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It Was An Accident!

I was at this house party Saturday night and all my friends ditched me and went their own separate ways. I ended up talking to a really nice guy. The drinks were flowing down pretty good and I was feeling more frisky and so was the conversation. The music was really loud so he pulled a corny line to go somewhere quieter so we could talk. I knew that we wouldn’t be doing too much talking because as soon as we went into a bedroom upstairs, the clothes were flying off one another.

He laid down on the bed and I starting riding him pretty hard. His cock was hitting the right spot inside of my pussy and it made me had to pee. I had so many drinks and I never made it to the bathroom before I met this guy. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I just let it go all over his cock and him. I thought he would of been grossed out and left but he was totally into golden showers. After that, he went down on me and licked my pee off my legs and pussy lips.

After he licked me clean, he told me it was my turn. I was confused as he put his hard cock inside of me. A few pumps and I felt this warm gush inside of me. He pissed inside my cunt and it felt so amazing.

It was a total accident and I never done this before but this is something I want to do again and again.


Written By: Amanda
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Fun In The Sun with Callie

I recently got back from some vacation fun. I headed to Florida for some much needed rest and I even squeezed in a few photo shoots.  I had an amazing time laying on the beach soaking up the sun. The best part of the trip was the camera man who was doing my shoot. OMG! he was on my to do list! After flirting with him for a few days on the beach I realized that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I decided to invite him back to my hotel. I showed him the amazing view of the beach from my balcony. That’s when things started getting heated. We started kissing like we were ready to rip off each others clothes. I laid down on the lounge chair removing my bikini top. The fresh air felt so good against my skin. He really wanted to take it to the bed. But, I wanted to be a little kinky. With a little coaxing with my tongue he was doing whatever made me happy. He stood in front of me with that amazing view in the background. Removing his bottoms letting his big dick spring out. I parted my legs and started to play with my wet pussy hole waiting for him to climb right between my legs.

A Sexy Gift From My Boss

        Normally I go on all trips with my boss but this time it just couldn’t be arranged due to last minute plans. He knew I would be terribly disappointed so he texted me that there was something special waiting for me in his office. I unlocked his office door and saw a shoe box on his desk. He texted me again telling me to open the box, try on the shoes and send him a picture. In the box was the sexiest pair of black patent Gucci stilettos.

As his request, I put him on Facetime and tried them on. They looked amazing showing off my legs and firm ass. He watched as I slowly stripped down and walked around the office. He said there was another surprise for me in his desk. I unlocked it to find a 8 inch realistic dildo, I mean it looked so much like a cock I had to rub it over my lips, and push it so far down my throat my eyes ran and I gagged. 

He unzipped his pants and began to stroke as he urged me to fuck myself in his leather chair. I was so excited, I couldn’t hold back as I pushed the dildo into my dripping pussy and sucked my hard nipples. The whole time I watched my boss stroke his huge, thick veiny cock. He then told me to be a good girl and slide my fingers in my tight pucker and cum for him. I came so hard, I hope no one in the office heard me, except for the hot new blonde in accounting!

Sultry Valentina


Written By: Valentina
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Reunion With My Sorority Sisters

     I flew to Dallas forTiffany a reunion with my sorority sisters last weekend. I honestly hadn’t planned on going till I read that my favorite professor would be there. We go back a long time together as he was also my Algebra teacher in the 9th grade. I had no interest in math, or school but I always managed to get awesome grades. I wonder why? LOL.

One of the girls invited us all to stay at her huge home in Dallas, which was close to all the dance clubs and strip clubs we all went to. My first night there we all headed to Rick’s Club to look at the hot dancers. I was told my favorite professor goes there whenever he is in the city. He recognized me immediately and invited me to join him in the VIP room. The room is basically just a small stage, a couch and the dancer of your choice. 

He pulled me onto his lap as we watched Sasha dance on the stage for us. He teased me and said he knew the men in the club would much rather see my real 36DD’s than most of the enhanced tits. After enjoying some time watching Sasha and giving Professor B his private lap dance, we both went back in the front where he persuaded me to dance on the main stage. I admit, after a few drinks the real blonde bimbo in me comes out. What a fucking night we all had complete with lots of new hot friends and enough tips to pay for the whole trip.

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany


Written By: Tiffany

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Spanking Phone Sex


You have been such a bad boy. I don’t know what else to do with you. Every single time I turn around, you’re in my panty drawer again. That’s right. I’ve seen you not only sniffing them and rubbing your cock with them, I’ve seen you wearing them too! I’ve warned you about that, now haven’t I? If you like them so much, go slip a pair on and come to me. There you go! Now bend over and let me get a good look at your ass in those cheekies. I slap one cheek and then the other. You bad, bad boy. This is what happens to little panty sluts like you. I keep slapping, each hit stinging all the way down your legs. I love a pretty blushing ass. I want that ass to be blood red when I’ve finished with it. I hear your moans and groans but I also see your hard cock stretching the front of that pretty black silk. I keep going until you’re begging me to stop. When I feel like you’ve had enough, I get you prepared for your next punishment; it involves your ass as well and you might not like it as much.



 Written By: Ginger
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Step Daddy’s Watching

black and white after danceMy stepdad came to NYC to watch me perform.  He drove through a hellish snowstorm to get me.

I am an understudy filling in because the dancer couldn’t make it back into the city due to all the airports being closed.

My big debut!

Although the seats were mostly empty due to the weather, the show must go on! I danced my heart out, especially knowing that daddy was watching me.

