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 My Stats

Age: 28

Eyes: Soft sable

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 117

Measurements: 36D-24-36

Pussy: Sweet and juicy!

Ass: Possibly my best ASSet?

Favorite Positions: Riding you reverse cowgirl (Saddle UP!)

Strangest Places I've had sex: In your dreams.

Hobbies: Cooking, Boating

Specialities: Bringing whatever fantasy you may have to fruition. Nobody can role play like me! We will have "Real" intimate time together, I don't fake it. My sultry voice will thoroughly relax you and I will deplete every ounce of cum from your body! When we hang up, you will be looking forward to our next call (guaranteed)!


I love the way your cock swells up when you’re under my spell, as if it answers to me (because it does). Imagine my eager tongue licking that mushroom head, then having my soft lips wrapped around it as I take it in. Ask yourself, do you want your fire hose to shoot down my throat or would you prefer to hold out for my tight pussy?

I’m intelligent, sweet, and sultry. You will fall in love with my seductive voice. I will turn your hand into a machine that even you can’t control.

As you can see, I have long, raven hair, alluring eyes and full lips designed for your pleasure. I love having my breasts nestled against your face as I straddle you with my creamy thighs. Will you suck on my hard nipples when I ride you? My pussy is just aching to be filled.

If you are looking for a “real” phone encounter, the perfect orgasm that will leave you begging for an encore, look no further. I am one “Klassy Kat” that knows how to make lions roar! I specialize in role playing. I am wide open (and not just my legs) and my mind knows no boundaries where your pleasure is concerned.

Call me now; it’s time for you to get off!

Cum-filled kisses,

Call 1.866.206.7106
for Phone Sex with

140 Responses to “Ashlee”

  • Ashlee, Wow! What a beautiful voice you have! I am addicted already. Thanks for rocking my world. I’ll call you next Friday for some more of that sexy ass voice!

    Thick Steve

  • Thanks Ash for a great call. You really made cum hard. You got a terrific voice and great pics!!

  • ashley is one of the hottest and sweetes woman i have ever known
    she rocks my world when i call she is the best!!

  • Wow, a great voice and very intelligent!! Her page describes her well, but does not include the kinky streak that she has…I was concerned she could not domme….I was wrong. Very creative and very confident. Strongly recommend!!

  • Thanks for the awesome call, Ashlee! You have the best voice yet and a complete sweetie too!! Hopefully we can play for longer next time! Thanks again!!

  • Ashley,
    will you marry me?
    You have the most seductive voice I have ever heard!
    Not to mention you are one of the most beautiful women on the face of this earth. A call with you… is pure heaven! 🙂

  • WOW!!…Ashlee is absolutely amazing. She is HOT , I mean HOT!!…Never cum so hard from phone sex in all of my life as I did with her. A MUST TRY!!

  • Ashlee thanks for our great call. You are incredible and you absolutely made me quiver. You are the best.

  • I can not believe how wonderful and special Ashlee is…Every encounter is wonderfully satisfying and she is just a great person which makes every experience that much better…

  • Hey just wanted to drop you a Happy New Year note…

    Some guy is very lucky to be the one to give you a kiss when the clock strike midnight…

  • Ashlee is awesome. Very kind and sexy girl.Cares about your satisfaction.

  • Ashlee – just wanted to say thank you so much for another awesome call. You are the best, you make me feel so incredible and you have a killer personality to boot.

  • This young lady is the most fun a man can have on the telephone!!!!

  • Ashlee, A call with you makes me feel like I’m practically there with you. Thank you again for an amazing time!

  • I accidently deleted your message before I could here it all but it definately sent shivers up my spine to hear your voice…

  • Ashlee has a very sexy voice and she is quite gracious. Even called me “handsome” (I guess she took my word for it since she hasn’t seen me with her eyes, heh). She’s a smart girl.

  • Your voice makes me want to submit to you in ways that I’m ashamed of when my cock isn’t hard. I love you.


  • G E R O N I M O !!!!!!

    PS. I Love You!

