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Cum Dumpster Teagan

I’m in charge so much. In charge of myself, in charge of others, even in charge in the bedroom.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a man that just doesn’t care. He doesn’t ask if I want it, if I’m ready, how I need it. He takes the decision away from me. He treats me like his little cum dumpster. I’m just a hole for his dick and he never lets me forget it. We can be anywhere; a nice restaurant, visiting my parents, driving on the road; when he wants my pussy, he wants it, and I don’t have a say.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it feels to not have to think for myself. To just be a fuck slut for him to play with. To take his cum whenever he chooses when to give it to me. I haven’t felt this good since high school. Who knew that being a whore could be so good for you?!?


Written By: Teagan
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Ready To Please You

Why don’t you cum quench your thirst with a sexy brunette who is hot, horny and ready to please you. Are you in the mood for a no limit’s open minded very sexy girl today? One of my most favorite things to hear about is your wild and perverted secrets, and then play them out on the phone with you!

I’m a very sexual girl with a very sinful imagination. I’ve been known to be the slut tease who can’t get enough of seducing men. Just the thought of you jerking your big, hard cock or little cock gets me excited as I masturbate for you . It makes my tight, pink pussy so wet.

Think about one of your hottest fantasies that makes your cock rock hard for me. We can do anything you like. No limits, no taboos. I cant wait to feel your throbbing cock shoved in my tight pussy.

Give me a call and I promise you’ll never forget my sweet voice. I can’t wait for us to cum together and talk about all those naughty, kinky, fantasies we both enjoy.



Written By: Janene
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Cum On My Tits Phone Sex

I love cum, I always have. I have a little bit of a fetish with cum all over my big, natural tits. Feeling that hot cum splatter against my skin as I hold my breasts up for you with both hands… yummy!

When I have more than one cock, it’s even better. It’s coats my sensitive nipples and makes my pussy so wet and creamy. I love to rub all that sticky goodness into my aching breasts and then lick my fingers clean. Tasting the combination of your cum and my skin is so fucking intoxicating.

Luckily for me, my tits are so big that I can make extra sure that they’re extra clean. You can watch me suck and lick on them, and hopefully your cock will get hard and we can make another mess together!



Written By: Abby
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Cheating with Me

Married men are so much fun. Their wives never fuck them the way they want to be fucked and some never give them any at all unless it’s their birthday. Luckily for those poor bastards, they have me to drain their balls. I’m the ultimate guilty pleasure for these men. It doesn’t really take much to get them going and they are beyond easy to please. Just a little sniff here, a touch there and they are jizzing in their pants. They take all that pent up frustration and energy and give it all to me. Unlike their ugly wives, I absolutely love the way they paw me. They give me everything they’ve got and I cream all over their cocks for it.

They can’t wait for their next session with me and it makes them very generous, with their fucking and their wallet. If only those prude wives knew how much money their husbands spend on me! Any of them will tell you that I’m worth every single penny they spend.

I’m everything a married man could want. I’ll fuck your brains and I’ll keep your secret. Why would I tell your wife and ruin all of my fun?



Written By: Charlotte
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My First Woman

I received an interesting phone call over the weekend. My first woman I slept with contacted me. I wish I could say that I fucked her, but in all reality, she fucked me. She was my boss at my one of my first jobs and loved to take advantage of inexperienced young ladies.

She asked me to stay late and help her in the office one night and I ended up spread eagle on her desk with her fingers in my pussy and her tongue on my clit. I had never cum that hard before.

Soon she was inviting me over to her house where she used every toy in her collection to pound me into submission. I loved it! I hadn’t thought about her in so many years, but the purr of her voice made my panties moist immediately.

She let me know that she was in town and would love to come visit one of her favorite employees. I accepted and invited her to stay with me. She’ll be here this weekend and I’m sure she figures we’ll pick up where we left off. But that’s not going to be the way it goes. I’m not a naive girl anymore… and I have toys of my own now.



Written By: Bambi
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Rodeo Week

I love when it is rodeo time. All the handsome cowboys doing their thing during the day, and up for anything when they’re done. They all look so sexy in their boots, hats and tight wrangler jeans. I never can decide where to look. Omg, those strong muscles, flat stomachs and big dicks.

 It must have been one hell of a night as I woke up in a motel room, mostly undressed, but in a strangers hat, and a pair of new Justins. I went to the bathroom to shower and saw more of the party. There was 2 hot girls naked and asleep in the tub. There was a threesome asleep on the living room floor. I sure wish I could remember the night.

