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See Me After School

You wrote, “see me after school” on my quiz, instead of giving me a grade. 

Math is too hard. I don’t like it. I would rather learn about faraway places or read stories about kings and queens. I like reading and studying fun things. I get good grades in English and History, but that does not help me with my math homework.  I keep getting stuck, and I did not do so well on my last math quiz. Now, you are making me stay after school. Usually, I end up in the principal’s office because I am chewing gum, or talking in class, or most recently, because I forgot to wear panties under my short skirts again.

You are my favorite teacher, and I want you to like me, think I am pretty and sweet. I want you to think I am smart, but I am not when it comes to math. When I open your door after school, you don’t even look up me. You just keep grading papers.  Quietly, I stand there waiting for you. Finally, you look up me. As I stand there in front of you looking at your handsome face, you scold me for not trying hard enough as you talk about my quiz grade. I burst into tears, I tried so hard, but it is just too hard.

You take pity on me. You give me a big hug, and I enjoy your big, strong body squeezing my tight little teen petite body. I don’t want to let go. I am so ashamed that I have disappointed you. You promise to make it all better. You slip your fingers under my skirt and find it is another, no panty day, for Miley. You assure that there are other ways, fun ways, that I can earn a good grade is your class. I look up at your face and unzip your zipper. 

Your little girl,


Written By: Miley
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Even Losers Can Get My Attention


delaneyI love tricking a certain guy into thinking he will be getting sex from me. I mean tomorrow is Valentines Day and so he should get something special. LOL. He is going to get something special, but it just won’t be from me. I have invited my entire senior class to come over and totally fuck with this man’s head.

He sees the note on the door telling him to just come right in and to strip down on the way to my bedroom. He does as he is told and walks in to see 20 hot girls who are already laughing at his loser ass. One walks over to kiss him, but instead spits on his face and then puts a collar and leash on him. She makes him go for a walk on the front lawn as the rest of us go for a jog.

He has a stiffy because he knows when we get back doggy will be forced to lick us clean from sweat and any other wet, slippery fluids we demand. The neighbors try not to stare but it is pretty fucking funny with him being walked like a dog. We are back from our jog and we aren’t alone! Looks like a busy day for doggy.


Written By: Delaney
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Bad Grades And Boys


aj  As usual, I get called to the Guidance Counselor’s office. I just sit and stare because the counselor is so hot!! “Giggles” He says my grades are slipping again and we need to find out the reason why and all that stuff. I explain to him I have a concentration problem because I think of boys and sex and men and sex, and just a whole lot of SEX! 

He just shakes his head at me but I can see he wants to smile because it is hard being mad at me. He is letting me take the lead on just where all this is going. Want to know where it is going? My tongue is going right in his mouth and my little hand right around his big, thick dick!

The next thing I know ,”somehow” I ended up sitting on his desk, without my panties and my hand on the back of his head guiding his tongue to my hot, little pussy. I then showed him why last year’s teachers just let me have good grades no matter what!! 

             Sassy Teen AJ


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Babysitter’s Revenge

   I was babysitting for Mr. S and super bored because my boyfriend couldn’t come over to fuck me. I was using his laptop to look at porn because it isn’t much fun on my little phone screen. He is always trying to grab my ass and beg me to  let him lick my little bald pussy. I let him get away with it because I knew one day I could use it to blackmail him to do things he doesn’t want to.

I couldn’t believe what I saw while looking for porn. Okay, well yes I could considering what a perv he is. He had pictures of my boyfriend and I fucking. I have to admit, I got off twice watching it before I called Jason and asked him what I should do to Mr. S. When Mr. S came home, he tried to grab my ass as usual, but I had a surprise for him.

I told him what I knew, and unless he wanted wifey to know he had to do just what I demanded. I told him to follow me to his bedroom where Jason was waiting. He said he always wondered what my sweet, teen pussy tasted like so I made him suck off Jason. We were far from done but Mrs .S came home so we had to stop for the day.

Teen Torrie



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AJ The Teen Jizz Junkie

aj   I went to my step-brother’s apartment last night and OMG I walked in on him fucking this girl. My mom just got married again making him my 4th brother and definitely the hottest. I heard the moans at his front door they were so loud. I guess I could have not used my key to let myself in BUT, well you know *Giggles*.

She didn’t know I was there because she was so loud I am surprised no one called 911. I quietly closed the front door and watched as he pounded her bent over the couch.  He saw me and motioned for me to get closer. OH! He is really huge. I am not sure she liked it so rough as once I came closer, I could hear her asking him to stop. Oh fuck, he was bareback and she didn’t want him to jizz inside her.

What happened next wasn’t my fault, NO, it really wasn’t I tell you. Oopsies. I said, “you can empty your balls in my tight, teen pussy”. I didn’t think I said it, I thought I just maybe whispered it. Guess not! So, he pulled out of her, bent me over, stroked his dick over my wet pussy and with one hard pump gave me a huge load of baby batter. 


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Peeping Again

Oh boy! My pervy step-daddy is at it again. This time I caught him peeping at me getting out of the shower. Every time I turn around, I catch him. He was being good for a little while and trying to control himself, but now it’s worse than before! Not only that, I can hear him beating his meat as he watches. He’s working his hand up and down on it so hard, I’m surprised he hasn’t pulled it off yet. As soon as Mama falls asleep, I hear his door creak open and know that he’s somewhere looking at me. I feel sorry for him, he’s so fucking pussy whipped that sometimes I’ll spread my legs and give him a really good view. I try to imagine what he must look like. Face pressed to the door, a pair of my dirty panties wrapped around his dick, stroking away. It’s pathetic and makes me giggle. I’ve got a big surprise for him tonight though. I took Mama’s biggest toy and I’m going to put on a nice show for him. I just know I’ll wake up to cum puddles all over the floor.

