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Can You Make Me Gag?

If you’ve ever done a call with me, you know that I’m one slut that loves to choke on a big dick. There nothing quite like a big, thick meaty pole being shoved down your throat. Small cocks just won’t do. It has to be huge.

I’ll get on my knees in front of you and put my hands behind my back. I want you to have all the control. Don’t worry about being gentle with me, I want a good throat pounding. Shove it in deep and hold it there until my face starts to turn red and my eyes begin to water. When you roughly push my head away, I get to slurp up those shiny strings of spit that are wrapped around your cock. If it’s not sloppy and messy, I’m not doing it right.

I’m working for the ultimate reward, a tummy full of creamy jizz. Back in it goes, fucking my mouth hard and deep. Don’t you love those gagging sounds I make? When you finally shove it in deep and pump your load down my throat, my lips are nice and swollen around your shaft.

Fuck.. I need a cock to make me gag and moan. Is yours available?



Written By: Teagan
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Rough Sex with Submissive Raylin

He calls me his young lover, and that’s just what I am. He dominates my tender teen body like no other man ever has. His deep sexy voice instructs me how to please his raging cock, and I obey.

He always starts with a delicious face fuck, shoving that cock so deep down my throat that I gag around it. I love the way his hands feel cradling my face, guiding my head up and down, pressing on the back of it at times. He always knows just when to release me and let me breathe.

Once I have him rock hard, he abuses my pussy. He bends me over and gives me the pounding he can never give his wife. He pins me to the bed, my face pressed into the mattress. All of his frustrations and desires go into his thrusts. Then he leans down and whispers in my ear that he’s going to cum in my pussy. I try to pull away, but he won’t allow it. He wants to me fill me up with cum and get his young lover pregnant. He holds me down and makes me take his cum. If he doesn’t knock me up this time, I know he’ll just try again next time. He always gets what he wants.



Written By: Raylin
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Your Mom Is A Cunt

Your Mother is a stupid cunt who needs to be ended. You call me with your plan, but I need more. I can’t just straight out kill the fucking bitch. I need to do some extreme torture to get me going. 

I break into your house and drag you both into the basement. I wink at you and she is too terrified to even notice. I know she hates Asians and in her fear, she still manages to call me a Chink in her trembling voice. I make her dress in tight latex and she looks fucking ridiculous. I call her names, slap her, and grab her ugly tits. I pierce her nipples as she begs me to stop.

You’re wearing my panties and riding up and down on your dildo. I make the cunt watch you. She has spoiled herself and is now vomiting. What a useless pig she is. I shove dildos in both her holes. She screams in pain. I guess those holes hadn’t been used in ages.

I start up the chainsaw and begin cutting her limbs off. Fuck, there is a lot of blood. I am covered in it. Next comes her legs. I have to work fast now as I don’t want her to bleed out. She is losing so much blood and I see her eyes rolling back in her head. I finally show some mercy and make her suck on my gun for a bit. Then I blow her fucking head off.

Fuck, that was fun. Have a mom you can’t stand?  Let’s play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Little Baby Bethany


My phone sex brother is home for the summer. I love it when he is home from college because we have so much fun together.

It all started when he joined my friends and I at a sleepover. He made it the best party ever! He got us a keg of beer and a double cheese pizza. It was so yummy and I loved the way the beer foam got all over my face. Josh said it is called “head” My friends and I just laughed so hard at that.

  We danced, played Truth or Dare and then we were a little sleepy from the beer. I was having so much fun that I didn’t want the night to ever end. Around 3 am, I felt hot breath on my neck. My brother Josh was licking, kissing and nibbling on my neck. I couldn’t believe this might finally actually happen! I always wanted to fuck my big brother, and apparently he wanted to fuck me as well. My friend was laying next to me, but Josh didn’t care. He put his hand over my mouth and began to do super dirty things. I decided we shouldn’t do it, but Josh forced me. He got really rough! 

Do want to know a secret? I really liked it! 


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Because I Fucking Can

People I know constantly ask me why I do the things I do. Look at me loser. It is because I can. No man or woman can resist me, and that is where they make their first fatal mistake.

There is this adorable little man that I just enjoy terrorizing. He is always at Planet Fitness staring at the girls. It took me a few days to notice it was my legs and arms he was eyeing. Apparently, he loves amazon type chicks with perfectly toned muscles. I decided it was time to use, I mean get to know this man.

I invited him for coffee and beignets at the Empire. My friend owns the cafe, and she puts up the CLOSED sign. Another woman comes from the back and joins us. You have this scared little boy look on your face, but your cock is clearly rock hard. Oh little man, your attraction to muscles on women is going to get you hurt, or broken, but hopefully both! If you are wondering why I am so evil, well it’s because I fucking can!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Dick Sucking Slut

Sometimes you just want that slut who wants to suck your dick for hours!  Well guys, I’m that slut!  I LOVE sucking dick!!  I love the way it feels hitting the back of my throat!  I love having that cock slapped all over my face!  I like dressing really slutty for you and being on my knees, mouth open when you get home!  Release all of that stress from your day all over my face!