I made it home once I figured out where I was, and decided to take a nap. I woke up to my IG notifications going off like crazy. Facebook too. What the fuck? There I was riding one of the men’s faces, while licking a hot pussy. You know how some people don’t like watching dirty videos of themselves? Well, I am NOT one of those chicks. I watched them all, and was dripping wet. I could use my vibe and fuck myself silly while watching again, or I could text one of the numbers on my phone? Male, female or another orgy? You help me decide?



Written By: Delaney
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Gangsta Cock

I have a confession. I have a thing for gangsta type men. There is something about how they look, talk and act. It makes my pussy so fucking wet. When it comes to a boyfriend, I like the more rich, gentlemen type.  If I am just looking for a rough hard fuck, it is gangsta all the way.

I didn’t time things quite right, and my fuck and boyfriend sort of ran into each other. One was coming, and the other going. Jordan was leaving after giving me the rough, hard pounding I needed when Victor showed up. I suppose time got away from me. I thought Victor might be angry, but he was drooling looking at the cum dripping out of my pussy and ass.

Jordan stood in the doorway, and was getting rock hard again. He bent me over the counter, and gave my already sore ass another pounding. I was too excited to notice right away, but Victor began sucking Jordan’s huge balls. When Jordan came, Victor was right there to gobble it up with cum and my ass juice dripping from his cock. Nothing ever surprises me, but what a sexy, hot fucking surprise this was.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Teasing My Friends Husband

A close friend of mine had an end of summer pool party. We had an awesome day swimming, flirting and sunning. Most of the ladies brought a change of clothes with them to wear for dinner, dancing and whatever rest of the night turned into. The hostess and I went up together to change, fixing our hair, makeup and putting on tight mini cocktail dresses with stilettos. I took some selfies of myself and went down to join the party.

I love teasing Tom her husband, and I just can’t help myself. Once I saw he had a huge bulge in his pants, I teased him more by crossing and uncrossing my tan legs. It was getting late and I had an early appointment so I said “goodnight” and left. We lived close so I walked home. I noticed my phone wasn’t in my purse once I got home. I began to undress when I heard a knock at my door. It was Tom with my phone. I thanked him and began to shut the door but he pushed it open and began making small talk.

I kissed him on his cheek, and told him it was fun but he needed to go on home. He pushed his way in, and his phone was going off. She knows me very well, at this point must be wondering if Tom and I were fucking. She should know by now, he isn’t my type and it is more fun just teasing him. He tried to grab my big, luscious tits so I took a picture. He smacked it out of my hand and grabbed my ass. I suggested he leave and use the extra key he had for emergencies and let himself out. He stood at the bottom of the stairs and watched me walk up. I teased him without mercy, and again told him to let himself out.

I heard what I thought was him leaving, I looked up to find him in my bedroom. He had no idea about the nanny cam in my room. I told him to take out his dick and stroke it for me. I let him edge, and while he was stroking, she was now calling. All this had made me fucking wet and horny. I demanded he worship my sweet round ass. He kissed and licked up and down my sweet ass crack, till his tongue hit that spot. Again, she was calling. He was so involved with pleasuring me that he didn’t notice I put her on Facetime.  Oops!


Written By:  Tiffany
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Filling Up the Cup for Slutty Wendy

My mommy brings home special “Uncles” for me sometimes. Fucking her just isn’t enough and they’re in the mood for something a little naughtier and a lot younger.

When they come in, I know just what to do. I take off all of my clothes and wait on my knees in my room with a large goblet in my hands. They line up in front of me, dicks in hand and ready to be sucked. I work on each one, using my mouth only. Sometimes they fuck back and sometimes they let me do all the work. When they’re ready to cum, I pull them out of my mouth and shoot their cum in my goblet and move onto the next. I’m not allowed to stop until the cup is full. Sometimes I have to make the circle 2 or 3 times. Once it’s full, they gather around to watch me enjoy my favorite treat. I open wide and pour all that cream into my mouth and drink it down. After a night like that, my tummy is full and so is mommy’s wallet.



Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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Wrong Address

I just moved into a new house a few months ago and I’m still getting the previous occupants mail. I constantly send it back, but the other day, I received a big heavy box marked “PRIVATE” on it and curiosity got the best of me.

I decided to open it. I knew I could always say that it was an accident. I had no idea what I would find, but wasn’t expecting what I saw in the box. Inside was one of those fucking machines that I’ve only ever seen in porn. Not only was the machine in there, but tons of attachments as well of every shape and size. I wasn’t sure what I should do, but I knew that there was no way that I could send something like this back. I managed to get it out of the box and set it up with one of the attachments on. My eyes were wide as I watched the different speeds. I didn’t care about anything at the point. My panties were on the ground, and my legs were spread wide for it.


Written By: Anna
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