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Sweet & Innocent Miley

I have to admit, I have a real sweet spot for older men. And, that sweet spot is the wet spot on my pretty little cotton panties. While the other girls around me are dressing like sluts, I know it’s the innocence that really gets the dirty daddies all hot and bothered. I see the way they look at me, and I know they’re thinking about how my perky little girl titties would look all naked and exposed.

I can see how they squirm when they catch a glimpse of my tight little bottom with my pretty pink bikini bottoms highlighting those soft girlish curves. I see all the horny daddies look at me while I innocently lick an ice cream cone, or enjoy a firm banana. For some reason, the sight of me wrapping my lips around something, and sucking translates into naughty things.

I know you want to do very naughty things to me. I may look sweet and innocent but trust me, I like to do very grown up things.


Written By: Miley
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I Was So horny!

        I had to run by my school to get some work I needed to finish up before we graduate. It was so strange seeing my school so empty. I went into my class to grab some books and saw Mr. Jacobs was sitting at his desk looking sad. He had posted work of students from months ago. It made me feel really bad for him because he was always the coolest teacher. I guess he misses us.

       I sat down and began chatting with him. He is so fucking sexy that it was hard making eye contact and not just looking at his sexy body. When he asked me how I was doing, I explained that I missed my boyfriends so much. I blurted out that I was horny as fuck too.

He sort of laughed, but I could tell he was feeling it too. His eyes were roaming all over my tight, teen body. I decided that this could be the perfect plan. I would fuck Mr. Jacobs. I would get that hard fuck I needed and he would be so excited I wouldn’t have to do any more homework.

I slowly stripped off most of my clothes and began giving him a hot and sloppy blowjob. I can’t remember the last time I was so horny. I jumped up on his desk and told him to fuck the shit out of me. I know you’d love to hear more, so give me a call!


Written By: Delaney
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Let AJ Help

I was getting ready for ballet when I got a text from my bestie’s daddy. I was so fucking excited! He is so hot and all my friends would be so jealous that I was fucking him. I wasn’t exactly fucking him. Not yet, anyway! He texted me because Jillian was late getting home and he was worried.

I ran right over to help him, or help myself to him! This was super important, so without finishing dressing, I tossed on my coat and went right over.

When I got there, he was in his office doing some work. He told me to take off my coat and to sit down. I took off my coat and sat down like I was told. It wasn’t my fault I had on no clothes. He texted and I ran in a hurry. He looked me up and down and told me to lock his office door.

We started kissing, my hands were all over him, and then I said it. I told him I know he wants another baby and I am just the girl. “Please knock me up, Mr. J”, I said.

We sort of forgot about Jillian. We were in the middle of me giving him a wet, hot blowie when she walked right in on us. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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Guess What I Am Hunting For This Easter

  No hunting for Easter eggs this year, but I know just what I want to hunt for! We still have a house full because no one can go home. Lucky for this horny little bunny, it’s mostly men.

I was teasing all my brother’s friends and asking who had the biggest dick? A girl needs to know such important facts. I was on my knees telling them to all whip it out when I heard my Uncle’s voice. He is sort of sexy in a rough carny worker sort of way. He made all the boys go upstairs and told me we needed to have a talk.  

He is sort of intimidating, but to me that’s super HOT!!  He was talking but I was so busy staring at his huge bulge that all I really heard was”Delaney”  and then just odd sounds. Why would I be listening when a huge cock was right beside me? I explained to him how bored I was, and how horny I was. Before I could finish, he was pulling up my skirt. I tried to act like this wasn’t going to happen but then there was the huge cock, sexy Uncle, horny me thing. You can’t blame a girl.

Phone sex Uncle grabbed me by my bunny ears and pushed me on to my knees. All I could do was stare at the big bulge. I unzipped him and began sucking his big cock. My pussy was gushing. Then I heard another voice. It was phone sex Daddy asking what the hell we were doing? I can handle this situation. The more the merrier!

Happy Easter From Your Naughty Little Bunny


Written By: Delaney
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Waiting and Scheming

Oh hey, I see you are home a little bit early from work. Don’t mind me, I just wanted to get comfy in your bed. After fully examining your sheets, it seems like this bed isn’t getting any action! “Giggles.”

Not to worry Mr. hottie neighbor, because I plan to fix that problem. I mean I already did twice! You might think you should turn me down, make me get dressed and leave. The thing is Daddy, I don’t want to leave. 

The other thing is you don’t REALLY want me to dress my sweet, tender, horny little teen body and then leave. You can fuck my little brains out, and I will lick clean all the evidence. You don’t even need to wrap that sucker, because I want, need and crave all your thick, slippery, yummy jizz.

Now that we have all that settled, cum fuck me on your bed. Put her fancy silk pillow case under my adorable teen ass, and lets both cum all over it! If fucking me isn’t enough, not to worry Mr.  neighbor, I will text some of my friends to join us.

                                                                                           Bratty Teen AJ 


Written By: AJ
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Family Fun Role Play

  I am in the mood today for a very naughty family fun role play. I have so many dirty ideas, but I would love to hear what my callers think. The dirtier and taboo the better! I can be any age you want for our fantasy call. 

