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My Addiction To Married Men

I have had a couple of affairs with multiple married men. I seem to have an addiction to the danger and the lust of it. It’s possible that I might offend women or even some men. I have a very good time with it, and I am not seeking out a husband at this point in my life.

I had my first affair with an instructor for one of my courses in college.  He was young, very cute, and the attraction was obvious. Not sure how I’d handle it, but I went to his office and sucked his dick. Maybe it was for the grade, maybe it was for the power – who knows, but I had fun fucking the instructor senseless.

 Once I got bored with him, I moved on to the Guidance Counselor, to a female professor, and eventually some of the office staff. After a year and a half, I left college to pursue my dreams of being an artist and to escape my bad reputation.

 I still pursue married men for quick hardcore sex. I try to control my impulsive desires… but really, I think I just like the fact that many of my callers are married.

I appreciate discretion, and I like the fact that a married man might call me when he wants something a little “different”.  I am every guys fantasy and blonde bombshell desire. My imagination may go beyond the creativity of most other girls. You’ll love my sensual voice and I’m ready to take you to new adventurous place you’ve never been before.



 Written By: Amber
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AJ Has A New Daddy, do I have a sexy story to tell you all.

It all started with a new teacher in school. He is super hot in a sort of bad boy way. When he walked into the room, I may have gotten preggers just looking at him.  I can only hope!

The first few days with Mr. Blake were pretty normal. When he talked, I looked at his crotch and fingered my wet, creamy pussy. Finally on the third day, I got up the nerve to talk to him.  I walked right up to his desk and told him his hotness was distracting. No, not really! I think I might have mumbled something about extra credit. I was too busy staring at his mouth to remember. I gave him my phone number and told him if he wanted to work out some extra credit.

I was home for a bit, when he texted me. He lived in the city, so I left a message about spending night at a sperm donors house.  No, I didn’t really! I said I was spending the night with a girlfriend. I got to his house ready to do some hard labor, because things were getting hard very fast. He gave me the promise not to tell speech, just like all the daddies to be. I stopped listening as soon as I undid his pants.

Before long, he was fucking my cute teen face. I could taste his yummy pre-cum on my lips. Things were going super fast, and I couldn’t risk him cumming in my mouth instead of my pussy. I wet my finger and pushed it into his asshole. You know, thinking it might slow him down a bit. Wouldn’t you just figure it did the opposite and he spurted that load in my mouth. What to do, what to do? I could keep going and get him hard again. The thing is then his load might not have as many strong swimmers. I told him it was too late to take the bus back home. He invited me to stay, and I got just what I needed before school that day.


Written By: AJ
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Detention Again

  In the Principals office again. I am always in trouble for something. This is how it all started.

We have a new History teacher at school. He is so HOT! My friends and I had a bet to see who would give him a blowie first. We all flirted with him, but nothing. Darn!

Next day I came to school without any panties. My friends said they were doing the same, but they tricked me. So, here I was spreading my firm legs whenever he looked my way. A few times I even looked directly at him, and fingered my wet little pussy. The girls got mad as they didn’t have the guts to do it, so they told on me.

There I was sitting in office waiting for my punishment when the Principal said it would be just one day if I would help him out. Wink, wink!  I helped him out, and next day was back in class.

I really wanted to win, so no panties again. This time I got in trouble for disrupting the class. Next day my teacher asked me to stay after. He wanted to know what he has to do to get me to be good in his class and stop disrupting it. I smiled and told him he needed to fuck me. After the shock of it all, he said that as long as it was our little secret, we could keep fucking.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Desperately Failing Student

I’m failing my Trigonometry class and if I don’t pass that class I will not graduate. What’s a girl to do?

My teacher told me to stay after class to go over some of my options but none of them really appealed to me. I was not liking any of the options he had for me and I asked him isn’t there anything else? Anything.. at all?

I rubbed his inner thigh with a twinkle in my eye. I started taking off his belt and told him surely we could work something out. His cock got rock hard and his pants dropped to the ground. I sucked his cock like a lollipop.

He bent me over the desk and slid his cock in my ass and pounded me so hard from behind. He said my little asshole was so tight, it didn’t take him long to put a huge load of cum in my ass.

We both got dressed and he got out his grade book and changed my D into an A+

  I love getting what I want!


Written By: Baby Britt
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I Was So horny!

        I had to run by my school to get some work I needed to finish up before we graduate. It was so strange seeing my school so empty. I went into my class to grab some books and saw Mr. Jacobs was sitting at his desk looking sad. He had posted work of students from months ago. It made me feel really bad for him because he was always the coolest teacher. I guess he misses us.

       I sat down and began chatting with him. He is so fucking sexy that it was hard making eye contact and not just looking at his sexy body. When he asked me how I was doing, I explained that I missed my boyfriends so much. I blurted out that I was horny as fuck too.

