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Personal Fuck Doll

I find your weakness.

I use my feminine charms and sexy curves to lure you into my world. You’re helpless. Quickly you realize that you are completely powerless. You must obey and submit.

I take you to my favorite Dungeon party. I put you and your cute little ass on display for all the ladies. You’re so scared, nervous, anxious, but excited at the same time. You’re tied to a chair in the center of the room. The ladies are picking out their sex toys to use on you.

I humiliate you. I use you. Your slutty body is mine now. I am going to turn you into my personal little fuck doll, and you are going to love it.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Hot Sex, Cocktails and Holiday Cheer Miami Style

Sometimes you have to find a hot babe and let her rock her world! 2020 has been a rough year, and nothing seems normal this holiday season. We have to get very creative to make things sexy and fun. ‘Tis the season to get naughty and naked but find a way to stay safe.

My roommates and I have been following all the social distancing rules instead of hitting the hottest clubs in town. There will be no hot Latin bartender or BBC bouncer to bring back to my place for an after-hours sex party! My pussy craves a big, hot cock, and I am not alone. They’re so many hot girls in my building, especially my sexy roommates. Girls get cranky when not getting fucked enough!

The other night, it was time for my roommates and me to do laundry. There were a bunch of very sexy guys in the laundry room too. Everyone was in a rather foul mood, so it was pretty quiet. That is until this blonde girl came in dripping wet wearing only a t-shirt. She is fucking the night security guard, and he opened up the rooftop pool for us. All of us girls stopped doing laundry and texted all the hot guys in the building to join us on the roof and bring cocktails! Want to learn more about the holiday party?

The thing I miss most this holiday season is finding that hot guy and hooking up after drinking cocktails. Let’s you, and I hook up! Phone sex is intense, and I will have your hard cock dripping before we cum together!


Written By: Isabelle
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Too Mysterious Men and A Dark Night

   Most people when they associate Halloween with hospitals get a very creepy feeling. That is what many scary movies go for. A killer loose in a hospital doing who knows what. Not me, I find Halloween very sexy and so much fun. 

I volunteer at a small, old downtown hospital. During the day, I’m all sweetness and light, but once the kids are sleeping, it’s my turn to bring fun to all the people stuck in the hospital. Men and women alike, of course. 

There was a lovely young couple in the first room I visited. It was the husband’s birthday, but he was stuck in bed with a broken leg. The pain pills made him very talkative, and said just what was on his mind. He mentioned he always wanted to see his young wife with a hot older woman. That would be quite the treat for me.

While she sat in the chair, I gave her a slow lap dance. By the sounds of the husband’s breathing, he was really enjoying the show. 

I helped him to the chair and she sat on the bed. She was a little shy, but my hands, hot mouth and dildo had her begging for more. I coaxed her to give her hot, young husband a blow job while I watched. 

  When she was done, I told them to have a lovely night, grabbed my leather bag , and went to see who else needed my assistance. I went into the hallway and the lights flickered. “Oh no, this could be very bad”. I felt a hot breath on my neck, and a hand covered my mouth. I was dragged into a dark, empty hospital room.

There were two men, and by the look in their steel blue, cold eyes they were about to have me for dinner. I could tell that wasn’t the only thing like steel. There was nothing I could do to break free, so I might as well enjoy it. I came so many times that I passed out. I woke up to bite marks, a few bruises, a sore but satisfied pussy and no real memory of that night.

Do you have a sexy fantasy for Halloween that you would like to give a try?  Don’t be shy, spill it all. 


Written By: Suzanne
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Helping Out Around the Farm

I have a caller that has the BEST fantasy for us to play out. He’s the owner of a farm and has a prized stud that he needs my help in taking care of. He hires me to come over and make sure that he has everything that he needs. Everything!

He and his partners bring him out of his stall for me to pet and love on. They know what a farm slut I am and that I’ll do an amazing job making him happy.

As they watch me use my mouth and body on him, they can’t resist taking out their hard cocks. Once I’ve satisfied the beautiful stud, I have to satisfy them. They don’t care that my body has been used and my pussy is gaping open. They can’t wait to take their turn and shove their dicks in balls deep.

It’s the best fantasy for a little farm slut like me!



Written By: Ashton
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Bed of Roses on Valentine’s Day

Celebrate the spirit of Feb 14 with me. Instead of a big, over-priced bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day, how about a romantic adventure instead? Let my voice seduce you, and my curves make you hard.

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, take me out for the afternoon during our sexy call. I wear a pretty sundress, and the California sun warms us. We take a walk in the rose garden at the Botanical Garden south of the city and find a secluded, romantic spot. The fragrance from all the roses is hypnotic but not overwhelming. We spread out a soft blanket for the beautiful picnic prepared for us. I talk you into taking your shirt off and talk me into showing you my hard nipples under my dress.

As we hold hands, the passion between us grows between us. Our kisses become incredibly intense, and I need you now! I need you to fuck me. We are not usually rule-breakers, but somehow rules don’t seem to matter at this erotic moment. You stand up and walk over the roses. You spread rose petals all over the ground for us. I join you. As I walk towards you, I push the dress off my shoulders, and it falls to the ground. I stop for a moment, to unhook my bra. I let it slip from my fingers, and it falls to the ground. Then I walk over to you, and you pull me deep into your arms.

