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Professional Misconduct

It was late, and I was still at the office. I stared at my monitor, my fingers poised above the keyboard, willing the inspiration I needed to finish this project to come to me with no success. I figured I needed a break so I stood up and started walking back to the kitchen.


I approached the office of one of the Senior Partners. His door was open and his light on. As I passed, I looked in and saw him sitting at his desk. He looked up from his work and smiled at me. “Toby, you’re here late,” he said.


“Yes, I am. But I find I get so much done when the office is quiet.”


“Why don’t you come in? Come in and close the door, Toby.”


Technically, he was my boss, so I stepped inside his office, closing the door behind me. He got up and walked around his desk, walked to the door and locked it. Then he was behind me, his lips next to my ear, his hands on my waist. “I find I’m so much more productive after I’ve cum,” he murmured. His fingers moved up to the top button on my blouse, unfastening it.


“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” I said as his lips began kissing down my neck, his fingers sliding lower on my blouse, pulling it out of my skirt.


“Sssshhhhhh, this is a very good idea, Toby. It will be good for both of us.” He pressed his stiffening cock into my ass as he pulled my skirt up and slipped his fingers inside my panties, finding my clit, my body responding to his touch, spiting my common sense. I felt myself getting wet, spreading my legs wider for him.
He spun me around and lifted me up onto his desk, and pulled his magnificent cock out of his trousers. All professionalism went to the wayside as he laid me back and slid his thick mushroom head up and down my slit. “Tell me to fuck you, Toby,” he demanded.


“Please, please… fuck me,” I heard myself say as he thrust his cock inside me.

Reality Role-Playing

I know we talk about our hot role-playing over the phone but did you ever wonder what it would be like if we did it in reality? I find it so erotic to dress up and play the part of a sexy secretary who needs a desperate raise or a naughty little nurse who gets a little frisky with her patient.

I have many sexy role-playing outfits to keep your cock entertained for hours. The only problem we would encounter would be what hot role-play scenario we would try first.

Always imaginative,

Tantalizing Toby

How do you watch your porn?

How do you like to watch your porn? Do you like to watch it solo or do you like to have someone there stroking your cock while you both get heavy into it?
Do you do things to yourself that you don’t want anybody to see? I would like to be a fly on the wall while you stumble upon my pictures and I would love to see how hard I get you.
I want to be there stroking you while we watch a really raunchy porno together. I can just imagine you would want to be inside me but I wouldn’t let you. My pleasure is watching you get turned on. I would defiantly want to bring out some toys and watch you go to town on your cock and maybe even your ass!
So, let’s pop in a porn and let’s see how hot I can get you before you explode!

Dorm Room Memories!

cheap phone sexI was taking chemistry in college and having a hard time. This boy in my lab offered to help me study. He was kind of nerdy, but I needed the help. He came to my dorm room to study and I kept catching him looking at my shorts (which were kind of short). Then I noticed a bulge in his sweatpants. It was huge. I have no idea why, but I couldn’t help myself. I reached over and grabbed his dick through his sweatpants and rubbed it. He just sat there. I don’t think he knew what to do. I pulled his pants down and stroked his big cock and he came in about a second all over his notes and book. I kept stroking him and he stayed hard and I pulled my pants down and straddled him. I told him to tell me when he was going to come. He was really big and I came fast. I made him promise not to tell anyone. That is still the biggest dick I have ever seen. Call me and lets talk about your wildest college memories!

~Tantalizing Toby~

Sex With Strangers

 I had been talking to this guy on the internet for about 3 months. He was obviously sex crazy. We had been constantly flirting and there was definitely a sexual attraction. He lived about 2 hours away, so finally one night I drove up there. After some chit chat and a few beers/shots of whiskey, he came up from behind me and kissed me. We ended up grinding each other while I was straddling him. I was so wet and I couldn’t handle it anymore. We practically ripped each others clothes off. His cock was massive and very thick. I slowly worked my way onto his cock and it felt wonderful inside me. He was holding my hips and thrusting into me like he hadn’t had sex in years. I had the biggest orgasm of my life and he instantly came inside of me. We relaxed for a bit, trying to concentrate on the movie we were gonna watch, but I couldn’t resist and began blowing him for all I was worth. He came twice in my mouth before we straightened up and I drove the 2 hours home at 4am. Best sex I’ve had yet!

Masturbating While Driving

 While I’m driving, I put my hand down my pants over my panties and rub myself gently with my other hand on the wheel. I do it while listening to music, which especially helps even more if it’s a song that, to me, is sexy. I do that and maintain a good amount of pleasure but not so much that I lose control of my driving. When I know I’m coming up to a red light, I’ll speed up the rubbing a bit and then when I’m stopped I’ll rub really fast and hard to bring myself to a quick orgasm before I have to go again. Sometimes people will look over at me with a puzzled look on their face because they can’t actually see what I’m doing, but I’m sure my expression says something. I love getting off, especially when people watch! Public sex is one of my biggest turn ons. There’s nothing hotter than being an exhibitionist and a voyeur all at once!

Tantalizing Toby

Lets Get Off Together

 Yes, it’s true. I LOVE mutual masturbation phone sex calls. There’s just no way I can go without rubbing my pussy if I’m listening to you stroke your hard cock. My new sex toy just got here and I’m more than ready to try it out. Who wants to listen in? It’s nice and thick…my pussy is going to love it! I’m in need of a good mutual masturbation session with some hot squirting added to it. Mmm yeah and I can squirt more than once. I can’t wait to cum with you.

Your Girl, Toby

~Valentine’s Day Phone Sex Special~
February 12-14

10 minutes for $16
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60 minutes for $99

please mention special at the time of our call

Be My Valentine

 Hey phonesex lovers! Valentine’s Day is my favorite day of the year. I’m single this year but I’m not going to let that get me down. Who wants to be my valentine? I’m looking for someone special who wants to make me their naughty girl. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for GFE phone sex. I love being sensual for you and pleasing your every need. I’ll make all of your naughty fantasies come true!

your girl, Toby

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

This Christmas I plan to give, give and give some more. Everyone loves to receive and I especially love to give. Not that I don’t like being on the receiving end, who doesn’t? TeeHee. 😉 I’ve got a Christmas special going on for all those naughty phone sex lovers out there…Let’s get on Santa’s naughty list together.

Cheap Phone sex special: 12/21-12/26
7 minute quickie $12
15 minutes $25
60 minutes $99


Your Anything Goes Phone Sex Girl

 Hey sweeties, I know it’s been a long week and you’re exhausted from work. Now it’s the weekend and you can relax and unwind with me in bed. You need a hot and understanding phone sex babe like me to take care of your needs…let me take your stress away. My sensual voice will put you in a state of bliss and give you that so needed orgasm you deserve. I’m always anything goes and have no restrictions. Let’s work out your fantasy with a creative roleplay or just have some naughty mutual masturbation. Cum play with me soon, baby.

xoxo, Toby
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