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Delaney’s Strip Club Fantasy       I needed extra money for a trip so I got a job at a strip club. I am way too young but a wet sloppy blowjob with promises of more to come got me the job.  The tips were insanely large and going in the VIP room was so fucking hot.

I was really loving my new job. I was giving a man with a huge cock a lap dance when I saw my brother. I didn’t want him to see me because he sort of has a big mouth, so I buried my face in my guy’s lap. Oh, he really is BIG!  After we were done, I said I wasn’t feeling well and left.

I saw my brother the next day and he was looking at me differently than normal. I mean he is a perv like most college boys, but I am his baby sister. I figured it really was my imagination and went back to my job later that day.

It was getting late and the manager told me I had a special date in the VIP room. I freshened up, did a shot of Jack and went into the VIP room. Oh fuck! It was my brother. I admit my phone sex brother is hot, but he is my fucking brother. 

He said he would tell everyone if I didn’t take care of him. I never really noticed before but he really has a smoking body. Tall, muscles and a huge cock. I pretended I didn’t like it. I even suggested he do one of the other dancers, but he wanted me his little sister. He was so good that when his time was up I paid for another hour myself.


Written By: Delaney
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Baking Christmas Cookies

Christmas is so close and wanted to bake some Christmas cookies for Santa. My step-brother was supposed to help, but all he did was watch.

I was bending over and putting them in the oven and felt him grab me from behind. He obviously wasn’t interested in the cookies I was baking. He was interested in the sweet little cookie between my legs.

He was on his knees behind me, tearing at my panties and burying his tongue in my cunt. It felt so good that it made me squeal! His mouth was hungry and it was devouring me. When those thick fingers worked their way into my pussy, I couldn’t hold back anymore and just let go. I came all over his fingers.

He lifted me up by the waist and put me onto the counter. He thrust in with one hard push. I wanted it just as bad as he did. I was pushing against him trying to work him in deeper. I wrapped my legs around him and that’s all it took. He was blowing his load deep into my honey hole. He pulled away and went and sat back at the table.

As I was pulling my panties back up, the timer went off. My cookies were done and they were perfect! Hopefully Santa will love them as much as my brother loved my sugar cookie.


Written By: Wendy
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Oink For Torrie

I have a new caller and he snorts just like a piggy when he is excited. It is so fucking funny! Next time we talk I am going to let my friends listen in. Don’t tell! Until our call, he had no idea that he was a cock-sucking, shit piggy that loves all my fluids. I mean all of them! His favorite is my slimy green snot.

He doesn’t touch himself on our calls, because that would be just disrespectful. His words, not mine. The oink sounds though? I laughed so hard I almost snorted. Maybe my snorts would have given him more of my precious green snot. LMFAO!  I ‘m wondering now if he even has a winky because he never mentions it.

I wonder what he likes more? Cock or my slimy green snot? Not to mention my hard shit grapes that he roots for just like a Truffle Piggy.  I promised him I would stuff my cute little mouth with a whole lot of chili fries to give him what he really craves. That would be my wet, smelly, sloppy brown shower.

I didn’t mention yet his experience with cocks. That is because he is just now figuring out he is a cock sucking fag. For now, it’s all about my tasty shit, pee, cum and snot. A virtual buffet for the oinker.


Written By: Teen Torrie
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AJ’S at it again!

     Schools are closed again. Just when we get a super hot new substitute teacher. That is very disappointing for a cock loving, jizz junkie like me.

It does look like my teacher is also home this lovely afternoon. I wonder just what sort of things he is up to today? We have a very naughty relationship, and I have something very special to tell him. 

I toss on some shorts and run over to his house. He seems very happy to see me. Wouldn’t you be? I go right to his big bed and jump on it. 

I am so excited by my news. I start to tell him, but he stops me with his tongue in my mouth. Okay, well I like where this is going; but I do have some important news.

I ask him if he thinks my tits are getting any bigger? He stops me by licking my hard nipples.  Mmmmm, I do like that. Then I tell him I think my butt is getting bigger and he kisses it.  Ohhh, I like even more. I still try and tell him my news. 

