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 My Stats

Age: 26

Eyes: Dark Blue

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 126

Measurements: 34D-26-36

Pussy: Clean shaven and ready to cream

Ass: Juicy! Are you ready to stimulate it?

Favorite Positions: On top..I love to have control in working my G-spot

Strangest Places I've had sex: McDonalds bathroom

Hobbies: Fashion design ,Flirting, clubbing and making men want me!

Specialities: Barely legal, Tease and Denial, Guided Masturbation, Domme, Humiliation, Mutual Masturbation, Adult Babies, Cross Dressers, Role Play and so much more!


My name is Brynna. I am 26 years old and single. I am from St. Louis and ready to meet the hunk of my dreams. I date a lot and I can never really find the right guy. I use to only date the “bad boys”. I realized that they never really got me anywhere except for bad situations. I bartend at a club a few nights a week. I have met a lot of men there but I never really found one to be worth my while.
I like to stay active and keep very busy. I’m defiantly a go-getter! I went to Cosmetology school and got my license when I was 20. I was a hair stylist for 4 years. My favorite was when woman would bring in a picture and wanted their hair just like them. I wanted to tell them that the only way you would ever look like them was too staple that picture to your forehead! Again, I wanted to say that but the words never left my mouth.

I also did some modeling. I was in a couple photo shoots. I got noticed at a club in Toronto when I was there for a Bachelorette party. Modeling was defiantly fun and exciting but now I’m ready for the next phase of my life.

I’m very excited about being on this site! My new passion is phone sex and it’s fabulous!!!! You can kind of say phone sex is my own little fetish. Hearing about your fantasies and being able to share mine it excites me to no end. I want to explore all of your sexual fantasies, especially the ones that have not been explored yet. I would be more than flattered if I was included in that!

Once you call me, you won’t be able to get me out of your head. My big deep blue eyes and my erotic, sexy voice. You better keep my number on speed dial!

I want us to bring each other to the ultimate explosion. I play with myself on almost every call. If you like what you see then pick up the phone and call me. Trust me, we will have a fantastic time!


Call 1.866.511.5538
for Phone Sex with

23 Responses to “Brynna”

  • Wow. Brynna was absolutely fantastic. Incredibly sexy voice, very adventurous, attentive, and open to just about anything. Best call I’ve had by a long shot. Highly recommended!

  • Hey Brynna, that was an amazing call, you have the perfect energy for doing these calls, not to mention you know how to make a guy have fun. Talk to you again soon!!

  • Brynna, that was not only hot, but fun. You have a great and friendly personality – really down to earth. That was the best phone conversation I’ve ever had. We will definitely talk a lot more!

  • Brynna is the best dom that i have ever met…she knows how to find your weakness and use it as her strenght against you…be very careful what you ask for!!

  • What can I say… I came back for more. Brynna was fucking incredible again. Not sure how she did it, but she topped what was previously the best call (also with Brynna). I will be back many times. Highly recommended.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What a great time we had. Very nice girl. Her voice got me going from the time she said hello.

  • Brynna was fantastic, she teased me and teased me and teased me, and then denied me, leaving me rock hard and almost weeping for a release . . .

  • Chatted with Brynna for the first time, she was wonderful. What a lovely voice she has and is so friendly! She knew exactly what to say about my fetish and I exploded with delight. Will definitely call her again!

  • Brynna,
    Your the best, love talking with you. Your so sexy, naughty, and the girl next door all at once! Your the one choice for fun phone play for sure! Thanks for being so much fun!!