  • Ashlee, once again thank you for a great call! You are the absolute best!

    If you are on this site for the first time and are unsure what girl to choose for a call, look no further! You’ve found the best with Ashlee!

  • I think I’ve died and gone to heaven! No, wait, it was just a phone call with Ashlee. Ash, thanks for the pics and making me feel so comfortable. Keep a lookout for more gifts from me. I love spoiling you.

  • Ashlee has the sexiest voice ever. Very adaptive role player! A+++++++++

  • Ashlee you’re amazing. Thank you…

  • Ashlee treats you like a sweet lover. But she can also be nasty and get you hard fast!

    She’s a great ride.

  • Ashlee,

    Thanks for the great phone fuck last night! It was well worth it and was such a great release!

    You made me cum nice and hard.. and ALOT!

    Thanks again! Hope to play with you soon!

  • Ashlee, thanks for an amazing time, you were right, my back and neck feel so much better now, I have never cum that hard in my life. I will try to talk to you whenever I can, thanks again.

  • I did my first call with ashlee to klassy kats and she was amazing, everything all these other comments below say and more ill definitely be calling back

  • You are one very special klassy kat, Ashlee. Thanks for making our call very klassy and purrfect.

    Love ya. KS

  • damn ash, you blew my mind and exceeded my expectations! I will be back for more of that intoxixcating voice. thanks again bart

  • What an amazing call! Ash, how does any man call you and not fall completely under your spell? I can’t wait for more of your magic.

  • Ashlee,

    I can only say that I called without regard to what was to follow. I was pleasently surprised with your friendly welcome and sincere words to follow.

    I’m enamored with you and your ability to make me feel welcome, wanted, and secure.

    You really are a special lady and am happy to have made your aquaintance.

  • What a great call! Ashlee is everything she says she is and more! She has a great grasp on how to handle role-plays. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a little fun.

  • when i call her its like haveing sex in heavan with a angle

  • A rare flower blooming in a crack in the asphalt parking lot of the PSO industry. A real, feeling human being’s energy housed in the most beautiful form imaginable. Beautiful moments, wonderful moments.

    But then you know that, right? ; )

  • I will never view a grocery store the same! Cleanup in the Bakery please.

  • Ashlee is a delight to talk to and always willing to discuss my fantasies, can’t wait to do a call with her. I am sure it will be like heaven on a phone. She has a rockin body and that will make the call even better!!!

  • Kind, sweet, caring, funny, down to earth lady. A delight to tall to. Thanks so much for the call, I will be back.

  • Ashlee, you are without a doubt the the most adorable and sexiest woman ever. I have absolutely enjoyed every minute talking with you. I couldn’t have imagined a phone call would be more satisfying. It’s one of the best desicions I ever made.

    Thanks Sweetheart.

  • Hey Ash,
    You are such an incredible person. Your an amaziing lover, but you are also a good friend who always takes care of me. i love our time together

  • Ashlee,

    I could easily reiterate some of the comments written here but I believe you are something much more to me. You can call it a connection or a feeling of being completely at ease… whatever it is, you’ve got it and its a beautiful thing.

    Love you,

  • Ashlee is a very gracious and complimentary woman. She makes sure that you are taken care of, while also being sure to compliment you and make you feel great along the way. She has an amazing voice, one that makes it obvious why she has so many callers. She listens to your requests and makes them happen in an incredible way. Great call.

  • Ashlee is an amazing gal. She will take the time to really get to know you and your needs and then tailor your time together to fit fulfill those needs. Give her a chance, like I did, and you will be utterly amazed.

    Oh yea, she is also incredibly sexy with a voice like a velvet glove on a pornstar.

  • Sex is great but what a sweet person Ashlee is… Amazing is a great word to use when talking with this woman….

