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Fuck Me Hard Phone Sex

This ass and this pussy was made for fucking and this holiday I’m going to let you have your way with me.

The night started off sexy. You bought me candy, flowers and a cute stuffed teddy bear. It was a sweet gesture but I could care less about that shit. The lingerie you picked out was pretty hot, it doesn’t ever stay on me for very long.  All I really need from you is a hot night of fucking.

You lay me down on your bed grabbing my ankles pulling me to the edge while you look me in the eye. You start to run your hands up and down my legs making your way to my juicy ass. My legs slide around your waist nice and tight. I demand you to fuck my holes hard and deep. I know you won’t disappoint me since I’m letting you do anything you want with me. I clench my teeth while my pussy throbs. I can feel it building up, letting my juices flood your massive, thick cock. I grab a hold of my tits squeezing them together. Moaning out to fill my pussy with a creamy thick load of jizz.


Written By: Sierra
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Your Tiny Cock Is Not Welcome

I don’t know why you’re always wanting to show me that tiny cock, white boy. Do I look like a girl who wants to see, let alone touch, that teeny weinee of yours? Fuck no! You keep telling me that it’s hard– bitch, I can barely see it. 1 inch hard and non-existent soft. My pink clit is bigger than your dick. I don’t fuck with small dick losers like you. I don’t care if you look at me– that’s fine, as long as you know that looking is all you’ll ever get to do. I don’t do sympathy fucks and that’s exactly what you would be. If you want to use your thumb and finger to massage those couple of drops of jizz out of little mushroom cap, be my guest. While I’m fucking some real cock, you can stand in the corner and wish you had the equipment to stretch out these chocolate holes. You can look, but never touch. Your tiny cock is not welcome here!




Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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Santa Please Bring Me Big Cocks!

memphisI’ve made Santa’s naughty list yet again but if he could find it within himself to get a few BIG COCKS for Christmas, I would be forever grateful. That is my only wish and I want it so, so, so bad! I am so sick of little white boy peckers. I want something stretching my pussy, more than it’s ever been stretched before (if that’s even possible.) I really don’t understand how any girl could fuck a dick less than 8 inches?? Very unsatisfying if you ask me.
Even when I was a little Memphis, I liked challenges. I never turn down a dare and always wanted something bigger and better. Not just with cocks but with everything in life. I just always have been a sexual person. I remember when I was in my very early teens at a sleep over, all my friends went to bed and I was up on a search to find something to shove in my young pussy. I ended up rubbing my clit up against a lava lamp because it was too big to fit in me at the time. I don’t know if that’s hot or pathetic but I don’t care when it comes to pleasuring my holes.
Hopefully, I get something that will be massive with a big, red bow on it when I wake up Christmas morning. Come on Santa…. which elf do I have to fuck to make a size queen happy????

The One and Only,


Written By: Memphis
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Shy Sissy

During the holidays I love gathering up my sissy girl friends to have them over for a dinner party. I always tell them to bring their cute bikinis so we could jump in the hot tub and have some girl time.

I was sitting in the hot tub and the water jets felt so good. It soothed my skin as I sat there and admired my sissy sluts around me. Everybody was looking fabulous. Some of their cocks were tucked in and some were standing proud. Sammy is the newest of the bunch. She’s a shy sissy but with some coaching, she’ll get the swing of things.  All the girls got to relax for a bit and everyone was having a blast, just as expected. I thought we would break the ice with Sammy. I made her dress up and putting her on display. Of course, for these events I need one real man with a big cock present. Practice only makes perfect even at holiday gatherings. Sammy looked beyond fabulous. Her legs were long thin and smooth, she had put on a pair of white stockings with a lacy top and a white thong. You could tell there was some excitement by the wet spot on the panties. We all sat back on the couch and watched Sammy feast on the main course for the first time. It’s so important she’s ready for real big festivities next week. Job well done.

 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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Sky’s Sexy Halloween Party


I am throwing a huge Halloween Party with my sexy UCLA Coeds. It is going to be infamous. We are borrowing an empty house up in the Hills.  No neighbors around to complain about the noise or the lewd and lascivious acts that are bound to occur.  We are still working on the guest list, but you are certainly invited as my special guest. If you like blonde babes with big boobs, this is going to the event for you.  This is not your ordinary Halloween party. There will be no keg in the corner, tacky thrown together costumes, or bobbing for apples.

This party is going to be legendary. Live music by the pool, catered food, celebrity bartenders mixing your favorite cocktail. But those details don’t impress a sexy guy like you.  You want to know more about the babes. My friends and I are H-O-T!  There will be a contest for the sluttiest costume.  The girls are excited about the contest, and they are determined to let their inner slutty. sexy-self compete for the prize. I am not participating because I am the judge and my decision is final.  Maybe you can be the prize. That is you and your big thick cock and me for one naughty threesome.

