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My Girlfriend Loves Eating My Bloody Pussy

My sluty friend loves when I call her and let her know it’s the second day of my period. She is totally addicted to my bloody sweetness. When we were younger, we use to go to our friends sleepovers on the weekends. We waited till everyone was asleep and she would jump into my sleeping bag. She was so excited to slide my pajama bottoms off and push my panties to the side and tongue fuck the hell outta my pussy. I’ve had many tongue baths and she is hands down the best I’ve ever had. She makes me squirt at least 3 times every time she goes down on me.

She started craving my period juice about 6 months ago. She called me up one day and wanted to come over because she was dying to eat me out. I didn’t even know at the time I had my period but she didn’t seem to mind. I just got my period when her tongue was buried deep inside me. I thought she would be grossed out but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, she thought my pussy was sweeter. From that day forward, she always comes over on my second day because that’s when it’s the heaviest flow for me and she is always guaranteed to be in between my legs worshiping my period.



Written By: Ariel
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Fucking Thinking Of You

  I guess you thought this might be some kind of fucking sappy romantic I miss you kind of blog? Fucking hardly, you twat face. I was surfing for a movie around 4am and one was on that made me laugh so hard I spit out my fucking drink. My fuck buddy was asleep but I had to wake him for this. It wasn’t so much the movie was funny but when they said “squeal like a pig” that made me think of a certain caller. 

Can you imagine talking to someone and all of a sudden they make pig sounds? I had him keep going so I could put my phone on threeway. Seriously? You think I wouldn’t share such stupidity with a friend or two? I know you might want to think I might have a sweet bone in my slamming body, but I don’t dumb ass. 

Humiliation is my specialty, and don’t think I will hide my laughter; because it is all about me and the fun I have on the phone with my collection of sissy boys, CBT lovers, freaks and little dick losers. Give me a call, and if you’re lucky I just might share you with my hot friends.


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Tampon Tea

It is no surprise you want to serve me. Who the fuck wouldn’t? I do require much from my slaves but the reward is you get to be near me, and that in itself would make you a very lucky sissy maid. Every slave has a task and yours would serving me on my period. Aren’t you one lucky loser fuck.

Home from a date and all the hard fucking has started my period. Assume the position and clean me up. The blood and jizz is dripping down my slender thighs and my panties are soaked. Do you job bitch boi. Now, fix me a drink, fold my clothes and bring me a silky robe. One more thing, insert my tampon for me with your teeth. Now I can relax and drift off to sleep.

“Wake up you stupid faggot” and take care of your Mistress. It is time for your delights of morning tea. Boil the water, pour it into a cup and pull out my tampon with your teeth. What a bloody mess! Let the tampon tea steep while you lick me clean, help me dress and change my bedding. Now you may have your reward. It is Tampon tea time.

Demented Mistress Malaya

My Little White Slave

I have this little white boy that I love to play with. He knows just how to treat his chocolate goddess. After I come home from a long day, he’s on his knees in front of me, taking my shoes off, massaging and licking my feet. It doesn’t matter to him that my feet have been in those hot shoes all day and are a little sweaty and smelly. He runs his tongue all over them, even between my toes. I just lay them right there on his face and tell him to get to work. That’s not the only thing that he does for me. He sucks down anything that comes out of my tasty black holes. He even goes out and finds men for me. He tells them that he has a tiny white dick and needs some big dicks to fuck his lady. I totally embarrasses him, but I make him do it anyway! Then he watches those men tear my pussy and ass up. Once they’ve used me all up, here comes my little slave to make it all better. He sucks all the cum out and soothes my aching holes. Anything that happens to come with the cum, he gobbles up too. He thanks me and tells me everything that comes out of my pussy and ass is delicious, be it golden, brown or red. He’s such a good boy, and to reward him, I let him suck on my chocolate drop nipples. That’s all it takes for him. He just wants me to feel good all the time. Who wouldn’t love that? I need more little slaves!

No Taboos!

Explore you wildest fantasy or your fetish with Skylar. Bring out my sexy dark side. Let me express my sexy wicked side as we explore your fetish together.

No judgments. Nothing too crazy, nothing forbidden, nothing too taboo to explore with me.

Call me and you will find a comfortable place to discuss and role play your fantasy. Especially good if your fetish is part of your secret life. Hard to have a fetish and feel embarrassed or ashamed by it and feel that you can’t express it. Like an itch that you have and can’t scratch, maddening!

I am well-versed in many different fetishes and will cater your call to your unique fantasy.

All you have to do is tell me about your fetish and I might ask a few questions to make sure that I fully understand all aspects of your fetish. Then I can create a role play specifically catered to you. So give me a call, and let’s get naughty, wicked, sexy together!


Just as nasty as it can get

Reading my blogs and looking at my pictures again aren’t you?  It is me they cum to when they want the nastiest, humiliating and sometimes hysterical phone sex ever. They want it nasty, wet, sticky and to be my toilet slave. It seems there is nothing too nasty for them. Want to know a secret Those are my favorite calls. My hot teen pussy gets so wet thinking about you on your knees with my cute little ass sitting on your face.