  • Ashlee-
    Want to tell you how you make me feel special each time we speak and how much it means that you genuinely care about my feelings. You are a thoughtful, considerate and compassionate person. On top of being a truly kindhearted person who cares for others you are a fantastic lover. I am constantly amazed at the heights of passion you raise me to before a shattering climax. I am always more than satisfied each time we speak. You are absolutely awesome on the phone. You are very sexy, smart, funny and pretty. You are a “good person”. I feel lucky to know you.

  • Ashley, WOW what can I say. You are truly amazing. It was a great call. I enjoyed the time we spent talking. you have a very amazing and sexy voice. It was really great getting to know you and talk with you. After all you are my first call and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. You know I will definately be calling you back. You were wonderful baby. Thanks again. Can’t wait to play with you again baby. Hopefully sometime soon. Thank you.

  • Ashlee,

    you are wonderful as usual. Each time that I have called you over the past year, I have been amazed at how personable you are. You have a way of putting a man at ease, your never in a rush and are always looking to please.

  • C O W A B U N G A !!!!!

    PS. I Love you

  • Hey Ashlee,

    Just wanted to let you know how much pleasure and satisfaction you bring each time we talk. You take me places where I only fantasize about and when I hear you, I only wish you were actually here to make it real! Talk with you soon!


  • Ashlee,

    I can’t thank you enough for our call. We just got off the phone 5 minutes ago, and I’m already starting to plan our next role play. You took a fantasy that I’ve had for quite some time now, added your touch and now I desire it even more….Cali right??? I’ll be on the next plane…..looking forward to our next call. Thanks again,


  • Ashlee,

    Thank you for a great call. I love how you make me do things I would never do. I will do whatever you ask me to do.


  • Miss you, baby!

  • Ashlee,

    I promised I would. You are Aphrodite, a goddess. Next time I will stay longer – you got me off too quick. I have more fantasies to play out…

    Utah Boy

  • She’s a angel very, very sexy angel

  • Ashlee,

    You are my sexual fantasy woman come true!


  • OK…I just wiped up three tablespoons of hot cum from my nightstand. I didn’t have time to cum in the sink because this nasty very kinky sultry harlot just had my thick meat pulsing uncontrollably before I knew what happened! If you want someone who really wants to hear your very best spurt…then take a few minutes with this woman of your wet dreams – anything goes!

  • There’s a reason why you had to scroll down 10 miles to read this. Top notch girl. Worth every drop. I can def see why you’re so addictive.

  • Ashlee is simply wonderful, wonderful being great, sexy, funny, genuinely interested, intelligent, and incredibly imaginative and vivid with your call. She also has a great memory. If you find anything wrong with a call you do with Ashlee, it has to be you, because she can do no wrong. Thanks for a great one.

  • The worst thing about doing a call with you is immediately after I cum. I stare at my hand, dripping with what you coaxed out of me and think to myself “Why did I have to cum so quickly?”

    I wish I could talk to you forever.

  • WOW!!! Ashlee’s voice is incredible with pics to match. i can’t wait to call back. You can tell that she loves her job and she is the best.

  • This was a great call! Ashlee had an amazingly sexy voice. I will definitely be calling her again – sometime soon!

  • Ashlee is absolutely amazing. She honestly cares about you and caters to your every whim. There is no woman sexier and more beautiful than she. I can’t say enough about her and have her voice etched into my hard drive forever.

    You’ll never forget her…I promise!

  • Ashlee is God’s perfect gift to Man! She is the total package – pure, raw, sexy.

  • Ashlee, What a breath of fresh aire!! She will make every BONE in your body quiver and throb with excitement. What an exciting phone sex fantacy!!!

  • Ashlee is one of the elite best PSO’s out there. You will never go wrong with her and she will completely drain your cock!

  • Hey just wanted to drop you a note…

    You are such a joy and always bring so much happiness to my nights…you truly are a fantasy dream girl…


  • Your message was the biggest thrill I have had in a long time…

  • Its foolish to think that any of the other girls on this site will satisfy you every time…maybe once or twice…Ashlee is the real deal. You’ll go back for more, I guarantee it!!!

