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Taking Control Of My Married Neighbor

I overheard my parents talking about how you’ve been having some marriage problems. You seem like you’ve been spending a lot of time out in the garage at your work bench. It’s been pretty hot watching you hustle around the garage with all of your power tools.

Since the weather is warming up, I decided to put on my little black skirt and walk my cute little southern butt on over to your house. You’ve been looking very lonely lately. I’m sure you could use some cheering up. When I see you so sad and vulnerable, it makes me want to take control of you. I want you to pick me up and swing me around the garage and set me right up on your work bench.

I tell you how to kiss and touch me. I’ll fill you in on what every woman needs from a man. Your eyes grow wide when I tear off my little black top exposing my teen tits.

Take my nipples in your mouth and tease them with your tongue. You’re going to make my whole body feel good. I slightly lift my butt off your workbench so you can remove my skirt. Now you’re getting the hang of it.

Slide right between my legs and make my pussy squirt. We have the entire day to ourselves before anyone gets home. Let’s make it a dirty one.


Written By: Josie
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Sweet as Candy Phone Sex


My Phone Sex Daddy’s love my sweet, young voice. They become so addicted to it like a drug. From the moment I pick up the phone and say hello in my cute little voice, my daddy’s cocks get raging hard. They really don’t waste any time at all because they can’t wait to feel my puffy, bald pussy lips around their hard shaft. My favorite is on top and let daddy know what a big girl I can be and take total control. I love to talk dirty in my daddy’s ear and tell him how badly I would want his baby.

All my daddy’s know that I am sweet as candy and once their hungry mouths have a taste of my teen juices, they always want more. Especially, when I squirt in their mouth.

Your little red-headed girl never disappoints and I’m always ready to take a big load from daddy.


 Written By: Corina
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Thirsty Thursday

Anyone thirsty for my wet, teen pussy? I woke up very horny this morning and I’m in need of a good tongue fucking. It’s freezing outside so it’s the perfect day to stay in bed and eat my pussy all day long.

I want to climb my petite body on top of your face and have you slide your tongue in my pussy. I’m going to rock my hips back and forth and grind until it hits my magic spot. Then I’m going to slide my pussy lips up and down your tongue, fucking it until I squirt in your mouth. Yes, that wasn’t a typo…..I do squirt and depends how well you do, I can squirt a lot.

How thirsty is your mouth now for my sweet, creamy juices?


Written By: Andie
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Daddy’s Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

Yes, I’m your sassy naughty little school girl that loves to fuck and suck. I started having sex at a very young age and take what I want when I want. I’m your bratty teen, or your sweet, shy virgin babysitter that loves to come over after school and play. I love teasing and taunting men and making their cocks swell until they can’t take it anymore.

When I was younger, daddy lost a poker bet and I had to pay for him and pleasure all his friends. So I have been trained at a very young age what men want and need and I’m ready to be your naughty little school girl and please you.

Looking for that slut that wants to edge you and milk all the cum out of your balls everyday? I’m that girl for you.


Written By: Brittany
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Your New Little Girl Wants To Play!

You have been dating my Mommy for a long time now. Soon you will be married and I will be your little girl. You will be my new Daddy. Yes, I flirt with you. It is not your imagination. I tease you when I walk around the house looking hot and cute. I show off my little tits. You tell my Mommy that you love her big tits, but I know you really love my tiny tits better. My tight little body, sitting on your lap, grinding away. Mommy doesn’t make you hard as much as I do. You’re only marrying Mommy so you can spend more time with me. Like every night, in the same room, with me in my little pj’s, bouncing around the house. You want to get inside of my little, white cotton panties. My little pussy is getting creamy just thinking about you being my new Daddy.


Little Lucie 



Written By: Little Lucie
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I Squirted All Over His Desk!

One of my professor’s has been after me for awhile. He was a lot older than the ones that I usually fucked, but I was failing his class and he decided that he finally had his chance.

