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Naughty Boy Discovers Mommy’s New Panties

My naughty boy wakes up late on a lazy summer morning. No more homeschooling! His morning wood causes his hand to drift between his legs. Then he remembered the UPS delivery from Victoria Secrets yesterday. When asked Mommy what was in the package, she told him it was nothing that would interest him. Mommy would soon discover his secret panty fetish.

The boy got out of bed, went to the window, and Mommy was working in the herb garden. Now was his chance to explore! He opened her lingerie drawer, and there were beautiful lace panties. The tags were still on them. There were three new pairs, and he liked the raspberry pink ones the most. He wiggled out of his pajama bottoms and put on the new panties. As he stood in front of the mirror, he admired the view. He was rock hard now and rubbed himself through the panties.

Her son rubbed harder, and his little moans drowned out the sound of Mommy walking up the stairs. He saw her in the mirror and turned around. He was wearing her new panties with the VS tag dangling on the side. It was so humiliating, and his face was beet red. He apologized and begged for forgiveness. Promised never to do it again. Was Mommy going to ground him, spank him? Oh, the boy knew that the punishment would be severe!

Mommy was not angry at all. Was that a wicked, seductive smile on her face? She was a little hot and sweaty from working in the garden, but that made her scent even more intoxicating. She took off her shorts and top before she punished him by sitting on his face. Then she pulled out a big strap-on and pulled the new panties to the side. She fucked his little bottom until he came in the new panties.

If you enjoy Mommy/Son fantasies, you really should call me soon! A family-fun role-play, a naughty but nurturing Mommy, makes you feel good with all the chaos in the world!


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Hot Intern Phone Sex

I just finished an internship where I was scheduled to work nights at one of the big Miami Beach hotels.

Since the five start hotel caters to party people, providing customer service in the middle of the night is constant.

The other members of the front desk staff and I worked our asses off tending to the guests every request. We worked hard all night long. Come 7 am, when our shifts ended, one would think we would be exhausted and ready for our beds.

Feeling wired from drinking coffee and adrenaline, I needed to relax and have some fun. I wanted to get away from tourists. Although it was morning, I wanted a cocktail. Instead of breakfast, I wanted a burger and a drink. There is a little bar, close to my place, that caters to locals instead of tourists. They have a Happy Hour at 7 to 9 am with drink specials and good but cheap food.

I would go there often and pick up a hottie who was as tired, wired, and horny as me. After working and watching people party all night, I need a hot guy to fuck me hard. There did not need to be a lot of flirting and a long seduction scene. We both wanted the same thing. My pussy craved rough, hot sex.

Now my internship is over, so every hour is Happy Hour! 

Isn’t that what you want? A naughty girl like me who craves hot sex! I am a girl who never says “no” to a hot, hard cock. Are you hot and horny too?  Too much work and not enough play? Give me a call, and I will rock your world. 


Written By: Isabelle
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Waiting For Your Wife To Leave’m standing by the window and watching your house. I’m waiting for your wife to leave. That’s when we get to have our fun. My pussy is already wet thinking about the last round we had.

As soon as she left for work, I came over and in through the back door. I could hear the shower running and decided to surprise you. You were soaping your body up and the glass was all steamed up. I slipped out of my robe and joined you. It startled you a little when you felt my hand wrap around your cock, but you knew it was me when you felt my big tits press into your back. You turned and pressed me back against the wall. You lifted me up and thrust your hard cock into my creamy cunt. The water was hot, but your mouth sucking on my nipples was hotter. We came together hard and knew that that was only the beginning of our day.

My pussy always starts to tingle as I see her get in her car and drive away. I know it’s time to make a visit to my favorite neighbor!


Written By: Abby
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Morning Masturbation

I woke up this morning and I can’t explain it this overwhelming need to be fucked. Sadly, no one was home to play with. I thought about just jumping into the shower but I didn’t want to get out of bed without cumming first.

Reaching my hand into my panties, it was very obvious I wanted to cum, I was so WET! Laying back while playing with my wet bald pussy, I started to think about the thing that turns me on the most. No, not just big cock, but my Phone Sex Daddy’s big cock.

Lately, Daddy has been insatiable, he wants to fuck me everywhere we go now. Of course, it’s a little my fault, I don’t know where to stop when I start to tease him. Mmm yes I remember the time in the store, I had been rubbing on Daddy’s cock all afternoon. I just wanted to tease him and remind him how much I loved him. Well I must of really got him turned on because in the back of the store he pulled me into the corner by the bathroom, and I felt his cock slip under my dress. He pulled my panties to the side and covered my mouth to muffle my moans as he started to fuck me fast and hard right there. Anyone walking by could have saw. I kind of wish they did.

Written By: Emma
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MILF Debi’s Prodigal Son

My phone sex son came home from college today for a visit. I am always so happy to see him, but he is a sneaky young man. He always comes home unannounced and early in the morning before I am awake. Sometimes I think he plans it out so he can catch me in bed in something skimpy.

