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Chase and JoJo

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 Our Stats

Age: JoJo 26 - Chase 28

Eyes: JoJo Brown - Chase Brown

Height: JoJo 5'3" - Chase 6'1"

Weight: JoJo 114 - Chase 198

Measurements: 34B-23-25

Pussy: Always waiting for Chase's big cock - Chases's Cock: 8 1/2 inches

Ass: Red from all the spankings! - Chase's Ass: Ready at any given moment!

Favorite Positions: We love using our sex swing, Any which way but loose!

Strangest Places I've had sex: We had sex on a golf course in St. Thomas

Hobbies: Volleyball, bowling, roller-blading, flea markets, street festivals, live music, ordering pizza (we oder pizza like 2 times a week, it has become a hobby, LOL), and sex in public

Specialities: Cuckolding, Orgies, Swinging, Threesomes, Role-playing, Age play, Family fun, Guided masturbation, Sex toys, Intense live fuck sessions, Mutual masturbation, Strap-on play, Domination, TS, Forced feminization, CBT, Body worship, Food play, Ass play, Rape, SCAT and much more!


Hey Guys,

I am JoJo and this is my super sexy boyfriend Chase. We are the cute little couple who just adore public displays of affection. We are very naughty and we don’t care who sees it. If you love to listen to live fucking then we are the couple for you. There is nothing we will not do and yes we do take requests. The web cam isn’t available at this time, but we will make sure you feel like your right in the room and part of our freaky fuck session. It will feel so real you might even smell the fuck scent in the room.

One of our favorite spots to turn on guys is the grocery store. I always grab his dick as we walk up and down the aisle. He likes to slip his hands under my skirt and get a taste of me all over his fingers. Chase says I am finger licking good in all the right spots. We actually fucked late one night in the sporting good department of our local department store. It was almost closing and the aisles we empty so I backed my ass up on that dick and let him drive me home. We did get caught, but a blow job to the security guy got us out of that trouble.

We will take any requests and we have lots of toys to play with. I even bought a 8 inch strap on just in case someone wants me to fuck Chase and make him my little bitch. I will even make him gag on it for you. There is nothing we will not do. I love when the freaky stuff turns you on. I like it in my ass, but I scream to turn Chase on. He gets so excited when he hurts my tight little asshole with his huge cock. You can even send us outside and we can fuck on the lawn and maybe the mailman will catch us again. The last time he caught us the very next day he sprayed cum in our mailbox to teach us a lesson.

We really do it all and now you get the pleasure of listening to the moans and screams of a real life couple fucking each other the way you wish you were being fucked. We will ruin you for plain vanilla sex. Stroking will never be the same after you listen to your new horny friends. Our quiet Suburban street needs a little shaken up. Call us and cum join our party!

*As much as we love taking calls together, we also fly solo!

Chase and JoJo

Call 1.866.949.5816
for Phone Sex with
Chase and JoJo

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