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Helping Out Around the Farm

I have a caller that has the BEST fantasy for us to play out. He’s the owner of a farm and has a prized stud that he needs my help in taking care of. He hires me to come over and make sure that he has everything that he needs. Everything!

He and his partners bring him out of his stall for me to pet and love on. They know what a farm slut I am and that I’ll do an amazing job making him happy.

As they watch me use my mouth and body on him, they can’t resist taking out their hard cocks. Once I’ve satisfied the beautiful stud, I have to satisfy them. They don’t care that my body has been used and my pussy is gaping open. They can’t wait to take their turn and shove their dicks in balls deep.

It’s the best fantasy for a little farm slut like me!



Written By: Ashton
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Summer Memories

When I was a teenager, I lived next door to a really fun couple. They also had a huge pool and told me that I was more than welcome to use it anytime that I wanted.

Late one night, I saw that they seemed to be out for the night. It was after midnight and they still hadn’t come home, so I decided to take advantage and do a little skinny dipping. I had just gotten in and swam a few laps when I saw the lights come on in the house. I sunk into the water a bit and hid from their view. It wouldn’t have mattered though. I could see inside and they were absolutely devouring each other. I knew that I shouldn’t watch, but I couldn’t look away.

He had her pressed against the wall and was on his knees eating her pussy like he was starving. I could see her legs shaking and she was screaming and trying to push him away. He got off his knees, but forced her on hers. I watched his ass clench as he pumped his cock down her throat.

My fingers went to my pussy and slid inside. It was just too much to resist. He bent her over the couch and had a perfect view of his long cock sliding in and out. They were both screaming now. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming myself. I saw his body shiver and knew that he was cumming inside of her. I let myself sink under the water so that I could let out my orgasm.

I came back up and the house was dark again. I quickly got out and made my way home. I looked up and saw him watching me from the bedroom window. He gave me a little wave and I gave one back. I had a feeling that I would be seeing a different side of this couple from now on… and I was right.


 Written By: Ginger
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Jizz Junkie Phone Sex

I was the bratty teen that wouldn’t give you a second look in school.  I was a freshman and you a senior. No matter how hard you tried, you just weren’t my type. I hung with the stoners and older guys with cars.

I run into you having coffee with your dad. Your dad is so fucking sexy! You ask me out on a date. I suggest we have dinner at your home and to break the ice ask if your dad would join us. I wonder if he knows I am staring at his crotch? 

I get to your house for dinner and you’re busy in the kitchen. Your dad offers me a drink and I suddenly get dizzy. No, my drink wasn’t spiked. I just wanted to get daddy to take me home so we could be alone.

On the way to my house, I put my hand on his legs. Oh, strong leg muscles. I love that. I tell him I am dizzy again and ask him to pull over. He is getting suspicious of my motives, but just can’t resist my cuteness. I whisper something dirty in his ear. I feel his sexy cock twitch. I begin to give him a blow job, but he tries to stop me. I threaten to scream. He should know I always get what I want. I want his jizz batter.

I lie and tell him I am on birth control.  I slide my wet teen pussy onto his hard cock and begin riding him. Just when he is about to drain his balls in my fertile pussy, I whisper in his ear that I want his baby. 


Written By: AJ
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Losing Your Mind

 Ice Cream shops closed, zoos closed, parks closed, and schools closed.  A man like you needs to have options, and with quarantine you have none. Such a pity isn’t it?  I know that for people like you planning is half of the fun. I’ve been planning for weeks all the deviant things I will do when finally free! So Perv, let’s plan.

I wonder what she will look like, her age, and most of all the nasty, twisted things we’ll do to her or them? I know when this is finally over, you’ll go on a bit of a spree. Of course, a depraved spree needs lots of fucking planning. 

Maybe you don’t even need to leave your home. She is right there with you looking so sweet, and innocent. Sort of hot, isn’t it perv?

How about a little twist on our fun? I have a little friend here with me, she is just so fucking cute. You tell me all the things you want me to do to her. You know you’ve been dying to try and take the lead.  



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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My Little Faggot

I have a caller that goes by Little Eddie and he is such a cock sucking little faggot! He doesn’t mind me saying it because he knows that it’s 100% true and he’ll be the first one to tell you that! Once a queer, always a queer.

He’s been sucking dick and guzzling cum since he was young and has loved it ever since. He calls me his Queen and will do anything I tell him to do. I told him that after I had him clean my house from top to bottom, I would bring my girlfriends over so we can watch him take care of all the random guys we find for him to suck off. I’m sure his teeny tiny clit was throbbing just thinking about having all those hard pricks  to get off.

Little Eddie is a glutton for punishment though. He can’t help but talk back and loves having the men beat the hell out of him and then piss all over him when they’re done using him. He just loves being used. That’s the best part about Eddie. He knows exactly what he is and never minds showing it!


Written By: Raylin
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Guess What I Am Hunting For This Easter

  No hunting for Easter eggs this year, but I know just what I want to hunt for! We still have a house full because no one can go home. Lucky for this horny little bunny, it’s mostly men.

I was teasing all my brother’s friends and asking who had the biggest dick? A girl needs to know such important facts. I was on my knees telling them to all whip it out when I heard my Uncle’s voice. He is sort of sexy in a rough carny worker sort of way. He made all the boys go upstairs and told me we needed to have a talk.  

