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Your Cock Is Worthless To Me

I know you want me, loser… and guess what? You can’t have me! I only go for real men with huge dicks, not pathetic fucks like you.

I’m that hot, sassy princess you can never have. The only thing you get out of me is giggles and verbal abuse, maybe an occasional strap-on fuck if you’re a sissy faggot.

I had this total loser call me me the other day. He thought I would enjoy a picture of his small pencil dick. Ha, ha! He was all proud of his cock until I put him in his place. I told him I would never fuck him, even if he was the last guy on earth. He didn’t realize how pathetic  he really was until I set him straight. Now he knows his cock is worthless to me and he can’t cum without permission.

Call me, stupid. Get ready to serve and spoil your princess.


Written By: Princess Paris
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I Need A Real Man

You’re so fucking pathetic, telling me how you’re going to fuck me with that little 2 inch non-existent “cock” of yours. Did you really think that something like that would really turn me on? I’m so fucking insulted. The only thing I can tell you is you better know how to eat pussy and ass because that’s all you’re getting, and you’re not even getting that unless I have a creamy load in both from real men.

You know that I’m a size queen, and that equipment you’re packing doesn’t even begin to cut it.

You better get on your knees and beg to clean up the mess the men before left behind. That is the closest thing to pussy and a piece of ass you’re going to get from me. I need a real man, with a real dick.

Keep that in mind the next time you even think about showing/offering it to me. I am an absolute Goddess! Now, get down and worship me.


Written By: Abby
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You Are A Size Queen


Remember that first cock you had in your mouth? It was so exciting.

Has it been a while since you have sucked a big cock?

I know that you find yourself craving cock sometimes. You are such a size queen. You love big cock. You feel submissive and girly when you suck cock. You wear pretty little panties and a sexy bra. Your lingerie collection would be envied by many women. You have good taste, and you are rewarded for your efforts with a warm gush of cum in your mouth after a hot blowjob.

I understand your cravings. You need my help to motivate you and excite you into taking a cock in your mouth. I think you like calling me because you enjoy hearing about my boyfriend’s beautiful 9 inch cock. I tell you the sexiest details of what I wore for him and how we fucked. I love to tease you and make you join us. Create a very nasty fantasy for the three of us, and you take his cock too.

You cum so hard for me as I describe how he cums in your mouth.


Written By: Brynna
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Small Penis Humiliation

My teen pussy is too good for that tiny, little thing you like to call a dick. You may not think that it’s little, but it is. Other girls may have said they were 

satisfied with it, but they were totally lying.

It’s so sad that you were born with something so tiny and pathetic. It’s hard for me not to laugh at it, and even share the laughter with my girlfriends. 

I’ve fucked many high school and college football players and they’re hung like a horse. Do you think I could possibly fuck you after being with them? HA, no way!

When you call me, you will get total honesty. I’m not going to fake it and tell you that your dick would pleasure me. You won’t ever hear me say that it’s nice either. I will give it to you straight up.

If you’re looking for a small dick humiliation phone sex call, then you need to not look any further. I’m the one that you want to call, and I will humiliate you just the way you need.


Written By: Charlie
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Good Little Cuck

I have a man in my life that takes care of almost all my needs. He spoils me, supports all my expensive habits, and keeps me in lavish comfort, but he’s lacking in one important area, the bedroom! His cock is just too small and he cannot satisfy me. He knows what a cock hungry size queen I am, and knows that his little dick just doesn’t make the cut.

He does serve some purposes though, he is an amazing pathetic little cuck! He stands at the foot of the bed and watches as a real man fucks all my tight holes. I look up at him and smirk. All he can do is stroke his little pencil dick. I can’t help but laugh at the look on his face as my current lover taunts him, telling him how fucking good my pussy and ass feel. He’ll never know that pleasure. There’s no way that sad excuse for a cock is coming anywhere near my perfect cunt. His job is to serve me and my wants and needs.