  • Just got done doing a call with Ashlee and my knees are still weak. I chose her because of her beautiful pics, her sexy voice and after reading her blog. Boy I was not let down. She acted out a roleplay and with her imagination brought it to life. I look forward to another call with her in the future.

  • Ashlee is wonderful. Called her for the first time this morning, and had a great time. Three thumbs up. ;o)

  • You will not believe the chills I got from the voice mail you left last week…I listened to it a few times before I deleted it cause it was such a turn on…You are a true goddess…

  • Just read your blog you are the perfect girl just perfect

  • ashlee is my dream lover

  • dont ever break her heart its a rare gem
    its something to treasure and old to

  • It’s been 3 days since our call, and I’m still thinking about it. That’s a testament well you do what you do. I told you that you’re a sweetheart and extremely seductive. Thank you for an amazing call


  • she is the hottest woman on the net,she rocks my world all the time she a diamond!!! i love her with all my heart

  • I am going to fantasize all weekend about you sprawled naked in your black thong on your black duvet with your naughty reflection in the mirrored closet. 2 of you all for me.

  • Ashlee is the sexiest girl on the net. Sweet sexy voice, very real and down to earth who will do anything to please you. My 1st call was so hot, can’t wait to be able to do number two.

  • Ashlee is a breathe of fresh air that triggers your mind and captures your soul.

  • ashlee is beyond words. We are one, and she is beyond incredible. I wish I could somehow found the words to describe her, but she is my creator..she is the one true god. Please, if you are reading this, call she can touch your soul and transform you.

  • Ashlee,

    I love everything about you, period.


  • Silky Hot Voice, great personality, friendly and knows when to switch things up. All around fantastic!


  • I really enjoyed talking with you last night. It has been a tough week or more and the time spent with you was very needed and helpful. I thank you for your ability to converse and put me at ease. At times we are all looking for hot phone sex and at other times a comforting voice. You are a beautiful soul and that keeps me coming back to you and no one else!

  • Ashlee wow! I’ve never been blown away like I was tonight. You are incredible in every way, from your voice to your personality you have it going on girl! This was my first call, but certainly not my last. I can see why I have to scroll down so far to leave this comment

    Your newest admirer
    Josh in OR

  • It was a long wait but worth every minute… the longing, the sexy voice and caring voice, a night under the tropical stars… the rest is up to the imagination and the desire for the next time…

  • Ashlee was so hot when i talked to her during a roleplay,that I had to call her again the next night.Her sexy voice made it very exciting and brought it to life.Towards the end of our call I even threw her a curve and she adjusted and hit it out of the park. thanks Ashlee!!

  • Ashlee is amazing. I’m submissive and she worked with that idea without missing a beat. i’d love to be her slave forever. Ashlee’s voice is pure sex, pure heat, absolutely incredible.
    Ashlee was able to create a hot scene and go with some ideas that sort of came up during the call. She was really into our conversation. What can i say, i’m hooked, or caged, perhaps i’m caged!

  • From the moment she answered the phone Ashlee’s voice had me rock hard. Her voice is mesmorizing, it is the essence of hot sex! Her whole personality screams..I want your hard cock inside me POUNDING! God, she knows how to take your fantasy and in 3 seconds she’s transforms to almost reality where she’s right there with you…begging for you to fuck her hot pussy. She knows exactly how to please a guy, she knows every word to say and every place to lick. In no time she had me blowing the biggest load I had blown in years!! So fucking
    hot. I am addicted!

  • Ashlee,

    What can I say, you know just the right things to say and moan to make it an amazing time, can’t way to talk to you again

  • Ashlee,

    You call yourself Naughty Ashlee, I must disagree, you are an Angel to me!


  • Ashlee is incredible. she had me moaning and whimpering with desire, hornier than I have ever been before.

  • Mistress Ashlee was amazing, took my fantasy and ran with it all the way to the end, Thanks so much!!!

  • Ashlee,

    Your are naughty in every sense of the word. I love the no limits, sex filled fun we had. You had me coming over and over. You are by far the best Klassy Kat!

