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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'5

Weight: 116

Measurements: 34D-24-35

Pussy: Smooth like velvet

Ass: Round and firm

Favorite Positions: 69, On top and doggy

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a library

Hobbies: Movies, Starbucks, shopping, swimming, going on vacations, cooking, drawing and making money

Specialities: Role play, Sensual domination, Age play, Cock tease, Mutual masturbation, Kinky stories, SCAT, Snuff, Gang rape and so much more!


Hi Guys,

I am Kristen your office slut. I am not the wild little teen, but I am the full grown slut who knows just what a man like you needs. I am the anything goes kind of girl who always makes sure get everything your little heart desires. I really do know what a man craves in the bedroom.

I was raised in a very conservative family and was not even allowed to date till I was 16, but being such a naughty girl I made sure I knew all the escape routes in our house. I am all grown up in every way now. I love to wear the really raunchy outfits and show all my goodies off. I am a whore for attention and I just love making sure all eyes are on me. I have tons of naked pictures and I love sharing them with the right man.

I work part-time in a busy office downtown and it is my job to make sure the client are greeting properly and to make sure they get everything they want. We really go above and beyond to make sure all of their needs are met. I have had some really strange requests too. One time I had to arrive at a hotel room dressed as a pizza delivery girl. The client didn’t have the money to pay for the order so I made him pleasure my naughty cunt until he worked off the $14.96 order. I must have came 5 times in that hour when he licked my sweet pussy.

I have been doing phone sex for a few years now and I just love letting you hear how wet my creamy pussy gets. Just knowing your stroking your hard fuck stick makes me squirt my juices all over the bed. I really do love all of the naughty role-plays. Some you will have to call and let me whisper them secretly to you. I am very much a NO taboos kind of girl when my toll-free phone rings. I want to please all of your naughty little desires. Call Kristen for some XXX-rated phone boning.

Kinky Kristen

Call 866.832.2004
for Phone Sex with

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  • i just had a call with kristen before we talked i was not that hard but as her sexy voice told me about what she was doing to my cock it got hard and i came quick i am so sorry kristen you are one very good sexmate.

  • Been looking for you forever (or so it seems). I enjoy all forms of sex as I think you do as well. Marilyn Chambers xxx star who now… rip … was a good friend of mine put it best I think when she answered the question: “what are YOU? homo, bi or hetero?” “…She said, “none of the above, I’m TRI-SEXUAL, I’ll TRY anything at least once!” I’m a fallen – away priest (cath) who appreciates all phone sex girls/women who can get into desecration and profanity and blasphemy during her calls. Would you like to try with ME? If so, I’ll be calling on you very soon. five, seven, three very hopefully yours, dennissinned UIOGS

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