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Sissy Fun with Faith

Don’t worry my sweet little sissy. I’m going to help you look fabulous for your date tonight. Chocolates, roses, and big cocks. What more could a girl ask for on a day like this?

I know you’ve  been waiting for this day all year. Your favorite holiday,  you dream about being a beautiful woman. You want to look just like me. Big boobs, pretty, smooth silky hair and lips that were made to suck cock.

I’m going to transform you into everything that you’ve wanted from the first day we spoke. When I’m done with you, you’ll be a confident, sexy sissy who will be ready to go out on your own. I will turn you into the perfect woman. You just need a little push and today is the perfect day.

Your Valentines day transformation is going to be perfection. 




Written By: Faith
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Just The Two Of Us

Your phone sex Mommy has a wonderful week planned for you, It’s going to be all about you and me. I just know how much you love Valentines day. It’s always been our special holiday to spend with each other. You can love and kiss all over me sweetie.

I come into your room as soon as the sun comes up. I’m wearing your favorite red sheer robe. Mommy always wants to make you happy. I sit on the side of the bed, I wake you up with kisses. You’re still a little groggy, you open your eyes and give Mommy a big smile. I untie my robe and let it fall to the floor, giving you the perfect view of my luscious breasts. I know how much you love feasting on them.

My hand slips under the covers, finding your hardness. Your phone sex Mommy is going make this week perfect for you. I wrap my hands around your thickness and start to stroke you. Feeling the pre-cum leaking. I have so many surprises for you this week. It is going to be an amazing celebration for our special Valentines day.


Written By: Toni
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Breast Worship With Anna

annaI love having my beautiful breasts worshiped. Imagining you taking your time and teasing me through my bra, nibbling and sucking them through the material…mmmm. I’m a greedy girl and love to feel good, but I always like it best when you make me wait. When you finally unhook my bra and slip it off, I feel like a present being unwrapped. My nipples are already so hard, but the cold air hitting them and then your warm breath. They get so hard they hurt! But your gentle lips and tongue soon soothe them and I’m moaning again. You let your mouth roam all over, taking it inside, sucking at that sensitive tip, nipping it with your teeth just a little. My entire body starts to shake with each lazy stroke of your tongue. This torture goes on for hours. I could cum dozens of times from this alone, but you continue to make me wait. When I feel your mouth clamp down hard, painfully sucking it into your mouth, I know I have your permission to let go. I scream as I squirt all over you, all over your cock, and all over me. My breasts are tender and pink  but I’m ready for more.


Written By: Anna
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Sky’s Tight Sweater Attracts Attention

yellow sweaterIt is Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. The past couple of weeks I have let things slide around my apartment due to my a demanding school schedule. I am exhausted, but on my way home from campus, I stop at Starbucks for a latte and the intent of doing some deep cleaning of my apartment.

When I get home, I take off my clothes and lingerie. I slip into an old yellow sweater and shorts. I turn on some loud music to get me moving and keep me motivated.  A great Katy Perry song is next on my playlist. I really crank the music and start dancing around, using my vacuum cleaner as my dance partner as I clean. The things we do when no one is looking!

At the chorus of the song, I am grinding and shaking my booty. All the sudden, there is a POUNDING on my door! I turn down the music and open the door. There are you, a stranger to me, complaining about the volume of my music.  I apologize and explain that I have had a rough few weeks and at school and I am cleaning tonight.  All the sudden, you become sweet and charming. (you like my big tits in my tight sweater) You apologize to me for bothering me, and you ask me if I need any help. I take you up on your offer.  I ask you to help me move the furniture so I can vacuum underneath it.

Wow, you are strong.  I get my front room cleaned in no time with your help. I ask if you would like to have a beer with me.  You follow me into the kitchen. The light in the kitchen is much brighter, and you can see through my sweater. You get really turned on and hard. We start making out in my kitchen. Good thing I cleaned the kitchen floor first.  We end up fucking right there on my kitchen floor.

Your Naughty Girl, 


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Kick back With Me Tonight


 Kicking back after a great day and sipping some Stoli Vodka. My calls get so intense that I find sweat dripping down my back and in between my  perfect 36DD’s before I am done. I get teased at how many times I cum during a call. You know, it does take two and my callers are the hottest. 

I love role-play and find myself being big sister, trophy wife, office tease, and even a coed sometimes. With my cute giggly voice, my guys often love for me to be a teasing younger coed.  It isn’t always role-play, they’re times it is just you and I in the most passionate fucking I could ever imagine on the phone.  It is so exciting sitting back, using my vibe while you suck my nipples till I feel that tingle all the way down to my clit. 