  • what a dream and very sweet and classy.gods gift to mankind.thank you ashlee.


  • Thanks for the HOT call, babe! You’re the best! =)

  • Another call, another indulgent episode in the amazing dream-world that only you are capable of creating. I love you.


  • Ashlee,

    You are by far the hottest girl around. Your tits are to die for. Can’t wait for another phone fuck session

    Love Ya

  • You alone you are the everything!!!

  • really knows how to read where you want to go, very thoughtful and descriptive, knows when to talk and when to listen, such a SWEET voice too !

  • From the moment you said hello, I was rock hard and ready to blow my load. I never realized how dirty I could be until I talked with you. Daddy loved the fuck session you gave him. Your tits are the most perfect I’ve ever touched, tasted and fucked. They are perfect! You sexy voice and you’re fucking hot body make me want to leave my wife. Thanks for the hottest phone fuck ever! I’m looking forward to our next session.

  • Ash, I keep cumming back for you…

  • Ashlee has an amazingly sexy voice and it got me hard instantly. She made great sounds as if she was there sucking my cock and really knew what buttons to push. For someone who has only used this site twice, I don’t think I will ever call anyone besides Ashlee again.

  • Ashlee is the real deal. Read her blog, she ain’t lying and she has just as much fun as you do.

    Fiesty girl, a little tempermental…but that is what makes her hot and certainly a goddess no less. Say nice things to her and she will let you do very naughty things.

    Kiss her feet, kiss her toes. she likes that.

  • I am Thankful for you thankful for how well you treat me thankful for how beuatiful you are for how you make me feel for how hard you make me 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • I still dream of your voice……I felt as if we had a connection. I will call and cum again! Thanks for releasing my load……

  • I had a wonderful time last night and can’t wait to call again real soon!

  • Ashlee, Thanks so much for a great call! Your voice is so sweet!

  • Ash, words cannot express the way I feel about you. I can’t wait to talk to you again. I need to hear your voice, it feeds my soul.

  • What an amazing call, unlike no other! If you want a hot young voice with a creative mind you need to call her. Will be calling again soon baby.

  • One word, OUTSTANDING!

  • Ashley I am completely smitten. After our chat Wednesday night, I want you so much more. Can’t wait to get more of your insanely hot pictures. Talk to you soon.

  • This girl made my heart go pity pat. I haven’t had that in a long time. Thanks for making me feel so comfortable with my unusual fantasy.

  • ashlee. u r the 1 of the sexiest girl. i luve u . but, i feel that one n one day i want to sleep night with u.

  • Ashlee. That says it all right there. If you tried to describe her, you would exhaust the English language of pronouns and adjectives in a vain effort. She is simply a goddess. I was privileged to be in Ashlee’s company for the first time on Oct 29. She simultaneously put me at ease and under her seductive spell. Wearing a stunning black ensemble of stilletos, lace topped stockings, and a garter belt, she escorted me through a beautiful erotic encounter. I anxiously await my next sensual adventure with the lovely and talented Ashlee. Thank you so much, Ashlee.

  • Ashlee was a secretary that had to come to my office due to complaints from co-workers about her revealing attire. Her visit was very eye-opening and we covered a variety of topics before reaching an amicable conclusion. Ashlee demonstated the skills and abilities to get her promoted. Being the consumate professional that she is, she left the office with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. I had a smile too, along with a special momento of our meeting. As for her co-workers complaints, they were addressed in a very direct corporate decision. I simply promoted Ashlee to be my executive secretary and personal assistant. I look forward to working with her in the future and being the recipient of her considerable skills in and out of the office. Ashlee, thank you for being the business woman that you are, a perfect blend of business and pleasure!

  • Ashlee,

    I just finished reading your latest blog entry “Surprise for my Lover.” Your words are just like you; soulful, vibrant, sensual, alluring, flowing, and full of life. You paint a picture with your musings that fills the reader’s mind with beautiful and tactile images. Thank you for sharing your considerable talents with the world. I look forward to speaking with you at your discretion.