You get so excited and almost wet your panties when you feel my rosebud pucker puff up getting ready to give you a whiff of my fart perfume.  You breathe in deep and beg for what comes next. You feel the tip of my little cum coated turd start to push out as your eager loser mouth opens wide. Clean me up and go use the mouthwash because it is time for you to suck some cock.

You really are such a faggot, cock sucking, shit eating little loser aren’t you?  I have thought of a new task.  EVIL!  It involves a hot cup of water and one of my used tampons right out of my little princess cunt.  Can you guess toilet slave?

Little Dickey Boy the Fluid Slut

I have always had a problem keeping my laughter back, and it has always caused me problems. Not any more! I have discovered over my barely legal years that guys with pin dicks love to be made fun off.  Seriously that is what makes the little wet spots in their panties and makes their sissy clits twitch.  Today I heard a new one. A new fluid for him to lick up.  ROFLMAO.  It is snot, yes slimy, yucky sometimes green snot.

Now don’t get me wrong because he will drink, slurp, suck and gobble up anything that comes from my adorable little teen body. It is so convenient having my toilet come over to me and assume the position.  When I have a bad cold it is really happy days for him. I put my cute little nose up to his mouth and sneeze hard. The little dickey boy faggot loves it.  I have been thinking and it just isn’t nasty enough to please Mistress.  It is  an honor for him to slurp up my golden showers, brown showers, red showers and all but what about a public toilet.

In fact what about a public toilet in an adult book store. Fuck taking him to the glory holes, he will be their toilet. Just the thought is making me excited and hysterically laughing all at once.  Imagine my slave in pink panties with a little satin and lace choker that says TOILET SLUT.  How much fun can a little Teen Mistress have with her little dickey boy fluid slurping faggot?

Little Teen Mistress Torrie

Valentine’s Day Red

I Gave you Blood, blood gallons of the stuff

I gave you all you can drink but it has never been enough

I gave you blood, blood, blood

I am the kind of human wreckage that you love love love

What could be more perfect as my period for Valentine’s Day?  Red, thick, copper smelling blood dripping from my beautiful Cunt. You get home from running my errands and you see the trail of droplets leading from the bathroom to the bedroom.  Your heart skips a beat and your cock tries to stiffen even in your chastity device. You know it hurts so good, don’t you bitch boi?

You get on your knees and crawl to me following the trail of blood splatter. Your tongue is savoring every single drop. After all, it is but once a month you get to taste my precious fluid.  I am laying on the bed waiting.  I am horny and my dildo is covered in blood. You go to lick it but I slap your face. You did not beg me to allow you such a treat.  You beg, and plead and in your excitement the chastity device pierces the head of your surprisingly large cock. You lick every drop off my dildo slowly not to miss a drop. I am tired now and ready to get some sleep. You stick your tongue in my bloody red hole where you will be my human Tampax till morning.

What a Bloody mess….Literally! Extreme period Play with Lexi!

Today I woke up to a big bloody mess. I hope you are ready for some extreme phone sex with menstruation play, because my period came in the middle of the night, 2 days early. I guess it may have been pounded out of me by the threesome I had on Wednesday night?  So I have to say, I guess it was worth it!  And it’s certainly handy for doing period worship for all you extreme phone sex lovers who love bloody cunts, but it’s not the nicest thing to wake up to!
So I stripped the sheets and took my bloody panties out to the trash can in my bath robe. I was enjoying a steaming hot shower, and rubbing an orgasm out (it helps with the cramps if you didn’t know) when I heard my dog outside, completely losing his mind. I figured one of the neighborhood dogs was over at the trash can having caught the scent of my panties in the cool morning air. I finished up, put my robe on, and crept to the window to have a peek…
OMG!  It wasn’t a dog at all… well, not the 4 legged kind anyway! There was a guy at the can, who must have seen me make my deposit. He was standing over the trash with my bloody panties in his hand. I watched as he lifted them to his face, sniffed, and then stuck them in his mouth, sucking on them. I had never seen such a thing, right there in the middle of the street! He turned quickly and walked away, disappearing around the corner and down the hill. I bet I will see him again…probably in about a month! lol  Maybe I should put a Post-it note on the next pair with my number on it, inviting him to join me for some menstruation and period play!  If you are into an extreme phone sex fantasies like this call me!

Just Plain White Trash

Now I’m tellin’ you one thing, this dirty girl likes it nasty and hot no doubt about it! So, please do me a favor and bring only your most taboo fantasy’s or fetish. Vanilla shit just doesn’t do it for me, I like to get as nasty as we can on and off the phone. Where I come from it’s just the way it is and until I left home for college I just thought everyone was the same. Truth is out that I am just about the trashiest nymph around and I fuckin own it with a slutty smile. I might be just plain white trash but lucky for me plenty of men adore me for it.

Bottom line, you pick your poison and I guarantee you I will match it with mine. The more kinky the better and I do mean it!

Southern Style Licks, Ashton