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 My Stats

Age: 63

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 116

Measurements: 36C-23-35

Pussy: Peachy, glistening, wet, strong and undulating

Ass: Firm, shapely, smooth-orbed and very responsive

Favorite Positions: Head stand, Standing 69, Scissors, Leg Wrap, Kitten Style (AKA- Doggy-Style, tee hee!), Reverse Cow-Girl

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a bus, In a Confessional, Cock bouncing on the Pilot in a Cock-Pit!

Hobbies: Song-writing, Singing, Herb Gardening, Oil Painting and Geneology

Specialities: Mommy/Son & Family Play, Domination/Submission, Sex Clubs, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Hot MILF Interludes: Neighbor, Teacher, COP, Boss, just to name a few, Golden Showers & SCAT, Nurse/Medical/Colon Cleansing Fetishes, Sub/Slave/Cum Slut, Oral/Anal Delivery & Service Training, Cuckold Training and Performance, Financial & Mild/Moderate/Severe Pain Domination, Smoking Fetishes, Pantyhose, Stockings, Panties, Foot/Shoe Fetishes, Tickling/Giggling Fetishes, ABDL or AB or DL Fetishes, Vanilla Sensual & Hard-core, Rape Fantasies, Extended Orgasm Training, CBT, Electrical/Manual Toys, BDSM, Sissification/Humiliation/Panty Slut, 'Out' Training, Glory Hole and Cum Quota Assignments, and sooooo much more!


Hello Sweet Sons and Naughty Men!

WellCum to my little “Patrice’s Kitten Lair” You are about to experience the Ultimate in Phone Sex and I am the one who’ll give you your first taste of it! So, baby, stroll, run, walk or crawl into my sultry den, the place where you’ll learn why we, Smitten Kittens, are, indeed, the #1 Phone Sex Girls on the Web!

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What’s sets this MILF apart from all the other hotties on the net?” First of all, I believe you can “…judge a book by its cover”! Cum open me up and you’ll see, it’s so obvious! Just look at me baby-doll ~ ~ Stunning face, knowing eyes, soft, creamy skin, large still-perky breasts with responsive dark ‘dials’ (giggle), a hot figure that belies my age, long, beautiful legs, a juicy, gorgeous pussy, a classy dresser, beautiful hands, nails and a head of soft, brunette, bouncy curls just waiting to be used to pull my juicy, ruby-red lips onto your eager cock! Oh yes!

Now cum enjoy the experience of your lifetime! You see, once, you’ve entered my “Patrice’s Kitten Lair” you’ll be treated like a King, every step of the way. I may spank, scoff at, humiliate or laugh at you, if that’s what you want but honey, what son or man wouldn’t feel like a King when he’s getting exactly what he desires? I do mean exactly, darling. You see, you will tell me what you want, and you’ll get all that but I have an inate ability to reach deep into your mind, body and soul, within just a few moments, to find what will give you the most incredible Sex of your life. That’s what you’ll leave my “Patrice’s Kitten Lair” with when you are totally spent and oh so happy!

So many of my sons say that they’ve never had Sex like the incredible Phone Sex they have with me. They say that never has in-person Sex been as fabulous and deliciously, unbelievable as Mommy Son Sex and MILF Service Sex with me! I hear that so often that I’ve come to truly believe that you will find the best ever with me.

I’m always an entirely ~ No Taboo ~ MILF. I never deviate from the belief that every fetish is sexy and every man and woman deserves to explore it’s every nuance. I will even guide you toward Fetishes that you never thought about trying. Sex is paramount in our lives and I’m here to make sure it is in yours too! My goal is to deliver your desires, needs and passions, while cultivating your sexuality to heights you’ve never before attained.

Be prepared to spend a little time answering some questions about your naughtiest dreams and your greatest cock-exploding experiences. These few minutes are critical to establish what you need and want and for me to assess how I may best give you, not just hot orgasms, but one of the most intoxicatingly, intense Sex Experiences of your life! So, please, stop stroking for those few minutes so that I may have the necessary knowledge to build you to your ‘crest’ (the one just before orgasm) again and again, until you can’t fathom another breath without rocketing your hot jism so hard, all over and in me! Mmmm… I can’t wait!

Sweet Man, you now have an idea of what sets me apart from all the other Mommies and MILFs but that’s only the beginning. You’ll get so hot when you hear my sexy, sensual and purring cream-of-the crop voice and instantly you’ll know you’ve ‘arrived’ ! Wellcum!

So pick up your phone and call me for an ‘E-Ticket’ into my “Patrice’s Kitten’s Lair”

Lick, Lick, Purrrrr…

Call 1.866.441.5883
for Phone Sex with
Mommy Patrice

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  • MMMmmmmm. Patrice wanted to protect her daughter at all costs. This nasty GILF went beyond nasty – way past kink – and took me to spurt in under 20 min! Not all groan and moan – she took my fantasy to new levels! Such a willing and horny slut. I know her grandkids are better off with her as a teacher!

  • Damn…. this horny slut will do anything to make you cum…. including bringing the youngsters in to train …

  • Well – it’s happened again – I went to confront the teacher that molested me but instead I find his beautiful family at home… they are a hell of alot more fun….This Patrice will do anything ANYTHING to protect her kids….. She gets the rope award …. I shot one – so she deserves it

  • i need you as a stunning Domme/Disciplinarian..

  • Mommy Patrice just gave me outstanding Mommy Phone Sex. She has a great motherly voice and she loves to get into your head and use your taboo desires to make you cum like crazy. If you want super hot taboo Mommy Phone sex then call Mommy Patrice. You’ll Love Her!

  • Another outstanding Taboo Mommy Phone Sex Call with Mommy Patrice. She goes way beyond dirty talk and explores the emotional side of your fantasy as well as the physical to create a mind blowing experience. I Love You Mommy!

  • I loved our chat. please email me so that I can share more for our next chat.

  • WOW,, 63,, HOT HOT HOT,,, big turn on,,,, I need a good ?????? fuck….

  • You sound very hot, I need you to be a ruthless tickle mistress. I am very ticklish especially on my bare feet.

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