Of course, once my slutty girlfriends learn how well endowed you are, they are all going to want to fuck you, so you might have to fuck a lot of hot co-eds on Halloween.

My friends and I don’t get out to party too much anymore, but this is one night of the year where it is acceptable and fun to be slutty.

Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Phone Sex At The Glory Hole

I have a naughty experience to share. I was on a call the other night. One of my regulars called from a glory hole at the adult bookstore. He sucked three cocks while I was on the phone with him. He is a size queen. Only one of the three was over 8 inches, but he is such sexy cocksucker that he sucked all three. I listened and coached him. Made him drink all three loads of cum. It was so great! At the end of the call, he sent me pics to my email of the guy with the big dick and his lips wrapped around the shaft. So naughty!

While we were waiting for the next cock to appear, I teased him about the big black cock he sucked for me in the past. I reminded him of being handcuffed and getting face fucked. It was not a long wait.

I heard another man’s voice. My caller said that another man entered the booth. The man wanted more than a blow job through a glory hole. He wanted to fuck my caller’s ass. I told my caller to go for it if the man had a big dick. I wasn’t sure what was happening next until I heard my caller get turned into a bottom bitch. I listened for a few minutes while my caller got fucked in the ass. No foreplay, but lots of dirty talk and humiliating name calling. It didn’t take long, and my caller got an ass full of cum.

After the other man left the booth, I made my caller jerk off for me until he had his cum!


Written By: Brynna
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Size Queen Torrie Phone Sex

    I might have a little teen mouth but I sure love to suck big, thick veiny dicks. I am such a size queen, the bigger the better. I suck it till my eyes run and my nose drips snot. I don’t care what happens to my makeup as long as I am sucking a huge dick. I am waiting for that dick, that perfect dick that makes me gag so bad that I can’t even breathe.

Maybe you have a tiny one, more like a clit and you love to suck dick too? Don’t worry, I love to share and the one I just sucked is plenty fucking big for both of us.

So, if you want to suck or be sucked no worries I am the  tiny teen that can do it all. Yummy yum, give me a huge load of jizz. Then again, maybe I will just make you eat your own hot, salty, sticky jizz.

        Size Queen Torrie

Written By: Teen Torrie
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I’ll make you beautiful


I’m always looking for new sissy boys. Like I’ve said before I have a special place in my heart for sissy’s. When you call me, I can hear your voice crackle when you tell me all your secrets and desires. I’m here for you sweetie,  I’m here to make sure you fulfill every one of your sexual desires. I don’t want anyone or anything clouding your judgement. We both know what you need and what you want.

With time and patience I’ll make all of your dreams come true. You’ll have all the make-up and clothes you’ll need. When you open your closet it’s going to be all girly just like you’ve visioned since you were a little boy. With a little help from me, everything will fall into place. You’ll be the girl that you’ve always wanted to be. 

We have so much to do. Other than making you look perfect. I’ll be teaching you how to tease and please all these men that want your beautiful body. I have an old boyfriend that I keep around for purposes like this. We’re gonna make sure you’re super busy with him. I need you learning all the in’s and out’s before I let you go out on your own. 

Interviewing A New Pool Boy

bikini 2

I have been interviewing for a new pool boy. The selection process is long but so fun.  He must be obsessed with big tits. He must give a great massage and finger me poolside.  He must have a big cock to keep me happy all summer long. He must get hard at just the sight of me in my bikini.  Fuck me and keep this horny housewife very happy. He must be very open-minded and uninhibited.

When I meet my prospective pool boy, I am dressed in my bikini and waiting by my pool.  I ask him to take off his shirt and I run my hand between my legs. I tell him that I want him to wear tight shorts while he is working here.  I tease him with my fingers. I look deep into his eyes and squeeze his hot butt. I flirt and flaunt my tight mature body in front of him. I make him beg for the job.  For the final phase of the interview, 

For the final phase of the interview, I take him up to my bedroom. I stroke and suck his cock. I ride him, rough and wild. I love being on top. After he makes me cum, I want him to show my his hottest sex moves and make me cum again and again. I am one hot cougar who is need of a hot stud.


Cuckold Queen Phone Sex

What are you doing up so late? Oh, I know looking for a cuckold queen to take you to your darkest male fantasy and make you my little girl servant. If you’re a man who secretly craves dick, but you have never acted on it because you have an image to keep up then you and I are made for one another. Just think of it there you will be, on your knees, wearing nothing but your diamond collar devouring my boy friend’s nigga massive rock hard cock enjoying the feel of your hot mouth getting fucked looking up into his eyes tasting how fucking sweet his cock is. Now sit and watch how that massive black dick penetrates my white pussy and listen to how loud I moan as it goes deeper, taking in every inch with him pulling my hair, slapping my ass until it’s red, and calling me his white girl whore as he squirts hot cum inside of me just so you can lick it out. Are you in need of a fix to make you squirt? Well, my number is at the top of the page.

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