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 My Stats

Age: 25

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 116

Measurements: 34D-25-34

Pussy: Slippery wet and very tight!

Ass: Looks awesome in my hip-hugger jeans

Favorite Positions: On top and doggy style

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a Olive Garden. There's more to that story.

Hobbies: Swimming, tanning, baking, antique shopping, volleyball and spending time with friends and family

Specialities: Role-play, SCAT, Anal play, Sensual dom, Teasing, Cuckolding, Guided masturbation, Mutual masturbation, Orgasmic hand-jobs, Long calls, Pussy pops, Rape, Gang bangs, Strap-on play, Period worship, Foot fetish, Giantess, Balloons, Nipple torture, Medical play, Snuff, Tease and denial and so much more!


Hi… All you sexy men out there! This is Parker. Your 25 year old hottie with no limits! I hope you are ready for a good time because I aim to please.
 I first realized my insatiable appetite for pleasure at the tender age of thirteen. I remember sitting in front of my computer for hours, writing the most elaborate and graphic sex tales. Although I had no real personal experience in it all. I remember sneaking into my fathers drawer where he kept all of his porn and then sitting for hours in front of the television masturbating with my fingers. Placing them ever so gently into my tight wet virgin pussy and fantasizing about the huge cocks I would one day get to replace them with. Until one day my dream became a reality. It was my sophomore year in college school and I was desperate to become a cheerleader. During the “initiation” process, there was a certain something that all new varsity cheerleaders had to do. I wasn’t sure if I could, since at the time I was still very much a virgin, but had been pleasuring myself for quite a while. In order to make the cheerleading squad, I was required to screw the running back, tail back, tight end and of course the quarterback. I was blind folded and led into the boys locker room. The whole team was there and so was the cheerleading squad. There I was, cock in my mouth, one in my ass and one in my pussy. The fourth, was waiting on standby for one of the players to cum so he could take his place in the rotation. They fucked me so long and so hard, that I
just kept squirting and cumming all over the place. The sounds of shear enjoyment coming from my gang bangers was pleasure in itself and I could hardly wait to do it again. I’ve never felt more proud in my life then when all four of them shot there huge loads all over my naked body! I was covered in cum and grinning from ear to ear.

Sloppy wet kisses,

Call 1.888.307.4889
for Phone Sex with

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  • hey parker, haven’t got a chance to talk to you.. but i bope i will soon when you actually get online. lets have some fun(;

  • Parker is perfect ,she says the words we want to hear , absolutely amazing. The more times you call the better she gets. This is how phonesex is supposed to be , you won’t be disappointed.

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