Written By: Josie
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Daddy’s Christmas Bonus

Baby BrittDaddy came home last night in a bad mood. He said his boss isn’t giving out his Christmas bonus this year. My jaw dropped because Daddy always likes to spend all his money on his little Britt. This means no new clothes, shoes, lingerie or makeup! Daddy and I were both upset about this and I needed to do something.

Later that night, I got all dressed up; short, black sateen dress and black stilettos heels. I had Daddy thinking I was going to the club but I really was going over to his bosses house to pay a little visit. I know exactly where the old bastard lives, we’ve been over there before for company picnics and holiday parties.

When I got to his house, I rang the doorbell and waited patently till he finally answered the door. He seemed shocked I was standing there on his front porch. He complemented me on my outfit and with a shaky but excited voice he yelled to his wife in the living room that he’ll be right back.

He took me to his garage so we could talk. I told him he had no right not to give my Daddy a Christmas bonus and before he could even speak, my dress was off. I told him I will give him a holiday gift he will never forget if Daddy gets paid.

It was 2am and I was back home and crawled into my phone sex Daddy’s bed. I sat my pussy on his face and cum started dripping into his mouth. Daddy asked what I’ve been doing and who’s cum is in his mouth? I told Daddy he will get a Christmas check this year and it will be double the amount.

Happy Holidays,

Baby Britt

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Written By: Baby Britt
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Torrie’s Cuckold Bitch

       Are you sitting on the bed waiting for me like a good cuckold? You know I have been out with my friends getting all my little teen holes filled by big, thick cocks. YUMMY! If you have been good, and you know that I can tell; you will be rewarded by your tiny Mistress Torrie. I inspect everything from your phone to your girly panties. Everything looks okay, as you know you aren’t allowed to play with your clitty while I am gone.

I give you a kiss so you can suck the jizz off my tongue and lick it off the sides of my mouth. Look at you, what a dirty slut you are! I already see a little wet spot on your panties even though we have just started. I hand you my thong to lick up all the jizz, you’re so hungry for it. You even wring it out to get every yummy drop.

Then I sit over your open mouth and slowly let the cum from my ass drip into your mouth. You try and get more by trying to stick your tongue in my pussy, but I slap you away. Bad, bad jizz junkie! I may just have to invite some cocks over, so you can get a huge jizz fix!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Sweet As Banana Cream Pie

SASSY AJEveryone thinks I am just sweet as Banana Cream Pie!  I do love cream, but not the kind you eat. Wait, well you do eat it *giggles* but I would rather that special salty cream in deep inside my tight, teen pussy. It makes me crazy that my sperm donors/victims.. I mean handsome older neighbors keep moving away. I hate the wife’s attitudes, I mean I just want to borrow their husbands. 

My parents are going out of town, brother is in college so they asked one of their friends I never met to look after me. *stomps feet* I am not a baby! Things changed when he got to our house. OMFG, he was older, hot and was a college professor. I sometimes think my parents haven’t a clue about the real me.

Our first night together he was very chatty, I mean on and on about books I should read. *rolls eyes, and yawns* I had to stop this right away as we had only 3 days and I intend to make the best of it. I went up to get ready for bed, and came down in a cut off tee and pink panties. What? That is what I sleep in. His eyes went wide, he said he needed to make a phone call but I walked right up to him and pushed my eager teen tongue in his mouth. Yummy, he tasted of cigars and whiskey. 

I suppose you want to know more because you are a bit of a dirty man. Do you think I kiss and tell? So…..I will tell you all the naughty details skipping any kissing.



 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Isabelle’s Naughty Naked Pool Party

Isabelle Today is the last day of my internship. This job has been tedious, a big yawn, and the Hotel Manager is a total control freak. Needless to say, I am happy that today is my last day. Most of the staff are nice people, but they always seem so stressed.  Probably, not going to put this job experience on my resume because I don’t think I learned anything here.

The parting words from the Hotel Manager are to make sure I turn in all of my uniforms.  WTF? No parting words of wisdom, no thoughtful gesture, no expression of gratitude! I was not expecting him to fall down and kiss my feet, but now I truly understand why all the employees are so cranky around here.

As he stood there looking at me, I was tempted to tear off my shirt and hand it to him. I just simply nodded and walked away.  I was making the rounds, saying my “thank you’s” and “good-byes” to my friends on staff.  I ran into a couple of the sexy pool servers that were getting ready to change into their uniforms for the start of their shifts. The group of hot girls and I were complaining about the Manager. We decided to break the rules and have some naughty fun. Release our frustrations.

The only nice thing about this crappy hotel is the pool, but employees were not allowed to swim. The pool girls and I decided to go for a swim before the pool opened to the hotel guests.  None of us had our bikinis with us, so we decided to go skinny dipping! We had a  naughty naked girl pool party! The girls and I got sexy with each other in the pool. Some hot girl on girl fun!  It was a blast!

After our pool party, I put on my shorts, panties, and bra.  Wrapped up in a towel and headed for my car. I left my uniform top on the diving board of the pool. Sent the Hotel Manager a text where he could find it. Haha!

Bratty Isabelle


Written By: Isabelle
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