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I Will Break You

Men who are small in stature amuse the fuck out of me! I just want to crush those short bodies under my Hades boot heels. I have always had this odd disdain for short men. I suppose I have a “short men suck” kind of fetish. Hey bitch, don’t fucking judge me! 

I went to a bar in the mood for a wild, rough nasty fuck and I saw one who looked worth my time, so I thought. After a few drinks and party favors, we went to a hotel. It is very rare I meet a man or woman I take home. He kicked off his shoes, and what the  fuck? He went down at least 5 inches. This pissed me off, ruined the mood and made me want to break him. So, break him I did. I got him in a leg lock with my strong, lean thighs and squeezed like a python after her prey. I moved him where his face was between my legs, giving him the impression things would be fucking okay now. Fuck me, really? I squeezed his head between my thighs using them like a vice grip. I think he might have passed out because there was no movement from him. I released my grip to see if he was breathing. I guess I didn’t kill him. Maybe next time.

Deviant Malaya Maxxx


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Follow Me To Hell

Ivy  I am goth so every fucking day is Halloween to me. Black clothes, vampire boys, absinthe, cemeteries, spells, bloodletting and erotic dancing to Christian Death. Welcum to my world. If I have let you in it is for one of three reasons.You are either an amazing fuck, you need an accomplice which you will pay for with your very soul or I feed off your night terrors. I can sniff out which one you are in a bloody heartbeat. 

This blog is about the men who love Halloween for one reason and that is the little costumed darling’s knocking at their door. I wonder who makes such sexy Halloween costumes for little girls to wear and tempt you? Maybe it is Lucifer himself!  Halloween is the night you wait for, dream about and tremble with anticipation. Baby nurses, storybook characters, saloon girls all dressed in sheer tempting costumes. Your addiction gets so far out of hand you beg me to lock you up, keep you from doing what will take your soul. Trust me, having a soul is overrated.

As the sun goes down you wait for the knocks, you peek out your window stroking you p-cock and you actually pray to god for this night to end. God has forgotten you, he has forgotten us all.

I join you, as I have no soul to worry about and my hands need to feel a fragile neck, one that would break like a twig. Join me in my sadistic games of pleasure. The time is now!



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Phone Sex At The Glory Hole

I have a naughty experience to share. I was on a call the other night. One of my regulars called from a glory hole at the adult bookstore. He sucked three cocks while I was on the phone with him. He is a size queen. Only one of the three was over 8 inches, but he is such sexy cocksucker that he sucked all three. I listened and coached him. Made him drink all three loads of cum. It was so great! At the end of the call, he sent me pics to my email of the guy with the big dick and his lips wrapped around the shaft. So naughty!

While we were waiting for the next cock to appear, I teased him about the big black cock he sucked for me in the past. I reminded him of being handcuffed and getting face fucked. It was not a long wait.

I heard another man’s voice. My caller said that another man entered the booth. The man wanted more than a blow job through a glory hole. He wanted to fuck my caller’s ass. I told my caller to go for it if the man had a big dick. I wasn’t sure what was happening next until I heard my caller get turned into a bottom bitch. I listened for a few minutes while my caller got fucked in the ass. No foreplay, but lots of dirty talk and humiliating name calling. It didn’t take long, and my caller got an ass full of cum.

After the other man left the booth, I made my caller jerk off for me until he had his cum!


Written By: Brynna
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Training The Houseboy

My houseboy is scrubbing my floors on his hands and knees.

“Bitch, you missed a spot.” Point it out with the toe of my black high heels. “Stop apologizing. Kiss my shoe and scrub the floor.”

When you are done with the floors, it is time to assume the position. Get on all fours, with your cheeks spread and your nose and lips touching the floor. “Bitch, I bet that you are grateful that you the floors are now immaculate. Finger your ass! “

The toy door opens. I put on my big black 10-inch strapon. I spank his ass. “Start sucking.” I grab a fistful of his hair, and harshly fuck his mouth. Rough face fuck! Make him choke and gag. This is punishment, but my bitch loves it rough and nasty. Get my toy cock wet. You know where it is going next! 

Yes, I fuck my bitch’s ass! Hard and rough! I fuck his ass until he cums on my floor. “Lick it up, Bitch!”

I force him to eat his own cum.

Mistress Koko 


She-Male Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Hey, there all my cock sucking fags or should I say my cock sucking want-to-be sluts. Are you wondering how good it would feel to be with a she-male? In other words, I am a CHICK WITH A DICK! I just love having a man to suck on and a huge cock to give him pleasure with. I love my cock sucked and I love sucking cock.

Teaching guys how to suck and lick a delicious cock like mines gives me so much pleasure. Watching my rock hard cock growing into your throat while I ram it down your whore throat is the best. I’ll bend you over and shove this fat cock up your sweet little tight asshole and make you my bitch. Be amazed as I blast a huge load of cum down your throat or inside your asshole, whichever you prefer. We can switch the tables and you can fuck me up my ass too.  Pick up the phone and give me call for the thrill of being with a she-male, I promise you will enjoy it. Honey, your little secret is safe with me.