After hours of fucking, I have one final task for him. I put him on his back and squat above his face, letting all the creamy cum drip down into his mouth. He knows I expect all my holes to be cleaned out by his tongue. This is as close to my pussy that he will ever get, so he takes advantage, licking and sucking all he can. He’s the perfect man, my good little cuck.


Written By: Abby
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Size Matters

Yes boys- Size Matters!

When it comes to fucking my holes, the bigger the better for a hot girl like me. That doesn’t mean if you don’t measure up that I will just discard you. There is a place for little dick losers like you- tied up in a chair, watching me with my well hung lovers.

They’re not many men who can handle a woman like me, so I hope you’re up for the challenge. Bring me your cock, and if I deem you worthy, you’ll have the privilege to fuck me, and share the most amazing orgasms. If your dick is too small, be prepared for torture. My desires and creativity will consume you.


Written By: Kendall
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Rumor Has It

Rumor has it you have a very large cock. Every time I hear those two words “large cock” my pussy instantly gets wet! I’m a bit of a size queen, and If I know you’re well in doubt, you better be prepared to share it with me.
I need a big, thick cock to pleasure any of my tight holes. My mom always told me the bigger the dick, the bigger the cum load. I don’t know if this is true or not since I’ve never had a small cock, but I don’t wish to find out either!
If I walk by you and I happen to notice that big bulge in your pants, you better believe I’m going to grab it and take you with me.
Rumor has it you have a big cock, and I’ll be first in line wanting to ride that!
Big Cocks call me! 


Written By: Sunny
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Can You Make Me Gag?

If you’ve ever done a call with me, you know that I’m one slut that loves to choke on a big dick. There nothing quite like a big, thick meaty pole being shoved down your throat. Small cocks just won’t do. It has to be huge.

I’ll get on my knees in front of you and put my hands behind my back. I want you to have all the control. Don’t worry about being gentle with me, I want a good throat pounding. Shove it in deep and hold it there until my face starts to turn red and my eyes begin to water. When you roughly push my head away, I get to slurp up those shiny strings of spit that are wrapped around your cock. If it’s not sloppy and messy, I’m not doing it right.

I’m working for the ultimate reward, a tummy full of creamy jizz. Back in it goes, fucking my mouth hard and deep. Don’t you love those gagging sounds I make? When you finally shove it in deep and pump your load down my throat, my lips are nice and swollen around your shaft.

Fuck.. I need a cock to make me gag and moan. Is yours available?



Written By: Teagan
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Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, I thought I would make a little history of my own. Every day this month I’ve had big black cock pumping my sluty, horny holes.

I love to watch their reaction when I take their big, black cocks down my throat without any gagging. They say “damn girl” when I am swallowing 13 inches down my throat.

I’ve tried to fuck well hung white boys, but it’s not the same, my cunt craves big black cock. Black men perform differently, they know how to take care of me. Black cock cum tastes completely different than white men. It’s so thick and creamy! I love the huge ropes of jizz covering my entire face. Black guys cum so much that after they fuck my holes there’s loads of cum dripping out.

If you would like to hear about my amazing Black History Month, or maybe you have a BBC craving of your own, I would love to talk about it!



Written By: Shawnee
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Cure The Craving

I’ve seen the way you stare at those huge cocks when we watch porn together. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. you can say you’re watching the girl in those movies, but you can’t fool me. I’ve seen your mouth practically water looking at those monster dicks. You can keep denying it, or you can let me cure that craving.

I know you don’t know how to suck cock, but I’ll be happy to teach you. I’ll pick out the perfect guy to break your throat in. Of course, I have a huge contact list on my phone and no guy is under 8 inches. If you’re going to go for it, you really need to go big.

Once I have the perfect well hung stud, you will drop to your knees and open really wide. I’ll show you just how to take that dick like a good little sissy cock whore. You just leave your head in my hands and I’ll make sure you take it nice and deep. You’ll take it all the way if I have to force your head down on that cock.

Look at you touching your hard-on through your pants, someone is excited. I have a feeling you’re going to be a natural.

The One and Only,



Written By: Memphis
Call Memphis @ 1-866-629-7037