  • Mistress Brynna:
    I thoroughly enjoyed last night with you dressing me up. You took a blank canvas & got a beautiful picture painted onto it. I could feel the brushes you used to apply my make-up & the soft way your hands felt dressing me in the beautiful & sexy lingerie you put on me in the gold & blacks. I could not only see the beautiful Lady that you created but could also feel your soft, sexy body caressing mine. I go chills as your fingers went thru my golden blonde hair & the extensions that you put in them to make them long so that they would hold those long soft curls.
    When your fingernails went across the back of my neck & slid down into my lacy bra to play with my hardened nipples while your tongue did amazing teasing to me wherever you wanted, I had chills all over me. Then you turned me around & I was able to see that fantastic body of yours held in by that lacy black bra & other sexy lingerie. I shivered as you took your bare pussy up & down my cock using only your pussy lips to play with me. You had me revving so hard by then. When you told me that your pussy was engulfing the mushroom head of my cock & then swallowing my cock whole I was ready to explode. I would have also except you made sure to remind me of the rule we agreed on, that I could only cum when you said that I could. You told me how it felt to be riding my cock up & down, up & down, etc. it was all I could do to hold back. You asked me if I was ready to explode, did I want to explode, did I want to cum in you? I begged & begged & begged you to let me cum. Then you whispered, “Cum for your Mistress Brynna now Donna, cum for me right now.” I shot such a huge load.
    Thank you for a very enjoyable time. I am sure that Donna will be cumming out to play a little more & I’m really looking forward to the photos of you in your lingerie.
    Your Donna

  • I sent her a short email with my fantasy and she picked right up on it and delivered the most amazing call. It’s that voice that will wrap around your brain and drive you crazy in need. That was the hardest and most messy cum I have had in a while. Looking forward to a follow up.

  • I had an amazing call with Brynna today. I wore my black sheer pantyhose and came so hard from talking to her. She is very nice and thoughtful, listening to what I was into and made it a fantasy that was fun for both of us. 10 out of 10.

  • lock in chastity for weeks, my craving for cock was impossible to resist. Mistress Brynna knew just what to do! down on my knees aching to be fucked she drops the head of her big BLACK strapon. I love being locked in chastity you can’t stroke=it so the feeling of that cock fucking my ass is amazing!

    Love you Mistress Brynna

  • Hey brynna this is Clint I wear my wife’s stuff and fantasize about guys. Send me an email when that guy is ready to do a three way thanks.

  • Guys, Brynna is the real deal. No matter if I’m in the mood for some pantyhose fetish fun, role play, bi play, or just want her to take control, she always makes the time SO great! She also does great three way calls. Did one recently with another guy and was so fun. She’s the only choice for great phone fun.

  • I spoke to Brynna and she is wonderful. She has a great personality and voice. She took my fantasy and ran with it. She is amazing!

  • All I can say is WOW…. Brynna is absolutely amazing.. She took my request for a forced fem fantasy and gave it a whole new twist and 5 extra levels of climatic amazement. Her soft caring tone made me feel at home with her immediately and her incredible creativeness made my fantasy work in ways I had never thought of… on a scale from 1 to 10… she’s a 20!

  • Mistress Brynna:

    You have got such a wicked imagination!! I could feel every piece of lingerie you put on me, the dress you put on me & the cocks you put in me. That was a fantastic fantasy!!

    Thank you,

  • Bryanna, interesting idea you had I Klassy Kinky Kats. Would like to know if this has to be set up way I advance and the rate. Thanks lov e Dennis

  • Hi Dennis,

    So Happy to hear that you enjoyed my Klsssy Kinky Kats blog. The rate is $2.00 a min, with a 10 minute min.

    Find me in chat or send me an email, so we can get to know each other. Want you to have a great experience!

    My email is

  • Goddess Brynna:
    You give me such wicked fantasies! That sexy voice of yours has me enthralled to you, even when I’m not on the phone with you. It would be nice to win the lottery & be able to go thru fantasy after fantasy with you.
    Your wicked imagination & the detail you go into with them make me feel like I’m right there.
    You’re the best.

  • Goddess Brynna:
    I am drained each time I come under your spell. You have a seductive voice and a devious imagination. That is a duo that no one can resist. And I don’t want to.
    I’m pleasantly drained and invigorated.
    I am so glad to have found your site. Fortune smiled on me that day.
    I’m definitely under your spell.

  • I love chatting with Brynna, I’m married panty boy who loves sharing my love for cock with her. She is amazing!

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