Tranny Mindy
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Here lately, I’ve been into something new: breath play. It all started with one of my newest fuck buddies wanting to choke me during sex. Over the years, I’ve had plenty that liked to play rough that way, but this one took it further. He holds me throat until I nearly pass out. I can tell you how amazing it feels when the air finally rushes back into my lungs. I cum just from the sensation. As much as I love having it done to me, I’ve really enjoyed experimenting on my other men as well. They don’t know how to take it when I squeeze their throats as I ride them.. but they all agree that their orgasm is so much more intense! It’s my newest fetish and I can’t get enough. Whether it’s me or one of my guys, breath play is so fucking hot! I’m ready to start using it with my callers… want to try something new?

Your Assistant Dominates Your Ass

According to the Organizational Chart, I should be reporting to you. You should be the boss, but with my sexy curves, short skirts and my dominating ways, I control you. That’s right! You obey me! You submit to me. You do absolutely anything to please me. I walk around the office like I own the place. Well, I don’t own the company or the building, but I do own your ass!

You submit to your ass to me. I wear it out with a big black strap on after hours. You always try to talk me out of it, but you are no match for my wit or my power of you. I even make you beg to be fucked like a girl. I fuck you so hard that my tits bounce, but then, you cum so hard for me.

Mistress Koko

Exploring Kink Phone Sex

My boyfriend and I have been exploring kink and BDSM. I’ve always been into light bondage but never really explored it any further.  We joined an online fetish community so we could meet locals here in Cali that also are seeking to play in the BDSM world. It has been so much fun attending fetish parties and meeting like minded people. We have had the pleasure of threesomes and even other couples.

I am learning how much I really do enjoy being submissive. I enjoy how my boyfriend spanks me and even lightly chokes me as I cum for him. I never thought I would love cum control so much. I LOVE to beg for pleasure! He teases and fucks my pussy so good. He really enjoys to spank my ass until it almost bleeds. I like to admire my red cheecks in the mirror after. All those spanks brought me so much creamy pleasure!

Are you into BDSM and wanna talk about it? Want to explore and get kinky together? I am looking for masters to train me… Who wants to teach me how it is to be a good little pet?

Submissive Slut Aubrey

Live Sex Show

I do not usually “Kiss and Tell” and share intimate details here about specific calls, but I am making an exception to that.

I had such a NAUGHTY CALL!

My caller arranged a call with me. He was heading to a cheap motel to meet his “Craigslist friend.” He wanted to make sure that I would be available to listen on the speakerphone and join in on his sexy encounter.

My caller likes it dirty! He likes to be teased and he likes the name calling. He likes to be turned into a total bitch for a very large cock. He has a hard time finding white guys in his area with cocks that are large enough for his “taste.” He has a developed a wonderful BBC fetish.

Once at the hotel, while he was still alone, I helped my caller get hard and warmed up. I had him get naked. Then, I heard a knock on the door in his room. I heard his friend walk in. My caller did just as I had instructed and immediately was on his knees sucking that big black cock!  His Craigslist friend and I chatted. I teased and instructed my bitch to take it deeper.

Then my caller was put up on the bed with his head dangling over the edge. His friend went down on and fucked my caller’s mouth and throat. I loved it! It was so hot and crazy. I described how I was playing with myself under my panties. The black man has a very sultry and charming quality about his voice. I kept telling him to fuck my caller’s face harder. We teased my caller about truly being a bitch and needing this bbc.

Then my caller got between his “Craigslist friend’s” legs and continued to suck. Next, the friend got on top of my caller and fucked his mouth Really Rough, Really Deep. Finally, that 10-inch cock shot a HUGE load of cum all over my caller’s face.

After the black man left, and promised to come back and “cum” again soon, I teased my caller about secretly wanting it in the ass. I know how to make my guys cum. I teased him and edged him. It was my callers turn to cum. He came so hard. It was such a naughty call.

Your fucked

Last night a few of the sorority bitches came over asking if I could get them some of the “good stuff”. Imagine me wasting anything on them. Normally surprise visits  make me want to stick a boot heel up someone’s ass but this might be fun. I took their money and texted a couple of my guy friends. I told them to bring over some Special K as I wasn’t wasting the good stuff.

The guys came over and handed me three vials. I explained they had to put it in booze straight up and soon the were passed out on the floor. I let the guys do their thing. I get it, like fucking a dead body that doesn’t smell rotted. They helped me get them to the attic where we chained them up. Now here is where my plastic fetish comes in.

The smell of someone sweating from fear wearing a plastic raincoat is fucking hot. Okay to me all fear makes me drip juices down my pale thighs. We pulled off what was left of their designer shit just about when they were coming to. The guys helped me stand them up still in chains and I put a raincoat backwards on all 3 stupid twats. Then the tears and pleading started. Too fucking funny as we all kind of didn’t give a fucking shit. My favorite part was pulling the hood over their still out of it faces. Imagine trying to breathe with a plastic hood over your face.

The plastic was going more in their mouths and they were having a really hard time breathing. Yeah, I was getting bored about now and wanted to see a death metal band later. The had all fallen by now and I poked them with a tire iron and none were moving. Next time I need to think this out better as I wanted to hang them and watch them twitch. The guys promised to clean up if I let them stay and fuck them some more. I love my men friends.  Later Bitches.

Malicious Malaya