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Your Mom Is A Cunt

Your Mother is a stupid cunt who needs to be ended. You call me with your plan, but I need more. I can’t just straight out kill the fucking bitch. I need to do some extreme torture to get me going. 

I break into your house and drag you both into the basement. I wink at you and she is too terrified to even notice. I know she hates Asians and in her fear, she still manages to call me a Chink in her trembling voice. I make her dress in tight latex and she looks fucking ridiculous. I call her names, slap her, and grab her ugly tits. I pierce her nipples as she begs me to stop.

You’re wearing my panties and riding up and down on your dildo. I make the cunt watch you. She has spoiled herself and is now vomiting. What a useless pig she is. I shove dildos in both her holes. She screams in pain. I guess those holes hadn’t been used in ages.

I start up the chainsaw and begin cutting her limbs off. Fuck, there is a lot of blood. I am covered in it. Next comes her legs. I have to work fast now as I don’t want her to bleed out. She is losing so much blood and I see her eyes rolling back in her head. I finally show some mercy and make her suck on my gun for a bit. Then I blow her fucking head off.

Fuck, that was fun. Have a mom you can’t stand?  Let’s play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Pop, Pop, Crush And Trample

      malaya max   Are you wondering what is on my mind? You really don’t want to know unless you are as deviant and cruel as I am! Sometimes my sweet face and tiny body can be very deceiving…don’t be one of those loser assholes who make assumptions. What I am telling you might be true or it just might be something I concocted in my twisted yet so creative mind while high on opium.

I purchased several sweet little bunnies for my niece but my bitch cunt sister said she couldn’t have them. Now you tell me what in the fuck I am going to do with these cute little bunnies? I watched them run and play on my living room floor and then in a fleeting, then not so fucking fleeting moment it came to moi.

Yes, make a trampling porn, between me and the bloody, cruel act I was about to perform I would make a fortune. I know there are many sick fucks out there who get off to such cruelty. Me? Who the fuck cares as I am high, bored till my after hour plans and money is king. Most chicks would be shy, pensive and probably wuss out in the end but what the fuck would you expect from me?

First a little warming up, I took one of the bunnies and broke it’s neck and tossed it to my python Morticia . Mmmm, she was hungry. I toyed with the next one running my stiletto heel over his soft fur and then SMASH one bloody pulp and several more to go.

           Cruel Sick bitch  Malaya

Your Balls Versus My Stilettos

  I have been thinking about those big, hairy balls of yours. Some 3215-300x370might call them trophy balls but I call them cushions for my stilettos.  I had to laugh when you came over for our “date” and thought I had several pairs of boots out to decide what to wear out.

       Then you thought we were going to just fuck, sure yes that would fucking happen. My plans were to stomp, trample and destroy your balls with 4 different pairs of  boots. A bit different than your plans, hey loser.  

         Let’s be honest, you will take me anyway you can. The only way that is will be a kneeing, punching and trampling of those balls.  Your Pain, my pleasure.

                                Fetishista Frankie

Fuck Me, Then Fuck Off!

There are a few of the privileged that do get to fuck me, mostly dudes in bands or artists. Your average guy, it just isn’t going to happen. More than likely, you’re one of those that will only get one thing from me, and that is pain and lots of it. These stiletto boots are made for a lot more than dancing.

You can buy me a drink, but then get lost or get it tossed in your face. Yes, I am a dark and sexy bitch, so deal with it. Now, yes let’s get back to the subject at hand; all you will ever get to do is read or hear about it.

I was looking incredible and feeling pretty good on the drinks you bought me. The singer pulled me up on stage and I rubbed my hot ass against him while chicks and dudes watched in envy. Music was over and he grabbed my hand and took me to the band room, fuck room whatever. My creamy, silky pussy that you will never have was ready to unzip his leather pants and ride him.

Yeah, there was other bitches sucking dick but I just wanted to fuck. I rode him till I exploded and was done. I straightened my dress as he stared at me confused. What? It is all about me no matter how hot you are. So fuck off!

Fetish Frankie- The Bitch From Hell

Black and blue and fucked

I see you are at my club again waiting for a dance. I really do love maxing out all your credit cards and leaving you crying because you still didn’t get to climax. Shouldn’t you be home helping your wife give out candy to the little trick or treaters? I see, you expect a treat from me it being Halloween and all.

You know where the VIP room is so leave your wallet with the bouncer and meet me there. Let me frisk you to be sure you have held nothing back as tonight I am going to break you more than just financially. I do notice  that pesky cock is hard again. Strip and do it now if you want that treat.

