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Pool Parties And Orgies


 We had one of my legendary pool parties last weekend. My phone sex son was home from college and the gang all wanted to see him. He has always loved my parties since he was a little boy. He has this thing for big, fake tits, and my friends certainly have them! Nothing has changed, and he was loving the attention from all my big, titty friends. As the sun went down, the party got wild! Bikinis and swim trunks came off, and it was beginning to be a fucking orgy!

Around 3 am, people began to leave. I had so much to drink that I passed out on my couch. My sweet boy stood over me, and asked if I could come upstairs to cuddle with him. He carried me up, and I must have passed out again.

I was woken up by the sound of him stroking. A Mommy knows the sound of her son jerking it. I kept quiet, but I was getting so hot, and wet listening. I began to finger my pussy, and soon felt his cock against my ass and his fingers twisting my erect nipples.

Want to be my sweet boy?

Milf Debi


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Spying On My Younger Brother

I secretly spied on my phone sex brother while he was jerking off in his bed this morning. I couldn’t help but to watch. I always thought of my little brother as annoying and immature but today, I saw a totally different side of him.

First of all, his cock was no little boy dick, it was a big man cock. I had no idea he was so big and it totally turned me on. I put my hand under my night shirt and pushed my sateen panties to the side and started playing with my wet pussy.

I noticed he was jerking off to something but from the doorway, I couldn’t see what it was exactly. He was getting really into it and so was I. He had no clue his older sister was watching. While he was pumping his cock harder, he moved what look like a picture in his other hand. I looked closer and it was a picture of me in a bikini from spring break! Omg, he was jerking off to his older sister! I put my fingers deeper inside me and had a quiet orgasm and my brother put a huge load all over his stomach.

I left before he saw me. I jumped in the shower and started regretting not saying something or going over to his bed. The more I thought about it, I knew we both could cum again but this time with each other. I also knew I wanted that big cock so I called him into the shower.

What happens next is left for our phone sex call.


Written By:  Jessica
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Soft, Hot And Fuckable

You slipped your business card in my purse while I wasn’t paying attention. You are a fetish photographer and offered to do a free photo shoot for me. Your business card had a note that said “call me” maybe? My favorite fuck buddy has a birthday coming up, and I know he would love that for a gift.  I called you and made an appointment, and the next day went to your studio.

As soon as I saw you, I remembered you from the club. I had planned on doing some serious flirting that night, but something had come up. Now, here we both are. I didn’t need any help posing, but you seemed to like your hands on me as much as I did. Slowly, I took off my clothes for more pictures. I suggested you get in the pictures too. Without hesitation you set camera to auto, and I ripped off your clothes. I had no desire to go slow. I was so fucking wet and I needed to fuck right then.

Your lips were soft on my nipples, as you sucked and bit them. Your pussy was dripping wet, hot and smooth. After we fucked for hours, you invited me to spend the night. I found a bottle of bubbly, popped it open and we looked at the pictures you took. You sneaky little hottie, you had it set for video. My special fuck buddy is going to love his gift, but not as much as I loved making it!



Written By: Tiffany

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Hello, I know You’re There!

I was taking a nice, hot steamy shower and I was enjoying rubbing my new raspberry scented bath gel all over my body. I heard a noise in the bathroom so I peeked my head out from the curtain. I couldn’t believe it was my phone sex daddy sitting on the toilet with his boxers around his ankles and his hard dick in his hand! He actually didn’t see me peek out so I just went back to washing my body, acting like I didn’t know he was there.

I thought daddy would really like to hear me masturbate. I put the shower wand up my pussy while my other hand was rubbing my clit. I started moaning and I could hear daddy beating off faster. I was fingering myself deep with 2 fingers. I wanted so badly to invite him in the shower but he didn’t know I knew he was there. It didn’t take long before I had a really intense orgasm. I peeked out again and it looked like daddy did too with that big mess all over his stomach.


Written By: Kaylee
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Chase’s Surprise

I hate when Chase has to leave on business trips. I’m so lonely in our king size bed and my night isn’t complete unless I have one of his monster cum loads inside my holes.

He called me late from his hotel and it didn’t take long before we were having phone sex. His hot voice gets me so horny. While I was finger fucking my pussy so deep, he said there’s was a surprise waiting for me at the front door. I was so confused and why he abruptly stopped our masturbation session.

I slipped on my silk robe and headed downstairs while I was still on the phone with Chase. I opened the door and 2 of his hunky friends were standing there. He whispered in my ear through the phone that all my holes can be satisfied tonight.