He sort of laughed, but I could tell he was feeling it too. His eyes were roaming all over my tight, teen body. I decided that this could be the perfect plan. I would fuck Mr. Jacobs. I would get that hard fuck I needed and he would be so excited I wouldn’t have to do any more homework.

I slowly stripped off most of my clothes and began giving him a hot and sloppy blowjob. I can’t remember the last time I was so horny. I jumped up on his desk and told him to fuck the shit out of me. I know you’d love to hear more, so give me a call!


Written By: Delaney
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Fuck, Shit, Cunt of a Motherfucker

I have the most fun callers a girl could hope to have! I love all the fantasies they come up with for us. Last week was no different. I was asked to be a girl with a very dirty mouth and mind. When he suggested it, I knew it would be so much fun.

Teacher called me after school to talk about my naughty, dirty, little mouth. Well I don’t know what your mother fucking problem is, Mr. Jackoff? Please don’t fucking tell my mom because she is one big, fat, annoying bitch of a fucking cunt, I said to him. I could see he was trying to hold back a giggle. Of course, that got me going even more. “Listen asshole shit face If you make me stay in fucking detention my dick of a brother will kick you in your big, hairy cum filled balls. 

Mr. Fuckhead asked me if I knew what any of those words mean. Well, fuck I am not a baby or anything. Of course, I knew. Somehow all my dirty words turned teacher on. What the mother fuck? He was sporting a huge, fucking boner. OMFG!!! I then decided it was time to show him what I think all those dirty words mean.



Written By: AJ
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Back To School I Go

Hi, it’s me AJ your favorite little teen slut. Summer has been super busy and lots of fun. I am back in classes now, teasing the fuck out of my teachers.

We went to the lake a lot this year, and I wore the smallest pink bikini to tease Ranger Phil. Anyway, enough for now about summer. I wish it can be summer forever? 

I have several new teachers this year and they’re hot! I bet they all have a huge baby maker for me to suck and fuck. My older sis had Mr. Jackson too, and she said I won’t have to do much work if I play it right. ~Wink, Wink~

Today I wore a little sundress and pretty pink lace panties. I admit, I looked adorable! Mr. Jackson must have thought so to, as he had a boner half way through class. YES!

After class, I asked him if I could talk with him. He knew right away who my big sis was. He looked me over, and suggested I show him the “goods”.  After a slow sexy strip, I was on my knees sealing the deal!



Written By: AJ
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School Slut

 Ever since I could remember I loved men! Boys my age are stupid. They really don’t know how to make a girl like me happy. They have no idea what foreplay is and they’re one and done. Besides, who wants a baby from a boy when I can fuck any one of my hot teachers.

I failed this year so I have summer classes. It doesn’t suck as you might think because I have an eye on my teacher. There is no dress code in the summer, because it is to stinking hot to wear our uniforms. Yesterday I wore a mini skirt with no panties under it. It was time to catch the teachers attention.
I teased him all during class by opening my legs whenever he looked my way. Was he blushing? Giggles! I could see he was excited, so I just kept on teasing him. Once we were alone, I attacked! Did I mention I played with my sweet teen pussy in the restroom and put my fingers to his nose when I walked by him? I was driving him crazy!

He was so nervous it was sort of funny. I finally had to seduce him. Of course, I had been doing that all day. I made it easy for his shy self, and got down on my knees. He protested, I guess I didn’t hear him say “no”. OOPS! It didn’t take much till I got a yummy cum shot in my mouth


Written By: AJ
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Babysitting with Emily

My favorite teacher asked me if I wanted to make some money this summer babysitting his daughter. I could always use the extra money, and being around him is exciting. All the girls at school lust after him. Of course, now they all want me to see if the rumors are true. They want to know if he has a huge cock. I sure hope so!

He explained to me that while he would be home, he would be super busy with projects and stuff. He said it was important that his daughter gets time in yard with friends, eats right and takes naps. I can do all that!

As we talked, I noticed he was looking at my eyebrows. I have that happen a lot! He then began hinting and asking was my underage little pussy hairy? I told him it was, told him how soft it was. I could tell he was getting super excited to see, feel and taste my hairy pussy. His daughter was asleep so it was time for me to see just how big his cock really was.


Written By: Emily
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Roleplay Phone Sex

    I know you look at my sexy, hairy little pussy and wonder what fucking me would be like. You think about my perky tits, my tight body, and wonder what my pubs taste and smell like. Well, what are you waiting for? I am always horny and eager for some nasty barely legal role-play.

Imagine all the possibilities! I can be your naughty student, your hot little neighbor, the friend of your daughter. Best of all we could have some family fun phone sex. Stop thinking about it and call me for the nastiest phone sex ever.


Written By: Emily
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