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Anything Goes with Bambi

You live such a dull life, but we both know what lies beneath, don’t we? You’re a dirty boy with deviant desires and you need someone to release them. Your wife/girlfriend would never understand what makes your dick rock hard. Some of the things are so filthy, so taboo, that no one would understand. No one except me. I not only want to hear your fantasies, I want to bring them to life. Can you imagine how good it feels to just be your sick, twisted self with someone who is just as depraved as you are? I could never judge you, not with the skeletons in my closet.

I’m not one of those girls who just sits back and listens. For some reason, the more taboo we get on our call, the more creamier my pussy becomes. I have to get off right along with you.

Anything goes with Bambi. Anything.

Written By: Bambi
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While The Wife Sleeps…. You look over at your boring sleeping wife. Yet again, you wanted a wild night of fucking and she let you down. Even when you have sex it’s so boring you would rather look at my pictures and masturbate. Phone sex with me is better than the real thing with her. Admit it, when you fuck her, it’s me you think about. You picture my long, silky hair, bedroom eyes, perfect, round tits, full lips, and you would do anything to put your cock deep inside of my creamy pussy.

 I bet she’s snoring now, keeping you awake. You toss and turn and start to stroke your hard, throbbing cock. You can’t get my gorgeous body out of your mind, can you? You desperately need the release and you know it’s not going to be with her. Don’t waste your perfectly cum filled balls on a night of jerking off alone.

You thought your cock is hard now, just wait until you hear my sexy voice in your ear. You’ll want to explode when you hear my sultry moans as I’m fucking my dripping wet pussy for you.

Go find a quiet spot and call me. Or better yet, lets phone fuck right next to her. We’ll be doing naughty things all night while the wifey is asleep.

Till then, dirty dreams lover!


Written By: Diana
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What Happens After?

Do you ever wonder what happens after our call? I wonder when we have an incredibly hot call what you might do afterwards. I wonder if you think about our conversation, and does it put a smile on your face? Do you think about my voice, and do you immediately get an erection again? Do you ever find yourself masturbating to the thought of our last call?

When I have a tremendously hot call, I have no choice but to think about it afterwards. Sometimes I think about it right away, or it may be mid-day and I start to feel wetness in between my thighs. I lay on my bed and think about your voice in my ear. I imagine all the things that you said you wanted to do with me. My hand slowly runs down my legs and I start to rub my clit in a circular motion.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think and do after our hot call.



Written By: Jayme
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Substitute Teacher Tiffany

  I am a substitute teacher and I really miss all my hot, young students. Plus, now no one will have their graduation party, which totally sucks!

I came up with a great idea for them. Why not have a graduation party at my condo? I am all about breaking the rules and being bad. I called my students and invited them all over for some fun. We all need fun in these strange times. 

We all were having a fun time. Drinks were flowing, people were dancing, kissing and getting let’s just say comfy! A few of them were shy, so I decided a game of strip poker was just the thing to loosen everyone up. A great excuse for me to see all those hot, young bodies. It seems most of them are excellent at poker, and more of my clothes were off than anyone’s. The boys were beginning to struggle with paying attention to their cards. Can you blame them?

Do want me to be your naughty teacher? Give me a call, and Miss Tiffany will teach you all you need to know.


Written By:  Tiffany
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Your Safe Place

At this time, there’s so much chaos, fear and uncertainty in the world. I want you to know that we are your safe place. It’s a stressful time for most, and you need an outlet to not think about things that are out of our control right now.

Everyone needs a release, and I am yours. When you call me, we will share stories, fantasies, and if the conversation calls for it, we’ll laugh. We will be so into one another that nothing else matters. The world could be falling apart, but in the moment, you and I have never felt more connected.

  Hearing your strong, masculine voice calms me. In hindsight, you are my safe place as well. Since we can’t touch and feel physically, I want to be very descriptive with one another. I want to hear how hard I make your cock, and it will only get harder when you hear how wet my pussy is for you.

Let’s forget about everything for the moment. We both need this, and could use some stress relief. Let’s have an incredible experience and explore each others minds and bodies. It’s just you and me, nothing else matters right now. Trust the Madame, and know I am your safe place. 


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Waiting and Scheming

Oh hey, I see you are home a little bit early from work. Don’t mind me, I just wanted to get comfy in your bed. After fully examining your sheets, it seems like this bed isn’t getting any action! “Giggles.”

Not to worry Mr. hottie neighbor, because I plan to fix that problem. I mean I already did twice! You might think you should turn me down, make me get dressed and leave. The thing is Daddy, I don’t want to leave. 

The other thing is you don’t REALLY want me to dress my sweet, tender, horny little teen body and then leave. You can fuck my little brains out, and I will lick clean all the evidence. You don’t even need to wrap that sucker, because I want, need and crave all your thick, slippery, yummy jizz.