I showed up after his last class of the day, ready to get it all over with. He wasn’t in the mood to go fast though. He pushed me back onto his desk and buried his tongue deep into my young pussy. I was fucking blown away. I have never had my pussy devoured so hungrily or thoroughly! He was starving for my cunt and couldn’t get enough. I honestly lost count of how many times I came.

He took out his cock and practically rammed it into me. It was huge. I tried to breathe but he was pounding me so hard. I held on tight to the edge of the desk as his balls slapped against my ass and he growled with each thrust. When he pulled his cock out of me and slapped my pussy hard, I squirted all over his desk! I hope the rest of the student body doesn’t mind my pussy all over their final exams.


Written By: Ashton
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Tiny Teen Dominates You!

With all that girls can discover on the internet today, we are wild and self-indulgent. When hot teen girls want something, we go after it, and I want you. I have been babysitting for you all summer and my teen pussy has been wet for you all summer.

While you’re at work, I go through the history on your laptop in your home office. I see what a naughty boy you are. All that porn you watch. Now that I know your secrets, I know how to take advantage of your weaknesses and your fetish for being dominated.

From innocent and sweet little Lucie, I transform myself to your wicked Mistress. I will own you tonight. You will be my love slave. Adore me, worship me, obey me! I’ll make you get on your knees!

Isn’t there something even more perverted when you’re dominated by a tiny teen, like me, than a mature, busty lady?

I have the perfect outfit that I found online. When I googled Femdom, there was a website with Femdom latex fetish wear. I am so tiny that there is not much in my size, but there is one sexy black outfit sort of similar to one a lady was wearing in one of your favorite porns.

You don’t stand a chance tonight! I will make you submit to me!

Your Wicked Teen Mistress,



Written By: Little Lucie
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Teacher, I lost My Panties

Running late for class as always! There is an important test today and what I wear is super important to me getting something resembling a passing grade. ~ Giggles, wink wink~. I picked out a mini skirt, tight little top and pink panties. I got to thinking about the panties, and why I shouldn’t wear them. Then, off to school I went.

I rushed into school out of breath when I saw my guidance counselor. He asked me to come with him to his office. ” But, but my test?”, I said. He told me he has gotten some complaints about the way I dress from some of the female teachers. Well, they can sure be bitchy! He told me to bend over to see just how short my skirt really is. Just on the day I FORGET to wear any panties.

I do as I am told, because I am a good girl. ~Giggles~ I feel his hand caressing my adorable teen ass. Then he gives it a smack, then another and another. I hear his zipper going down, and feel his hard dick against my sweet little ass. I mention the test, he groans and begins to pump my little pucker hard. OMG, I am so wet that it is dripping down my thighs. With a big, hard thrust he cums inside me and promises to take care of the little matter of my big test. 


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Pubs On Panties

     I noticed the other day that my panties just keep disappearing. I love all styles, fabrics and colors. I must have hundreds of pairs. Well, I used to that is but noticed every day more and more disappear out of my hamper. What could be going on? I finally saw what it was. OMG, my older brother is such a perv!  I caught him with several dirty panties and plastic baggies all over my bed. He was on speaker phone with one of his friends who was placing an order for my dirty panties. He even asked my brother to find some that had extra matted hairs on them. I told him he had to cut me in on the action, because it was my sweet twat juice and pubic hair on the panties. That fucker was making three hundred a week from what he was stealing out of my hamper. So now, we have this special business and to keep up with the orders I have to play with my hot, wet, hairy little pussy even more than ever. 

Written By: Emily
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Cum Slut Emma

Phone sex daddy makes my cunt so nice and wet. There is something about being a naughty dirty little cum slut that makes me so hot. I love to look my best for him. I get down on my knees looking up at him with my pretty eyes. I crave his cum, actually I crave any mans cum load that is nice and creamy.

I think you can give me what I need. I bet your balls are nice and full. I’m ready to milk you. I beg you to rip my panties off to see how wet my cunt really is. Mmm, yes all my holes are ready to be used by your cock. I want to show you how bad I want and need to taste your cum. I’ll be your little slut all day long. As long as you cover my sweet, young body in loads of cum.

Written By: Emma
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