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Side Chick Jasmine

My new boyfriend is everything I love in a man: white, rich and married. They love fucking with nasty cocoa girls like me because it’s so different than having to fuck with their fat ass wives. They spoil me rotten and give me that hard lovin’ that I like.

My new guy acts like he’s ashamed that he wants a girl like me, and he takes it out on my pussy. He tears me up and then feels guilty for being such an animal, so he buys me all kinds of presents. It’s a win/win situation. Every time his wife starts bitching, my phone is ringing off the hook. He needs some ghetto pussy before he does something crazy. I meet him at a motel and I’m getting fucked before I even get my panties off! He doesn’t even ask if he can dump his load in me. He knows this pussy gets used a lot and if he knocks me up, how will I even know who it belongs to? I fucking love feeling like his little fuck pig! Who needs a job when you have a married white sugar daddy to take care of you?


Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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I Love to Babysit

I’ve found a fun new job: Babysitting! But it’s not the babysitting you’re thinking of. I’m talking ADULT babies. There are so many men out there that really want to be coddled and treated like babies. It’s been so fun for me!

I have a new man that wants me to take care of him. I come over and immediately make him strip out of his “big boy” clothes. Once he’s naked, I lay him down and diaper him. I put baby lotion all over his little bottom and and powder him. When he feels that diaper against his cock, he gets so hard! The rest of the day is me taking care of him. When he’s good, he gets to play; when he’s naughty, he gets a spanking. At the end of the day, I cradle him and bring his mouth to my little titties and let him nurse. As he coos against me, I pour baby oil all over my hand and put my hand down his diaper. I stroke his cock and listen to his coos turn in to moans. He makes a big, sticky mess in his diaper and babysitter Wendy has to clean him up all over again.
Do you need a babysitter? I have great references!


Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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Red Heads Do It Better

GingerThere’s something about a natural red head that just screams sex. Ever since I was a girl, I’ve loved any and everything about sex. Once I got started, there was no stopping me. I wanted to try it all. There was nothing too kinky for me then and that still holds true today. I still can’t get enough. Every once in awhile, I come across a man that knows how to enjoy a red head like me. He’ll know how crazy we can be and appreciates that red heads make the best fucks. When you’re paired with the right person, the sex is fucking AMAZING! I never hold back and it’s even better when he doesn’t either. All it takes is one look at me to know that I have no limits and my body AND mind are to be used. I always fuck like I’m never going to fuck again and I can bring that out of you time and time again. Have you ever been with a red head? It’s time you give it a try. Your orgasm will prove my point and you’ll have a new obsession… promise.



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Double Penetration Phone Sex

Such an amazing experience! Last night, I got a double penetration. Double the pleasure and double the fun! It was fucking fantastic. I loved it. It was incredible, extreme, and intense. It is almost impossible to explain what I experienced because it was all so new, so wild, and so naughty!

I have a naughty confession. It was fucking fantastic. I loved every second of it. There was a ton of foreplay between the three of us, great chemistry and intimacy. I had sex with both of the guys separately, and then one in my mouth and my boyfriend in my pussy. The two guys played together a bit, but that is a topic for a whole another blog. It is almost impossible to explain what I experienced because it was all so new, so wild, and so naughty! Finally, each other filled me. Every nerve ending was stimulated at the same time. Each of them came inside of me, and we all came so hard.

Over the last few months, my boyfriend and I have been doing more and more anal sex. He warms me up, prepares, stretches out my ass, by slipping in a lubed up finger inside of my ass while he is fucking my pussy from behind. While he is fingering my ass and pounding my pussy, I fantasize about there being two cocks inside of me, one in each of sexy little holes. I love MMF threesomes. Two cocks and me.

I confessed to my boyfriend how I fantasized about another man joining us sometime. He asked me if I would really want that. I told him that I would, and he made it happen. He brought a friend of his over to my place for a wild night of crazy sex. Ask and you shall receive, and I got the fuck of my life!


Written By: Brynna
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Panty Time with Brandy Lynn


I gave my boyfriend a key to my apartment not long ago. He likes to come over and hang out when I’m in class. A few weeks ago one of my classes got cancelled due to bad weather.  I came home early to find my boyfriend in my apartment with the music blasting while he was prancing around in my stockings and panties wiggling his ass in the full body mirror. He thought I would be furious with him, I’m actually more attracted to him ever now.

We sat down and had a long talk, telling me about every fantasy he has ever had. I was so turned on we started kissing and rubbing up against each other until we were both in our panties. I can’t wait to dress him like he’s never been dressed before and get him on all fours.


 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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Revenge Fuck

       I was enjoying  my staycation when my boss texted and asked if could drop by for a little talk. Normally I would be annoyed but he is HOT! I was just relaxing by the pool with a drink when he arrived. He complimented me on the job I was doing keeping everyone in line but he mentioned I just might be a little too bossy. I explained to him being a woman in a company with all men made it necessary.

