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Hot New Guy In Town

You are the hot new guy in town. All the ladies are talking about you and flirting with you. You are a sexy bad boy, strong, muscular, mysterious, a man of few words. Rumor has it that you have a great cock and are single.

I spot you at the post office. You are filling out your forwarding address paperwork. Everyone is staring. You are captivating and charming, but rugged and manly. I mail my package and hang back watching and waiting for you. You finish your business at the counter. As you walk past me, you nod and put your sunglasses on. I follow behind you and watch you hop on your motorcycle. Damn, you are hot!

Lucky for me, you turn right out of the parking lot which is the same direction that I need to travel. Maybe I can follow you. I am an only a couple of cars behind you at the first red light. My pussy is throbbing from the excitement. I have never stalked a guy before now. I almost lose you at the next light, but I hurry through the yellow light.

There is quite a bit of traffic as we get closer to the mall, but I manage to keep you in my sight. You drive past my building, but I decide to keep following you. I tell myself just five more minutes. You turn right, so I turn right. I follow you into my favorite fish market. I sit in my car for few minutes and touch up my makeup. I walk inside and realize that you are there for an interview. You are talking with the owner behind the counter. The owner is the only one there today. He greets me with a friendly smile and tells me all about the special of the day. I point to you. I tell the owner that I want you. Did I just make you blush? The owner realizes that you would be great for business. Every lady in town will make extra trips to his fish market just to get a glimpse of you. The owner sees the excitement in my eyes and hires you on a trial basis. You can start right away. I can be your first customer. He goes into the back of the shop.

You smile at me. You ask if you just saw me at the post office. I admit that I followed you here, but I live close and stop here a couple of times a week. I am so turned on. I want to run my hands all over your chest. You are hot, and I want you. In my fantasy, we fuck right here and now. I suck your cock as you look down at me with your smoldering bedroom eyes. You bend me over the counter and fuck me. Well, a fish market is a horrible place for sex, and you just got hired. The reality would not quite be as sexy as my fantasy.

When you ask me what I would like, I order Gulf shrimp and invite you to my place for dinner tonight. I give you a kiss and tell you that I can’t wait to get you naked.


Fireworks in the making

You’ll always be my precious boy. I don’t ever want you to forget that. Mommy loves this time of year. Pool parties, skimpy bikinis, and lots and lots of men.  Every year we throw a big bash at the house.  I make sure I spend some special one on one time with my boy. I never want to deprive him of his needs of his mommy. We even have a blast picking out my bikini that I’ll be wearing. 

My sweet boy had that look in his eyes. I could tell he was thinking about all the men that will be swarming around the house for the 4th. We sat on the bed and talked about how a fuck is a fuck and what we have is so much more to mommy. I explained to him how we share a special bond. 

Grabbing the back of his head I pulled him towards my chest. Comforting him, rubbing his back, letting him rest his head on my chest. I knew these gorgeous tits would put him in a better mood. I removed my top and let him trace his fingers along the lace on my bra before it fell to the ground. I laid back on the bed and let him crawl between my legs so he could roam my body at his own pace. I was melting with every touch. 
The smile on his face said it all, just think about the fireworks that we’ll be making after the big party. 
Mommy Toni 

Gang Bang Phone Sex

It is a holiday weekend. The beach and my favorite beach bars are going to be full of tourists and visitors. I need to get away from it all and have some nasty fun!

I head to the local biker bar. Before long I have an invitation to get away from the beach to spend the weekend with a bikers’ club. These weekend warriors know how to party like there is no tomorrow. The beer is cold, my pussy is hot, and their dicks are long. Sounds like the perfect way for me to kick off a holiday weekend.

I don’t need fireworks for a good “bang.” I got a club of bikers, all who enjoy sharing me. All who want to give me a hot fuck. These boys are hardcore! I let me all cum in me. All that wet cum dripping from my pussy from a wonderful gang bang. Care to join the gang?

Teasing Tara
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I recently decided to join a sorority. They have us doing all kinds of crazy things on campus. The hazing has been kind of hard so far… and very embarrassing! Just last week, we were all publicly spanked! All that craziness aside, a few of us still remained for the final task. We were stripped naked, blindfolded and led into a room. I couldn’t see anything, but could feel eyes all over my body. When the blindfold came off, I could see dozens and dozens of men stroking their cocks. We were each placed in a kiddie pool on our knees. Before we knew it, guys started circling around us jerking their hard dicks. Some grabbed my hands and forced me to stroke it for them, so grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down their shaft and balls. I could feel the cum shooting all over my body. The came on my face, tits, ass, back… everywhere. When one group would finish, another group was ready to take their place. After what felt like hours, I looked down and realized that the pool was getting cum puddles all over. The guys stepped away from us. I couldn’t even open my eyes, my face was so covered in jizz. Thinking that was the task, we started to get out of our pools… then we were instructed that our actual task was to clean up the mess with our tongues…

Neighbor Watches Me Masturbating

I am so embarrassed! I have such a naughty confession to share.

I am done with school for the summer, and I feel trapped inside my tiny apartment off of UCLA camps. I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I need some fresh air. I spend the afternoon in my parents’ backyard. I wear my teeny-tiny green bikini. The house will be empty until this evening. It is really hot, but I don’t plan on being out here for too long. I start to get sleepy. My mind starts drifting. I am in the stage of half awake/half asleep. In somewhat of a dreamlike phase, I imagine having sex with this lanky but super smart Psychology Professor. He has studied so many facets of sex that I have always suspected that he is well-versed in pleasing a lady, an extremely expert level sexual partner. I was picturing him naked and him seducing me. My fingers had a mind of their own. I pulled down my top, rubbed my tits, then I fingered my pussy. I was playing with my hot sweaty body in my backyard. I pushed and tantalized my pussy until I came. I jumped up after my orgasm. My parents’ next door neighbor was standing over me watching. He handed me a bottle of water and asked if there was anything he could do for me. I was so embarrassed. He pulled out his cock and stroked it. It was rock hard and already wet with so much pre-cum. He asked if he could cum on my tits. Of course, I licked it a bit and helped him spray his large load of cum all over my big hot tits. 