This morning I woke up to his lips on mine. It was so hot, but so very wrong. I told him it wasn’t a good idea over and over, but it got hard for me to talk with his mouth on my mature cunt.
The last time I saw his cock he was just a little boy in the bath. Now he is a full grown man with a big, thick cock for his Mommy. I tried to fight it but him being my son, and such a big, beautiful cock, I just couldn’t say no.


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Taking The Day Off

My alarm went off this morning and I had no desire to get out of bed. It’s too cold out and all I want to do is stay in my warm, comfy bed. I didn’t hear my teenage phone sex son in the bathroom yet so I sent him a text asking him to come to my bedroom. He probably thought he was in trouble because I heard him get home way past his curfew last night.

I was in a naughty, playful mood so once he came into my room I told him he could either go to school or skip it, and come into bed with me. Without any hesitation, he jumped right in. Boy, did he ever! I opened my legs and he devoured his Mother’s pussy. We were in bed most of the day exploring each others bodies and it was the best day off I’ve had in a really long time.



Written By: Elise
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Anal Angel Elle


   When I was in highschool the boys and men all called me Anal Angel. I loved fucking bareback but of course, I didn’t want to get knocked up. There was just a few solutions. My favorite was pussy, mouth then ass. I would come so hard, I am sure neighbors heard me. I loved licking my sweet juices off of a cock. 

Last night I had an amazing night of getting all my fuck holes pounded. Even though my fuck-buddy finished in my ass, I got brave and took a load in my pussy and mouth from his friends. I forgot how good it felt to have hot, sticky cum in all my holes. I love the after taste that lingers in my warm, wet mouth. We all fell asleep and I woke up to 3 huge cocks pounding my sweet, fuck holes again.


Written By: Elle
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You Can’t Resist Temptation

After hitting your snooze button a few times, you finally wake up. You reach for your phone and go through your emails. You see a bunch of junk mail and then you stumble upon an email from me. Knowing you’re running late at this point, you can’t resist.

Your eyes widen as you see an intriguing picture of yours truly. My picture has got you so aroused that you didn’t even read my email (yet). You couldn’t resist the temptation, so you pull down your boxers and stroke your hard cock.

As you’re looking at my beautiful full tits and smooth pussy, you realize there’s one thing missing from your morning masturbation session, and that is the sound of my voice. We both know that jerking off is not the same without me.

Your fingers can’t dial my number fast enough. And just like that, you hear my voice on the other end. My voice sounds different to you (in a good way) because I am just waking up. You feel your cock throbbing after hearing me in your ear first thing in the morning. I waste no time and slide my hands down between my thighs and move my panties to the side. My pussy is so wet for you. I want you..badly.

It’s hard to resist the Madame.



Written By: Madame Joanne
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Daddy’s Huge Balls

      Phone sex daddy left his bedroom door open while he was getting dressed for work. I can’t believe how huge his balls are. He turned towards the bedroom door like he heard something. He got this dirty look on his face, and began stroking his cock. I wonder if he saw me watching him? My little bald cunny got so wet as I watched him rub his balls, and jerk his daddy cock. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have his daddy dick inside of me, with his huge cum filled balls bouncing against my sweet little ass.

I must have moaned a little too loud, as this time he saw me. He told me in a stern voice to crawl on my knees to him. I am a good girl, and always listen to my daddy. I crawled to him till those huge balls were right by my jail bait mouth. He told me to suck them, and give them a long, sloppy tongue bath. Daddy tasted so good. I just wanted more, but he wanted me to just suck his balls. I began sucking his balls harder, and faster. Daddy pulled out and shot a huge load all over my face. Mommy came up with his coffee, and he hid me in the closet. 

I couldn’t believe what he did next. With me hiding in the closet, he began to get hard again, and fucked mommy with me watching. I can’t tell you what happened next, but omg it was so dirty, nasty and hot!


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Taking the Scenic Route and Enjoying The Ride

This time of year, you really need to pay attention to what is around you, or you miss out. Beauty and adventure are everywhere. If you don’t notice what is around you, you could be missing out on wonderful possibilities for the sexy adventures. What if you’re driving your truck down my block, and you fail to notice me jogging along on the sidewalk? What a shame it would be if you failed to notice my big, huge hits bouncing up and down as I run. Maybe you’re too shy or think it is too forward to stop a lady on the street, well you’re in luck. I am only a phone call away. You can have these tits bouncing in your face any time you like!

Just image though, what an incredibly hot role-play that would be for the two of us. We live in the same neighborhood. We have not seen each other all winter. Now that spring has arrived, everyone is outside again. You are driving along our street, and you stop when you see me running. After chatting for a while, the sparks start to fly. You and I have wonderful chemistry. I invite you back to my place. You pull off my work out clothes as quickly as you can. You grab hold of my tits. We start kissing, and my hand is holding your cock. I feel it growing harder. My big nipples bouncing in your face makes your cock jump in anticipation of being inside my pussy.

Well, don’t be a stranger, call me and let’s have a great time together.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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