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 My Stats

Age: 30

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'4

Weight: 110

Measurements: 34C-22-34

Pussy: Shaved and Pierced

Ass: Perfectly Round

Favorite Positions: In complete control and riding on top

Strangest Places I've had sex: In my Mother- In law's Kitchen

Hobbies: Finding new fuck toys!

Specialities: Domination,Cuckold, Cock Bossing,Guided Masturbation and Financial Domination


I’m hot, wet and here to put some SIZZLE in your life. This sexually liberated Mistress pushes the bar where the kink factor is concerned. I have been married seven years (and itching like crazy) to an adoring and utterly submissive husband. My husband knew I was a whore when he married me, but says he hoped then that I would change. He thought he would be enough man to keep me satisfied. It soon became apparent that he wasn’t taking care of business in the bedroom. My eyes began to wander.

I changed my life. I let go of my conservative upbringing. I decided to be true to myself. If I am a slut, so be it. I began meeting and fucking men. It became an addiction. A nasty taboo addiction, that I use to manipulate and mind fuck my husband with. You see, he knows what a whore I am. I bring men home to fuck me in front of him. He should know that his wife is a sex fiend. He has become used to sucking men and preparing them for me. He has learned to love eating their hot sperm from my drenched cunt. He lives for the opportunity to be allowed such a feast! Sometimes that is a close as he gets to my pussy for months! You see, my friend, I am the wife to a completely cuckolded, masturbation addicted hubby slut. He likes to watch me enjoy other guy’s cocks. I have a stable of men waiting for my call. Will I want to be fucked or spoiled? Probably both!

Call 1.866.949.4109
for Phone Sex with

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  • Awesome call. really enjoyed the mild domination and talking about switching next time.

  • Amazing call!! The absolute best on this service. I proved that sometimes even callers can give the girls something they have never experienced.

  • just got off of a hot cuck call with Lacey and i am fully drained.

    cant wait to call back…

  • OMFG!!!! Lacey you are a effing incredible phone girl I have ever spoken too. When you suggested you wanted my son to see me his own Father fucking his son’s very own wife’s brains out….and that not all folksLacey wants her husband watch his Father fuckin his wife in his son’s very own bed too. WOW!!! damn Lacey u r certainly a very nasty lil slut. I really like u that way baby

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