He is sort of intimidating, but to me that’s super HOT!!  He was talking but I was so busy staring at his huge bulge that all I really heard was”Delaney”  and then just odd sounds. Why would I be listening when a huge cock was right beside me? I explained to him how bored I was, and how horny I was. Before I could finish, he was pulling up my skirt. I tried to act like this wasn’t going to happen but then there was the huge cock, sexy Uncle, horny me thing. You can’t blame a girl.

Phone sex Uncle grabbed me by my bunny ears and pushed me on to my knees. All I could do was stare at the big bulge. I unzipped him and began sucking his big cock. My pussy was gushing. Then I heard another voice. It was phone sex Daddy asking what the hell we were doing? I can handle this situation. The more the merrier!

Happy Easter From Your Naughty Little Bunny


Written By: Delaney
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Substitute Teacher Tiffany

  I am a substitute teacher and I really miss all my hot, young students. Plus, now no one will have their graduation party, which totally sucks!

I came up with a great idea for them. Why not have a graduation party at my condo? I am all about breaking the rules and being bad. I called my students and invited them all over for some fun. We all need fun in these strange times. 

We all were having a fun time. Drinks were flowing, people were dancing, kissing and getting let’s just say comfy! A few of them were shy, so I decided a game of strip poker was just the thing to loosen everyone up. A great excuse for me to see all those hot, young bodies. It seems most of them are excellent at poker, and more of my clothes were off than anyone’s. The boys were beginning to struggle with paying attention to their cards. Can you blame them?

Do want me to be your naughty teacher? Give me a call, and Miss Tiffany will teach you all you need to know.


Written By:  Tiffany
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Teasing The Fuck Out Of Truckers      A fuck buddy of mine and I were on a long trip. We were on the way home and very tired. He was falling asleep so I needed to perk him up a bit. What better fun than to tease him and the truckers on the road!

I started slow by lifting up my skirt and removing my panties. The windows were rolled down and the cool air felt so good on my hot pussy. I was horny the whole ride home, and my friend needed to attempt to keep his eyes on the road. I suggested  giving him a blow job or pull over, but he wanted to keep driving without interruption. 

We were in the middle lane and had an 18 wheeler on each side of us. I pulled my top down and showed them my perfect Milf tits. They opened their windows and asked us to stop and have some fun. I was so into that but my boyfriend said we had to keep driving. I leaned way back in my seat and began to suck my hard nipples while I fingered my hot cunt. I really wanted to stop, but he needed to get home to his wife. 

He finally couldn’t take it any longer and pushed my hungry mouth down on his cock. The truckers slowed down to watch and they sent us on our way with three loud blasts of their horns.


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Afternoon Delight With Sexy Skylar

There is a sexy, older gentleman who lives in a beautiful house next to my apartment building. I met him at the local gym. The manager of the gym knows that as a college girl, I am always looking to make extra money. She knew that this man was recently divorced and needed someone to help with household chores. After she introduced us, I met him at his house for coffee one Saturday morning.

Our personalities clicked right away. We finished each other sentences. My neighbor offered me the job as his house cleaner and gave me a key to his house. He understood that my schedule was chaotic, but I would clean his place one afternoon a week while he was at the office. I have been his house cleaner since the first of the year, and it has been an excellent arrangement for us.

His office has him working at home until further notice, and my research project is on hold at the university. I have been cleaning his house twice a week since I have more time and he has more time at home to make a mess. Now, I am cleaning when he is at home. I noticed that on days when I wore tight, sexy tops,he gives me a big tip. 

Last Friday, I was feeling horny and wore a very sexy top and tight white shorts to seduce him. He couldn’t take his eyes off me while I was cleaning his kitchen and dusting the bookshelves. I was very flirty and rubbed his shoulders while he sat at his desk. Then I whispered in his ear, asking if there was something special that I could do for him in his bedroom. He admitted that he had wanted to get me alone in his bedroom since he met me. He didn’t think I would go for an older guy like him.

I talked a little dirty to him and confessed that my wet pussy craved his hard cock! He loves my big tits and pretty blue eyes. My mouth eagerly sucks his cock, and we make each other cum. He is use to older ladies, and my sexy body and kinky mind are refreshing. I am a free-spirit, and I like sex a little kinky but playful. He finds me tight and loves that I am horny and wet all the time. 

How about you? Are you working for home and in need of a hot blonde for some kinky and playful phone sex?


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Hard To Find Private Time

 I live in a house with 5 brothers, some are older and some younger. I guess my parents didn’t believe in birth control.  Having all my brothers home at once can be sort of challenging. It’s bad enough to have them all bothering me, and it seems our house is the place to hang out with everything in my city shut down. All their annoying friends have been here since Monday. My older brother Sam has been bitching nonstop about missing fucking his girlfriend. He is sort of cute, in a rough boy sort of way. But, there is no way I am going to fuck my phone sex brothers and their stinky friends.

I finally had time and lots of hot water to take a long, hot shower.  I am not seeing my boyfriend either, and I am so fucking horny. I locked the door, jumped into the shower, and began to take care of my aching pussy. I was feeling so good, and had already came a few times. The water was cooling off, so it was time to get out. Then I saw it. My brothers and all their friends were in the bathroom watching me. The little fuckers!

I was so mad that it was all about getting even with them. I told his cutest jock friend to take out his cock. My plan was to totally humiliate him over what I assumed was a tiny little weeny. Holy hell, it sure wasn’t. I could feel my teen pussy aching again. I locked eyes with my jealous brother, while I gave his friend the hottest titty fuck. Then one by one I took them all on, except my annoying, horny, stinky older brother.


Written By: Delaney
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