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 My Stats

Age: 26 years old (yes, I know I look youngerJ, thank you for agreeing)

Eyes: Sapphire

Height: 5'6

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34C-22-35

Pussy: Bare and beautiful

Ass: The perfect place for your hands (and other body parts)

Favorite Positions: Your lap

Strangest Places I've had sex: Taxi in Vegas, made it difficult for Mohamed to drive!

Hobbies: Kickboxing ( hi-yah!)

Specialities: Taking my time, you will never feel rushed with me. My voice is soft and soothing, I will leave you completely breathless with pleasure!


Hey there guys and thank you for giving my page a look. My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. I’ve been doing phone sex for a while now, and I’ve learned a few things. I like this job a lot, and I particularly like getting to know my callers.

To start with, I’m 26 years old (yes, I know I look youngerJ, thank you for agreeing). I hail from the west coast where the weather is beautiful all the time, and so are the boob-jobs. I don’t have fake tits, which is a microcosm for who I am. I don’t need thousands of dollars of silicon inserted into me to earn the confidence of knowing I’m attractive. I’m not the girl who is prepared to make you feel like shit because your dick is small or scream at you to slam your balls in a door. I’m your girlfriend, the girl from high school you always wanted, the hottie neighbor a few doors down, the secretary. I can be your fantasy because I likely am your fantasy. My callers range from guys looking to jack off real hard, real fast to longer term relationships (I have several phone sex-boyfriends).

Kitty licks sweetheart,


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27 Responses to “Alex”

  • Alexandra, a beautiful name and a kick ass voice! You are smokin hot girl! I love the way you moan, I WILL be back for more.


  • Alex, what a great time! You just ooze sexiness. I can’t wait to talk again.

  • Alex what a beautiful woman body and soul. What a relaxing and great call. I love the way she gets to know you beyond just the sex. But that is great also.
    She is the hardest working gal for you on this site so give her a call. Plus, you will make a sweet friend and we all need more of those.

  • Alex,

    I really enjoyed meeting you and our time together tonight. You are warm and intelligent, making the experience more personal, more intimate than I would have imagined possible. I look forward to “seeing” you again soon.

  • Alex,

    Wow, what a great way to start off the day – and on Valentine’s Day no less! I know it was our first time together but it definitely won’t be our last!! Your warmth, charm, and sense of humor our matched only by your beauty – the perfect antidote to a crazy world. Thanks for being you and for starting my day off with a big smile!

    Your Austin Guy

  • thanks for the fun….all should give this one a try. sexy voice who knows what you want.

  • What an outstanding and kind young lady!
    She is generous in so many nasty ways!

  • Thanks for an awesome time. The first call you were great and fun to talk to as well as unbelievably sexy. I was extremely satisfied. Alex got to know me before we got into it. Such a sweet and sexy voice with a naughty mind to match.

  • Alex, wow! what can I say, she blew me away on our first call and the second was even better. I actually thought she was there with me. An unbelievable voice and body. Her roleplaying ability is top notch. Can’t wait to talk to her again and soon.

  • She has such a sweet voice and personality. She’s caring and understanding and if you want hot romantic lovemaking she is the one to call….Her voice is captivating and she is very personable.

  • I found Alex to be easy to talk with, given that she is very sweet, and personable with a sensual voice and a slight southern accent. She seemed like a genuinely nice girl with a naughty side. I look forward to calling her again soon.

  • Alex has a sweet young voice. But don’t let that fool you. She could kick your ass with her karate skills! We did a nice roleplay where she very sweetly showed me just who the weaker sex is!

    Seriously, she’s hot! Check her out!

  • Guys, it is worth your time to make a call with Alex. She is the sweetest and most caring gal you will find to fulfill your needs. She cares about every one of her callers and is a great listener. She can get real naughty and push your limits and make you feel like king of the world.

    Alex is a gorgeous sexy woman that is extremely fun to talk to. But most of all she is a kind soul who can make anyone feel better. Thanks Alex!

  • Extremely hot and sexy. She stays right there with you and knows exactly what to say. Seriously hot! Thank you Alex!

  • What a women, she knows just how to make you want to keep calling back, she always leaves you wanting more. Will call back soon

  • damn you look so hot!!! i am thinking about calling you in the morning!!! how do i get my free sample min’s?

  • you look great! does this comment get me my three free minutes of cruel cuckoldry? i hope so mistress…

  • I love our calls, i call her to talk about anything or everything. What a sweet sexy southern voice. alex is number one

  • alex your so sweet, that sweet southern yet sexy voice is unbeatable. You are so fun to talk to, there are times we talk and never even get to the business at hand and i dont mind, your my friend as well as my little piece of fun lol. fellas dont call her unless you want to be addicted to her cause one call and thats all it takes, love ya sweetie. Barry

  • B here, you and chloe were alsome. i really love my frst 2 girl call. explosive rrrrrrrr. you are always th best

  • Calls with you are hot. That’s why I keep adding time during the call. Thanks so much.

  • when are you available lover?

  • You have such a sweet voice and a body that doesn’t quit… you’re sooo good

  • Alex, For our first time together and your first time with a hair fetish,well you were just unbelievable.More then I ever could have asked for and way more then I expected.Thank you

  • Oh My Alex is super hot !! Sexy voice for a real sexy lady. One of the best calls you will ever make !!

  • Another awesome call with Alex. Alex is very hot and her voice !!! Never had a better call with anyone else. Alex is in a class by herself !!

  • Alex is such a great woman. I am not ashamed to say I am totally addicted to Alex!!!

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