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 My Stats

Age: 26

Eyes: Cobalt Blue

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 116

Measurements: 32D-27-36

Pussy: Warm and extra tight

Ass: Bootylicious!

Favorite Positions: I'm like a puzzle, if your piece fits..... slide it on in!

Strangest Places I've had sex: The bell tower at church ( I asked for forgiveness, does that count?)

Hobbies: Shooting pool (I'm quite a little hustler....9 ball anyone?)

Specialities: Making your cock swell & then draining your well *smile*


Hi guys, thanks for stopping by. I trust you took a nice long look at my pic (and a nice long look at my ASSets).

This is not the place for modesty. I know how turned on you are looking at my picture. It’s not just that I have the best ass you’ve ever seen; it’s also that I’m beautiful. Everyone falls in love with my eyes, and I light up a guy’s face when I smile at him. I’m a young, gorgeous blonde chick. I am the top of the pecking order, but I’m also a very down to earth, cool chick.

The world bows down for me, but that’s not what I insist from my callers. Your time with me is about you and what I can do to get you off! I’m a damn good phone-girl and I’ve found that the best calls are the ones in which we’re both on the same page. Is telling me how much you want me what you want to talk about? Do you want to hump my brains out or have me service your cock with my throat? From role-playing to sensual conversation and/or humiliation, I’m ready to get you off!

Meow baby,


Call 1.866.949.4108
for Phone Sex with

12 Responses to “Gracie”

  • Last night I did a call with Graci, it was the first time I called someone and I was nervous and unsure of how to handle it. Graci started the call and took her time to help me tell her what I liked in a woman. She took her time with me and by asking me things she made it easier to talk to her. I picked her out of all those girls because I thought she was hot I’m glad I did because she made it a great call even though I was nervous at first. She was so enjoyable playfull and sexy that I had a good time. I am writing this this morning because I am a Manager where I work and I like to know the bad things when they happen but feel that if someone does a good job I want to know that too. I am still thinking about the HOT call I did late last night and will have to call and talk to Graci again soon.

  • Gracie is as sweet and sexy as her pictures advertise. She really took her time to find out what I wanted and then ran with it as though she could read my mind. What a great call as she fulfilled my naughty younger neighbor fantasy. I picked her out as the sexiest of all the girls on this site. I would recommend her to anyone and challenge anyone else who gets the privilege of talking to her to leave a comment. I can’t wait for my next hot call.

  • Gracie,

    You are AMAZING!!!! The time I spent with you today was the greatest of my life! I can’t wait to talk to you again and to delve into some more of those amazing fantasies. I love you pretty face, smile and body. Especially those fantastic legs! Love, Joe

  • Gracie,

    I really enjoyed our call tonight. You’re the girl I’ve been looking for…….sweet, intelligent, imaginative and incredibly sexy. You anticipated my desires and fulfilled them beyond my expectations. I will definitely be calling you again soon.


  • Gracie,

    You played the part of the naughty wedding planner perfectly. You have one of the best voices and energy that I have heard before. I look very forward to our next call.


  • Thank you Gracie for a wonderful roleplay experience. You helped me thru when I was unsure of what was to come next. You are by far one of the most caring operators I have ever dealt with. I will be calling again soon.

  • Gracie was incredible!! Sexy voice and very creative!!! You definitely want to give her a call!!! Thanks Gracie!!


  • Gracie was awesome in every aspect of our call! Sweet, sexy, caring, and creative! She took the concept of a Hooters fantasy and made it into a memorable experience for both of us. Gracie is everything she says she is and more! What a sweetheart! Give her a call because I know that I will again!


  • Gracie understands both parts of tease and denial. She understands how to tease. And then she understands how to deny! My poor erect cock was straining and quivering as she giggled and told me I had to wait! . . .

  • Gracie rocks!

  • Just had a tremendous call with the sexy , tantalizing Gracie . I will have to call her again very soon . All of you out there you won’t do wrong by calling her . Gracie Thank You

  • Gracie is so incredible at tease and denial!

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