Down on your knees and lick my beautiful cunt till I tell you to stop. How does my flogger feel on your balls? It hurts so good, yes?  I am done with your mouth so stay on your knees and spread your legs. You are a pathetic loser, aren’t you. I intend to kick your balls with my boot heels over and over again till those worthless hanging pieces of flesh fall off.  Everytime I kick I notify the desk to run your card again. By the time I am done busting your balls you will have no money, or balls.  Happy Halloween you fucking loser.

Ball Busting Brianna

Show Me You Are Worthy

You have been begging me for months for a date with me. First of all I don’t “DO ” dates.  Are you trying to bore me to death? The blue roses you left at my door died, the Sinner perfume you bought me, well I have 8 bottles already. You left me Hills absinthe, gross I get mine sent from France. The Hades boots were perfect, buy me a few more pairs. Okay, so much for what you can buy me to please or piss me the fuck off.  Time to get down to what I really want from you.

You will worship me as the Goddess I am. When I say “jump” you will ask how high, when I tell you to lick my boots, you will lick them. I don’t want to hear you whine about where my heel has just been, just do what the fuck I demand. If I tell you to cut your thigh for me to lick, you will do it. Are you starting to understand me now, Worm?  You are not a real man and will never be worthy of me, never. You twat face are about to taste the cum of someone who is worthy. Down on your pathetic knees, loser. Clean the cum out of my tight pale ass. Now, stick your tongue way in and scoop all his cum out. There you go you little maggot.  How do we taste? Now off to the hole you can out of and next time you will do a better job, if not that is your last change at serving me.

Are you man enough to please Goddess Ivy, or a cunt to trample under my boot heels?

Hardcore Domination

I understand your needs!  Sometimes you need it soft and sensual.  Sometimes you need it hard!  Sometimes you just need something that your wife or girlfriend cannot give you.  You need an intense hardcore domination session. Perhaps you need some cock and ball torture.  Set up a call, bring your toys and I will introduce you to few household items that can be used in unusual manner will hurt but achieve incredible results.  Maybe you need to be dressed in panties and fucked hard with my strap on.  I always fuck you hard. Turn you into my hot little slut.  Maybe it is more about release than sexual stimulation.  Maybe we need those balls tied up and explore some cbt! Always safe, but always intense, painful, exciting, and amazing.  Perhaps you will be brought to orgasm, perhaps you will be denied. Regardless, if you follow my instructions, you will achieve the release you crave.

Horror and Gore Phone Sex

Wow, that’s all I can say, is…Wow.  If some of you remember I wrote a blog explaining some of the darker type of things that I am into.

I should of posted that fucking thing ages ago.  Lemme tell ya’ll something. Some of you are seriously fucked up! lol I don’t mean that in a bad way, hell no!  I mean it in a “omg I hope it’s him again, every time the phone rings” kinda way.

I have had the most outrageous calls since I posted that blog.  I have LOVED every single one of them.  I get fucking giddy like a teen who has seen cock for the first time on the guy she is crushing on.  No lie, I get so excited that I cannot wait to run the info. so I can call the guy back ASAP.

So far I have been butchered, hung, cooked, suffocated, hung on meat hooks and sliced.  One call I got to do things to this one guy that were so damn depraved, he didn’t survive.  If I remember correctly I ended the call with me picking up his torso and chucking it into the camp fire I had going.

I know some people will read this and go..ewwww, what the fuck Memphis?? lol And that’s okay, because everyone has a little bit’o dark inside them.  I just enjoy playing along and adding to it.

Thanks for all the Gore fellas!

The One and Only,


Cumming soon, on a Phoneline near you! :)


You aren’t gonna wanna miss out on this one , big guy.. she’s HAWT!! This little ball of femme-fire will get your motor running for sure! Can you believe that some of her off-duty past-times are beer drinking and bass-fishing? LOL! , Yeah…me either! 😉

All, true though, pinky-swear! This one loves outdoor nudity, teasing[BIGTIME!], upskirting, seducing you in public and sissifying your ass, just for starters!

Gentlemen, start your engines…you’re in for  ONE WILD RIDE!!




Serve Your Mistress Now Slave!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we both know why you are here and what you crave. You want to surrender yourself to Me and let Me have TOTAL control over you. You took the first step and came to my page so I do want to get one thing straight your mission: TO SERVE ME.

You will address Me as Mistress Temtra and nothing else. Your obedience I expect – I will do whatever I want with you whenever I want and you will ask no questions. You will be down on your knees saying “thank you Mistress Temptra”. I expect you to worship my body, bathe me, lick my feet or boots clean, or massage me – just depends on what I want to do with you. Again, your mission: TO SERVE ME.

So get on that phone and call me to begin with your training Slave!

Mistress Temptra  1-(866) 433-4486