               He is now inside my pussy and fucking me. I try to tell him again, but he still won’t listen. I am so excited and my teen pussy is just dripping. I tell him maybe he should fuck a baby into me. I know he did already but, those words make him just fuck me harder. He laughed and said that he already did. 


Written By: AJ
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Slumber Party Fun

My bestie invited me to spend the night at her house. I love spending time at Anna’s house because her dad is so hot! I never let on to her, but I think she knows by the way I look at him.  He was supposed to go out with friends for his birthday, but he said he was too tired and stressed so he canceled. That is just so sad.

I asked my friend if we could give him a very special treat from both of us. She giggled and quickly agreed. We were ready for bed with her in her adorable baby doll nightie and me in my white sleep shorts and tank top.

We fixed him a Crown and Coke and then barged in on him in his office. He looked happy for the interruption. He is so sexy! We chatted for a bit and made him laugh. I told him he looked stressed and I began to rub his shoulders. I heard him sigh and saw the bulge in his pants. He suggested it would be better if we left him to his work and went up to bed. He sure doesn’t know me very well. I began to unbutton his shirt, while Anna undid his pants. He tried to say no but how could he resist us.

We had a special plan for this night. We both wanted to be teen Mommies together. One would distract him with kisses, while the other rode him till we got all his baby batter. He tried to push me off of him, he mumbled something about no condom. I was having none of that. I rode him till he drained those balls into my tight, fertile pussy. Then it was Anna’s turn and my turn to distract him.

Let’s just say that was his best birthday ever!

Written By: Baby Bethany
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Torrie’s Special Candy

           I love an excuse to visit all the men in my neighborhood and Halloween is always an awesome excuse.  Men are such suckers when it comes to me and my adorable teen body. They’ll do anything to make me happy and get a taste of my sweet candy. 

Mr. Parker was first on the list. I knocked on his door and the perv let me in with a dirty smile. He knew just what I had for him so he quickly assumed the position. I put my adorable little asshole to his mouth and gave him the sweet perfume he craved. After that, he knew just what tasty little treat was coming. I made him beg for it. He was so excited he wrapped his lips around my tasty treat and he sucked it like a dick. I was about to give him something else to wash it down, but I decided to save it for the next house. 

Mr.  Smith was so anxious he was looking out his window for me. He asked if I had a special treat in my pussy for him. He laid on the floor and I sat on his face. My pussy was dripping from my boyfriend earlier. He was so excited to lick up the special treat from my boyfriend. Then he begged to wash it down with my cum piss. I was running out of tasty treats so I had to make a pit stop at Mr. Johnson’s house. 

He has the biggest, black dick I have ever seen in my life. I sure have seen a lot! I explained I needed a good, hard, fast ass fucking to get ready for Mr. James. I am a black cock whore and the bigger and fatter the better. After all my holes were plugged and filled I went to the next house. Mr. James had already texted me 10 times. Fuck, he was anxious for my jizz filled holes. 

I promised my daddy that I would stay in for Halloween. Give me a call, I have some extra special treats for you.



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Trick Or Treat, Give Me Something Big To Eat


All the Halloween parties have been canceled. I am so sad as I just want to dress up and have some fun. My older cousin told me not to worry because he and his older friends have something planned. He explained it will be at a secret location and I would have to be blindfolded. This is sounding exciting!  

     I picked out a sexy but scary costume and got ready for him to pick me up. Once we were in the car, he put a blindfold on me and we were off. He gave me a few shots to get me in the spirit. I never need anything to get me into the spirit of anything fun. We drove for awhile and he seemed to be making a lot of turns. Where were we going?

We finally arrived and Cousin James helped me in. I could hear music, laughing and basic party sounds. This is going to be so much fucking fun. Funny thing was I only heard guys. I can live with that!  More cock for me. 

