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Taste of Honey

We were putting all the Christmas decorations away and getting the house back in order. We have been working at this all day, and we were exhausted.  I suggest we slip into the kitchen for some leftover holiday treats. We are eating them in the dimly lit kitchen. Like the calories don’t count or something if eaten in the dark. 

We have really worked up an appetite, but the holiday cookies are a bit stale and unappetizing. As I am leaning over the counter, you get a glimpse of my red bra peeking under my sweater. You pull me into you. We kiss and giggle. Amazing how quickly our appetites have changed to sex.

We undress each other an and kiss. The honey bear is on the counter. You open and pour some raw honey on my tits and lick it off. We end up having sticky, sexy sex on the floor of our kitchen. 

Always Yours,


My First Snow Day

lucie 8I saw snow for the first time ever this week! 

Crazy for it to be snowing here in Florida!

We didn’t have classes, so it was my first snow day ever. I got to stay in bed all day, so let it snow. 

Why don’t you join me? You and I always have such naked, naughty fun together.

Our snow melted quickly here, but maybe that is not the case where you are. My bed is nice and warm. Love to snuggle and keep it hot for you.

Make me your favorite new little snow bunny. Let me spoil you and give you the best treat on an icy day. Nobody makes you hot like I do, sexy.


Written By: Little Lucie
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Coming Over to Cum


Sometimes even a Nasty Mistress just needs to cum.

It is the weekend once again. I have been making my little minions and submissive sluts dress in panties and suck cocks for me. I performed several intense CBT sessions and played a blackmail game my little dick whore. I performed well and insured each and every one of them had well-earned a cum.

Now it is my turn. All that sex play, dominating my boys, dirty talk and wearing my sexiest black lingerie, has left me very turned on. Now it is my turn to cum!

I send you a text on Sunday Night, “What are you doing?” You tell me that you just got home from a weekend business meeting and don’t feel like going out tonight. Perfect for me. Just want I wanted to hear. I confirm that you are alone tonight. You don’t invite me over, so I invite myself.  In the next text, “Maybe, I will stop by tonight.” You send a text back, “I need to get to bed early”. I laugh out loud.

Don’t worry sweetheart, I think to myself, I will get you to bed very early.

I take a shower and get ready. I put on my knee-high black boots and a raincoat. I send for an Uber driver. As I sit there in his car, I adust my raincoat, so he can see my almost all of my tits. I even flash a little nipple. He enjoys the view. I am one horny bitch tonight. I continue the show. I spread my legs open and finger myself the rest of the way to your place. I want to be one hot horny bitch when open the door.

I arrive at your place. As I leave the car, I give the driver a wink. He tells me to have a great night and I assure him that I intend to do just that.  I knock on your door.  It takes you a second to answer. I am not patient, so I knock harder. Finally, you answer and let me inside the front room. You see my cleavage under the coat and ask me if I am wearing anything under that coat.

“No, I need a cum and only you will do.”

Mistress Koko

Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Steamy Phone Sex with Isabelle

I relaxed in a very long hot bath tonight. My skin is silky soft, and my pussy is steamy hot. I put on a black thong and my favorite black piece of lingerie. I lie back on my bed. The contrast of the white sheets against the black lingerie is an image that I hope you find exciting. I am so ready for a night of passionate, steamy sex with you. While I wait for you, I slip my fingers inside of my pussy. Ahhh, I am wet! I don’t cum, but I enjoy the pleasurable sensation. I am waiting for our voice to make me cum. I want to cum together tonight. I fantasize about you kissing me, deep sensual kisses as I touch myself under my panties. I know your cock will be hard for me tonight. You want my sweet, steamy pussy. Your balls ache for my attention. I lick and caress them so tenderly. I never neglect your balls. I know that is a huge turn on for you.  Your beautiful cock very close to my face when I lick and kiss your balls.  Then I suck your cock, looking into your eyes as my lips glide along your shaft. You pull out of my mouth. You need to fuck me. You take off my lingerie and grab those thighs. You thrust into me. I am yours, always yours! 

Written By: Isabelle
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Not The Girl Next Door


 You watched me grow up, I played with your daughter, and you wanted me even then. What was I when we became neighbors? Don’t be sly, I was 12. I heard you talking with your friends over a Rollingbrook Beer about the things you would do to me. Then your friends talked about Jilly your daughter. Naughty, naughty! You had no idea I was watching and waiting to “fuck up your world”.

I am in town for a show and I look you up for old times sake. Looks like nothing has changed and I have to say you still are one hot man. You look me up and down, I remember that look. I whisper in your ear “Take me to your bedroom”. We are on the bed you sleep in with your wife, we kiss and I slowly undress you. You are all man, would never let a girl tie you up and take over. Somehow you miss it when I slip the handcuffs on your wrists. 

