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Putting Me in My Place

Sometimes I need a strong, white man to put me in my place. There’s one man in particular who really knows how to use a black slut like me. He treats me like a useless hole for his dick and that’s exactly how it should be. He calls me names and slaps me around when I don’t respond as a black whore should. I get punished with a big white cock tearing my ass apart.

Sometimes he’ll bring in a white woman to help him use me the way I should be used. He’ll allow me to turn the tables on the white bitch he brings with him. I can use her and call her names, but I still have to call her ma’am because she’s a perfect white woman.

I’m a good little slave and take all of his white cum, even if I have to suck it out of his white bitch’s ass. When he finally gives me his final load, I feel like a proud little black slut for making his white dick happy. I love being a slave to white cock.



Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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Do You Think You Should Be Rewarded?

I’m not like the other girls you’re used to. I’m a woman. I’m not your frumpy wife or girlfriend. I’m a goddess.

I want you on your knees in front of me, worshiping me.

I stand before you in a garter belt with black & red bra and panties. I look down at you as you cower in front of me on your knees. I take your face in my hands, tilting your face up. I ask you if you’re ready to serve. You nod quickly. It’s been a long road with you. You were a hard one to break but, as always, I broke you. It took a lot of punishment with you. I know there were days that you left me with your ass, cock and balls aching so bad that you didn’t think you could walk. But you learned.

Now it’s time for all of that pain and suffering to be rewarded. I gently pull your face forward, letting your tongue touch my pussy for the first time. I can tell by the look on your face that it is just as delicious as you had imagined.

I tell you that you’re allowed to touch your cock, and you will be able to cum today. Your tongue shoves deeper as your hand strokes faster. Your moans are so loud. I can tell that you’re close. As your cum shoots all over my stilettos, you’re practically in tears. I denied you for so long. You whisper your thank yous. I caress your obedient face as I push your head down. It’s time to clean your cum off my boats. Your training continues.


Written By: Teagan
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Holidays With Mistress Brianna


     I would ask you what you want for Christmas, but by the look on your face I can see you are staring at it. Come a little bit closer darlin’, and see the cum dripping from my beautiful well fucked cunt. There now, that is what you want, isn’t it? Not so fast bitch, start with my red stilettos. Lick the heel and give it a blowjob. Suck it deep, to the back of your throat. I want to hear you gag on it. Why yes, I didn’t clean it after I fucked your sorry ass. Ass to mouth, if I tell you to do it, you do. 

Your shaved balls are nicely bound. Shall I give them a little kick? How I love to hear you squeal like a little piggy. I see you looking at the huge package with your name on it. Could it be the fuck machine you begged me for. Clean me out first, then if you’re a good boy, you may see what it is. 

I wish you all a deviant holiday, and that you all get your filthy desires filled.



Written By: Brianna
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Making of a Sissy Slut

      A night out with the girls was going to be the perfect fix for the mid-week blahs. A new club opened and rumor had it the men, music and drinks were insane!  I love rooftop clubs and dancing till dawn.

My friends showed up to get ready with some guy I had never met. He was pretty in a girly sort of way. I already had a pitcher of Rita’s made and we started to chat, drink and get ready.

The guy’s name was Julian, and he was just gushing at our makeup, clothes and perfume. That got me to thinking about what a pretty girl he would make. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but he was totally up for a makeover.

After trying on some of my dresses and heels, we decided on a black cocktail dress with stilettos. He was fragile, so he fit into all my clothes. I did his eyes smokey and added some purple lip gloss. He was dancing around the room taking selfies.

We were all on a VIP list except Julian. Having him with us would really be a riot, especially with everyone assuming he was a she. The door guy said he would let Julian in for a blow job. Not from us, but from our pretty, sexy, sissy slut.

They went down the alley and we arranged to meet at rooftop bar. About an hour later, Julian showed up with two hot men in tow. Giggling he told them to talk to me, his pimp, to arrange payment. What a night we had, and our new sissy slut took cock like a pro. Good thing he left plenty of big, thick, hard cocks for us real girls.


Written By: Cameron
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Submissive Slut Looking For Training

My boyfriend and I have been exploring kink and BDSM. I’ve always been into light bondage but never really explored it any further.  We joined an online fetish community so we could meet locals  that also are seeking to play in the BDSM world. It has been so much fun attending fetish parties and meeting like minded people. We have had the pleasure of threesomes and even other couples!

I am learning how much I really do enjoy being submissive. I enjoy how my boyfriend spanks me and even lightly chokes me as I cum for him. I never thought I would love cum control so much. I LOVE to beg for pleasure! He teases and fucks my pussy so good. He really enjoys to spank my ass until it almost bleeds. I like to admire my red cheeks in the mirror after. All those spanks brought me so much creamy pleasure.

Are you looking for a submissive who knows her place?  I am looking for masters to train me and who wants to teach me how it is to be a good little pet?

Submissive Slut Aubrey



Written By: Aubrey
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Abused And Used By Mistress Frankie


I know you must wonder where your husband goes every night when he tells you he has to work late. I mean you’re the trophy wife of a powerful CEO and you can’t imagine him cheating on you. Thing is Barbie Doll, you can’t give him what I do. He needs to be used and abused and treated like a dog. You adore and worship the ground he walks on. Seriously? Why would he want what he can get from any other Barbie bitch. Do you know what I do to him? I fuck him up! I fist him with a gloved hand, I use him like a toilet and the most fun of all is I pimp his dignified ass out.