  • WOW! Ashlee, your voice and beauty has my mind spinning! You are the best lover any man could ever have! Your voice has left me craving you every day! I ache for you Ashlee!

  • Ashlee,

    To try and explain all that you are and what you can do is a study in futility. Gracious, senuous, caring, creative, tough, yet so soft. What an amazing encounter this afternoon! The waiting and working was definitely worth the outcome. As I stated, your pleasure is my pleasure. Thank you so much!

    Ravished by you,
    Southern Gentleman

  • Ashlee,

    Once again you have taken me on a senusual adventure that defies description. You are a master of your craft and the hallmarks of your skill adorned our call. You have the “it” quality that is sought after and treasured! Thank you for sharing yourself with me and allowing me to appreciate all that you are.

    Insatiably yours,
    Southern Gentleman

    P.S. Velvety cream!

  • Another incredible call with Ashlee today! She swept me off to a tropical paradise for an adventure of soft, sensual lovemaking. Her sunkissed skin glided over me as the gentle ocean breezes caressed us both. It was a fantasy island and Ashlee was my gracious and lovely host. Thank you once again for sharing yourself with those of us that can truly appreciate a lovely lady as yourself!

    Southern Gentleman

  • If you want to talk to a classy, creative, and sexy lady, call Ashlee. She takes her time to learn what you like and what makes you feel good. Then she crafts a custom made fantasy just for you. She loves details and uses them to make your time with her so personal and comfortable. When you finish your call with her, you will be breathless and, yet, wanting more at the same time. Just remember to treat her like a queen and, she in turn will treat you like a king. She will lavish you with her wiles and ravish you with her passion if you will but treat her like a lady. Her clientele is exclusive, gentlemen only. Appreciate what she does for you, show her the respect she warrants, and Ashlee will rock your world! I know this for a fact. A call with Ashlee is a privilege that you must experience firsthand and always cherish the time spent with her. Ashlee, detailed and delicious!

    Viva Las Vegas,
    Southern Gentleman

  • Ashlee,

    You were dressed for success in the lace waist cincher, stockings and a smile! An absolute vision of seduction as you sauntered toward me, your ensemble leaving nothing to the imagination. Our session was torrid and amazing. You teased and pleased me throughout your bedroom. To my delight, you shared your “special” gift with me over and over again, satisfying my thirst for it. As we writhed on your satin sheets, you increased my pleasure with your flexibility. We reached the zenith of our passion gazing into each others eyes. Each time we talk, you leave me breathless, yet wanting more. The wait for my “surprise with a surprise” will be well worth it! Thank you so much for being you, Ashlee!

    Totally yours,
    Southern Gentleman

  • Southern Gentleman


    Our last two calls have been nothing short of incredible. The passion, creativity, and intimacy you pour into each fantasy is astounding. I especially enjoy your eye for detail and your willingness to share it. Adorned in an exquisite ensemble of white lace, satin, and silk, you teased and pleased me like you always do. You used every part of your stunning figure to immerse me in sensual bliss. Allowing me to experience your special gift once again and I savor it so. But that was not all. You granted me a privelege that was earned over time with these last two interludes. Needless to say, I enjoyed it immensely! Ahhh, the memories of your chaise lounge and the beautiful Ashlee having her way with me! You are my minx, Ashlee! It seems so inadequate, but, thank you.


    Southern Gentleman

  • Southern Gentleman

    If you are considering a call to Ashlee, you should know some things about her. First and foremost, she is a lady. Treat her as such at all times. If you cannot do this, do not call her. She is passionate about what she does. This trait will become very evident to you as you talk with her. She truly loves what she does and being the recipient of that devotion is amazing. Stating the obvious, she is a stunningly gorgeous woman whose features and figure resemble a goddess. But not only is she physically beautiful, Ashlee is very skilled in the use of her body to please you both. Her vocabulary is expansive and her voice, velvety smooth. She has a lovely sense of humor. Ashlee’s personality is strong, sexy, sassy, and sweet, a rare combination indeed. Her love of details will captivate you and add a layer of richness to your time with her. In summary, time spent with Ashlee is time well spent. Be forewarned, you will find yourself spending more and more time with her. I know, because I do!

