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Fetishista Frankie

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 My Stats

Age: 26

Eyes: Pure Evil

Height: 5'9

Weight: 122

Measurements: 34DD-24-34

Pussy: A soft velvety divinity that you will never be allowed to have.

Ass: Perfect creamy, golden orbs that will be used to smother your pathetic whimpering ass into complete submission.

Favorite Positions: My 8 inch stilettos boots crushing your balls!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Privileged information, Pig. You will never be allowed access to my personal life.

Hobbies: Besides slave training, torture, domination, laughing while you cry, pointing out your short comings, drugging you up, dumbing you down and bitching you out? Hmmmm..Feeling sorry for your WIFE.

Specialities: BDSM, Blood sports, Mummification, Fisting,Collaring, Scat, Edge play, Pet training, Icing/prostate milking, Gates of hell, Enemas, Parachute torture, Body worship, CBT, Leather/latex and use of poppers


I’m Fetishista Frankie, your freaky Latex Goddess! Are you ready to get hard-core? First of all, I don’t accept just any old subbie Pigs! You must gain my approval. If you ever address me as anything other than Goddess, Mistress, or My Queen, I will be hanging up on your pathetic ass.You will approach me accordingly. Naked, crawling, and begging for my attention. Make no mistake Pig, you are my play thing. Placed on this earth solely for my pleasure and amusement. Your cock will begin to stiffen at the mere suggestion of being granted an audience with me. However, as brief as it may be, your desire is to exist only within that moment, to worship at my feet. Repeat after me, you’re pathetic, your my pet, your also my slave and will do anything for me! PLEBEIAN!

Your number #1 goal is this: To please me. I am a difficult and demanding Bitch, and this will be no easy task, I assure you. It will be one that will be richly rewarded should you succeed.

You might be allowed to touch yourself. Stroke your cock while becoming intoxicated at the sight of my divine form.You might even be allowed to cum. But never will you be allowed to experience the soft velvety perfection that is my pussy. You may look, but never touch. Smell, yet seldom taste. Your every reward will be a sweet surprise. Aren’t you eager to begin your new training? Thought so! Call me and let us begin.

Call 1.866.949.5818
for Phone Sex with
Fetishista Frankie

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