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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 112

Measurements: 34C-22-35

Pussy: Fresh, shaved and ready for your tongue!

Ass: Perfect size for your palm

Favorite Positions: Doggy, spread open wide, you on top with my legs over your shoulders

Strangest Places I've had sex: At a bowling alley

Hobbies: Lovemaking under the stars, good music, reading mystery novels, BBQ's with friends, jet skiing, interior decorating and relaxing by my pool

Specialities: Full body worship, Tease and denial, Mutual masturbation, GFE, Seductive role play, Sensual domination, Feminization, Erotic mind games, Black mail, Small dick humiliation, Sissy boys, Family fun, Extreme role plays, Adultery, Anal play, Oral, Lingerie dress up, Make up applications, Financial domination, Rough sex and Stimulating conversations.


Hey fellas! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Rachel! I’m 24 years old and live in Miami Florida. If you’ve never been to Miami, I highly suggest you make that your next trip. The beaches are awesome and filled with gorgeous hunks and smoking hot babes. It’s always hot here so you will see a lot of tanned bare skin walking around. I wear as little as possible to keep nice and cool.

I’m here to rock your world. I have a knock out body that will leave you wanting more. All my guy friends call me a cock teaser. I have no clue why, do you?

Just imagine us laying on the beach. You on your back, me in between your legs leaning back on you, having your strong arms wrapped around my slender body. You just can’t resist smelling my soft, subtle skin. Imagine my hands running over your thighs, then back over your hands as I lead your hand under my shirt. You begin to cup my breast in your hand, as my nipples are getting hard as a rock. I can feel your cock getting harder pressing into my back. Can you only imagine how good it could be, you and I together? I know you want me. I would love nothing more than to make a little romance of our own.

I’m very open minded and you can tell me anything. I appreciate your fantasies and welcome them openly. I am non-judgmental, your fantasy is my reality. I have absolutely no limits! We can talk about anything you wish. I have an open ear and I am very easy to talk to. Let my seductive ways and erotic voice captivate you in every way possible. Indulge your deepest darkest secrets with me.


Call 1.866.949.4311
for Phone Sex with

23 Responses to “Rachel”

  • What a great call, Rachel you were perfect. Can’t wait to talk to you again soon

  • wow baby, you where the best=)

  • I would have have eggs and ham in the morning with Rachel anyday. Of course one would need the food to keep up with her. She always keeps it up.

  • What a road Trip. In a car and we did make it go far. Rachel knows her gears. From high to low we made it go. She does have four wheel drive, even in low she will back you blow.

  • Too much of a good thing can be bad. Bad is what Rachel is. Bad to the very bone.

  • I just came so hard! I have never had a girl make me cum like that in real life! You are so talented and WILL be calling you back again! I am in complete shock what you can do over the phone that I would be scared to meet you!!

  • I cannot get enough of Rachel! Where she like to go and what she will do make you feel like a man. It is nice to know there is woman out there who knows how to please a man. Who knows what a man wants and will take it like a women. Every inch will be taken.

  • Rachel, You are unreal. I can’t stop thinking about the way we came over and over together. I enjoyed everything about our call from the conversation to your nasty mind. Can’t wait to party with you again. It may be sooner than you think! I’m not sure how long I can hold out!

  • Rachel was incredible. She is a great cock teaser and tease and denial artist, she took me to the edge and then backed away, she did this over and over. She had me completely under her control and under her spell, she had me wanting to cum so bad my cock was throbbing and my balls were aching, and then at the end she really surprised me, — but to find out what she did, you’ll have to call her and ask!

  • i woud luv to be yur sissy bitch. you could pimp mke out and if i dont bring you enuff money then you could tie me up and whip me with a long strap and then piss in my face.

