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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

I’m the queen of tease and denial sex sessions. I’m a cruel bitch that gets off bringing you right to the edge and stopping just before your ready to shoot your load. I will repeat this over and over again until you beg for your release and your balls are swollen and blue.

I want you to stroke yourself over and over again until your cock and balls are throbbing and desperately in need of a release. I want your cock to ache before I will let you go all the way for me.

If your into a prolonged orgasm denial phone sex call, I’m your woman.


Written By: Candace
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You Know What I Like

 When you are away, I get so lonely for your strong embrace, passionate words of lust, and huge swollen manhood. You get away every chance you can but it’s just never enough for your sexy blonde girlfriend.

Sometimes, I slip into your shirt or wrap your silky tie around me, rubbing it all over my sexy body. I smell your cologne wishing you were here. We make such hot, sensual love no one else will ever do.

You know what I like, and you’re never greedy with your love. I can almost feel your breath on my neck, your sultry words whispering urgent desires to me now. Take all you want, I’m yours forever.


Written By: Chloe
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The Softer Side Of Things

I’ll admit, some of my fantasies are kinky and taboo, but sometimes… well a naughty girl like me enjoys the softer side of things. I love to be kissed, nibbled, and caressed. I love it when a big, strong man slowly seduces me, and slips my clothing off my silky skin, and tongues every single exposed inch.

While a good hard fuck has its place in phone sex role play, a soft, slow, seductive lovemaking session feels so wonderful every now and again.

Are you the one who can fuck me with those slow, evenly controlled strokes that coaxes orgasm after throbbing orgasm from my panting, shaking body? Give me a call and let’s find out, lover boy. I’m waiting for a man like you to bring out the woman in me.


Written By: Adrianna
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My Soft Side

Usually I am pretty hardcore! People get this tough girl from me most of the time. The girl that likes to FUCK and be fucked. But every once in awhile, I get this softness in me. This sweet girl that I haven’t seen since I was a young girl. I don’t know what happened to her, I mean life just happened and somehow the sweet girl got lost.

I became this hard, sexy bitch! I don’t put up with shit from anyone. I have this hard outer shell that can’t be cracked. Well, I meant here is the small exception, like when I said the sweet girl comes out. She’s sweet, caring, and loving. She likes to make love and take her time. She’s into long foreplay. She’s also sensual. It’s like she’s my angel side and the normal me is my devil side.

Some guys like it and some guys wonder what happened to the naughty kinky bad ass girl they adore. No worries, that girl is never far behind. But every once in awhile, I have to let the soft side play too!



Written By: Lacey James
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Girl Next Door


I am your favorite little fantasy girl that lives next door to you.

It drives you crazy when I wear my very short skirts and small sweaters.

You come to the basketball games just to watch me cheer and dance at halftime. You love to watch my body move and dance. You can’t get enough of my cute curves.

You watch me get dressed in the morning for school through my bedroom window. You also watch me sit in the car in the driveway making out with my boyfriend at the end of the night. Late at night, you watch me lie back on my bed and slip my fingers into my pussy.

One afternoon, there is a knock on your door. I ask if you have a key to my house because I am locked out. You invite me inside. I admire your house and ask to see the upstairs. Quickly, you realize that being locked out of my house was just an excuse to stop over when you were alone. I tease and tempt you. You’re amazed by how aggressive and seductive I am. You ask about my boyfriend, and I just laugh. Before you realize what is happening, my lips are wrapped around your cock. I need a man, not a boy. I need a man to fuck me and make me have a hard orgasm.

Give into your desires and call your naughty girl next door.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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The Passion Between Us


We lay with each other in bed with my head resting on your chest. I can feel how bad you want me as you pull me closer. My hands caressing your chest moving down to your waist band of your briefs. Kissing and licking your neck, I slide my hand in your boxers. I’m gently teasing the tip of your cock, listening to you moan, pulling me even closer.

