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Worship My Beautiful Tits


Are you total boob man? You would love having me in your neighborhood. I’m an avid runner and I love feeling my tits bounce in my tiny sports bra. I know all my neighborhood guys check me out all the time. I have to admit, I love the attention. It makes me run harder to feel them bounce more.

Something else gets even harder – my nipples! When I’m running in the morning (especially if it’s cooler out) my nipples will be rock hard. Sometimes when I run, I purposely run my fingers over my nipples to tease them. Instantly, my pussy gets wet. Some mornings I shorten my run and go home to masturbate. I can’t wait to strip my sweaty clothes off and fuck myself.

Are you obsessed with a beautiful woman with amazing tits? Call me and I will get off hearing how you’d like to worship them.



Written By: Charlotte
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Let AJ Help

I was getting ready for ballet when I got a text from my bestie’s daddy. I was so fucking excited! He is so hot and all my friends would be so jealous that I was fucking him. I wasn’t exactly fucking him. Not yet, anyway! He texted me because Jillian was late getting home and he was worried.

I ran right over to help him, or help myself to him! This was super important, so without finishing dressing, I tossed on my coat and went right over.

When I got there, he was in his office doing some work. He told me to take off my coat and to sit down. I took off my coat and sat down like I was told. It wasn’t my fault I had on no clothes. He texted and I ran in a hurry. He looked me up and down and told me to lock his office door.

We started kissing, my hands were all over him, and then I said it. I told him I know he wants another baby and I am just the girl. “Please knock me up, Mr. J”, I said.

We sort of forgot about Jillian. We were in the middle of me giving him a wet, hot blowie when she walked right in on us. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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High School Reunion

    I was looking so forward to my high school reunion. It has been 20 something years since I saw all my friends. There was a special guy I never got to fuck, but I wanted to change that.

I wore a sexy little red dress and stilettos. The party was in full swing when I arrived. After all the hugs and greetings, I looked for Jason. He was looking so fucking good. We chatted for a few, drank some wine, and we both knew we needed to find a quiet spot to make up for lost time.

I was so excited till I reached in his pants. He was so tiny, and the worst part was that he had no idea he was inferior.  I love men who know they’re small, and keen a sense of humor about it. That was not Jason. 

I couldn’t help but laugh at his size. He called me a slut when I left to find some better action. I was looking for some fun for later when I saw Bekka, one of my close friends growing up. She was absolutely stunning. We had a few more glasses of wine, danced a bit, and then decided to take our private party to my hotel suite. 

We slowly undressed each other, and began to kiss. We were interrupted by a knock at my door. It was Jason.  Bekka knew what had happened and invited him in. We told him we’re sorry and had a sexy surprise for him. We striped him, blindfolded him, and gave him exactly what he had no idea he needed. I invited some of the guys from the reunion and let them have at Jason. When he realized it wasn’t a strap-on but several beautiful big cocks, he quickly got into it.

Once everyone was gone, we were so horny and fucked all night!



Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Come Inside Where It’s Warm

Winter can be so cold and dreary, but not with me in your bed. You had a very long and stressful day at work and you need some attention. The boring wife is just to busy to tend to your needs. Apparently, it’s as cold inside your house as well as outside. Don’t worry lover. Just call me and let’s take away all the stress and sexual tension. 

First, I will fix you a strong drink. While you enjoy your drink, I will give you the hottest blowjob you’ve ever experienced. My soft, warm mouth is all you need to begin to relax. I push my perfect tits together and give you a slow, sexy titty fuck. I am getting so excited and my wet pussy needs your attention. 

We have all night lover. I need to fuck your big, beautiful cock so we both can cum super hard. Then we will take our time, but before the night is over, every one of my tight fuck holes will be filled with your cum.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Revenge Is Sweet


   I caught your sexy girlfriend cheating on you. Since you’re close male friend of mine, a little revenge was needed. Now don’t get me fucking wrong, I love pussy as much as dick, so either way for me it will be hot!

I invited her over for brunch. I told her I always get to know my close friends love interests. After a few mimosa’s, she was flirting, teasing me with her delish body. Funny part was, I am the Mistress of tease, so there was nothing I hadn’t done or seen. Apparently, this hottie thinks she is in charge. Oh no, that will never fucking happen. Once she passed out, I stripped her, gagged her, and tied her to a chair. She woke up with me pulling her lovely long hair, and pinching the fuck out of her nipples. I got her boyfriend on Skype, and let him see the show.



Written By: Brianna
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Fucking On A Yacht

Have you ever heard of a Boatel? I hadn’t either till recently. It is a boat that goes out during day, but is docked at night. It sounded like a perfect vacation. Relaxing, swimming and parties.

I didn’t pack much, and my key to room was just where I was told to find it. A handsome gentleman was getting his key at the same time as me. Apparently, it would just be the two of us on the small yacht. It was late, so unfortunately no water fun till next day.

He saw me dressed up and going to local pub and invited himself along. I suggested it would be more fun to just head out on the water for a bit. He agreed, smiled and told me it was actually his boat and he would be happy to take me out on the lake.

