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Tag Team Sisters

My sister Brittany and I tag teamed a real fucking loser this morning. His name is Jonny and he is a shit eater AND a cocksucker! We raped his wallet so good. He knows that no one cums for free with us and he paid and paid and paid some more! We didn’t even give him a chance to tell us no.

We both shit into his mouth until it was full, and kept rinsing his bank account. In all fairness, poor Jonny had the chance to disagree with all the money we were taking, but his mouth was so full of our shit that we couldn’t hear what he was saying— so we just took MORE money from him!

He wanted that tiny useless dick of his to squirt, but he had to pay our cum fee first. He gladly paid to get that pathetic dick off.
If you really want to be worked over and get a good rinsing from two Goddesses, call my sister and I. We’re the best. Just ask that shit eating faggot, Jonny.

Oh by the way- we got $800 from that pathetic loser, just for eating our shit! Ha Ha!



Written By: Teagan
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The Ultimate Everything

Take a really close look at me. Is this the kind of hot sexiness you crave for? I can feel you wanting me, needing to be inside my thighs. The thought of being with me causes you great hardness. You want it and you need it. Once we join our bodies, you’ll be complete, and as you push your cock deep inside, you’ll want to explode. But not yet, I won’t let you, not until I have fucked you in every position possible.

You’ll obey me and follow all my demands. After all, being with me is what drives your every waking moment. The thought of my hot, juicy lips all over you, drives you insane and to have me as your personal sex goddess is truly what you desire.

Call me and let me tell you how being with me will be the ultimate everything.


Written By: Sadie
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Mean Bitch Humiliates Sissy Fags

 I do usually get a lot of calls of the GFE nature and I love being a nice girl. But just like most women, I have an evil side. They’re days when I want to put on black leather and thigh high boots. When I put on my ultra sexy bitch outfit, all you little sissy boys better watch out.

   I am in the mood to torture, tease, and humiliate. I’m not going to be your girlfriend and help you look pretty. I want to make you feel ashamed for being such a fucking faggot. You got that, sissy panty queer? If getting humiliated makes your pathetic cock hard, then let Mistress Alex put you in your place.

     I can really be a mean bitch. In fact, I truly like having someone to punish and humiliate when I am having a really bad day. It’s nice to have someone to use as my whipping boy.

If your so pathetic and you need to be punished for being a stupid sissy fag cum guzzling slut, let me be the one to scratch that itch for you. I will wear your ass out and I will humiliate you till you cry. Are you ready for a dominating bitch with a sweet, young voice?


Written By: Alex
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Do You Have Self Control For Goddess Janene

Always do what your Goddess says. That is the number one rule and the only rule that matters. When you call me, the last thing I want to know you’re doing is touching your pathetic cock. That is a privilege you will need to earn. I do not allow you to pleasure yourself with the sound of my voice during our first call together. If that is what you are expecting when you call me, well be prepared for disappointment. Because it’s so not happening. If I even think you’re touching yourself, I will hang up on you. I know that I am hot and sexy and it will be hard for you to NOT touch yourself, but I need to find out if you have enough self control. I need to know if you will obey my rules. Once you have proven yourself, you will find that I am a very sweet and giving Goddess.



Written By: Janene
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Prove It To Your Cruel Mistress

Ah, the things you promise to do for me makes me extremely excited, but there is just one thing. How in the fuck do I really know you’re doing them?

You have gathered up your toys; ball gag, nipple clamps, whip, paddle, ice, metal cage, dildo’s, and so forth. Excellent my obedient slut, you’re well prepared, so you say. I hear you groan and squeal as the paddle makes contact with your cock and balls, but yet, does it really?

I have two demands when you play with me. The first is you can send me a picture, and the second is I want to watch you on cam. I love having cam parties where I invite over some friends and we watch you on cam while having some cocktails. I haven’t had a party in awhile as life can be so busy.

I am ready, are you?

You tell me you aren’t a sissy but just really into CBT. That works for me as watching you in pain with your balls swelling is my absolute pleasure. Can you imagine my friends and I taking a shot every time you scream out in pain as I demand you whip your cock and balls?

 I am ready for a cam party. Don’t keep me waiting because the more I want it, the more severe your punishment will be.