  • hey rachel,thanks for the call. you have a really sexy voice. and you really love big black cocks! i loved how u said u like how big and black it is. big black cock lover you are. big black cocks are ur favorite and you told me why. thanks for the call

  • Oh my goodness, Rachel teased me, took me to the edge, tormented my balls by smacking them with the riding crop, full of cum, she took me to the edge over and over, teasing me and then . . . .


  • rachel loves black cock.
    wow what a white girl

  • Rachel,

    Thank you for such an amazing call tonight! Tim McGraw’s song “Southern Girl” says “If you’ve ever seen Savannah heat up when the stars come out – Well, then, fellas, come on you know what I’m talkin’ about.” That lyric is SO Rachel! I’ll never look at Coke bottle without thinking of you and smiling! Thanks again for being so sweet, sassy, sexy, and Southern, Rachel!

  • Rachel,
    Thanks so much for keeping me company in my hotel room tonight! Your sensual Southern hospitality was exactly what I needed! Your elegant teddy, stockings, and signature 6″ heels graced your curvaceous figure and inspired desire in your man. Our passion filled lovemaking was absolutely amazing. Calling out your name was my repeated response as you lavished with erotic gifts. Thank you for everything and being such a sweet, sexy Southern lady!

  • After a long, hot day at work, Rachel whisked me away to a fantasy world of relaxation, romance, and passion. Sauntering by me on the pool deck at The Clevelander, she commanded my attention and stirred my desire in her bright orange bikini and sarong. She gave me a come hither glance through her Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses as she sauntered to the bar atop her stylish wedges. I joined her at the bar for drinks and conversation. We retired to my cabaña and…well, a gentleman does not kiss and tell. Falling asleep with her in my arms as the warm, ocean breezes caressed us was the perfect culmination to our rendezvous.

  • Soothing. Skillful. Silky. Tender. Strong. Sensual. Elegant. Stimulating. Nimble. Supple. Rachel’s hands possess all of these qualities. To experience them all, you must surrender yourself to her touch. Then and only then can you indulge yourself in her gifted grasp. Each caress, stroke, brush, rub, graze, and squeeze are calculated for your maximum pleasure. Guiding you expertly to an amazing climax, she will give you her all. True to her gracious spirit, she will take your all as her reward in the most sensual manner a man could ask for. What a tender, yet passionate touch you have, Rachel, and thank you for bestowing it on me.

  • You’re such a sweetheart, “R”. I love our time together… especially visiting you at the office 😉

  • Dressed to impress in a black pencil skirt and purple silk blouse, Rachel definitely left a lasting impression on me! She combined her feminine wiles and direct approach to her advantage and my pleasure. But in the heat of passion, she made one of the most beautiful and tender overtures to me. Placing her elegant hands around my face and gazing at me intently with her sparkling eyes, she said “Make love to me, please!” In that moment, she stole my heart. Absolutely incredible, this Rachel is!

  • Sultry. Creative. Delicious. Passionate. Beautiful. Skillful. Intimate. Sensual. Willing. Nude. Energetic. Glistening. Delightful. Breathless. Stunning. Rachel shared all of these with me during our call. She makes the fantasy I share with her into an erotic reality. In short, she is in a class of her own, the classiest of Klassy Kats!

  • Rachel, I just had my first call with you but there will be MANY more. You’re one sexy lady with a very sexy voice. Thanks again my sexy flight attendant maybe sexy attendant Valentina can join us on our next flight. 🙂

    hugs and kisses,


  • Miss Rachel is the most knowledgable lady i have ever spoken with when it comes to makeup, sexy dresses, heels, and nails. She told me everything i need to know to help my Wife get ready to go out to pick up black gentleman. She taught me not only what makeup to get and how to apply it, but also hat makeup to buy so it doesn’t run when my wife gets sweaty or the gentleman finish on her face. All of that, together with her minidress, heels, and nails suggestions have made my Wife a very, very happy Lady.

    Oh, and Miss Rachel is pretty vicious in the area of small penis humiliation.

  • Just helping your wife get the cock she deserves 😉

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