So, that private account that is taking money away from your plastic surgery, spa visits and lunches with the girls goes to me.  Ever wonder where that mouth has been when he kisses you? LMAO, well know you know.


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Uncontrollable Deviant Urges

 malaya maxxx

  Did you ever have one of those days when you wake up and find there is bodies in your bed and all over your loft? I know what you’re thinking but “no” they are all alive and more than likely well as I just had one of my unforgettable parties. There is one dude laying with his face buried in my snatch and another with whip marks on his ass and back. I wish I could remember a little more but C’est la Vie.

I stumble to the kitchen and see the coffee is already made. Looks like one of these bitches is a keeper. It is strong, hot and black just like I like it. The sun is already going down and it is time to clear out my loft. I walk around kicking the bodies till everyone is gone except the one I flogged. I lick the bloody marks off his back which makes me wetter than fuck. I need my cunt cleaned so I roll him over and sit on his face. He is mumbling something but who the fuck knows what.

His cock is big, thick and hard. Why not. I ride him screaming like a banshee as my hands go around his neck. I squeeze harder, and harder till we both cum. He begs and pleads for me to keep him, he will do anything for me. Maybe? Except I can’t control my sweet little hands as I finish him off.  I have these urges you see, why not join me and be my pain slut till I get sick of you.


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Domination Phone Sex

Kinky Sex Games! 

It starts with a bored, horny housewife reading erotica and a trip to a fetish sex shop on the north side of the city. I purchase a black and red leather dominatrix outfit along with numerous sex toys and low-temperature sex candles. I take a luxurious bath to get me in the mood. I do my hair and makeup. I have a stern and severe but erotic look. I like it. The transformation from trophy wife to hardcore mistress is incredible. 

My husband is on a business trip, so it is the perfect night to play! You have instructions to park your car on the street and come in the back door. The door is unlocked, and I am waiting for in my basement. 

Once you reach the bottom step, you see me. I am one hardcore housewife ready for a kinky BDSM session. Fifty Shades of Samantha! I make you strip in front of me and crawl on your knees. You kneel in front of me. You are smiling; you like the game so far. I make you kiss my boots, and then I kiss you on the lips. I take you to a bench and tie down your wrists and ankles. You can’t move. I pull out various vibrators and use them on your cock and balls. Next, I lube up your ass and put a vibrating egg inside of you. I lick and softly bite your nipples. You beg me to fuck you, but I give you balls a playful squeeze. Instead of fucking you, I light one of the candles, and you watch the wax melt. I pour melted wax on your body. I peel off the melted wax.

My pussy is throbbing, dripping wet. I don’t have any panties on, and my juices have made my inner thighs wet. I am ready to fuck you. I rub your cock with my warm hands. You are so hard. I push the egg in a little deeper. It hits that inner erotic spot inside of your ass. I climb on top of you and fuck you. You pull on your restraints, but you are mine. You still can’t move. Ride you with my big tits exposed. Ride you until we both cum, two fucking intense orgasms. 

Written By: Samantha
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BDSM Foreplay: Fear Play Phone Sex

You are mine. My devoted and loyal sexy submissive.

The first time you are allowed to spend the night with me is thrilling and exhilarating for us both. The night was intense; however, you wake feeling calm but exhausted. I need to push you to tantalize you and arouse you now that the sun is up. You look a little sleepy.

I have breakfast and morning sex waiting for you, but first, you need a shave. Sit right here. I am going to shave you. That razor blade is caressing your face and neck. Feel each stroke with my naked, beautiful body in front of you.  It is scary to have that dangerous sharp shiny razor being controlled by someone else. Yes, I want you to be a little afraid. I want fear to help make your cock hard.

I have no desire to actually hurt you, but I want you to be scared. Fear Play is the game I have in mind for you this morning. It is not meant as punishment and does not involve pain, nor it is meant to be cruel. Fear play is like that rush of watching an erotic horror movie.  A Mistress uses fear to stimulate and sexually arouse.

Fear and Pain are very different and create a different reaction in the body. Pain releases endorphins.  Fear causes a rush of adrenaline. Fear play is an exciting form of foreplay and edging.

Once you are shaved, I wipe off our face, and I crawl into your lap. We kiss passionately. Your cock is hard and I slide right on top of you. I ride you. Fuck you! Your cock is so hard and feels hot inside of me. We have a hot morning fuck right there until we both have the most intense orgasms.

Mistress Koko



Dominated At The Library

You and a group of your buddies are sitting at a table in the school library. You have a group project due in a week. The research needs to be gathered at the library instead of the internet. I am the strict and stern librarian. I tolerate no nonsense. You will suffer severe consequences for misbehaving in my library. 

I catch you laughing and being mischievous. I grab you by the collar and take you to my office. I threaten to have you have you banned from the library which will cause you to fail the course. You beg for mercy and promise to do anything for me.

I don’t take pity on you. Actually, you being banned from the library would be a gentler punishment than the one I have in mind for you. I tell you to leave now and come back to the library at Midnight where you will be punished, abused and used by my dominate girlfriends.  You have a tough choice to make. Be banned and fail, OR you will be turned into a submissive little bitch boy. I will blindfold you and tie you down. You will serve every Mistress in the room. You will experience physical pain and humiliation. Your ass will be mine!

Mistress Koko