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 My Stats

Age: 44

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'8

Weight: 117

Measurements: 34DD-24-32

Pussy: So smooth I can't keep my fingers out of it.

Ass: I like it up in the air!

Favorite Positions: Doggie style baby! (fucking your ass)

Strangest Places I've had sex: Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party

Hobbies: CSI (all of them fan) and going to the gym

Specialities: Sissy and Panty Boys, Cock Bossing, Cuckolding, Role Play, Mutual Masturbation


My charms will enchant you, my skills delight you and my voice gives you permission to develop those things you have longed for. My imagination can take you to heights of passion you have only dreamed of. I can touch all that you are and all that you want to be. You innermost thoughts and desires can be shared with me. And those secrets are safe. Share them with me. You know that it is making you crazy to keep them bottled up inside. I understand you, what you desire and what you need.

When you wear those pretty panties, soft against your skin, you will ache for the sound of my voice to caress you in all the right places. The need to be a sissy, panty boy can at last be shared and understood.

That burning desire to be tortured can be fulfilled by a Mistress that cares. I can go from 100% Bitch Goddess to Loving Mistress feeding those needs that burn in your soul. Your very existence can be changed by having a Mistress to help you appreciate those deep dark secrets you keep. If you amuse me, I can grant you all. Arrangements for long-term assignments can be made as well. My slaves are treasures to me, treated just as they deserve. Convince me you are worthy of my time and the pleasure and pain can be endless.

Sometimes I just have the urge for some good ole fashioned, hard core fucking. Bang me up against a wall, bend me over a chair. You think you can handle Simone?

Stimulating Simone

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Call 1.866.792.5004
for Phone Sex with

2 Responses to “Simone”

  • I experienced my first call with the amazing sex goddess, Simone, today. We did not explore any dark taboos or ravage each other like animals. Instead, I had the distinct privilege of making love to her. Soft, slow, and intimate were the order of the day as I slipped away into sensual bliss with Simone. Her abilities to please a man are extensive, but she allowed me to please her as a woman too. Lavishing her curvaceous form with attention and hearing her responses was extraordinary. Each movement rendered new ecstasy for both of us. Indulging myself in her sweet “honey” was one of my many rewards. A truly gratifying experience with a real lady! Thank you, Simone.

  • Just had another incredible encounter with the lovely Simone! She was a vision of sensuality, her baby blue lingerie clinging to her gorgeous figure. The warm Atlantic air danced through her blonde tresses as her topaz brown eyes sparkled with desire. As I lay on the chaise lounge, I enjoyed the sight of her and the sweet taste of my margarita. Her golden skin glowing in the South Florida sun only made her appear like the goddess she is. Simone then lavished me with her beautiful body and sensual charms. The intimacy, passion, and ecstasy were a perect mixture to intoxicate us both. She gave me everything; that is just Simone’s way. What an incredible lover! Thank you so much, Simone.

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