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Good or Bad

My pussy started to get really wet when my phone-sex daddy walked in my room and wanted to speak to me. He sounded so stern. It seemed like he was really mad and disappointed about something. He yelled out my name and told me to sit on the edge of the bed and not say a word. At that time, I wasn’t really sure what I had done wrong but phone-sex daddy was going to discipline me. I am sure he had a valid reason. So, I was a good girl and sat quietly. 
He sat down next to me and he had a thick leather belt in this hand. He ordered me to pull down my pajamas and my panties and lay across his lap, like a good girl. So I did so. I could feel his warm hands rubbing my ass cheeks. I knew he was going to spank me hard. As I thought about  the tingle I was going to feel, my pussy started to get wet. This makes my phone-sex daddy even more excited and the spankings become harder and more intense with his bare hands. It stings but I secretly like when my phone-sex daddy puts me in my place and gives me a little discipline. Of course, I cry out and act like I don’t like it, but we all know I was a naughty girl on purpose.
Written By: Emma
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Young Lil Bethany Needs a Fucking

Hi Phone Sex Daddies! Your baby girl is super horny today and needs a big daddy dick to play with. I love having my head pushed into the couch while my sweet little ass is getting pounded. Some girls are into making love, but not me. I need it hard, rough and deep. I want my little fuck holes to feel used up and temporarily stretched out. Bring over your friends, and let’s make it a gang bang!

Are you the type of daddy that wants two of us? I love to play with other girls while daddy is listening and stroking for us. Why not go for a sexy 2 girl call and give yourself a special treat. I am into playing with another teen like me or even a sexy Milf. I am waiting phone sex daddy!



Written By: Baby Bethany
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Chocolate Covered Cherries

Am I the only girl who wonders what the white gooey stuff in chocolate covered cherries is? It sure tastes yummy, but what the hell is it? Are you following me here? ~Giggles~ 

I was at the Godiva’s drooling over the candy, but was broke till payday. The nice lady gave me a sample, but a sample is never enough for me. A man buying a basket for his wife took pity on me, and told me he had some special ones at his house. Like chocolate covered cherries weren’t special enough. Duhh-uh.  He said it was a short walk, and not to be scared. Me scared? I am fucking fearless when it comes to men and chocolate.

We made small talk while visions of jizz covered, I mean chocolate covered cherries danced in my head. He let me in after he was sure no one else was home. He explained the candy was homemade, and that it wasn’t ready just yet. Well bless his heart, did he really think I was falling for this? Dude, I love dick and I love candy so no tricking was needed. I guess he thought I was innocent or something like that. He suggested I undress and lay on the bed. He came in with cherries and a piece of yummy chocolate. But where was the gooey jizz looking part of my candy?

He pushed in the candy and a cherry with his dick. I mean I guess it had to go in pretty far and all. I was still kind of confused. The harder he pumped the wetter I got. Then it happened. His baby batter mixed with my squirt and the melting chocolate and squished cherry. There you have it! A chocolate covered cherry!


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Back To School Shopping

It’s my favorite time of year….. back to school shopping. I love picking out the hottest, tightest outfits to seduce my teachers.

I actually have my own seat in detention because I’m there on a weekly basis because of the sluty outfits I wear. The principle says they’re to distracting. Clearly, if I had a male principal, I wouldn’t get into trouble because I would use my tight, teen body to get out of it.

I have a reputation for being a whore and this coming new school year, I’m not about to lose that title. I plan on having higher heels and have my skirts right below my ass. I’m skipping the panties so my teachers have a clear shot of my young, school girl pussy.

I like to put on extra lip gloss when I’m sucking on lollipops. I love watching them squirm around, trying to adjust their erections. They can’t help but think about my hot lips wrapped around their cock.

I love being a tease, and if we can agree on a grade for the year, they will get a lot more than just a show during class.


Written By:  Jessica
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Daddy Sent Us Dick Pictures

        My friends and I were taking naughty pictures and sending them to the football team. We were laughing, drinking a little from daddy’s liquor stash, and waiting for some dick pictures back. We got several, and I thought it would be hot to send some girl on girl. I guess we got a little carried away in the excitement because we accidentally sent one to phone sex daddy. 

  I can’t believe what happened next. Daddy sent us a dick picture back. My friends were all excited, and talking about what a big dick my daddy has. We kept sending back and forth, and my friend Jenn began to sex chat with daddy. She did it from my phone as me, the little sneak. Daddy wasn’t upset, he sexted back! 

My friends all went home for dinner, leaving me to see what will happen when daddy got home. Will he be mad? Did someone else send pictures because never let us see his face. Oh, I hear the car door.

Did I fuck daddy? Oh, those are special secrets! Call me and I might tell you what happened as I get wet whenever I think about it.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Daddy Lost

My daddy has a little bit of a gambling problem and loses a lot. The other day he lost more than he could pay and turned to his baby girl to fix the problem. I’m 100% daddy’s girl and knew that I had to help him!