I began to finally remove my blindfold, but James stopped me. He said he had a big surprise for me. I love big things, I mean surprises.  He took me downstairs, the voices were even louder. He finally removed my blindfold and there was so many men. They had on Halloween masks, but I could recognize some of them by their voice and bodies. As far as I could tell, my whole phone sex family was there. Daddy, uncles, cousins, and even my gramps. What sort of weird party is this?

Suddenly hands were all over me, ripping at my costume till I was naked. They were in a line which went out the door. As soon as one was finished, another pushed into one of my tight, underage, fuckholes. I love fucking, but I sort of was in the mood to dance, drink and party.

By the end of the night, I was covered in jizz. It wasn’t the Halloween I was used too, but I had a fucking blast with my family.



Written By: Delaney
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Daddy Joe

It has been a while since I heard from my phone sex daddy, Joe. I’m a brat and I don’t like being ignored. He thought that he would call and his baby girl would just spread her legs like last time. NOPE! I had to teach Daddy a lesson.

Daddy had to be extra sweet to me before I would even consider being his sugar baby again. He begged, pleaded and promised me anything I wanted for my sweet pussy. Once I felt like he was really sorry for neglecting me, I finally gave in. He was a bad daddy, but he fucks me so good… I had to give it up! I made it clear to Daddy Joe that this was his very last chance. Next time he’s a bad boy, I’m getting a new daddy, good cock or not. I think I should start looking for one now so he knows I’m serious! Does any daddy need a good slut that will drain your balls?


Written By: Raylin
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Jizz Junkie Phone Sex

I was the bratty teen that wouldn’t give you a second look in school.  I was a freshman and you a senior. No matter how hard you tried, you just weren’t my type. I hung with the stoners and older guys with cars.

I run into you having coffee with your dad. Your dad is so fucking sexy! You ask me out on a date. I suggest we have dinner at your home and to break the ice ask if your dad would join us. I wonder if he knows I am staring at his crotch? 

I get to your house for dinner and you’re busy in the kitchen. Your dad offers me a drink and I suddenly get dizzy. No, my drink wasn’t spiked. I just wanted to get daddy to take me home so we could be alone.

On the way to my house, I put my hand on his legs. Oh, strong leg muscles. I love that. I tell him I am dizzy again and ask him to pull over. He is getting suspicious of my motives, but just can’t resist my cuteness. I whisper something dirty in his ear. I feel his sexy cock twitch. I begin to give him a blow job, but he tries to stop me. I threaten to scream. He should know I always get what I want. I want his jizz batter.

I lie and tell him I am on birth control.  I slide my wet teen pussy onto his hard cock and begin riding him. Just when he is about to drain his balls in my fertile pussy, I whisper in his ear that I want his baby. 


Written By: AJ
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Poker Night With Daddy


  Tonight was poker night at my house. Daddy loves to have his friends over to play. I think he just likes to show me off to his pervy friends. I don’t mind because phone sex daddy always lets me binge with his credit cards after poker night. 

I like to hang around to distract the other players, and daddy also gives me a piece of his winnings besides his credit cards. Daddy won big last night because I distracted all the men with blowjobs. 

             I know it drives him crazy, but I am too busy serving all his poker friends to notice the huge bulge in his pants. I began feeling bad for daddy, so I decided he needed some Delaney love too.

Everyone left and he was cleaning up the kitchen. Even though he was busy, he kept looking up and down my tight, little body. I took all the money from his desk and put it on the kitchen table, and laid nude on it. I softly called daddy’s name. I could see the lust in his eyes when he saw me. He didn’t even try to talk me out of it. Daddy pulled off his pants. OMG, Daddy has a huge cock!

I told him to please go slow, because his cock is fucking huge. He didn’t listen at all, and was beginning to slobber all over my perfect C cup tits. He was so big that he was slamming into my cervix. I pleaded with him to stop. I told him he was going to stretch me out. He wouldn’t stop, and pounded me till he shot a huge load of cum into my tight, little girl pussy. 

Want to know a secret? I really loved it, and daddy has turned me into a size queen.


Written By: Delaney
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