Either way…..I’m ready.  My mouth is drooling just thinking about that dick in and out of my hot mouth!  How long do you think you can last while I suck the jizz right out of your balls??  Ready to play??  You know what to do!  Stop stroking so you can call me!





Written By: Dakota
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Sluts Like Me Love Forced Sex

I love surprises especially if they involve lots of dirty, nasty, hot sex with numerous men.

Last night my phone sex daddy gave me a HUGE surprise. I was in the kitchen getting a snack before bed when I heard banging at my front door. It was like 3 am, so I guess I was a little scared. Isn’t it funny how a body can react to fear with a gushing pussy? Maybe I am just a little slut who loves the thought of rape.

Before I could answer the door, they broke my window and unlocked the door. WTF? It was 5 men with masks on. I told them to take what they want and to please leave. Notice, I never said the obvious which was please don’t hurt me.

They surrounded me and ripped off my clothes. Soon, all their dicks were out and so hard. One of the men grabbed my sweet fuck hole and mentioned how wet I was. I knew that voice, and I also knew that huge 9 inch dick. It was my daddy. He dragged me by my hair into my bedroom. It hurt going up the stairs, but I am a little bit of a pain slut. All the men were touching, rubbing their dicks all over me, and I was sure daddy winked at me. 

I took so many loads of cum by the time the sun came up, I was totally satisfied and super sore. I must have finally passed out, because when I woke up, I was alone. My phone went off, and it was a text from daddy. He told me to shower, get dressed and he would be over to take me to lunch. Not a word was said about our sexy, hot night. He even acted surprised at my broken window, and said he would have someone come over to fix it. 



Written By: Callie
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Snapping Necks For Pleasure

I guess forcing me as a little babe to take gymnastics wasn’t the worst idea. I am pretty fucking limber now aren’t I? I know what you’re thinking, and that will never happen. You just aren’t my type, but you knew that the minute you tried to get my attention. Now you have it, and you are going to regret it quickly!

You spread my legs and try to lick my tasty twat. My legs wrap around your head. You aren’t going anywhere useless bitch. Did I hear his neck snap? Now, that is just a shame! I really had more plans for him. I wanted him on cam for all my fuck buddies to see what happens if you displease me.

I have to admit, this little fucking adventure has gotten me hot as fuck. Call me bitch, let’s see if you are worth my time. Doubtful!



Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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I Will Break You

Men who are small in stature amuse the fuck out of me! I just want to crush those short bodies under my Hades boot heels. I have always had this odd disdain for short men. I suppose I have a “short men suck” kind of fetish. Hey bitch, don’t fucking judge me! 

I went to a bar in the mood for a wild, rough nasty fuck and I saw one who looked worth my time, so I thought. After a few drinks and party favors, we went to a hotel. It is very rare I meet a man or woman I take home. He kicked off his shoes, and what the  fuck? He went down at least 5 inches. This pissed me off, ruined the mood and made me want to break him. So, break him I did. I got him in a leg lock with my strong, lean thighs and squeezed like a python after her prey. I moved him where his face was between my legs, giving him the impression things would be fucking okay now. Fuck me, really? I squeezed his head between my thighs using them like a vice grip. I think he might have passed out because there was no movement from him. I released my grip to see if he was breathing. I guess I didn’t kill him. Maybe next time.

Deviant Malaya Maxxx


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Follow Me To Hell

Ivy  I am goth so every fucking day is Halloween to me. Black clothes, vampire boys, absinthe, cemeteries, spells, bloodletting and erotic dancing to Christian Death. Welcum to my world. If I have let you in it is for one of three reasons.You are either an amazing fuck, you need an accomplice which you will pay for with your very soul or I feed off your night terrors. I can sniff out which one you are in a bloody heartbeat. 

This blog is about the men who love Halloween for one reason and that is the little costumed darling’s knocking at their door. I wonder who makes such sexy Halloween costumes for little girls to wear and tempt you? Maybe it is Lucifer himself!  Halloween is the night you wait for, dream about and tremble with anticipation. Baby nurses, storybook characters, saloon girls all dressed in sheer tempting costumes. Your addiction gets so far out of hand you beg me to lock you up, keep you from doing what will take your soul. Trust me, having a soul is overrated.

As the sun goes down you wait for the knocks, you peek out your window stroking you p-cock and you actually pray to god for this night to end. God has forgotten you, he has forgotten us all.

I join you, as I have no soul to worry about and my hands need to feel a fragile neck, one that would break like a twig. Join me in my sadistic games of pleasure. The time is now!



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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