    Southern Gentleman

  • Southern Gentleman

    Gentlemen, don’t let Ashlee’s beautiful smile, velvety voice, and curvaceous figure fool you, she is a real minx! Our last call came after she had just got home from a special meeting with her girlfriends. She was a vision in white as is their custom for their meetings. White is the color of innocence, but she was far from that. The torrid encounter we shared was absolutely amazing! This naughty minx does like to play! Graciously, Ashlee allowed to introduce a new aspect to our relationship. Her trusting me implicitly is something I will never take for granted. Relishing our new erotic pleasure, we continued to ravish one another until we reached our climax together. Thank you so much, Ashlee, for the passion you put forth and being such a naughty minx!

    Incredibly thankful,
    Southern Gentleman

  • Southern Gentleman


    My usually eloquent prose about you fails me at this time. Due to your extened hiatus, I am sure that I am not the only gentleman that longs for your company. I am quite sure that I speak for all of us that are privliged enough to be part of your exclusive clientele; I miss you Ashlee and eagerly await your sensual return. Until then, I am not sure what to do, but wait.

    Southern Gentleman

  • i definitely need to submit to you again . . .

  • I just spent an incredibly intimate, torrid, passion filled, and engaging hour reuniting with Ashlee. Our erotic fire was rekindled and is once again a raging inferno thanks to my vixen! I am at a loss for words and breath right now, but thank you so much for being you, Ash!

  • ahhh , my first call with the beautiful , sexy , intelligent Ashlee . It won’t be my last . I was beginning to think she was a mythical creature , she was always away . Well I finally experienced the reality and it was so much more than I imagined that it would be . Ashlee Thank You

  • ALSO my first call …. and as i told the sensual, sexy, fun ashlee, i too am thrilled she is back …. i have 3 words for ashlee … W-O-W … wait, that’s letters 🙂 well, perhaps i’m at a loss for words … welcome back ashlee … i absolutely can’t wait til we meet again ….

  • I asked you to take me to the edge and you sensually dominated me like never before. A vision in black mesh and lace-up stilettos, I had no other choice than to do obey your every desire. You did not humiliate or belittle me, you just simply had your way with me. Being a love slave to such benevolent mistress is ecstasy, not agony. Thank you for being so amazing, Ashlee.

  • New levels of intensity and passion that burned hotter than the sun. Absolutely, an amazing interlude with the Mistress Ashlee. To say that I was prepared for what took place would be an utter lie. My mind, body, and soul were taken on an erotic carnival ride that left me exhausted, wet with sweat, and drained. Mistress Ashlee is a wholly different woman than the seductress Ashlee. She is not for the faint of heart. Tough, yet fair, you must earn everything with her. Thankfully, I did not kindle her wrath, but was able to perform all that she required of me. If you think that you are man enough to be with Mistress Ashlee, think again and then call her. She will try your mettle and determine if you are worthy of her. You have been duly warned. Mistress Ashlee, thank you for your time and benevolence today. You were a goddess in black and I will always know that I am yours.

  • Desire. Ardor. Craving. Devotion. Fervor. Hunger. Infatuation. Lust. Need. Passion. Rapture. Ravenous. Thirst. Urge. Yearning. Attraction. Fascination. Lascivious. Eagerness. Aspiration. Appetite. Smitten. All of these words are synonymous with Ashlee and you will experience them all with her. I know and I love it and her!

  • Ashlee, I lay naked on my back with my legs and arms bound by you. aaaaahhhhh you then kick my balls with your 8″ spike heels over and over and over again and again. then squating over my mouth and setting on my face with your full weight, my mouth forced open with your dental spreader then you start the real training you start pissing and the shitting making me eat and drink it all. hope we can chat soon, your toiletslave

  • Thanks Ashlee, great call. Looking so forward to continuing our first time together.

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