I was thinking that I could be your little girl who can’t keep her hands of her hairy little pussy when she hears mommy and daddy fucking. The sounds mommy makes seems like she is really having a good time. I can sure understand why! Daddy has such a big cock. All my friends ask about him. Tonight is the night I can finally climb into bed and join them. 

Mommy takes me into the bathroom to make sure I am ready. She makes sure I haven’t trimmed my big, beautiful bush. She then gives me an enema, because daddy wants to fuck my cute little ass. I can hear daddy’s porn in the bedroom. I bet our threesome will be better than any porn.

I hope this excites you as much as it does me. Cum join me and I know it will be better than the porn you’re watching.

Love and kisses, Emily


Written By: Emily
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Pop My Cherry


Have you ever tasted such a hot, wet young pussy like mine? I see the way you look at me when I am staying over for a sleep party. You find every excuse to check on us. I think you are trying to catch us doing sexy things with each other. You bring us pizza, drinks, and you even try to stay and watch Netflix with us.

You know what daddy? This is your lucky day! I have been thinking about getting my cherry popped by an other experienced man that I can call daddy? I mean what girl wants her first time fucking to be with a young, boring inexperienced guy when I can have a daddy. I am waiting daddy! I can be your everything.


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Fucking a Much Older Man

Sometimes a girl just needs some extra cash. The best part is when earning the extra cash is hot, sexy and fun! I love my job as an escort and the men all request me because of my age.

My phone sex gramps lives with us and is always in my business. I guess he is just horny like all the men in my life. I was set up with a client who was staying at the Ritz downtown. I love that hotel, maybe he will let me spend the night after we have our date.

I knock on the door and a familiar voice tell me to come in. I can’t believe who I see sitting on the bed. It’s my Grandpa! I assumed he wanted to just talk me out of fucking horny men for money. Not that I would ever agree to that. I am having way too much fun.

After the initial shock of seeing him there, I began to notice how he was looking at my tight, teen body. I guess even a Grandpa gets horny. There is no way I am going to fuck him. That is just crazy. I loved my job and didn’t want to get let go. Maybe he would just pretend we fucked. No, he had other plans.

He was just in a hotel bathrobe and I could see his cock was hard. Oh no, I don’t want to look at his cock, no matter how big it is. It was becoming clear that he was not going to let this go. He was going to fuck me no matter what. 

I started to pretend I loved it so he would cum quickly for me. I whispered in his ear what a beautiful big cock he had and how much I needed to feel him shoot his huge cum load in me. I think he began to believe me, as he fucked me even harder. I was fucking my Grandpa. and I might have liked it. Of course, I will never tell. 


Written By: Delaney
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Fuck, Shit, Cunt of a Motherfucker

I have the most fun callers a girl could hope to have! I love all the fantasies they come up with for us. Last week was no different. I was asked to be a girl with a very dirty mouth and mind. When he suggested it, I knew it would be so much fun.

Teacher called me after school to talk about my naughty, dirty, little mouth. Well I don’t know what your mother fucking problem is, Mr. Jackoff? Please don’t fucking tell my mom because she is one big, fat, annoying bitch of a fucking cunt, I said to him. I could see he was trying to hold back a giggle. Of course, that got me going even more. “Listen asshole shit face If you make me stay in fucking detention my dick of a brother will kick you in your big, hairy cum filled balls. 

Mr. Fuckhead asked me if I knew what any of those words mean. Well, fuck I am not a baby or anything. Of course, I knew. Somehow all my dirty words turned teacher on. What the mother fuck? He was sporting a huge, fucking boner. OMFG!!! I then decided it was time to show him what I think all those dirty words mean.



Written By: AJ
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Home Alone

Mommy went away for the weekend with her new boyfriend. It’s the first time that I have the house to myself. 

On Friday, I hurry home from school because I know that a UPS package is on the front porch waiting for me. I ordered a push-up bra from Victoria Secrets. I want to make my tits look as big as possible this weekend. 

I am such a teen brat! Knowing that my neighbor is not home, I pick up the UPS package and set it in front of his door. My hot older neighbor will assume that the delivery man made a mistake, hoping he brings it over to me. I was waiting and waiting for so long! It was driving me crazy, waiting for him to get home. 

Finally, I hear the doorbell ring.  I run to answer. The neighbor hands me the package and mumbles something, cursing out UPS. Wow, it looks like my neighbor has had a bad day! To catch his attention and change his mood from grumpy to playful, I jump up and down. I squeal and ask him if he can help me open my package. 

We go into the kitchen and he helps me open up the package. His facial expression changes when he notices the sender. I cannot tell if he is excited or nervous, maybe both. Once open, I pull out the sexy bra and panties. In a very seductive voice, I ask him if I can model my new lingerie for him. He nods. 

Well, I guess this will be a hot weekend with the naughty neighbor, but it will not be my first weekend home alone. He and I will fuck in every room of the house!  


Written By: Little Lucie
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