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Snooping Babysitter Paris

I’ve been having a lot of fun babysitting this one family. They live in a huge house! It only took a few times before I explored the parents bedroom. I was shocked when I went into the women’s walk-in closet. She had 2 huge rows of lingerie in every color imaginable. One wall of her closet was just shoes! It just so happens that her and I are almost the same size.

I accidentally discovered their hidden box of sex toys in the very back of the closet. Once I found that, I knew I had to have my boyfriend come over when the kids went to sleep.

When he showed up, I put on this beautiful form fitting black and pink corset, along with her silk panties. I picked a really hot pair of black heels, and I used her makeup vanity. It honestly took me a long time picking out the right outfit because there was so much to chose from.

My boyfriend got naked and put on a new $100 pair of Giorgio Armani boxers. I told him to bring out the box of sex toys while I went to their bar and poured us a glass of expensive wine.

We had so much kinky sex in the couples oversized king bed. It was really hot pretending we were rich, living in this amazing house.

Just as we were about ready for round 3, we heard the front door shut. Do you think we quickly got ready, or we just kept fucking? Call me and I will share all the naughty details.


Written By: Princess Paris
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Your Big Surprise hate when mommy goes out on a date because you love spending time with her. Mommy is packing some lingerie and you are old enough to know what that means. You wonder if she is meeting the man she met while we were out having lunch?

The babysitter arrives, and you aren’t very happy. You’re 14 and certainly old enough to stay by yourself. You were thinking of having a last minute party. There is this girl you like and you heard she is very slutty. Mommy is oblivious to your needs, so why should you listen to her when she tells you to behave. You’ll be in for a big surprise when you find out the babysitter isn’t there for the reasons you thought. Mommy decided it was time to make you a man. 


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Naughty Babysitter Chrissy

Tax season is a hectic time of year for you. I have been doing a lot of extra babysitting for your daughter. I bet that I have spent more time with her than you. She is a very tender age where she is becoming very curious about things.

After I picked her up from school the other day, while driving her home, she asked me what it was like to have boobs. I turned up the song that was playing and taught her some of the dirty lyrics.

I made her dinner, and we sat down at the table together. She asked me again about my boobs. I told her she could have ice cream if she stopped asking about them. The bratty girl, too smart for her own good, said that if she could see my tits, she would stop asking. I told her to go to her room and do her homework. You sent me a text informing me that it was going to be another late night. 

I helped her with her math homework and told her it was bedtime. She said she was not going to bed until I showed her my tits and let her touch them. She is such a tenacious creature!  I do what you always do. I gave in to her request. Once she was ready for bed, I took off my shirt and let her play with my tits. I confess, her touching them got me turned on. After she fell asleep, I went into your bedroom and fingered myself next to your sleeping daughter.

Well, I thought she was asleep, but her eyes popped open, and she saw me. She asked me to show her how to do that. I knew she would never go to sleep until I did. I taught her where to rub on her tiny clit and inside her pussy. After her first little orgasm, she drifted off to a peaceful sleep. I’m curious to know what other things I have taught her? 

. Written By: Chrissy
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My Favorite Guys

I have a little thing for pervy guys. I don’t just mean the usual pervy. I mean the guys that have a thing for the younger girls. I love my phone sex pedo daddies, uncles, neighbors… you name it. We can talk about any nasty thought you may have and you never have to worry about limits. I’m a no taboo kind of girl and the dirtier the better. I love when you call and spill your guts to me. I have a sexy young voice and I can make those young girl fantasies come true. My creative mind can work with any filthy daydreams you may find yourself having. Give those thoughts over to a true pedo queen and let’s cum together!





Written By: Raylin
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Daddy’s Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

Yes, I’m your sassy naughty little school girl that loves to fuck and suck. I started having sex at a very young age and take what I want when I want. I’m your bratty teen, or your sweet, shy virgin babysitter that loves to come over after school and play. I love teasing and taunting men and making their cocks swell until they can’t take it anymore.

When I was younger, daddy lost a poker bet and I had to pay for him and pleasure all his friends. So I have been trained at a very young age what men want and need and I’m ready to be your naughty little school girl and please you.

Looking for that slut that wants to edge you and milk all the cum out of your balls everyday? I’m that girl for you.


