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Mutual Masturbation With Teen Delaney

 Delaney   He told me he gets off on watching teen hotties like me fingering their tight, wet holes. Want to know a secret? I get off so much on being watched. It is such a thrill to be watched by an older man. That is why I always leave my windows open when I am home from school. I mean college boys rock, but not like older men.

I saw him looking into my window but I pretended I didn’t see him. I slowly undressed never making eye contact but eagerly watching him as he took out his huge dick. OMG! I was so horny. No toys today, just my fingers sliding in and out of my dripping pussy.

With my window being open, he could hear my moaning as I got more and more excited and my fingers worked faster. Just when I was ready to explode, I walked over to my open window and let him taste my pussy juices as I squirted all over him. 



Written By: Delaney
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Masturbating and Talking Dirty Phone Sex

Talk Dirty to Me Tonight!

We masturbate together on our calls.

I whisper dirty little things into ear about how wet and horny I am for you. You describe your cock and your body. I get shivers, and my pussy starts to throb. My fingers have a mind of their own and drift under my panties.

You slip off your shorts. The tone of your voice changes as your cock begins to grow for me. At first, it is just a gentle rubbing back and forth. Then as you cock responds to my naughty words, you start to stroke your cock, slowly at first. You get more aggressive with your hand and pump harder. 

I take off my panties and start fingering myself or picking up a toy. You describe how your cock penetrates my pussy and I really feel you inside of me. 

We continue the dirty talk until we both have extraordinary orgasms. Fantastic hand fucking for each other.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Lonely Is The Night

Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone.

You are in need of someone, that something extra special, in need of that sultry, sexy voice. Tried masturbating at home alone, but need me to push you over that edge so you can really have a good cum. Need the sound of me touching and playing with my pussy.

You love looking at it. You fantasize about the taste, your tongue between my thighs. You think about slipping a finger inside of me and making me squirt all over the bed. You dream of thrusting your hard cock into me and both of us cumming together.

You and I are never sad, never feel lonely when we are together. Connect with me, make my lonely feelings go away and make me cum hard with you.

Your Sexy Girlfriend,


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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I Cum For You

I cum for you.  You cum for me.

Should be as simple as 1-2-3.

It is not that simple as it should be sometimes.  The demands on you and the pressure of everyday life are tremendous. Work stress, long hours. family issues. We don’t always have time to play, oh but when we do, we sizzle! 

My fingers glide deep into my pussy. I hear your hand stroking your cock, pumping up and down for me. You want to listen as my fingers work my beautiful wet pussy. You get so excited. 

We fuck ourselves, we fuck for each other, the intensity building and building until we cum together.  

Love you,



Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Rainy Day Phone Sex With Little Lucie

Mom has to work, but there is no school for me today. You have to stay home with me. The power goes out due to a storm. I complain about being bored. You suggest that we play a game. I am such a brat, “I am too big for board games!”

You can’t help but notice my budding breasts and my pointy nipples on my petite frame. You propose that maybe we can play another game. You want to know all my teen girl secrets. You suggest we play Truth or Dare. 

I have played this game a ton of times at slumber parties and in the locker room at school. I never pick “dare.” You start asking me questions about the naughty things that I have done with the boys from school. I just admitted that I have let Jimmy go under my sweater on the bus and I have touched the man next door’s cock. You are gathering all this information on me. I need to regain control here before I get in any deeper. 

Next time around, I pick “dare.” You dare me to get naked and touch myself in front of you. I have to do it! You have a big smile on my face as I take off my clothes. I flash my pussy at you. I agree to touch my pussy if you unzip and stroke for me. 


Written By: Little Lucie
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Rewarding My Lover

            I don’t wear bras often as I love letting my natural beauties bounce. I always flirt and smile wickedly as all the men and women stare. There are special occasions when a sexy set from Wicked Temptations is an amazing  way to show my lover how much I appreciate him.  What man doesn’t love to unwrap his present?  The question is: will it be slow with my lingerie intact or will it be fast, with my sexy lingerie ripped and on the floor?

After a romantic dinner, I excuse myself to freshen up. You watch as my tight black dress barely covers my round ass and are in awe how easily I walk in my 8 inch black pumps.  I know you are thinking about my strong thighs wrapped around you as you lick my wet pussy. I come back to the table seeing your smile, yes a very naughty smile as I open my purse showing you I have removed my silky pink and black panties.

