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Watching Each Other Masturbate

I love to begin masturbating with knowing in the end we’ll cum at the same time.  Just that anticipation is the ultimate orgasm. It’s true when they say that the brain is the most seductive muscle.

I want you to lay me down on my bed where I have my array of sex toys laid out. Then I want you to lay down next to my naked body after you undress yourself.  I want to see you grab your cock and balls while watching me stick my dildo deep into my wet pussy. My body will be rising and squirming around the bed as the dildo pounds my pussy hard. You’ll enjoy watching as the inside of my creamy thighs become wet with thoughts of your cock inside of me. My voice will be moaning and my nipples hard from excitement.

I will look over and see you touching your throbbing cock and then letting me spit on it for extra lubrication.  I must try to resist from jumping on your cock and riding it until it cums. I must focus on the end product which is both of us cuming at the same time. As you see, my body begins to shake with pure esctasy, you cannot take it any longer. Your cum shoots all over my body and I cum all over my dildo.

I need someone to help me out with this, are you the one?

Written By: Julie
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Just a Teen Tease

      I see you every day at Starbucks.  You get a plain black coffee, and I get a creamy vanilla Frappe.  I wear less and less each day.  Today it is the tiniest pair of shorts, a tight cropped tee, and not much else. You’re always in a hurry, I guess to get back to work. I like to sit, take my time, and totally enjoy my drink.  You like to stare at me, but look away when I catch you. Of course, you’re staring, just look at my hot, teen body. 

I don’t want you to rush off today. I need to have some fun with you. 

I suck on my straw, getting all the yummy cream in my mouth. I lick it off my lips. A bit falls on my hard, pink nipples. Now I have your attention. I sit with my long legs to the side now, crossing and uncrossing them. Oops, did I get more cream on my tits? You’re still watching me. I slide my fingers in my shorts under my panties. I finish my drink, walk by you and put my wet finger under your nose. 

You want to follow me, but you can’t get up at the moment. Oops!


Written By: Delaney
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In The Moment


We are in your backyard on a beautiful afternoon. We are kissing so passionately. Your phone rings. You have to answer. It is your office calling you. You take the call inside the house.

I turn up the volume on a sexy song from our playlist. I lie back and lift up my short skirt. I hear your voice from inside the house. I love your voice. The sun warms me; however, the thought of you fucking me really heats me up.

I close my eyes. I feel so good. I slip my panties to the side. I sing some of the lyrics. I let the music take me to a magical spot where time and space no longer exist. Just you and me, in this moment. I pull my breast out and massage my nipple. I give it a little lick. I continue to rub. My pussy aches for attention. My fingers slip inside.

I fantasize you are inside of me. Your thick, beautiful cock making love, fucking me. I let out a groan of bitter disappointment. My pussy is greedy. I wish my fingers were as long as your cock. I take off my panties and lift my hips. I need to go deeper inside of my pussy.

I really start working on my pussy. I ache for an orgasm. I am so close.  I bite my bottom lip and thrust my hips into the air. I plunge my fingers inside. “Fuck me,” I whisper out loud with no one to hear. I am so wet and warm. My juices drip down into you chair, but I don’t care.

You look out your window and watch me masturbating. You quickly wrap up your call and you slowly walk towards me. I don’t know that you have finished your call. Since my eyes are closed, I don’t see you standing there watching and stroking your cock.

I open my eyes when I cum. I should be embarrassed that you caught me playing, but I am still so hot. My eyes beg and plead for you to fuck me.

You walk up to me and kiss me. You pin my arms over my head. You slide on top of me. You suck on my nipples. I let out such a loud moan. I love the way you do that. You slide your cock into me and fuck me.

I will remember this moment forever.


Written By: Skylar
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Mommy Teaches You About Girls



 Sometimes a boy just needs his mommy. It’s been a crazy year and things are finally getting back to normal. You’re at that age when you’re noticing girls.

I hear you talking with your friends about the hot new teachers. You’re really growing up fast. Today you’re chatting about what you want to do with your hot teacher. Oh dear, some of those things just don’t sound right. It’s time you got “the talk.”

I’m afraid you may be getting your ideas of what’s hot and what’s not from porn. It’s super important you understand what a real woman’s body really looks like and what she likes.

Mommy peeks in and sees you’re watching Anime porn. Is that Alvin and the Chipmunks? It’s been a long day, but mommy needs to set him straight right now. Mommy smiles sort of seductively. You’ve only seen that look a few times when she has a special date.

She stands at the foot of your bed, and slowly slips the spaghetti straps off her pink nighty. She licks her lips and moves closer to you. Her hand wraps around your cock. You think you’re going to love mommy’s special sex education

Written By: Suzanne
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Solo Fun

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been fucked, and it’s driving me insane. I decided that tonight I was going to spend a little time with myself.

I lit some candles, turned off the lights, and laid back on the bed. I started to play with my nipples, pinching, and pulling them until I start to feel it between my thighs.

One hand begins to move down my stomach, making it’s way to my wet, aching pussy. My fingers tease my hard little clit. It feels so good that I can’t stop myself from moaning. My pussy is so wet and juicy that I have no trouble easing three fingers deep inside.