Written By: Brittany
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Feast On Me For The Holidays

Babysitting this time of year is so fun. I always get the best gifts from some of the families. Some of the phone sex daddies really give me a holiday bonus.

I went over to my favorite family to sit for a few hours while the Mrs. finished up some shopping. When I arrived, I was surprised to find that my favorite daddy was home and did not go shopping nor were any kids home. He must have set this up so we could spend some time alone before Christmas, I was so excited.

I followed him to his bed. I instructed him to lay down while I moved on top of him so he could taste me. In no time, he was licking my pussy. My body was moving back and forth grinding down even harder so he could get his tongue deep in me. I was telling him to suck my pussy harder. It only took a few more minutes and my whole body began to shake as I moaned, and my juices ran down his face. I wanted to be sure I gave him an early gift. I can’t wait to get my Christmas pounding from my phone sex daddy.


Written By: Emma
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Looking For a Babysitter?


I love to dress in tight little outfits and come prancing around you, making your dick twitch in your pants.

When the wife is out of town and you come home early from your poker party and catch me laying on the couch watching naughty movies touching myself. You know you want to get on your knees and taste my hot, wet, bald  pussy. I love being the teasing little baby sitter that drives your cock crazy. Bending me over and arching my sweet little butt in the air and giving me your married cock inch by inch. Thrusting deep inside my tight, little pussy hole with your hands on my waist pumping me hard as I beg for your cum.

Call your naughty little babysitter Kendall, and I promise to deliver everything your wife cannot and more!


Written By: Kendall
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Your Naughty Babysitter

I’ve been babysitting for years and I’ve fucked my share of daddy’s, older brothers and uncles. That’s really the best part of it. Babysitting isn’t exactly a get rich quick kind of job, so all the sex really sweetens the pot.

I thought I had been in every scenario possible until one night, the single mother I was babysitting for stuck her hand down my panties. She might have been a little drunk, but I loved the way her fingers felt against my pussy. She led me to her bedroom and showed me her toy collection. There were dildos of every shape and size and looked me up and down and decided I could handle her biggest one. She took her time getting me ready for it too. The things that her tongue, mouth and fingers did to my pussy made me squirt over and over. My legs were shaking when she finally mounted me. As big as the dildo was, it slid right in because I was so fucking wet. She fucked me hard all night and I didn’t even realize that I had fallen asleep.

When I woke up, she told me that the kids were going over to stay with their dad for the night and she wanted to book me again.



Written By: Raylin
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Young Voice for Young Fantasies

I’ve always attracted a certain type a male and if you’re visiting my profile, then you know EXACTLY the type of men that enjoys my services. The ones that have a taste for the younger kind. The best thing about me is my voice. It’s nice and young and helps me to bring any of your fantasies to life. I like to go above and beyond for all of my naughty phone sex pedos. Any age, any scenario, any fantasy. It’s all super sexy to me. My voice will take you away and make you believe that you’re with the little princess of your choice. If you haven’t tried a little taboo role play yet, you should take a walk on the dirty side and talk to a girl that knows how to give you exactly what you want.



Written By: Raylin
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Your Favorite Big Titty Babysitter

It’s Friday night and you’re in desperate need of a babysitter. When scrolling through your contacts on your phone, your finger always stops on my name/number. I happen to be your first choice even though there is many other girls that are much cheaper. You get excited at the anticipation of calling me before you even hear my cute voice on the other end.

I know exactly why I am your favorite babysitter. I have big, natural tits and when I show up at your house, I wear a very low cut shirt to show them off. Now, your wife disapproves of me. She thinks I dress to sluty and I am not very good with the kids. We both know that she is insecure and jealous of my young, curvy body. She also knows when I am at your house and you two are out having dinner that you’re not really present. All you can think about is me in your house and what you want to do with me when you come home. You look across the table at her and you see her mouth moving but you’re not hearing her because all your mind is thinking about is fucking the shit of Carlee.

One thought you have is having your wife falling asleep and you bend me over the bed and fuck me from behind while my big tits are slapping your wife’s leg.

You desperately need your favorite big titty babysitter, don’t you? You know I can satisfy your aching cock way more than your wife ever could. We will call your backup babysitter to watch the kids while we drug your wife and then you and I can really start the fun.


Written By: Carlee
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