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 My Stats

Age: 28

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'7

Weight: 113

Measurements: 34C-24-35

Pussy: I take exellent care of my pussy! Always smooth and delicious

Ass: Love hot sexy thongs. Looks great on my ass!

Favorite Positions: On top- live riding my man or 69 position

Strangest Places I've had sex: At a car show, inside the car that was being displayed

Hobbies: Volleyball, working out, watching college football, night out with the girls and watching Desperate Housewives (I'm a girl, what did you expect?)

Specialities: Sexy secretary, Girlfriend Experience, Cuckolding, Hardcore domination, Age play, Sissy training, Adult babies, SCAT, Snuff, Mutual and guided masturbation, Orgasm control, Seduction and erotic storytelling


Welcome to my one and only official web page. I’m tall, slender and with a temper that is not to be taken lightly, ha ha. Jokes aside, I’m thrilled you made it here and I hope my sexy pictures encourage you to call me.

I’m all about personal satisfaction. I never masturbate alone anymore and I think that absolutely rocks! I’m constantly amazed by the amount of pleasure I can bring myself, my clit is my most favorite body part. I have found my fingers do the job best because it is easier to hold off, and that makes it even hotter when I finally do cum. You can say I’m a loud one in the bedroom. I like to express everything that I am feeling and letting you know how damn good it feels and not to stop. Women who don’t talk dirty to their man while having sex need a reality check. I know it defiantly turns me on when I guy says the most naughtiest things to me while he’s inside of me. Sex appeal oozes out from every one of my tight holes.

You guys will go nuts when you hear my sexy voice. I was defiantly blessed with good looks and a great voice. My pussy is nice and silky smooth, the kind of pussy you could lick all day long. I love giving and receiving. I’m always up for the 69 position any day of the week. My goal is to always cum together. Nothing hotter than your cum shooting inside of my mouth the same time I squirt all over your face. I get really turned on when guys eat their own cum. There’s something so extremely erotic about it. My favorite is when you cum inside my pussy and then I sit on your face. I love watching your hot load ooze right out into your mouth. If you’re not into that, that’s ok! I have only dated a certain few who did really enjoy that.

It’s your lucky day! You finally found a girl that offers everything you hoped for. I can be dominative to submissive in a blink of an eye. If you’re a first time caller to me, I think first time impressions are very important and I always leave a lasting impression on everyone I talk to. Between you and me nothing is taboo. Let’s get intimate now!


Call 1.877.612.5076
for Phone Sex with

5 Responses to “Marilee”

  • what a joy…(i guess that goes with being, “marilee”!!) What a comfortable easy going call! It was such a delight to hear such vibrant voice and feel that we were both just having some hot sexy fun! Hope to call again soon and follow up where
    todays call left off.

  • Marilee is quite the girl. Fun, imagination, sexy voice, and understanding of all things kink. If you have kinks that aren’t “main stream”, Marilee is very understanding, patient, and will take you to the places you want to go. Definitely a must call if you want someone that gives you their all and is genuine.

    – T

  • Incredible call, Marilee!!! Thank you! Your voice and imagination during our call was phenonamal! Talk to you soon…:)

  • I really want to have Marilee on top of me riding on me so hard and hot so I can still suck your delicious cunt

  • Marilee,

    Check your email for a message from me! I REALLY want to set up a call with you! Thanks, babe!

    A Gentleman Caller

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