 It is a good thing I live alone, because I do get loud!  My guys take such good care of me, but don’t forget when you are in a hurry, I will suck your dick till you shoot all over my pretty face. Mmmm, so much cum that I can’t swallow it all, it drips down corners of my mouth and chin. Join me for a drink and some extremely naughty and dirty fucking!


Written By: Tiffany

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Rewarding My Lover

            I don’t wear bras often as I love letting my natural beauties bounce. I always flirt and smile wickedly as all the men and women stare. There are special occasions when a sexy set from Wicked Temptations is an amazing  way to show my lover how much I appreciate him.  What man doesn’t love to unwrap his present?  The question is: will it be slow with my lingerie intact or will it be fast, with my sexy lingerie ripped and on the floor?

After a romantic dinner, I excuse myself to freshen up. You watch as my tight black dress barely covers my round ass and are in awe how easily I walk in my 8 inch black pumps.  I know you are thinking about my strong thighs wrapped around you as you lick my wet pussy. I come back to the table seeing your smile, yes a very naughty smile as I open my purse showing you I have removed my silky pink and black panties.

The waiter has barely left our table all night and you quickly say “check please”.  I whisper in your ear that I am not quite ready. The waiter brings another bottle of Dom and you feel my perfectly manicured hand with my french tip fingernails rubbing your dick through your pants. Now it is my turn to say “check please”.


Written By: Tiffany

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BBC Phone Sex with Mommy Patrice

I have had many of men asked me at what part of my life did I become a whore? Well, one night I had just got home from a church and it was really late. I walked into our bedroom and there was my husband set up the camera and three well-built black guys. That was the night my husband had decided that I needed a little more dick in my life. He told me I was going to be their dirty white whore and that they were going to fuck me tonight. I thought he had lost his damn mind! I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had ever seen men packing something extra in their jeans and not one of them were smaller than eleven inches. My husband pushed me down and before I knew it, I was naked and all my holes pumped full of chocolate meat. I suck those black cocks so good I was choking and gagging until they bust their nuts down my throat and I didn’t even resist. I love sucking cock and swallowing cum too. I was born to be a to cock sucking dirty whore, and nothing will ever stop me from living the dream and if you’re looking for the whore that has been around the block a time or two, then call me because I’m the one who will make your cock blow.


guys you can even email me @ aol – kinkymompatrice
or message me @ yahoo – kinkymommypatrice

Blow Job Phone Sex with Aunt Peggy

Hi naughty boys, I’m a deep throat cock sucking whore that likes to go to the truck stop and get down on her knees and open wide. I love big dick white, brown, black, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is if it’s big enough and lucky for you, my oral skills turned out to be something more than a regular way of earning a living. I have big tits, thick thighs, and phat round ass and wouldn’t you like to be trapped underneath while I sit on your face. But I should give you fair warning I like my face sitting sessions best when you’re whimper and struggle underneath me. If you’re looking for the whore that has been around the block a time or two, then I’m the one who will make your cock blow. I believe in draining a man dry! So cum on over. My pussy is waiting!


Mommy’s Nip Slip At The Car Show

Mommy is asked to be a model at the local car show. The revenue generated will be donated to the New Library Fund. She is super nervous about being a car model, but it is for charity. You watch Mommy lie naked by the pool every day for two weeks so she has the perfect tan. A man sends over a dress for Mommy to wear. The dress fits perfectly, but it is an extremely snug fit over her big tits. The morning of the show, you spy on Mommy. She does her hair and makeup. She does her best to stuff her big girls into her tiny dress. 

During the show, a crowd gathers around Mommy and an old blue convertible.  The man from the newspaper wants to take Mommy’s picture. You get jealous. You don’t like this man flirting with Mommy. The crowd gets bigger around the car. Mommy hesitates, but the photographer is so presistent that she does a sexy pose on the hood of the car.  As she arches her back, her boob falls out, nip slip.  The crowd goes wild! Everyone is staring at Mommy’s nipple. You run up and pull up Mommy’s dress, and she rewards you with a kiss. 

You are shocked to realize that you are as hard as every other man in the crowd after getting a view of Mommy Morgan’s nip slip. 

Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Another Night With Aunt Ava

You are enjoying your summer break, but put some sizzle into your summer nights.  You have your Aunt Ava to help you explore every sexual fantasy and desire. 

With teenage girls, all you get are tiny tits, mind games, and senseless drama. Instead of chasing silly girls around town all summer and getting blue balled, spend the summer with your Aunt Ava.

She is a real woman with huge sexy tits, a cougar with a hunger for passion and kinky fun. She dresses sexy because she is sexy. Ava knows how to turn you on and get you off.

Auntie Ava
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