Our eyes met as you tilt your head towards me pressing our lips against each other. Our mouths open and our tongues begin to dance slowly. Your cock now exposed, I start to stroke and massage your balls. Our kiss grows more passionate and I can tell your cock is aching to explode. I want to please you in so many ways.

You rolled me over so you can straddle me, your fingers begin to play with my hard nipples. I can feel your thickness slide between my breasts and slowly start to titty fuck me. You pressed my tits around your cock as I watch the passion in your eyes as you explode, bathing me with your cum.



Written By: Rachel
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Seducing You Slowly

You all know you love my voice! I mean, how can you not become addicted to it? It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It has you wanting more and more. But if you’ve never called me before, well then you don’t really know what you ‘re missing, do you? Let’s just say my moans will make any man weak in the knees.

I like to start and take things slow. I like to first get to know the guy who is on the other line. I like to close my eyes while you tell me all about yourself. Then I want to tell you all the naughty things that I plan on doing to you.

First, I will have to take off every inch of your clothing. I want to seduce you slowly and sensually, not only with my voice, but with my imagination too. I will make you so hot just by talking to you. All you have to do is call me, close your eyes, and let me do all the work.


Written By: Chloe
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Perfect Seduction

Long after our time together, your words are still with me. It’s like I can feel you still lying next to me. I feel your fingertips lightly caressing my arm. I feel you running your fingers through my long, soft hair. When you touch me, I feel this magnetic pull. It happens every time. I cannot say no to you. I have tried, but it’s useless. When you are near me, all I can think about is the feeling of having you close to me.

I need you.

You like that I need you. Each and every time you seduce me perfectly. You’ve perfected your seduction. And each and every time when you leave me, I feel empty and hollow, and I miss you. You want me to miss you, so that you can come back whenever you please and fill the void that you leave me with.

Well you succeeded, I miss you and need you. Come and feel the void you have left with me.


Written By: Annaliese
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In Need Of a Stiff Cock

My job requires me to travel quite a bit. Sometimes, too much. They’re times I would like nothing more than my big bed, and a tall, muscular, hot sex toy. 

I arrived late and my hotel was very quiet. I waited for service much longer than it should have been. Finally, a sexy gentleman shows up. He is hot and he is making apologies. He explains room service is closed but he could find me a snack if I would like. I tell him I am fine and I decline him helping me with my luggage.

I got undressed and ran the bath. A bubble bath sounds lovely. I hear a knock on my door and was told it was room service. Almost annoyed, I open the door. He has a bottle of chilled Dom and some light snacks.

I invite him in for a glass or two. Once we get comfy, I ask him for a favor. I tell him that I travel a lot and at times require an escort. He smiled and said he does that for travelers, but they’re still shut down. He sees the look on my face, so disappointed. He suggests he be my date for the night.

I am extremely sexual and know just what I want and need.  I give him the agreed fee and a bit more. He is confused because I am tipping before we even begin. I tell him to slowly undress for me as I watch. After getting a look at his sexy body, I give him another “tip”.

Do you wonder what it was I wanted to do, and with this man that made me tip him two thousand? I would love to relive that night. Join me?


Written By: Valentina
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Your Secret Girlfriend

We had another amazing night, and I can’t get you off my mind today. I can’t get over the way you took over and made my body respond to yours like no one else ever has. You’re so tender, yet rough.

Every time we sneak away and meet each other, it’s better than the last. We waste very little time talking, there isn’t a lot to be said. As soon as I’m in your arms again, it takes a physical turn. You know just how to touch, to tease.

You strip me down until your lips find what they’re craving, my sweet pussy. You push my legs back and devour me. I rise up on my elbows to watch you. I love the way your tongue moves in and out, sweeping my pussy. My back arches as I feel two of your fingers sink inside. You can feel how ready I am, how much I need you.

You move on top of me, giving me all your weight as your cock eases in. My legs wrap around you, bringing you closer. Your hands hold my wrists above my head as your movement gets rougher. Your eyes look into mine as you command me to cum on your cock. I let go and cum as I feel you release inside of me.

Til next time, lover.


Written By: Anna
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