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Marry Me

You have more than any man should. You are rich as fuck. You have numerous cars, homes, and a wardrobe of designer clothes. Yet, you are missing something in your life. The hot models are great for work parties and dinners, but you could care less about then. You can’t find what you need at a legitimate escort service, but you are afraid to find it in another country.  Even your expensive lawyers couldn’t help you out of that mess.

That is why you need me. 

What a perfect solution for your twisted needs. Marry me, and then I can’t be forced to testify if it ever came down to it. It won’t though with me helping you with your deviant needs. Think of all the fun we could have? I get to spend all your money and do as I please. You get the tiny little creatures you so desire. 

          Think of the never ending supply you would have. You are salivating at the thought of those flat little chests in pig tails. You worry that what if you get to rough, or worse yet, someone might recognize you.  I have people for disposal as well. So you see, marrying me is the perfect solution.



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Daddy is a Sissy Slut

 What is he doing in my room?  I come home from the beach and daddy is laying on my bed wearing just my panties. He is pinching his nipples and making girly sounds. I watch for a bit, then decide daddy needs to be punished for going through my private things. I tell him that his punishment is me dressing him up like a girl. He shakes his head and tells me no. Well, for someone saying “no” his tiny dick sure is hard. 

When I show him the panties, cincher, and heels he is to wear he just coos like a little bitch. I put red lipstick on him and he is just perfect.

   I tease him with my dildo, making him suck it. His eyes glaze over and he really gets into it.

I get an idea!  I text 2 of my guy friends and ask them to come over. Phone sex daddy needs some real cock! Come to think of it, so do I.  



Written By: Baby Bethany
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Just a Teen Tease

      I see you every day at Starbucks.  You get a plain black coffee, and I get a creamy vanilla Frappe.  I wear less and less each day.  Today it is the tiniest pair of shorts, a tight cropped tee, and not much else. You’re always in a hurry, I guess to get back to work. I like to sit, take my time, and totally enjoy my drink.  You like to stare at me, but look away when I catch you. Of course, you’re staring, just look at my hot, teen body. 

I don’t want you to rush off today. I need to have some fun with you. 

I suck on my straw, getting all the yummy cream in my mouth. I lick it off my lips. A bit falls on my hard, pink nipples. Now I have your attention. I sit with my long legs to the side now, crossing and uncrossing them. Oops, did I get more cream on my tits? You’re still watching me. I slide my fingers in my shorts under my panties. I finish my drink, walk by you and put my wet finger under your nose. 

You want to follow me, but you can’t get up at the moment. Oops!


Written By: Delaney
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Anal Slut Emma

I love being a naughty girl. I’ve turned into such a little anal slut. Anything that has to do with my ass, I am up for it.

I remember when my daddy’s gave me my first spanking. He wanted to know why I wasn’t screaming and crying. He kept spanking my little ass harder and harder.

When I got a little older, I used my sweet little ass to my advantage wearing short skirts and bending over teasing all the boys. That’s when it all changed.

I invited all the boys over from the neighborhood to hang out. I went upstairs and changed into sexy pink lingerie. When I walked downstairs, I could tell they were excited. I smiled and asked who wanted to fuck my tight ass first?

I bent over and spread my ass cheeks. I felt a hard cock sliding in my tight little hole, they took turns ripping and pounding on my tight little asshole, making me scream with pleasure filling me up with loads of cum.

If you like it nice and tight then you will love my little asshole.

Baby Girl Emma


Written By: Emma
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Tag Team Sisters

My sister Brittany and I tag teamed a real fucking loser this morning. His name is Jonny and he is a shit eater AND a cocksucker! We raped his wallet so good. He knows that no one cums for free with us and he paid and paid and paid some more! We didn’t even give him a chance to tell us no.

We both shit into his mouth until it was full, and kept rinsing his bank account. In all fairness, poor Jonny had the chance to disagree with all the money we were taking, but his mouth was so full of our shit that we couldn’t hear what he was saying— so we just took MORE money from him!

He wanted that tiny useless dick of his to squirt, but he had to pay our cum fee first. He gladly paid to get that pathetic dick off.
If you really want to be worked over and get a good rinsing from two Goddesses, call my sister and I. We’re the best. Just ask that shit eating faggot, Jonny.

Oh by the way- we got $800 from that pathetic loser, just for eating our shit! Ha Ha!



Written By: Teagan
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Dirtiest Bitch On The Net

              I am a total adrenaline freak!  Nothing raises my pulse and get’s my juices flowing like sex. Not just any sex but dirty, nasty, messy, hot, wet, and most of all perverted.

I’m not your wine and dine girl. I don’t need a fancy hotel either. I just need a hot guy with a big dick that knows how to use it. During these odd times, I have found new and unusual ways to pick up men to hook up. 

                  Last night I saw this man working out on his balcony. Apartments are so close in the city that I could see the sweat on his body from my window. I thought he was working out way to hard, and needed a bit of distraction. I stood at my window nude, and began sucking my sexy, hard nipples. 

