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 My Stats

Age: 44

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 124

Measurements: 34DD-26-36

Pussy: Sweet pink lips, perfect for a long deep kiss!

Ass: Full, juicy with a sweet, tight little rosebud.

Favorite Positions: On my knees!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Mountain goat enclosure at the Zoo!

Hobbies: Comedy clubs, wine tours, roller coasters,anything involving the water or the outdoors!

Specialities: Hypnosis, MILF, Mommy Role Play, Adult Babies, CBT, AB/DF, Sensual Dom,Ass/Foot/Breast Worship, Cuckold, Sissy/Panty Boys, Strap On Play and Role Play Of Any Kind.


Hello Handsome! You followed me here, didn’t you? Not that I blame you. After all, I am the hottest woman on the site. I’m 44 years old and living the single life. I have a body like a goddess and even better, a killer personality. I I manage this site and all the other sister sites as well. Some of you stallions might know me already and those who don’t, are going to what to know me.

Why don’t you cum on in and relax. Let Miss Savannah rub every ounce of stress from your masculine body. Can’t you just feel it now? My hands, my lips, my huge beautiful breasts, my long silken legs wrapped around you in an erotic embrace. It’s just what the doctor ordered!

Delve fearlessly into the shrouded depths of your mind and tell me what really gets you to the point of no return. Do you desire an intelligent woman with a mind that can engage
you in conversation? How about a sizzling hot body that ignites the passions of your soul?

An Imagination that is both provocative and intriguing, what some may call “twisted”. I prefer to think of it as “open”. I have no restrictions or taboos. I absolutely love getting to know you and building relationships. I am at your disposal 24/7 to fulfill every tasteless, wicked fantasy you care to dream up!

If you need helping the perfect girl to suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to call me. If you have any questions about our sites or services please drop me a line. It would be my pleasure to assist you! Always remember Savannah TRULY fulfills your every need!!!

Sizzling Savannah

Call 1.866.905.2856
for Phone Sex with

11 Responses to “Savannah”

  • If a sensual seductress is what you are looking for…this is the one, guys! This hot MILF is the only Mommie, teacher, naughty neighbor you will ever want to call again! Sexy sultry voice, torturously explicit in her descriptions!!!MY GOD WOMAN!! she will completely drain your dick!

  • Savannah, I cannot stop thinking about you. Your voice, the images you inspire….your sweet suggestions haunt me in the night…Every fantasy pales incomparison to the true satisfaction you have brought to me. I am forever yours!!!

  • Savannah is going to suck your dick off your going to cum back for mooorrreee.

  • Savannah, you are truly twisted:).
    We devoured every inch of luscious tempting body of yours.
    Pablo will be calling for more in the future.

    BTW; And the small talk we did at the end was very interesting.

  • Savannah,

    We did my first call today, January 7, and I was left breathless. Your velvety smooth voice seduced me from the start. Then once I was under your spell, you let me experience so much during our encounter. Not only did you leave me breathless, but wanting more. There are so many adjectives that could describe you, but they would all be inadequate. You are a goddess and I am happy to be your newest worshipper.

    Sensuously yours,

  • There is no woman hotter ar sexier than Savannah. A sexy voice and a naughty mind. She is AWESOME!

  • Ooooh, Tommy….such things you say! 😉 Its YOUR sexy voice that just sends me into orbit!!XOX

  • Savannah is a truly amazing woman. She has a naughty mind and the voice of an angel. Always a pleasure. :}

  • Awesome call , Just had one of the greatest calls of all time . Savannah is awesome

  • Since you’re in charge of the website, I’m wondering when you will be updating the site now that the flash player is not working.
    I’ve used your website for years and have several favorite girls. But it’s hard to expand if I can’t see who I’m talking to.
    Thanks – Marc

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