  He smiled, looked me up and down and suggested there could be another reason for it. I looked at him with a look that scares most men as he continued on. He said I might just need to take out some of my aggression on him instead of on the staff. Interesting concept. With a wicked smile I demanded he get on his knees and service my hot, aching pussy. He removed my shorts and with amazing skill had me squirting on his face within minutes.

 I told him to get his firm ass in my house, fix me a drink and head up to my bedroom. I sipped my drink while he did a slow, sexy strip for me. Very, very nice. I especially loved how he would slowly walk away to hang up each piece of clothing as he took it off.

Having my way was extremely exhilarating but then it took a bit of a turn. Soon he was stripping me of my shorts and halter and put me over his knee. He began to give me a very hard spanking.  He told me what a bossy and naughty woman I was and I deserved to be punished. With my ass stinging from the hard slaps he bent me over my bed and pounded my ass so hard he had to put his hand to my mouth to keep the housekeeper from checking up on me.


Written By: Valentina
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Morning Snuggles


My phone sex daddy’s always know when I need a little daddy/daughter play time. I made my hair look super cute today and put on my new skirt that daddy loves to see me in.

I sat in the living room watching cartoons on the couch waiting for daddy. Just like I did when I was a little girl. I almost had to laugh how innocent and cute I looked. Finally daddy came and sat next to me admiring my hair, he hasn’t seen it in pig tails in a long time. We sat on the couch like old times with the blanket over our laps. I could feel his warm tender hand move up my thigh making his way to my pussy. Mmmm. My pussy juices were already building up. My legs spread wide open, giving daddy just what he wanted. I whispered, more, I need more, please.. harder!


Written By: Coed Charlie

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Rocking The Boat

I am enjoying the last beautiful days of summer. My lover took me up north to his lake house for a couple of days. The days are warm, but the nights are chilly. Perfect weather for fucking and sleeping naked with his face nuzzled into my big tits.

Today, the sun feels hot on my skin. There are few fluffy white clouds in the sky. We spent the day on the lake in his boat. I love boating. I find it so relaxing. He takes me out on the boat to go fishing. He fishes with great focus. Me, not so much. I cast my line and then let my fishing pole rest between my legs and read an erotic novel. He shakes his head but doesn’t complain.  I feel the pole bend and set the hook. I reel in a fish, but it has to be thrown back because it is too small. Enough fishing for me, I go back to my book of salacious fucking and kinky fun. 

Another hour goes by, and I get a little hot. I slip off my t shirt. There I am in my black bikini top barely covering my big round full tits. He pulls up the anchor. We need to move to another spot. I am surprised because he has caught quite a few fish here while I was reading. I enjoy the ride and watch him drop anchor again. We are in a beautiful quiet cove. Instead of grabbing his fishing pole, he unzips his jeans. Ah, his cock is hard. We end up in the center of the boat, I suck his cock, and then I ride him. We really go at it hard! The boat starts rocking in the water. The conservation guy approaches, sees us fucking, tips his cap and goes on his way. It is exhilarating to be watched. 


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Tell It To Daphne         Some of the time when you call me you are very quiet, you tell me you aren’t sure what it is you want. I talk to you, coax it out of you with my sweet but sexy voice. That is when I get to see the real you. The man who has such naughty thoughts that need to be set free. 

 I am wondering what it is today? Are you thinking about your employee’s hot wife and wondering if she is a slut? Maybe you’re thinking about the pretty teen girl where you get your coffee, the one with the long hair and tight, teen body? I think you want to get a little rough with her. 

You have stolen the panties of the MILF you do computer work for. Just what do you want to do with those panties? I think it is time you call me and spill it all. Tell me your wild fantasies and let’s make them come to fruition. A little shy perhaps? Don’t worry, you’re in my soft and capable hands now.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Phone Sex At The Glory Hole

I have a naughty experience to share. I was on a call the other night. One of my regulars called from a glory hole at the adult bookstore. He sucked three cocks while I was on the phone with him. He is a size queen. Only one of the three was over 8 inches, but he is such sexy cocksucker that he sucked all three. I listened and coached him. Made him drink all three loads of cum. It was so great! At the end of the call, he sent me pics to my email of the guy with the big dick and his lips wrapped around the shaft. So naughty!

While we were waiting for the next cock to appear, I teased him about the big black cock he sucked for me in the past. I reminded him of being handcuffed and getting face fucked. It was not a long wait.

I heard another man’s voice. My caller said that another man entered the booth. The man wanted more than a blow job through a glory hole. He wanted to fuck my caller’s ass. I told my caller to go for it if the man had a big dick. I wasn’t sure what was happening next until I heard my caller get turned into a bottom bitch. I listened for a few minutes while my caller got fucked in the ass. No foreplay, but lots of dirty talk and humiliating name calling. It didn’t take long, and my caller got an ass full of cum.

After the other man left the booth, I made my caller jerk off for me until he had his cum!


Written By: Brynna
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