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 My Stats

Age: 19

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7

Weight: 117

Measurements: 34B-24-35

Pussy: Tight, wet and waiting for your hard cock

Ass: Sweet and irrisistable

Favorite Positions: I soo love it from behind. I want to feel every last inch!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Under the bleachers at a football game!

Hobbies: Partying, seducing older men, shopping sprees and being spoiled.

Specialities: Family fun, Daddy's girl, Naughty slut role plays, Spoiled brat and Teasing


Hiya! I’m Kenzie, a bad little bitch from Michigan, that’s waiting in my bedroom for your kinky call! I’m that naughty girl next door you always think about fucking! The one that wears those cute little shorts to show off my tight ass! I know you have thought about coming by, but you’ve been shy haven’t you? No reason to be shy. I’m just a naughty little slut ready to take it in all my holes!

I tend to have an attraction to older men. It seems like they know exactly how to please me. Sometimes I feel like I intimidate them because I’m so young, but that just leaves more for me! I love to seduce men. As I did my best friend’s Dad. It was great. We were having a slumber party when I was 15. I kept seeing him stare at me, it was only obvious. So when everyone else was sleeping, I snuck upstairs to his bedroom. I acted like I had a stomach ache, he told me I could lay down with him and watch tv since I was the only one up. Well, we laid there a while, I couldn’t resist but to lay on my side and back my tight young ass up against him. At first he was shocked, he got out of the bed, tried to act like he didn’t want me. But I could tell, he did! I told him the only way to make my stomach better was to coat it with his Daddy cum *giggles* He was lost for words and of course I got my way, it was a very hot time, my friend was so jealous of the relationship that we had after that. It still goes on til this day. He knows exactly how to make my dripping wet pussy feel good. I can’t help it, I’m a nympho. That loves to fuck, suck, and get off!

I’m sure your cock is ready to be played with by a naughty little slut huh? So let’s get on the phone and explore now. My dripping wet pussy and ass are waiting for you baby!

Call 1.866.949.4310
for Phone Sex with

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  • I just had an INCREDIBLE 2-girl call with Brandy Lynn and Kenzie. What sexy voices they have, and what dirty little girls they are! I can’t wait for our field trip… thank you, girls!

  • Hello Kenzie I love enema play, golden showers, water-sports also Who loves scat play to. I Would Like to setup a session whit you Thank you

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