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A Trip Back To High School Fun

          Dirty DaphneI needed a little sun and fun badly so it was time for a few days off.  I grew up near an incredible camping spot by the lake. I remember jumping off the rocks into lake and losing my bikini top almost every time. Honestly, it happened so often I began to just go topless. It was our favorite place to skip school.

I got there late morning and it was already crowded. It had been a good 10 years since I had been there and noticed many changes. I really wanted some private time so I began to walk to the rocks. So many memories of the great times we had and the wild parties we had after the bluff area was closed to campers for the night.

I noticed a gorgeous man sunbathing in the nude.  He looked up and smiled at me completely uninhibited. I asked if I could join him as the lake area was so crowded. “Please do, but the rule at the rocks in nudes only”, he said. My pussy immediately became wet with his words or was it his looks! I knew he couldn’t miss it through my white thong bikini so I immediately took it off and joined him.

          We chatted for a few minutes and I found out he remembered me from school, and Lol my perfect tits as I jumped off the rocks.  We chatted, swam and sunbathed till the sun was beginning to go down. Soon the lake had cleared out and the security people were gone. I asked him if he remembered what we all did when the park closed for night. He smiled, pushed me down on the blanket and without any foreplay to get in the way slid his dick into my aching pussy.

Want to know how we spent the rest of the night. Well, there was no more reminiscing for certain! Call me up and maybe if you’re a good boy I will share the rest of my steamy details.  

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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Limitless Sky

50 shades of skyYou have heard the expression, “The sky’s the limit.” That expression describes me perfectly. I have no limits, no boundaries, no taboos. I am open-minded and uninhibited.

I have a very great understanding of fetishes, so I am the perfect girl to explore your fetish and satisfy that urge. Fetishes go far beyond fantasy. A fetish is like an itch that needs to be scratched. Phone Sex with me is a perfectly safe and sane way to explore your fetish.

Or maybe you are in need of that perfect fantasy girl. Role play is the best way to delve into your favorite sexual fantasies for both of us. I absolutely adore doing role plays. What kind of role plays? The sky is the limit! Please don’t ask me to select a favorite role-play. There are hundreds of role-plays that I enjoy. Share your most naughty fantasies with me. Secrets are meant to be shared but only with someone who is trustworthy of keeping your secret and not judging you.

I am creative and provide lots of descriptive detail. Your mind can truly achieve sexual gratification, and you can have the best orgasms.


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Once is Never Enough

bambiEver since I started fucking, I’ve never been satisfied with just one round. I always hear how uncomfortable that first time is, yada, yada– that was never the case with me. Even that first time I was down licking his balls after, trying to get him stiff again. It’s the same way with calls. I love cumming with all of my guys, but as soon as that call is over, I’m jamming my fingers or my toy in one of my holes trying to cum again. Once just doesn’t do it for me! Every once in a while, I get that caller that just knows what buttons to push with me. Once, twice, three times… it’s not even close to being enough for him either. Those calls are ALWAYS my favorite! I love when a man dedicates time and effort to making me cum as much as humanly possible! Just because it’s over the phone, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be good.
If wham, bam, thank you ma’am isn’t for you— call me. Let’s see how many times we can cum together!

Test Drive

A few years ago, I needed some extra cash and took a job working at a car lot. The owner knew he could probably get some sales out of me, so he put me out on the floor. I was doing pretty good. As he suspected, the men loved me! One day, a customer came in that made the other salesman run. One told me that he was a hard guy to work with. I took it as a personal challenge and decided to volunteer. I was expecting him to drool all over me like the rest, but he didn’t. After a few frustrating hours of working with him, he decided he found one that he wanted to test drive. I got in with him and he spun off. He didn’t say much, just drove. I noticed that he was going a little further than permitted and said something to him. He kept driving. Pretty soon he pulled off into a wooded area and shut the car off. I sat there, a little scared, a little pissed off. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I laughed a little at the situation… I was sucking this asshole off. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face close to his. He told me if I wanted to make a sale today, I was going to be a good slut and take his cum down my throat. I still fought a little, but he was already forcing my head up and down on his cock. I could barely catch my breath. He was ramming it in hard and fast. I felt his body tense up and prepared for the blast. So much jizz shot into my throat that it was coming out of my mouth. He pushed me away, zipped up and started the car again. We drove back to the dealership and I collected the biggest commission of my career. The guys all wondered what my secret was, but I have a feeling that some noticed the telling stain on the front of my sweater…

BBC Worship

Everyone knows that I love BBC… but this post isn’t about ME. No, this post is about a little cock sucking faggot that I talk to that we’ll call Mike. He’s one of my regular callers who has always loved being treated like a cum dumpster, but we finally got down to the thing he really, really wanted. He wanted that thick, long, hard black dick. I can hear it in his voice when I say those magical words that he’s been waiting for. No one but me knows how much he loves it…. and I always tease him that I’m going to tell everyone about this craving he has to worship black cock. And not just one.. oh no, Mike wants them lined up to fuck his slutty holes. When I talk about how big and meaty they are, how they’re using him like a piece of fuck meat, I can hear him getting close. When I tell him that I’m going to write a blog and tell the world about him, he explodes. I bet no one would believe how much you crave cock, would they Mike? This was a nice post.. just wait till next time 😉