The next game, he took me with him to settle his debt. All the guys looked very excited to see me. He introduced me to them and left the room. They started circling around me and I hit my knees and looked up at them. I could hear the zippers coming down and all of their cocks were in my face. I didn’t know where to start, so I dove right in. I could feel some of them fondling me as they waited their turn to fuck my face. Some of them were a little shy, but some were aggressive. They would grab my hair and ram their cocks deep into my throat and blow their load. Every time I would try to catch my breath, a stiff dick would find it’s way into my mouth.

I took so much cock and cum that by the time daddy came back, my lips were swollen and my throat hurt…but at least daddy’s was debt free!



Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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Is It That Time

Phone sex daddy is so funny! He pretends we have to be careful, mumbles something about special time of month, and magically his condoms disappear. Hey!! I know what you’re assuming, but maybe he WANTS to knock my fertile little pussy up. I wonder if he wants to rub and kiss my little teen preggers tummy, or wants my tits to be bigger?  

Thing is that it really doesn’t matter because we both get exactly what we want. He gets to fuck my tight, pussy and I get his big daddy dick, and his baby batter. YUMMY! 

We’re alone for the night as long as the bitch has gone out with her friends to do whatever it is they do. I curl into daddy’s big king size bed, wearing just my panties. It isn’t my fault he doesn’t think it is hot enough for A/C. Oh, I am going to make it super hot! It’s not what you are thinking, perv! ~wink, wink! It sort of is, so I turned up the heater before bed so daddy would have to take off his sleep pants.

Now I am cuddling up to him and he starts to say no. No what daddy? No, please don’t find the condoms? I won’t daddy! Fuck a baby into me, and I won’t tell mommy what you made me do! ~Giggles~ 



 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Young Voice for Young Fantasies

I’ve always attracted a certain type a male and if you’re visiting my profile, then you know EXACTLY the type of men that enjoys my services. The ones that have a taste for the younger kind. The best thing about me is my voice. It’s nice and young and helps me to bring any of your fantasies to life. I like to go above and beyond for all of my naughty phone sex pedos. Any age, any scenario, any fantasy. It’s all super sexy to me. My voice will take you away and make you believe that you’re with the little princess of your choice. If you haven’t tried a little taboo role play yet, you should take a walk on the dirty side and talk to a girl that knows how to give you exactly what you want.



Written By: Raylin
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My Ass, Your Tongue

 Don’t you wish I was your girlfriend? I see you watching me, almost like a stalker. We know the real truth, don’t we? The only way you are getting next to me is for you to be my bitch. I will use you up, then toss you out. If you’re lucky, one of my friends will have a use for you. Not yet though. For now, you are my bitch.

You are waiting for me to arrive at the townhouse you bought for me. You are hungry for all my tight, little holes. You’re salivating as you think about cleaning me up. There is dried cum between my creamy tits, and whose job is it to lick me clean? Yes, it is your’s bitch. Clean all my just fucked and filled holes and then maybe I will have a surprise for you. Oh no, not that! You will never get to fuck me no matter how much you beg.

Crawl to the toy closet and get out my strap-on and flogger. You didn’t clean me up as well as you should have. That means you are about to get more than a fucking from my 9 inch strap-on. It means I am also going to flog you till you’re crying like the bitch boy you are.



Written By: Delaney
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Revenge On Daddy (A Must Read)

Daddy grounded me for the entire weekend and I’m not too happy about it. He said I racked up his cell phone bill or something like that. My best friend was having a killer party and a guy that likes me will also be there. I am really pissed that I will be stuck home bored as hell. As if I wasn’t bummed enough, my daddy told me he was having his friends come over to watch some stupid fight on TV. I would rather hang out in my bedroom and stare at the walls then be around his stupid, drunk friends.

I was in the kitchen, heating up pizza rolls and they all come in the front door, very loud and obnoxious. While I was waiting my food to heat up, I happened to look over and saw my daddy’s cell phone on the kitchen counter. I snatched his phone and my food and said a quick hello to all his friends and made a mad dash up the stairs.

I was so angry with my dad for grounding me and he even knew how excited I wanted to go to this party because I told him weeks ago. As I was eating my pizza rolls, I thought of a good come back for daddy. I text from daddy’s phone one of his friends that was at our house already and I told him to come upstairs, it was an emergency and don’t tell my daddy where he was going. Two minutes later he comes into my room and I tell him to shut and lock my door. I had him sit on my bed where I basically started seducing him to fuck me. He had no problem sticking his cock into my barely legal pussy. After we fucked, I waited 15-20 minutes and I text another one of my daddy’s friends. I told him tell my daddy you’re going to the bathroom and come to my room. He did and I fucked this guy so good and hard, he put a huge load in my tight little pussy. As the night went on, I fucked all eight of my daddy’s friends without him knowing. It felt so good to have that many cum loads inside of me.

When all the guys left, I put his phone back where he had left it. He was probably so drunk he didn’t even know he didn’t have it on him all night. While daddy was cleaning up in the living room, I quickly went to his bathroom. I fucked myself with his toothbrush. Before he goes to bed tonight, he will get to taste all of his friends sticky cum loads in his mouth.

Hee Hee, pay back is a bitch, daddy!



Written By: Ariel
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