I slide down to my knees, and I suck your cock. The sunlight makes my eyes and hair sparkle. You love my blowjobs, but you know my pussy aches for your cock in me. I lie back on the ground in front of the bed of roses, and I feel the soft rose petals on my back. You pick up a pink rose petal and brush it against my nipple. I shiver in anticipation and excitement. I spread my legs and my body aches to feel you. You tease and make me wait. As your fingers trace the rose petals against my tummy, I kiss the top of your head and rock my hips to tease your cock.

You grab a handful of petals and decorate them over my body. You admire the sight of your handiwork as you spread my legs. Your strong hands grab my legs, and you put them over your shoulders. Then you lift my hips and thrust your big hard cock into me. OH, I moan and groan. The park-goers watch us from a distance. They admire the beauty and sensuality of you fucking me on a sunny afternoon to celebrate Valentine’s day.


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Skinny Dipping

I am such a water baby. I love going skinny dipping, and how it drives men and boys crazy. I know when they see my sexy 36DD’s slick and slippery from the water, they just want to slide their big dicks between my tits. I am more than happy to oblige looking forward to that big burst of cum all over my tits and face.

My new boyfriend has a wonderful pool and his mini bar is always well stocked for a party. Last night I went to take advantage and saw I wasn’t the only one. His son was swimming with a beautiful, hot young thing.

I fixed three shots, took off my clothes and jumped in. I offered each a shot, and began to kiss the girl. Her lips were so full and soft that I imagined how they would feel on my gushing pussy. After a few more shots, things began to heat up. I suggested we take the party to his dad’s huge bedroom.

Sometime around 5 am we heard keys in the door. Looks like we have some company! I wonder if his dad would like to join us?

Written By:  Tiffany
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My Date Was A Tease

I had an early afternoon date before work today. We had margaritas and chips at a lovely little Cantina near my house. It was a warm day so I wore a tight, little red mini dress with sexy shoes and a silky pair of panties.

The afternoon was going great as we chatted and flirted. He placed his hand on my warm, silky thigh which sent this incredible feeling though my body. I was instantly wet and ready to fuck. He rubbed my thigh, teasing me, while he looked into my eyes. I put my hand on his and put it on my hungry pussy, but he moved it away. He really was being a  tease.

I had an idea, so I excused myself to the restroom; and came back with my dripping, panties in my hand. He quickly asked for the check, and we left. I asked him if he wanted to go to his house, mine or just fuck in the car? He kissed me on my cheek, and suggested we pick this up a another time.

It was a good thing I finger fucked myself in the restroom! I am looking forward to the next time, but I am still super horny! Thankfully, I will get to play with my hot as fuck callers for the rest of the day!


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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A Very Voyeuristic Christmas

I knew he was watching, but what he didn’t know is that I love voyeurism.  He had no idea I had planned this whole show just for him.

My pussy gets so extra juicy when I know someone is watching me use my toys on my horny holes. What made it even hotter was watching him pull his hard cock out of his pants and start stroking it. I was so hot and just couldn’t help myself. I spread my legs even wider and started fingering my asshole. I peaked over and saw him stroke faster. I leaned back and began to go back and forth between my pussy and ass. At one point, I even licked the dildo clean. I thought he would pop his load right then, so I started rubbing my clit and squirting all over the bed.  Something tells me this is the best Christmas present he’s ever received. 



Written By: Dakota
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Christmas Shopping


Something about Christmas shopping always makes me so hot and horny. Maybe it’s all the bodies pushing and shoving against you, or maybe it’s how hot they keep it in the stores, but something sets me off.

I was walking around trying to shop yesterday and found myself pressed in between a display table and a man’s hard body. It was almost too much to bear. He was gone before I could turn around and ask if he was interested in a quickie. I needed to do something about the sudden pool in my panties.

I grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on and ran to the fitting room to “try on” whatever I had grabbed. I got in the room quickly and dropped everything to the floor. My aching pussy needed to be touched. I leaned against the wall and watched my hand rub up and down quickly against my pussy. It didn’t take very long. I was breaking a sweat and biting my lip trying not to scream. I sank to the floor and caught my breath after I came.

I got myself together and walked out of the room. The attendant asked if the garment worked for me. I told her it was exactly what I needed 😉



 Written By: Ginger
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Creamy Halloween Treats

One of my girlfriends asked me to go to a Halloween party at a pretty bad ass club last night. I can never say no to going out! Since I absolutely love this holiday and love dressing up, I took the invite.

It was a pretty cool club, I was definitely getting a lot of attention from all the men in there. I was wandering around in my sexy little outfit when this one man approached me. He was really hot and I wasn’t really sure what to expect of him. He leaned in towards me and whispered in my ear, how horny he was for me and and needed to fuck me. He was definitely my type of guy. 

We made our way down a side street, it was busy but not that busy. The next thing I knew I was up against a wall with his hands sliding into my moist panties his big, thick fingers started teasing my pussy making me want him as bad as he wanted me. My juices were gushing down his fingers. That is when he grabbed me by the waist and bent me over. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He grabbed my ass and spanked his big, black cock on my wet pussy and asshole. He asked me which one should he start with?

Now, my sweet little fucker… that is reading this. I have a creamy treat in both my holes. Come be my trick and I’ll let you have your treat like a good boy. 


Written By: Sierra
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