Now I have his attention. Strange is my favorite way to go, but I couldn’t bring him here. Yes, sex with me can get that nasty! I held up my digits on a big sign. What? You’ve never done that?

He texted me and I told him to meet me in the parking garage. During the day no one is ever there except the parking attendant. The man seemed rather confused as to why we were fucking in a dirty parking garage. I dropped to me knees on the dirty, littered with trash floor, and began sucking his gorgeous dick. Another man was getting his car. I smiled, and suggested he join us.  


Written By: Harley
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I Won’t Tell

We met at a pool party last weekend. You were there with your wife and kids. I was there with my parents. I felt your eyes all over my young body. I made sure you got a good look of my little tits and perfect ass. I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

Later that night, I received my first text from you: “Where can we meet?” I responded quickly that I would meet you at your house. You tried to argue, but I insisted… no one tells me “NO”.

The next morning, I watched your wife leave with the kids and snuck upstairs. You were nervous, but hard just the same. I laid on the bed that you share with her. You hesitated briefly, but as soon as I started exposing my body to you, you couldn’t resist. You were starving for me.

My panties were ripped off and your mouth devoured my pussy. I lost count of how many times you made me cum against your tongue. You pushed me back against the bed and shoved your cock inside. You knew you didn’t have to be gentle with your little whore. I wasn’t your wife and you could be as rough as you wanted.

You grabbed a handful of my hair and rolled me to my stomach. Your mouth went to my ass, shoving your tongue in deep, getting me ready to take your cock. Your mouth covered mine as you rammed inside, covering my screams. You pumped in and out, demanding that I cum for you again. With my last orgasm out of the way, you gave one last push and came inside my ass.

You rolled to your back, gasping for breath. “We can’t do this again, Raylin.” I smiled down at him as I took his cock in my hand.
“I won’t tell if you don’t”.


Written By: Raylin
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The Perfect Package From FedEx

I have been so busy lately, and just not enough time for myself.  My house is finally empty after all the craziness of this year.

I was waiting for a special delivery with the perfect toy. It was almost 5 pm, and nothing yet. I decided to grab a drink, and sit in my spa tub for a bit. It was now 6 pm, and I was totally relaxed. Maybe a nap before my special toy gets here. 

I finally hear the FedEx truck pull up to my house. I left a note on my door for him to just put it inside my house. I fell asleep with my clothes a bit askew. I heard the door open, and he looked a bit surprised at the way he caught me. 

He smiled and handed me my package. I took his hand and we went to my bedroom. I opened the package, and pulled out a beautiful , big, glass butt plug. He undressed for me, and got on all fours. I spread his cheeks, and licked his tight, virgin asshole. My god, he tasted so good. I slowly pushed in the butt plug, watching his cock get bigger and bigger. I always need my first fuck of the night fast, rough, and deep. Trust me, he had the perfect package for my needs. 


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Sticky, Wet Panties


You have been playing in my dirty panties again. I wonder what you do with them? I used to think that you licked, smelled, and rubbed them on your cock. I noticed something yesterday, which really made me begin to wonder. Just what you do in my room and laying on my bed?

I devised a plan to see. I asked you if you could feed my kitty because I was going to be gone all day. Yes, the entire day! Giggles. I knew as soon as I left you would do whatever it is you do in my pretty, pink bedroom. I expected to see you with your big cock out and licking my yummy panties. But, wait?  You are trying them on. Oh no! I am afraid you will stretch them out!

Then you found a matching bra. You slowly put in on and rubbed your nipples. Then you slapped your ass and began to dance around my room. Just what am I seeing?

  Not my toys! You opened my closet and found my toy box. You started sucking on my vibe. Oh no, this is just way too much! I opened the door, barging in on you. I bet you wonder what this naughty little girl did next?


Written By: Baby Bethany
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In Need Of a Stiff Cock

My job requires me to travel quite a bit. Sometimes, too much. They’re times I would like nothing more than my big bed, and a tall, muscular, hot sex toy. 

I arrived late and my hotel was very quiet. I waited for service much longer than it should have been. Finally, a sexy gentleman shows up. He is hot and he is making apologies. He explains room service is closed but he could find me a snack if I would like. I tell him I am fine and I decline him helping me with my luggage.

I got undressed and ran the bath. A bubble bath sounds lovely. I hear a knock on my door and was told it was room service. Almost annoyed, I open the door. He has a bottle of chilled Dom and some light snacks.

I invite him in for a glass or two. Once we get comfy, I ask him for a favor. I tell him that I travel a lot and at times require an escort. He smiled and said he does that for travelers, but they’re still shut down. He sees the look on my face, so disappointed. He suggests he be my date for the night.

I am extremely sexual and know just what I want and need.  I give him the agreed fee and a bit more. He is confused because I am tipping before we even begin. I tell him to slowly undress for me as I watch. After getting a look at his sexy body, I give him another “tip”.

Do you wonder what it was I wanted to do, and with this man that made me tip him two thousand? I would love to relive that night. Join me?


Written By: Valentina
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