My eyes close as I cry out. Fuck, it feels so good. My legs open wider as my other hand joins the fun, rubbing my swollen clit. My hips move off the bed as I pound my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt. I can feel my juices running down my ass, soaking the bed.

I can feel my pussy starting to clench around my wet fingers. I keep pumping them in until my body starts to tense up. I pull my fingers away as my pussy explodes, leaving me and the bed drenched in my own cum.

As I struggle to catch my breath, I realize that I really shouldn’t go so long without being fucked. I’m hoping that all my naughty callers can help keep me and my pussy satisfied. 


Written By: Ashton
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Home Sweet Home


You have had a very long day at the office. Traffic was awful, your assistant called in sick, your project was put on hold. The day has been long, but you are happy to be home.

You head up to the bedroom to get out of your suit, so you can relax and unwind after your long day. 

You walk past by bedroom. I should be doing my homework. My books are on my bed, but you catch me playing instead of studying. You stand in the door way and watch me playing with my own little pussy. You hear a little vibrator hum and you hear my soft, little moans.

I am on my tummy, with my panties pulled down, rubbing my hips and pussy against the toy. I don’t know that you are watching me. You become very turned on and walk into my bedroom. I look up at you. You run your hand over my naked butt cheek and open up your pants for me.

Oh, it is good to be home with your sweet little Miley.

Written By: Miley
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The Perfect Package From FedEx

I have been so busy lately, and just not enough time for myself.  My house is finally empty after all the craziness of this year.

I was waiting for a special delivery with the perfect toy. It was almost 5 pm, and nothing yet. I decided to grab a drink, and sit in my spa tub for a bit. It was now 6 pm, and I was totally relaxed. Maybe a nap before my special toy gets here. 

I finally hear the FedEx truck pull up to my house. I left a note on my door for him to just put it inside my house. I fell asleep with my clothes a bit askew. I heard the door open, and he looked a bit surprised at the way he caught me. 

He smiled and handed me my package. I took his hand and we went to my bedroom. I opened the package, and pulled out a beautiful , big, glass butt plug. He undressed for me, and got on all fours. I spread his cheeks, and licked his tight, virgin asshole. My god, he tasted so good. I slowly pushed in the butt plug, watching his cock get bigger and bigger. I always need my first fuck of the night fast, rough, and deep. Trust me, he had the perfect package for my needs. 


Written By: Dirty Debi
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In Need Of a Stiff Cock

My job requires me to travel quite a bit. Sometimes, too much. They’re times I would like nothing more than my big bed, and a tall, muscular, hot sex toy. 

I arrived late and my hotel was very quiet. I waited for service much longer than it should have been. Finally, a sexy gentleman shows up. He is hot and he is making apologies. He explains room service is closed but he could find me a snack if I would like. I tell him I am fine and I decline him helping me with my luggage.

I got undressed and ran the bath. A bubble bath sounds lovely. I hear a knock on my door and was told it was room service. Almost annoyed, I open the door. He has a bottle of chilled Dom and some light snacks.

I invite him in for a glass or two. Once we get comfy, I ask him for a favor. I tell him that I travel a lot and at times require an escort. He smiled and said he does that for travelers, but they’re still shut down. He sees the look on my face, so disappointed. He suggests he be my date for the night.

I am extremely sexual and know just what I want and need.  I give him the agreed fee and a bit more. He is confused because I am tipping before we even begin. I tell him to slowly undress for me as I watch. After getting a look at his sexy body, I give him another “tip”.

Do you wonder what it was I wanted to do, and with this man that made me tip him two thousand? I would love to relive that night. Join me?


Written By: Valentina
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A Helping Hand


I’m laying here in bed feeling so hot and bothered. I’ll be honest, my holes have been neglected. My pussy aches and needs to be filled with something thick and hard. Luckily, I have just the thing. All I need is someone to tell me how to work my toy in and out. If it were up to me, I would just start shoving my huge 10 inch dildo in and out until I came all over my sheets. However, I would like to enjoy it for a little while, see how long I can last.

I love to edge, but I know that my mind is all blurry from lack of sex. I need a man to take charge of my body. Play with me and I’ll play with you. I’ll listen to your commands and give some of my own. I’ll tell you how to stroke you rock hard cock until we both cum. Everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while. You scratch my itch and I’ll scratch yours.



 Written By: Ginger
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Fuck My Ass


I am your daughter’s bestie and I spend the night at your house all the time. Your boring wife even jokes about me needing to contribute to the food bill. Well, that is just silly. I am not over THAT much. Being over a lot, I hear things. I hear your wife telling you “no”, all the fucking time.  That just isn’t right, is it? Well she says I need to contribute, so I have the perfect way.

She won’t suck your sexy cock. Yes, I have seen it. Don’t tell! She won’t let you fuck her bareback because she doesn’t want any more kids. I know how men hate condoms. I also know you want another baby. Pick me, Pick me!

Last night I heard something that made me so horny!  You were rimming her asshole and then tried to fuck it. She screamed, jumped up, and called you a perv. Well, that wasn’t very nice, was it?

I heard her on the phone with a friend and she is going out tonight. I wonder if she will be sucking some cock, or getting her ass fucked? 

Don’t be mad, but I stole your credit card and booked at room at a hotel. Please join me, so I can contribute, and so you can have the night of your life and fuck my tight asshole all you want!


Written By: AJ
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