Now that we have all that settled, cum fuck me on your bed. Put her fancy silk pillow case under my adorable teen ass, and lets both cum all over it! If fucking me isn’t enough, not to worry Mr.  neighbor, I will text some of my friends to join us.

                                                                                           Bratty Teen AJ 


Written By: AJ
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Fucking Twins

I love watching my hot neighbors fucking. I know they love me watching too. Last night was especially hot because it was a threesome. The beautiful couple and another man.

I stood by my window around 10 pm, and there they all were.  We have never made eye contact till last night. I stripped slowly in front of my window, as she stripped too. I swear she smiled and licked her lips at me. It all began so innocently really with me fingering my dripping pussy, and her stroking one cock, and sucking the other. I say innocent because as the night progressed, it got sexier, dirtier, and most definitely taboo!

      She held up a sign for me to read with their number so we could text. It was amazing. They told me what they wanted me to do for them and to them. The woman let me know it was her twin brother that joined them. Those words totally pushed my orgasm over the edge. I told her I would love to join them one day when her lover wasn’t home. I mean who doesn’t want to fuck twins?

Would you like to know more about last night? Cum join me!


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Is That You Daddy?

I wanted to take a minute with Valentine’s Day almost here to let my callers know just how much I appreciate and adore them. I have the most awesome, fun and sexy callers! One special man knows that I am all about everything supernatural. My pussy creams at the thought of being taken by a vampire. He picked a fantasy that was just for me. The coolest part was I came 2 times on our call! So fucking hot!!

        I am in my bed trying to sleep, but I have so many thoughts in my head. I remember my daddy with his warm hands, tender kisses, and most of all how much he loved me. I was his baby girl. Even my friends loved him. I was the girl with the hot phone sex daddy.

I hear a sound, my curtain is blowing around through my open window. I watched way too many Dracula movies, and my imagination is getting the best of me. I can’t sleep, so I just lay out my cute red dress, panties, and heels to wear to school on Friday for Valentine’s Day. 

I can’t shake the feeling someone is watching me. Maybe if I cum a few times, I will get to sleep. I hear my name in a soft masculine voice. “Angel, it’s me, your daddy. “I missed you so much”, he says. Daddy is standing over my bed looking so handsome. He cuddles next to me and begins kissing and biting me all over. It feels so good. I don’t understand, I thought my daddy left us forever?

He begins to suck and bite my nipples. Daddy is biting so hard, but I love it. I am so wet and horny I can’t stand it. I feel his cock against me, and it is huge and hard like a steel rod. But??? Why is daddy’s cock so cold?

I must have finally passed out from all the rough sex. I wake up in my bed and I am alone. There is a note that says ” Next Valentine’s Day I will visit again, Peanut. This time- I will take you with me.



Written By: Delaney
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All He Wants for Valentine’s Day

Remember when we were kids and we passed out cute little Valentine’s cards to all the boys and girls? I was the girl that always made her own and added little dirty words to it. I knew I loved getting naughty before I knew for sure what it all meant. Funny how some things just never change. Of course, now I personalize them with a little bit of me. Maybe the scent of my wet, creamy pussy, or the musky smell of my lovely ass. Imagine opening your card and smelling me? 

 Your card will have an address and a key. You open the door to our suite and see there is no one there. You have a drink or two, and then lay down for a bit. It has been a long day at work with you trying not to think of me. I see you asleep on the bed and I blindfold you. We have played with a fake cock many times and we both loved it. Your cock is rock hard thinking about it all. The problem is, I now want much more and so do you. I kiss you in all those places, you suck my hard nipples, and then you give me that look. 

Your think you hear other footsteps, but I assure you it’s just your imagination. You feel something hard, big, and thick by your lips. I guide it into your hungry mouth. You try to speak, to tell me that doesn’t feel like a fake cock. Your protest doesn’t last long before you have your lips wrapped around his big mushroom head.  I always listen to you, I know what you need before you do. Spend this Valentine’s Day with someone who really knows your dirty little secrets. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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Spend Valentine’s Day With Me

  I am not your typical woman that wants flowers, candy and romance on Valentines Day.  I want your time, attention and your big, sexy cock.

I will meet you at the door in hot lingerie, red lips, and stiletto heels. There is a pitcher of  dirty martini’s and oysters for us to enjoy. The only other thing I need is you. It already seems like a long week for you, and the wife just isn’t giving you the attention you deserve. Don’t worry lover, I will take over. All you need to do is relax and enjoy my warm mouth.

Not enough time for slow and naughty fucking? I am here to please you and meet all your desires. A quickie with me pinned against the wall? After you leave, I will use my vibe thinking about you and how you fucked me so roughly.

If you aren’t in a hurry, my warm mouth won’t miss any inch of your muscled body. Imagine the feel of my tongue rimming your tight asshole.

Cum spend Valentine’s Day with me!


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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