You watch me slowly strip as your dick gets even harder. You are licking your lips looking at me. I am licking mine looking at the pre-cum dripping from the tip of your dick. I lick it and then kiss you. You protest as you never have tasted your salty pre-cum. I own you now and slide my sweet pussy on your face smothering you. I can hear the muffled sounds of you begging me to ride you. I slip down onto your dick and ride you till I cum so hard you are afraid the neighbors will here.

We both came and now I dress and begin to leave. You laugh telling me this isn’t funny anymore and if I am a good girl and untie you, you will fuck me again. I come closer with a wicked smile and you here footsteps. Jilly is at the door. Oh daddy, I am going to get all of this on cam as Jilly fucks the shit out of you and then….we shall see.


Written By: Harley
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Sexy Day At The Beach

We spend a sexy day at the beach. The water is still warm, and the sun feels great on my face.  There are not a lot of tourists around this time of year. The beach is perfect today! I teach you to paddle board. We play in the surf, pick up shells, and share playful, flirty kisses. We stop, and you wrap your arm around my waist. I give you a big hug and suggest that we hit the hidden cove on the bay.

At first, you don’t understand why I would want to go to the bay and leave the beach on such a perfect day. I give you a sensual, seductive kiss. I rub up against you. I want your cock hard. You smile, and you give my ass a swat. Yes, I want to fuck outside away from public eyes. We grab our stuff and run along the beach to the bay. My pussy is throbbing in anticipation of your beautiful hard cock. 


 Written By: Tara
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Brynna’s Lingerie and Hot Phone Sex

August is always such a busy month. Summer is winding down, but it is still hot. Everyone else seems to be in that “back to school” mode, but I am in the mood for some hot phone sex with you.

I have been doing a lot of shopping, and I want to show you my new summer lingerie sets. Want this to be the summer of desire and passion for the two of us. I love to seduce you with my sexy body in new exquisite lingerie, the beautiful fabric that accentuates my curves.

Hot summer nights provide the perfect opportunity to seduce you with the tiniest little pieces of lingerie. You reward me with your kisses on my neck and your tongue on the small of my back. We really turn each other on!


Hot Summer Night Phone Sex

It was a hot and humid day, and it has not cooled off much tonight. It is late, but I am still wide awake. I am lying on my bed under my ceiling fan, just wearing my bra and panties. Thinking of you, and then a little later, you call me. Funny how often that happens. You want to know what I am doing and what I am wearing. I tell you about my day, and I describe my lingerie.

I ask what you are wearing. You just got out of the shower. I describe how I run my hands on your skin. You are blushing. I can hear it your voice. You wish I had been with you in the shower. I describe the blow job you would get if I had been in that shower with you.

That got you really hot. You are rubbing your cock. I know what that tone of your voice means. You are so hard! You are afraid of cumming too fast, so you switch the focus to me. You wish you were in my bed, between my legs, licking me, tasting me. You want me naked. I take off my lingerie for you. I use my fingers as you describe going down on me. You make me cum.

I need to fuck now. I describe how I am on top, riding you. We both are so caught up in it now. We talk dirty, moan, and you make me cum again. You want my tits and my tight wet pussy. You turn me over and fuck me from behind. Oh, how good you make me feel. I push you over that edge, and you have an intense cum. Our words create intimacy, desire, and intense orgasms.

My Naughty Lover Phone Sex

savannahYou get me lover every time with that seductive voice of yours. I have to say, it really makes my hot, pussy really wet. I love talking dirty with you at night before bed. We go places I never went before and I thought I went everywhere but you seem to amaze me. I am able to talk to you so easy and without feeling judged. You tell me the feeling is mutual and I’m glad that you feel this way because I really get hot for our naughty time together.

I love getting dressed for calls and I have something special just for you! I’m wearing my pink, sheer thigh stockings with matching garter and black stilettos and an itty bitty black lace thong.

Will you be my naughty lover again, I’m needing you bad. 


Summer Is The Time For Seduction


Summer vacation starts early for me. I have finished my final exams, and my grades are in. I am not taking any classes this summer, so I have all the time in the world to play. Time to unwind and relax, but also time to let my hair down and get wild.

You are new to my group of friends. All the sexy girls in the group are flirting with you, but they are very subtle about it. You are super sweet and maybe a little shy. Time for me to make my move with you. After a day at the beach, I shower and put on a top without a bra. I want to make sure that you notice me. Summer is the time for to me to be bold, take chances, be very flirty and sexy, be seductive and aggressive. Let you know that I want you to be mine. I know that all girls want to get you naked and spend the night with you, but I seduce you with my gorgeous curves, sweet smile, and some tender touches.

I get you away from the group.We share an intimate moment, and then there is that pause that leads to that first exciting, electrifying kiss. You put your hands on my hips. My body is on fire. That one kiss becomes a very steamy make-out session where you pull my shirt up and play with my big, sexy tits. Our bodies rub together.  We moan as we kiss each other. We slip away without any goodbyes to our friends and head back to my place for even more naked fun in my bedroom.

It is going to be the best summer!