The waiter has barely left our table all night and you quickly say “check please”.  I whisper in your ear that I am not quite ready. The waiter brings another bottle of Dom and you feel my perfectly manicured hand with my french tip fingernails rubbing your dick through your pants. Now it is my turn to say “check please”.


Written By: Tiffany

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Sexual Frenzy

  I have never seen anything like the last few days except maybe that time in New Orleans during a Red Moon. That is another story for another time but FUCK the Eclipse brought all the freaky mother fuckers out to play! Even your girl Harley was feeling extra freaky if that is possible. 

After I finished with my callers for the night, I went to a pub. My naughty, depraved band of regulars were off the chart. I had anything from rough revenge sex calls to my favorite pain slut wanting to be taken by a cloaked succubus. I almost didn’t want to log off but friends were waiting. I tossed on a sexy red dress, my favorite Kat Von D lippy and slipped on my stilettos. 

I was already wasted from drinking with my callers when I saw they were all playing pool. BORING! Not tonight, I was feeling way too fucking nasty. I climbed on the table and did a slow strip. I was doing sexy little moves with the 8 ball and the billiard cues. Everyone was cheering me on and I decided it was time to show just how strong and tight my pussy was. I slipped in a few balls, and began to push them out one at a time. From there babes, things really got wild.


Written By: Harley
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Friday Fun Phone Sex

What better way to start your day with some mutual masturbation. I’m half dressed so let’s just tear the rest of my clothes off. Once I know your cock is in your hand and you start to moan, my hand slides right into my panties right down to my wet, pussy hole. I love swirling my finger around my sweet juices. I start to moan while I push my fingertip into my wet pussy. I lean myself up against the headboard and spread my legs wider for you. I tell you how I want you to stroke your cock for me. I lick my lips thinking about the way you’re handling yourself. I moan with more pleasure as my muscles clench and squeeze around my fingers. It feels so good as they move deeper in my pussy.

Give me a call and let’s see what kind of nasty things we can get ourselves into. I know you’re as horny as I am.

 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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The Girl Next Door Is Not That Innocent

Mom is on a cruise with her girlfriends. I asked if I could stay at her house. I volunteered to walk her dog and water the plants. She has a big house and nice yard. Thought it would be fun to hang out there, plus, I must confess that I am very attracted to the hottie who lives next door. It has been too difficult to seduce him in front of my Mom, but this is my best opportunity to get him naked. 

I sit out in the backyard, so he notices me and starts a conversation. My Mom has probably filled his head with a picture of me being a very wholesome good girl. I slowly flirt with him to show him that I am sweet, but also very sexy. He asks about school and my life. I tell him my biggest secret, that I am a phone sex girl. I can see that he is a little shocked but very turned on. He has a lot of questions, and I answer each one. I know he wants to rip my clothes off and fuck me right there in my Mom’s backyard, but he is too shy. 

That night, I undress in front of an open bedroom window. I think he likes watching from his window. I show off and flaunt my generous curves. I watch him jerk off in front of me while I take off my bra and panties.

The next night, I masturbate in front of the window with him. On the third night, I send him a text with a pussy picture. He sends a picture of his cock, and I send him a text back letting him know that I want to suck his cock. He hesitates for only a  moment but comes knocking on my door with his cock bulging into tight shorts.  I kiss him and drop to my knees, right in the doorway. I pull out his cock and suck it until he is oozing with pre-cum. I take him to my bed, and we spend the night there. I rock his world! 



Written By: Isabelle
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Pillow Play Phone Sex

I have a naughty confession to share. Sometimes when we are on the phone, I push my pillow between my legs and rub. I masturbate my pussy through my panties against my pillow. The friction of the pillow and my panties stimulates my clit. This position creates the right amount of pressure. Sex toys are distracting and make me cum too fast. I want to enjoy the slow build up. I hump, ride and grind against my pillow. My panties become very wet, and then my pussy starts throbbing for more.

As you and I enjoy our “pillow talk,” talking sexy and dirty, I am rubbing my pussy against my pillow. Sometimes I stumble over my words. My breath changes and I might stutter a little. My pussy lips are thick and swollen. I need to cum, but I don’t cum this way.

When I am ready to cum, I lie back and push my fingers deep inside my pussy. Well, you know the rest. I imagine your cock are my fingers, and I rock my hips back and forth, pushing my fingers deep, in and out and you and I cum together.

Does it turn you on to picture me masturbating against my pillow as much as it turns me on picturing your hand on your hard cock during our call?