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Age: 19

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'2

Weight: 108

Measurements: 34C-22-34

Pussy: Always smooth and extra tight!

Ass: Round and fuckable

Favorite Positions: From behind, On top, Anal and missionary

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a car going through a car wash!

Hobbies: Writing in my journal, music, blogging and hanging with close friends.

Specialities: Daddy's girl, Family Fun, Age play, any role play, submissive slut, feminization and strap on play.


You can relax now, your favorite barely legal teen is here. My name is Delaney and I am 19 years old. From a glance I might look cute and innocent but once you get to know me that innocence gets thrown right out the window.

I guess it all started back when I was 8 years old. I would come home from school and catch my dad watching really hardcore porn movies. I would peek into his room and he would glace over at me. He didn’t mind one bit that I was watching him stroke his hard cock. In fact, I look back on that now and he must of got off on that. He had Hustler magazines all over the house. My friends came over all the time and wanted to look at all of my dad’s dirty magazines. When I had sleep overs my dad would hang around a lot. He offered to all my girlfriends back massages. We had a nice big Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. My dad would get the water going and he would want all of us to go in there naked. Years later I found I found a peep hole from his bedroom to look inside the bathroom. He must of been jerking his cock off while all my girlfriends and I were in the Jacuzzi.

I grew up with my dad walking around naked a lot. He walked around naked sometimes even if I had friends over. He would help me get dressed and always complemented my body and always made me feel important. He took on all the responsibilities because my mom wasn’t around. When I turned 13 I got my period and dad was right there to help me with tampons. He even put one inside me and showed me how to use them.

I use to see a lot of women coming in and out of our house while I was growing up. Young or old it didn’t really matter to him but I did see a lot of younger girls than older. In fact, one day I came home from school and my good friend Jennifer was in my dad’s room. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. I guess she had a really good orgasm.

From my dad being a sex addict and growing up in that environment, I turned out the way I did today because of that. I have done a lot of things with men. Typically, I am more drawn to older men and I think it’s because of living with my father for all those years. I will do anything and I am not afraid of trying something if I haven’t already done it.

I really want you to enjoy every inch of my tender body. I am at the perfect age for fucking. My pink pussy is extra tight and always juicy wet. I have really big nipples that stick really far out when I get turned on. I love to be man handled and told what to do. You can set the limits and I will go as far as you want me to go.

If you’re ready for a sexy, hot, teen like me, then I think it’s about time you dialed my digits. I will be right here waiting for you. Call me and let me prove to you that I am the best fuck of your life!

Deep Kisses,

Call 1.888.566.2337
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