Before I had a chance to change into a skimpy bikini, was were out. It was a beautiful night, and the gentleman offered me a shot of Courvoisier. It went down so smooth, with that warming sensation. Before I even thought about it, my dress was off and I jumped in the lake. I looked up at him, teasing him to join me. I watched as he undressed showing me a hot, muscled body and a large, thick cock. Mmmmm, very nice. We swam, kissed, and just sort of got to know each other.

The water was getting a little rough so we went back inside. A few more shots, some flirting, and things got a bit more intense. His tongue was in my tight rosebud pucker, and I was begging for more.

Care to join me, and see for yourself what a hot, nasty few days we had?

Sultry Valentina



Written By: Valentina
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Doctor, Doctor

     I woke up one day last week in a very wicked mood. I have been having the most delicious, dirty dreams that I wanted to act on.

I went online looking for a cosmetic surgeon. I consider my body to be perfection, but looking at the different surgeons in my area one just caught my eye. Tall, sexy and just fucking yummy! I made my consultation appointment, and went to it yesterday. I dressed for a casual date, but underneath wore my sexiest silk bra and panties.

We discussed what size I would like to be, and I told him something ridiculously large. I sat on his table with just a pair of panties as he felt my breasts, and suggested not going much bigger. My nipples were hard, I was creamy wet, and could see the bulge in his scrubs. I decided I might as well come clean at this point, so I confessed why I was really there. That made him even more excited, with a wet spot I just wanted to lick off. He told me what a naughty little time wasting slut I was. 

He began to get a little rough which is exactly how I like it. After a very hard spanking, he began to lick my asshole. He pushed his tongue in deep, and when I began to moan he demanded I get back on the table and put my feet up in the stirrups.

I left his office with a dirty grin and cum dripping out of my ass.



Written By: Valentina
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Soft, Hot And Fuckable

You slipped your business card in my purse while I wasn’t paying attention. You are a fetish photographer and offered to do a free photo shoot for me. Your business card had a note that said “call me” maybe? My favorite fuck buddy has a birthday coming up, and I know he would love that for a gift.  I called you and made an appointment, and the next day went to your studio.

As soon as I saw you, I remembered you from the club. I had planned on doing some serious flirting that night, but something had come up. Now, here we both are. I didn’t need any help posing, but you seemed to like your hands on me as much as I did. Slowly, I took off my clothes for more pictures. I suggested you get in the pictures too. Without hesitation you set camera to auto, and I ripped off your clothes. I had no desire to go slow. I was so fucking wet and I needed to fuck right then.

Your lips were soft on my nipples, as you sucked and bit them. Your pussy was dripping wet, hot and smooth. After we fucked for hours, you invited me to spend the night. I found a bottle of bubbly, popped it open and we looked at the pictures you took. You sneaky little hottie, you had it set for video. My special fuck buddy is going to love his gift, but not as much as I loved making it!



Written By: Tiffany

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You Don’t Like My New Boyfriend

You don’t like my new boyfriend, and you want me to break up with him. 

He is a total badass, a real bad boy. He has tattoos, a pierced tongue, curses, loves fast cars, hot motorcycles, and has pics of half-naked famous porn girls posted in his auto shop. He gets into fights at bars, but all the ladies in town love him. His bed is never empty for long. 

You don’t know where you went wrong with me. I was always the good girl. I have always brought home good grades and introduced you to my boyfriends who were shy, quiet boys, and who were age appropriate.  They were always polite and respectful, but here I am hanging out with a bad boy.

Everyone tells you that your little girl is just going through a phase. You lay in bed at night, staring at the clock. It is 2 am, past my curfew. I am late, again. You picture me with him, and all sorts of salcious images go through your mind. He likes slutty girls, and he must be turning me into a slutty girl. Taking me anywhere and anyway he wants!  His strong hands grab me and caress my young, firm body. You have an image of him bending me over, at this auto shop, late at night. Fucking me so rough and so hard. Fucking me like a porn star.

This image in your mind has made your dick hard. You put your hand inside your shorts and masturbate your hard cock while you picture your little girl getting fucked like a little slut by a real bad boy.



Written By: Layla
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Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party

            rrg-300x229 Today is just one of those days where I am so fucking horny, I just can’t keep my fingers off my hungry, wet pussy. I came home around 2 am and was exhausted from my friend’s bachelorette party. I planned the party so you know it was awesome. The alcohol was flowing, there were sexy games, dancing and the best part was the male and female strippers.  

I undressed as soon as I returned home and stripped down ready to cum over and over till I was satisfied. I fell asleep after cuming just once. I had the hottest sex dreams all night long. I think I had several wet dreams and woke up drenched. 

I knew I had things to do but I was so fucking horny thinking about the party and the strippers. They even put on a sex show for us and invited anyone interested to join. Oh fuck, was I ever interested but it was for the bride to be. I got up in just my stockings and made a cup of coffee. I sipped it thinking about the night. I began to feel my nipples tingle and my pussy begin to gush. I got back in my big bed and fingered my dripping hot pussy while I sucked my hard nipples. I may just never get up.


Written By: Tiffany

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