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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Height: 5'7

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34D-23-34

Pussy: Smooth like silk

Ass: Round, tight boo-tay

Favorite Positions: Reverse cowgirl, anal, doggy and sitting on your face.

Strangest Places I've had sex: Atlanta Airport

Hobbies: Shopping, horseback riding, kayaking, working out, photography and pleasing men!

Specialities: Role play, GFE, Domination, Age play, Family fun, MILF, Snuff, Scat, Panty boy, Voyeurism, Group sex, Gang bangs, Strap on play, Golden Showers, Femdom, Humiliation, Financial domination, Leather/latex fetish, Balloon fetish, Mommy, Adult baby, Hypnosis, Foot/leg worship, Smoking, Cuckold, Submissive slut, CBT and much more!


Well, well, well. What have we here? A naughty little boy, perhaps? Lexi loves finding new, naughty little fuck mates. Every man has a dirty little secret and it’s my job to find exactly what that might be. I will unveil every little fetish that ever entered your dirty warped mind.

Are you the type of guy who is addicted to the feeling of silky lingerie? Caressing every inch of your freshly shaven skin? I shall have you dripping lace from head to toe, intoxicated by my soft voice. You will submit to my every whim, being transformed into a panty boy, sissy or even my cock sucking slut!

Or, maybe you’re momma’s darling little boy? Craving mothers special brand of seduction and control. Looking for that special one on one playtime? I have just the thing for my special little boy, filled with toys and endless stories. Let mama nourish you and cradle you to sleep with my soft, velvety voice.

Perhaps, what you longing for is a wild vixen to indulge all your senses. Awakening the erotic hunger within. The one that will leave you addicted, dizzy and craving more. Surrender to the taste of my luscious kiss, are you willing?

Worship me. Pamper me. Shower me with the spoils that I so richly deserve. Succumb the decadence to my heavenly cream pie and my sugary gum-drop nipples. My body is a temple and waiting for you to cum worship me from head to toe.

I know your secrets. I know what you are. Dial your way to extraordinary sexual bliss.

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Call 1.866.924.5732
for Phone Sex with

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