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 Our Stats

Age: Kennedy 20 - Hope 19

Eyes: Kennedy Brown - Hope Brown

Height: Kennedy 5'4 - Hope 5'5

Weight: Kennedy 112 - Hope 105

Measurements: Kennedy 34C-23-35 - Hope 32B-22-32

Pussy: Kennedy: Shaved, squirter and ready for lots of licking! - Hope: Tiny landing strip with a very pink center

Ass: Kennedy: Ready for Hope's strap-on! - Hope: I'm always bent over!

Favorite Positions: We love 69, in front of one another using double ended dildo, doggy and missionary

Strangest Places I've had sex: We had sex in a Burger King rest stop (We had it our way).

Hobbies: Music, pillow fights, guy watching, Myspace, porn flicks, sex toys, sex toy parties, talking on the phone, driving around, triple thick milkshakes and eating pussy!

Specialities: Lesbian experiences, Incest, Strap on play, Golden showers, Sex toys, Detailed storytelling, Extensive role play, Threesomes, Ass play, Gang bangs, Scat, Panty boys, Humiliation, Double penetration, Dildo training, Mutual masturbation, Hypnosis, Ballons, Spanking, Submissive sluts, Snuff, Domination, Tease and denial, Web cam watching and much, much more!


Double your pleasure with two hot little honeys. We’re Kennedy and Hope your naughty little roomies who love to play together. We share everything. If your looking for real fun then don’t miss one of our slutty little adventures. We really play with each other and we guarantee you will hear each and every slurp of our sweet pussies.

We grew up together and even lost our cherries on the same night with the same guy. The memories this guys has are priceless. Two tight teens willing to hand over our sweet little pussies over to him. We licked each other really good and got all lubed up so his cock would slide in nice and easy. I laid pussy to pussy on top of Hope and he went inside of her first then deep inside of me while our naughty boxes rubbed together. Back and forth he fucked us until he was about to cum. We both got on our knees in front of him and begged for his sweet sperm to be shot all over our faces.

If your looking for some naughty role play then you’ve found the right girls! We are as close as sisters. We can even pretend to be the naughty little cheerleader sluts from next door. The ones that tease and drive you wild wearing those skirts way to short. Take them and make them your naughty sex sluts. We really do it all and guess what? You get to listen and be apart of the fun!

We both have boyfriends, but that has never stopped us before. We love to have a girls night out and see who can fuck the most. One time we went glory hole hunting. We sucked and spit all the cum in a cup. The first one finished filling the cup was the winner. The loser got all that cum squirted deep inside of her and the winner got to eat every drop out. I guess you can say everyone was a winner that night. We love pussy almost as much as we love cock.

Remember when you call us it will be live hardcore sex action. You get to listen to us actually fuck and suck each other over and over again. As much as we hate going solo, you can call us separately if you like. We have tons of toys and we just love when you jerk for us while I fuck Kennedy’s cock with her favorite strap-on. She doesn’t like to cum alone so make sure you spray your spunk all over her face. You get double the fun when you call Kennedy and Hope!

Call 1.888.880.8236
for Phone Sex with
Kennedy and Hope

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