I quickly brought them upstairs and Chase’s one request is that he gets to watch on FaceTime. By the end of the night, my holes were stretched and cum was everywhere!

I love my hubby so much and he knew exactly what I needed when he’s away.



Written By: JoJo
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Stripper Chrissy: Come Upstairs To Play!

I work one night a week as a stripper in NYC.

It is so empowering to have all men watching me, wanting me, devouring me with their eyes when I am on stage. 

The most exciting, and most alluring part of the evening, when I invite you upstairs to a private room at the strip club.

I tease you, seduce you, into setting up a private dance with me. I promise to rock your world and give you an experience that you will remember forever. You can’t resist me, even though you know that is getting late.

Come on baby, I whisper in your ear. Come upstairs with me to the private room, and I will let you feel the hot wet walls of my pussy dripping in your lap. 

Your Naughty Stripper,

Chrissy Written By: Chrissy
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A Sexy Gift From My Boss

        Normally I go on all trips with my boss but this time it just couldn’t be arranged due to last minute plans. He knew I would be terribly disappointed so he texted me that there was something special waiting for me in his office. I unlocked his office door and saw a shoe box on his desk. He texted me again telling me to open the box, try on the shoes and send him a picture. In the box was the sexiest pair of black patent Gucci stilettos.

As his request, I put him on Facetime and tried them on. They looked amazing showing off my legs and firm ass. He watched as I slowly stripped down and walked around the office. He said there was another surprise for me in his desk. I unlocked it to find a 8 inch realistic dildo, I mean it looked so much like a cock I had to rub it over my lips, and push it so far down my throat my eyes ran and I gagged. 

He unzipped his pants and began to stroke as he urged me to fuck myself in his leather chair. I was so excited, I couldn’t hold back as I pushed the dildo into my dripping pussy and sucked my hard nipples. The whole time I watched my boss stroke his huge, thick veiny cock. He then told me to be a good girl and slide my fingers in my tight pucker and cum for him. I came so hard, I hope no one in the office heard me, except for the hot new blonde in accounting!

Sultry Valentina


Written By: Valentina
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Naughty Girl Next Door

I have most people fooled when they look at me. They often mistake me for the good girl, especially all the people in my neighborhood. They think I’m the sweetest thing in the world. They have no idea I have a wicked naughty side to me.

I do have a neighbor that can see right into my bedroom window. It’s been a turn on knowing he’s been watching me. Just the other day, I was blasting the music in my room dancing around. When I glanced over at the window, I caught him peeking in, just as I thought he would. I usually close my blinds but this time I thought I would have some fun with the married man. I was really in a naughty mood. I wanted him shooting a load that he will never forget. I wanted him to think about me every time he jerked his dick. I grabbed my vibrator and looked over at the window. I watched him pull out his cock as my toy entered my tight, wet hole.

Wanna be my neighbor? Would you want to watch or help me out?


Written By: Coed Charlie
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Mutual Masturbation With Teen Delaney

 Delaney   He told me he gets off on watching teen hotties like me fingering their tight, wet holes. Want to know a secret? I get off so much on being watched. It is such a thrill to be watched by an older man. That is why I always leave my windows open when I am home from school. I mean college boys rock, but not like older men.

I saw him looking into my window but I pretended I didn’t see him. I slowly undressed never making eye contact but eagerly watching him as he took out his huge dick. OMG! I was so horny. No toys today, just my fingers sliding in and out of my dripping pussy.

With my window being open, he could hear my moaning as I got more and more excited and my fingers worked faster. Just when I was ready to explode, I walked over to my open window and let him taste my pussy juices as I squirted all over him. 



Written By: Delaney
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Masturbating and Talking Dirty Phone Sex

Talk Dirty to Me Tonight!

We masturbate together on our calls.

I whisper dirty little things into ear about how wet and horny I am for you. You describe your cock and your body. I get shivers, and my pussy starts to throb. My fingers have a mind of their own and drift under my panties.

You slip off your shorts. The tone of your voice changes as your cock begins to grow for me. At first, it is just a gentle rubbing back and forth. Then as you cock responds to my naughty words, you start to stroke your cock, slowly at first. You get more aggressive with your hand and pump harder. 

I take off my panties and start fingering myself or picking up a toy. You describe how your cock penetrates my pussy and I really feel you inside of me. 

We continue the dirty talk until we both have extraordinary orgasms. Fantastic hand fucking for each other.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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