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 My Stats

Age: 40

Eyes: Topaz

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 118

Measurements: 34 D-23-32

Pussy: Cream-filled

Ass: Bodacious

Favorite Positions: Doggie style (the deeper, the better)

Strangest Places I've had sex: Storage room at the butcher store (What can I say, I love beef!)

Hobbies: Sprawling on the beach with a great book.

Specialities: Taking the time to get to know you and what makes you tick. If I know I'm turning you on, I get turned on too. I am a seasoned pro at the following calls: Mutual masturbation, guided masturbation, sensual dome, strap-on play, panty boys, MILF, mommy, family fun, submissive, role-playing (any scenario you can think of) ,financial domination, blackmail, cuckolding, taboo calls of all types, you will never feel rushed with me, I will give you what you seek and more!


Hello and welcome to my page!
I’m Sandra and I appreciate you stopping by. I’m a mature woman, but I feel like I’m just hitting my sexual peak. So many men of all ages appeal to me now. I can be your “cougar”; I love younger men with their tight, youthful bodies and their stamina. I also love men my age and older. They’re experienced and really know their way around a woman’s body. I enjoy most things sexually. I love a man to go down on me to warm me up before he fucks me. My favorite positions would have to be a toss-up between doggy and reverse cowgirl. I like it deep! I even like a little anal from time to time, start with your tongue, then your fingers, and work up from there. I’m certain you’ll be addicted once you do a call with me. I have no doubts about what I like, and I’m confident I know the things you’ll like too. Treat yourself to an experience with a real woman. Life’s too short not to be completely satisfied!

Seductively Yours,


Call 1.866.433.7033
for Phone Sex with

14 Responses to “Sandra”

  • Mistress Sandra:

    The fantasy you wove for me the other night was fantastic!! I could picture everything that was happening. I loved the way you became my mistress & dressed me up. I could picture each piece of clothing from my stockings & heels all the way thru the dress & make-up. You truly are a special Mistress. Thank you for a great fantasy.

  • Hey beautiful. Sandra you are simply amazing. I love our roleplays of you being my dominant, demanding boss. Today’s call was the hottest yet as I thought I would never stop cumming.

    All the best and take care.


  • Sandra thank you for the wonderful time tonight. Your imagination, and timing was perfect. Thank you also for your patience while my nerves settled. It is all in the details and you did it wonderfully. Till next time.

    All my best

  • Dear Mistress Sandra:

    The orgasm you gave me was explosive!! There is no other word that describes it. You have a wicked imagination that brings the scenes right up to me. It is the next best thing to actually being there.

    Thank you for a great fantasy.


  • sandra,

    thank you for a great call. I am still quivering from the explosion you gave me. You truely are the best. Can’t wait to talk to you again.


  • Dear Mistress Sandra:
    You took me the other night. There’s no other way to say it but that you took me. You had total control over me. You dressed me up & had me please you. I became your total little slut, your little cock slut. I took on whoever you told me to & however you wanted me to.
    After denying me permission you finally allowed me to touch myself. You told me how to stroke myself but still had me doing what you wanted with who you wanted. As I neared climax you had me get your stud ready for you. You made sure I knew that I wasn’t allowed to cum until you did & definitely not without your permission.
    You finally allowed me to release. My orgasm was EXPLOSIVE! I had never cum so much or so hard. It was a fantastic fantasy you gave me, fantastic.
    Your Dani

  • Dear Mistress Sandra:

    I got very lucky that first time I called you. I wound up with a Mistress with a huge heart & a wicked imagination. From the very first it was fun having you dress me up. I wasn’t worried when I told you about my high heels & I’m glad you insisted on me sending you pictures of them. How else could you have picked out a black mini-dress that went so well with them? The fantasy rides you take me on blow my mind. You describe so well how my make-up goes on that I can feel it going on. I can see the way you tell me I’m dressed. I can feel the lust you enflame when you trot me out & pimp me out. I can feel how it is to be your little cock slut Danielle. The climaxes you give me are explosive!! There just aren’t words that can describe what you do to me.

    Your Dani

  • Sandra:

    You are by far and away one of the most gracious and giving persons one could know. To all those reading this know one thing, take your time and get to know this wonderful creature and you will not regret it. Sandra is playful, intelligent and young beyond her years. If all you are looking for is a quick in and out then you will never truly experience all this classy lady has to offer.



  • Wow.. what a milf…. she was very willing to learn the nudist lifestyle… no taboos… great roleplayer… real sexy voice…

  • Ur soo cute and hot ur soo good sandra i love you

  • Oh wow. What a hot call we had on Tuesday. Your voice was exactly what I needed. Letting me talk about all those naughty things and telling me it was hot. Well, yeah, you made that call great.

  • i am very picky about baby toys, so i always choose the best ones`

  • Sandra,

    You were absolutely fabulous. I am very satisfied and wanting more! You are definitely the one I will be cumming to for a good time!

    Lover Joe

  • Sandra,
    Great call Saturday. You fell into the fantasy and became the perfect first time cheating wife.
    We’ll continue your weekend as my new slut in the future.

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