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Age: 22

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'5

Weight: 119

Measurements: 34D-25-36

Pussy: Meaty pussy lips and a squirting pussy

Ass: Firm and ready for some action

Favorite Positions: Doggy style, up against a wall and 69

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a tour bus in St. Thomas

Hobbies: Going to the beach, shopping, amusement parks, hot fudge sundaes, making people laugh, internet porn, Cosmopolitan junkie and homemade baked macaroni and cheese (not that box shit).

Specialities: Role play, Age play, Kinky cheerleader, Financial domination, Gang bangs, GFE, Golden showers, SCAT, 2 girl calls, Erotic stories, Strip tease, Snuff, Mutual masturbation, Naughty nurse, Leg/Foot fetish, Breast worship, Sissy sluts, Humiliation, Food play, Latex/Leather fetish Cuckolding, Guided masturbation and much, much more!


Hey! It’s Hanna, your little Southern California beach bunny. I live the typical Cali girl lifestyle. Beach all day and party all night. Back when I was in high school the guys all called me “Heart Breaker Hanna.” They still call me that, but it’s not teens boys now, but full grown men who are at the mercy of this hot bod.

Back in high school I was the most popular girl, most likely to succeed, and head cheerleader. I had it all going for me, but I still wasn’t happy. I couldn’t stay with just one guy like normal girls, but I didn’t have the heart to break up with them either. I would promise I would be their girlfriends just to get sex, but once I got what I wanted I had my girlfriends dump them for me. I love getting fucked, but I only like it once then I want something new. I guess this is where the Heart Breaker Hanna name came from.

I am all grown up now, but when it comes sex I still want it like I did back then. I love it nasty and hard, but you still only have one chance to make me want more. I am like a one hit wonder. There is too many cocks in this world to stick with just one. I need my daily dose of cum deep inside of my sweet little pussy. I spend my days at the beach wearing the smallest little bikini that is considered legal. I love rubbing oil all over and teasing all the guys that walk by. I once got so hot that I told the lifeguard to either fuck me or I would die from heat stroke.

I love when my phone sex line rings because that’s just another cock I get to fuck. If your married then I will get even hotter for you. I won’t have to have one of my girlfriends dump you then. I do all the nasty things your wife wont. I want to experience everything at least once so lets make it really naughty and do something shocking. My tight young pussy is waiting to break your little heart or your cock if your really bad. Call your little beach bunny for a smoking hot fuck fantasy.

Heart Breaker Hanna

Call 1.866.557.0489
for Phone Sex with

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  • thanks for you comments on my call – i really got turned on reading your comments that i mastrubated and ate my cum just thinking about you mastrubating watching your girlfriend giving her big ole Doberman a blowjob.
    The answer to when he blew his big load right inside of her she turned to me and said “next” What do you think this cum dripping slut did? I hope she offered you or me the opportunity to clean the dog cam from her ass or pussy.

    will call soon – don

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