 After the big performance, daddy and I went back to my apartment to celebrate. He brought a nice bottle of champagne and a dozen of long stem roses.

He noticed how much my body has changed. For the first time ever, he didn’t see me as a little girl. He hugged, and we started kisses, well making out actually.

It was like a dream, as my dress came off, and daddy’s pants came down. I sat back in a chair, and he slowly pulled my panties off of me. He went down on me, and I came for him. Written By: Chrissy
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Harley For All Your Party Needs

 Harley     I got an awesome new job as a party planner. The pay is great and it has so many perks. I meet a lot of rich older men and find out enough about their lives to blackmail them for whatever I want. The married ones are my favorite because after I fuck their brains out, I own them in every way.

The party I planned for New Years Eve had me working close for months with an older man and his boring wife. I knew everything about their lives and his numerous indiscretions. I can’t say I blame him as she was such a fucking prude and he loved to party in a big way. He even had a place in the city to get away from her and do his own thing.

The night before the party, I decided it would be a blast to spend the night in his “love nest” and to learn more about his private life away from her. It was amazing with beautiful furniture, tons of jewelry and a closet full of sexy clothes.

I was in the middle of modeling for my friends on cam when I heard him at the bedroom door. I wasn’t worried at all, I mean I knew his secrets. I am a crazy dominant bitch but he did something that made me do whatever he wanted that night.

Want to find out what it takes to turn your girl Harley into a submissive little slut for the night? Hit me up and if it turns out you’re submissive, well I can go that way as well!



Written By: Harley
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Nosy Step-Sister Ashton

My step-brother caught me going through his things again. He had warned me to stay out of his room, but I was way too nosy to listen. Last time I was in there, I found all kinds of naughty pictures and videos and I just had to see more!

I was browsing on his computer when I heard the door shut. I looked up and he had a strange smile on his face. “Like what you see?” I did like what I saw. I was currently looking at pictures of him with another woman and I couldn’t believe the size of his cock! “You know, people pay a lot of money for more taboo pictures and videos.” I knew it was time to go. I laughed off his comment and tried to get to the door. He stopped me and pushed me back on the bed. I saw him flip on a camera that he had on the desk. He started stripping his clothes off and I tried to get off the bed. Soon his body was on top of mine and he was ripping my clothes off. I asked him to stop, but he only laughed at me. Soon my step-brother’s cock was inside of me and he was holding me down and making me take his hard pounding. He was so much bigger than me and there was no way to buck him off. Despite the fact, I was starting to enjoy his huge dick moving in and out of me, he then whispered in my ear; “I’m going to cum inside your little teen cunt, Ashton.” I screamed and tried to get away, but he only laughed, held me tighter and told me to get ready for it. I felt his cum flood my pussy. A few minutes later he carried me to my room. “Feel free to come back for round 2, little sister.”

Written By: Ashton
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My Super Erotic Threesome


  I’m so excited my new huge desk arrived today. I was in the middle of a super hot call when the delivery man knocked on my back door. I let him in and put my finger to my lips so he wouldn’t speak. The look on his face when I described the perfect blow job to my caller was priceless. I smiled and kept on with my call as he set everything up for me. I won’t lie, the delivery man was fucking hot!!

    I finished my call a little flustered partially because I didn’t get to cum with my caller, and because of the hottie in my house. He looked a little flustered himself and asked why I didn’t have my lover call me back when I was free. Of course, that lead to the explanation of what I do for a living. He said he never met a phone sex girl before and could he have my number. Then the phone rang again.

This time I undressed for my caller and, lol for the delivery guy. I laid back on my new desk, put the phone on speaker and motioned for him to come over to me. He wasn’t shy at all from my previous call and it had him rock hard and dripping pre-cum. This was one of the hottest threesomes I ever fucking had with one on the phone and my delivery guy pounding me on my new desk.


Written By: Tiffany

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Isabelle’s Naughty Naked Pool Party

Isabelle Today is the last day of my internship. This job has been tedious, a big yawn, and the Hotel Manager is a total control freak. Needless to say, I am happy that today is my last day. Most of the staff are nice people, but they always seem so stressed.  Probably, not going to put this job experience on my resume because I don’t think I learned anything here.

The parting words from the Hotel Manager are to make sure I turn in all of my uniforms.  WTF? No parting words of wisdom, no thoughtful gesture, no expression of gratitude! I was not expecting him to fall down and kiss my feet, but now I truly understand why all the employees are so cranky around here.

As he stood there looking at me, I was tempted to tear off my shirt and hand it to him. I just simply nodded and walked away.  I was making the rounds, saying my “thank you’s” and “good-byes” to my friends on staff.  I ran into a couple of the sexy pool servers that were getting ready to change into their uniforms for the start of their shifts. The group of hot girls and I were complaining about the Manager. We decided to break the rules and have some naughty fun. Release our frustrations.

The only nice thing about this crappy hotel is the pool, but employees were not allowed to swim. The pool girls and I decided to go for a swim before the pool opened to the hotel guests.  None of us had our bikinis with us, so we decided to go skinny dipping! We had a  naughty naked girl pool party! The girls and I got sexy with each other in the pool. Some hot girl on girl fun!  It was a blast!

After our pool party, I put on my shorts, panties, and bra.  Wrapped up in a towel and headed for my car. I left my uniform top on the diving board of the pool. Sent the Hotel Manager a text where he could find it. Haha!

Bratty Isabelle


Written By: Isabelle
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