree is able to seemlessly guide a session, and yet listen to what you like and incorporate bothe into the experience is pure magic!! Also over the last month or so she has also become a friend/confidant making the experience that more ejoyable. Thanks Bree.

  • what a delight. beautiful. funny. obviously real.
    she begged me; i told her no. she begged me; i told her no. she begged me; and OMG. bree love ya girl.

  • hey bree, wud you like to have a litte dicked bitch boi to control? i need a beautifl mistress to put me in my place on my knees and order me to suck cock for her. my ultimate reward would be a golden shower from you.

  • Bree… Your soft sexy voice and light teasing was absolutely perfect… Thank you!

  • What an amazing call. One of the best calls I’ve ever had. What a voice, and what a call. I felt dizzy afterwards. Call her, and you’ll think you’re in Heaven. Not only a great voice, but a wonderful personality too. She’s too awesome for words. I’m still speechless.

  • wow! just read Her blogs … each one pulls you in even further. so sexy, such a great mind.

  • anthony petruccelli

    Wow very soft and sexy voice, one of the best talks I had in a long time. Knows how to make the most of a 10 minute call. Looking forward to the next time!!

  • Bree you are simply wonderful, a aheer delight–sexy, funny, wise, and you know exactly how to combine your talents to find my weaknessness and exploit them. But you also know how to find my strengths and raise me up. I feel a connection with you that is very very special. Thanks.

  • hi,
    i’d like to be your little bitch boy.


  • This lil’ hottie loves a good time….and so do I! Especially loves a big cock like mine

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