Cruel Mistress Brianna


Written By: Brianna
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Do You Think You Should Be Rewarded?

I’m not like the other girls you’re used to. I’m a woman. I’m not your frumpy wife or girlfriend. I’m a goddess.

I want you on your knees in front of me, worshiping me.

I stand before you in a garter belt with black & red bra and panties. I look down at you as you cower in front of me on your knees. I take your face in my hands, tilting your face up. I ask you if you’re ready to serve. You nod quickly. It’s been a long road with you. You were a hard one to break but, as always, I broke you. It took a lot of punishment with you. I know there were days that you left me with your ass, cock and balls aching so bad that you didn’t think you could walk. But you learned.

Now it’s time for all of that pain and suffering to be rewarded. I gently pull your face forward, letting your tongue touch my pussy for the first time. I can tell by the look on your face that it is just as delicious as you had imagined.

I tell you that you’re allowed to touch your cock, and you will be able to cum today. Your tongue shoves deeper as your hand strokes faster. Your moans are so loud. I can tell that you’re close. As your cum shoots all over my stilettos, you’re practically in tears. I denied you for so long. You whisper your thank yous. I caress your obedient face as I push your head down. It’s time to clean your cum off my boats. Your training continues.


Written By: Teagan
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My Breasts Were Meant To Be Worshiped

You take your time teasing my nipples and caressing my full breasts. It’s something you desperately look forward to every time we’re together. I know you love worshiping my beautiful tits, and you want to pleasure me for hours.

Who am I to turn down this kind of offer?  Your mouth just feels to damn good for me to resist. My hard nipples call out to you, begging to be sucked, flicked, and nibbled on.

You sensually kiss, lick, and suck every inch of them. I slowly unzip your pants and take out your throbbing cock, and start to stroke you.  My fingers mimicking yours, and the way you are massaging my breasts so erotically.

Unable to wait even seconds longer, you place that rock hard dick in my cleavage. I hear your horny moans as you slide it up and down. I squeeze my big breasts together for you, and suck on the swollen tip of your cock each time it meets my lips. Slowly but surely, you’re to the point of complete explosion. You ask me if you can cum on my beautiful tits, but you already know the answer to that.

I watch that huge, hard cock erupt, and the white, thick cream runs slowly down my breasts. I lick it off slowly, teasing you. I love making your cock ache for more, much more.

Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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You Can’t Resist Mistress Koko

You think that you can control me. Make me submit to you. That is hilarious.

I am always in control. I always win. I always dominate.

I seduce and you cannot resist me.

If I want to fuck you, I fuck you my way.

Just try and resist, try not to submit!

You have tried before and failed. You end with having a fantastic cum load, of course.

When you completely submit to me, your orgasms are more intense and you feel like a million bucks.

Your Mistress Koko


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Submit To Me

  I bet you woke up this morning and the very first thought that came to mind was that you “need” a woman to serve. The word “serve” can have many meanings. It can mean that you want to submit to me and satisfy my every whim. Perhaps, it means that you just want to push your limits and be the kinkiest, nastiest fuck toy you can be for me.  Possibly, it means that you want to serve me by pampering my incredibly sexy curves.You simply desire to use your tongue to pleasure every inch of my perfect body.
I know what it is, it is all of the above. You simply want to submit to whatever complex and kinky ideas I may have in store for you, while pleasing me, and my perfect body.



Written By: Victoria
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The Time Has Come

I want you to get naked and go look into the mirror. You see that worthless thing between your legs? It’s time to get rid of it. We both know you never or will ever please a woman in this lifetime with that pathetic little thing. There’s nothing more pleasurable than watching a man cutting is own cock off to serve the woman he loves and worships. If you don’t have the balls (haha) to do it then I will. I’ve castrated before, and I love hearing grown men cry and scream like a little bitch. It gets my cunt wet, and makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Every castration is different. Sometimes I make it hard and fast, and in 2 seconds flat, your cock is in my hands. Then there is times when I like it slow and watch the blood splatter all over my hands with every little deep cut I make.

The time has come to give me what I want. Are you ready to surrender your cock to Lacey James?


Written By: Lacey James
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