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Off With His Head

        Welcome to my office. I am told I need to fix a little problem of yours. Please disrobe, and hop up on my table. Why know, it isn’t really sanitary. I just fucked my girlfriend on the table. You don’t mind, do you?

I can see the problem here. It seems that thing of yours is quite useless. No man can ever not get hard while they look at me. Now then there is you. I can see why your wife is suggesting we remove that limp piece of flesh. Shame really, it seems to be quite large, just not in working order. 

You ask me if I will use anything to deaden your pain. I explain that is is not up to me, but to the doctor. Ah, you thought I was doing the procedure. It’s the person who really deserves to cut that worthless thing off.  You see your wife, and she looks happier than you have ever made her. You beg to be able to cum one last time before we rid you off your cock and balls. I tease you and show you my gorgeous tits. Still nothing from you. 

    She is shaking a bit, you see your reflection on the scalpel blade. You hope it’s quick. It isn’t. When she is done, she has a request. She wants us to fuck over your bloody, useless body. Sounds like bloody fucking fun to Nurse Malaya.



Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Snip, Snip

    Welcome to my office. I am told by your wife that you no longer have a use for your balls. Not to worry, let me take care of those nasty, hairy things. Time to strip and hop up on my table. Ignore my assistants, they’re new and just learning. Slide your feet in the stirrups and let me have a look. Amber will examine them, along with your prostrate. Take a deep breath and hold it in. You might feel a cold, sharp pain.

I imagine you thought this would be painless, and that you would still have your balls. My dear, did you think this was just to render your balls useless? Not hardly! Your wife is tired of looking at them, and I decided I would take it all. Even your cock. Let’s take care of that nasty hard-on right now.



Written By: Brianna
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A Taste Of Your OWN Medicine

I always watch porn of men eating their own cum. I think it’s so incredibly sexy. I’m attracted to strong, confident men and they’re the type who eat their own cum. 

I’ve dated men who aren’t into cum eating and as a nurse, I tell them the health benefits. Why do you think my skin is always glowing? Let’s just say, if they’re not willing to try at least, we won’t be together very long.

With me being a nurse, nothing grosses me out, so eating your own cum is very mild. When I jerk off some of my patients at the hospital, I squeeze every last ounce of cum into a little cup and make them drink it. Some are willing and some are not. The not so willing ones, I take the cup and I take a sip. Some need a little guidance. They always end up listening to me because I can make their visit a living nightmare.

Always follow the nurses orders, and have a taste of your own medicine.



 Written By: Nurse Loretta
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Humiliation at The Hospital

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When we get new male patients at the hospital, I always take a sneak peek of the goods. I’m always curious whats under the sheets.

The other nurses and I always play a game. We take bets on the patients cock size. Nurse Loretta knows her cocks and let’s just say, I haven’t lost too many bets.

I wait till patients are sleeping and I lift the covers and slide the gown over to expose their cocks. I give it a few strokes and maybe licks so I can get him hard. Most patients are so out of it, they have no idea what is going on. Then I get my little measuring tape out of my uniform pocket, just to make sure I am accurate.

I was in complete shock the other day when I saw this hunky man. I bet all the nurses that he had a 8.5 inch cock. When I lifted the covers from his hospital bed, I just started laughing. I had to call in the other nurses. He had a micro penis! Everyone’s phones were coming out to take pictures to share with their friends.

The gentleman woke up from all of our laughter and he was surrounded by 8 women   all looking down at his tiny clit. He wanted to know what was going on so I thanked him. I told him I was having a shitty day until I saw your tiny dick and now I can’t stop laughing. 


 Written By: Nurse Loretta
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Mommy’s Little Anal Slut

Awe look at Mommy’s little anal slut running around in his boy underwear. You know when phone sex Mommy puts on her naughty nurse outfit she’s getting ready to prepare your little butthole to service phone sex Daddy’s rock hard cock.

Give Mommy a kiss on her cheek and let Mommy take you by your hand and walk you down the stairs to Daddy. Oh look! Mommy has your favorites on the table; a nice big enema bag, Benjay, KY Jelly and my personal favorite, my 8-inch strap-on. Don’t cry. Yes, it’s going to hurt but Mommy has to loosen up your tight little boy pussy so phone sex Daddy can put a big load of cum inside it. Come on lay across Mommy’s lap so Daddy can inspect your butthole with his finger spread your butt cheeks, “good boy.”

Now I’m going to take the enema bag and ram the nozzle up your asshole, “stop crying.” Is your stomach cramping yet? You’re making daddy’s cock really hard. Daddy’s going to put his fingers inside your tight boy pussy now to inspect it. How wonderful does that feel? Mommy is so proud of her little anal slut and next you will get something much bigger than Daddy’s fingers.


Written By: Bianca
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Is it time for your check up?


You have no reason to fear a checkup from me. I am very gentle and will put you right at ease.  I perform special services that most nurses don’t. For instance, I like to get my patients undressed for the doctor and make sure they’re all lubed up for their rectal exams.  If you ask really nice, I will help the doctor test your ejaculatory responses with my nice warm tongue wrapped around your throbbing shaft. I specialize in anal exploration and sounding  too. I guess you could say I am full service medical professional. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I prefer to take off my uniform for your examination as it seems to hinder my abilities.



 Written By: Nurse Loretta
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Happy Halloweenie!!!

parker6It’s no lie Halloween is my FAVORITE day of the year!! I have been out shopping, shopping and more shopping. So far I have picked up a Little Red Riding-hood outfit…looking for my BIG bad wolf 😉 I bought a naughty nurse outfit looking for my  naughty Dr. or my naughty patient 🙂 I also put together a Bride of Chucky and looking for my partner in crime Chucky. I have bought a little bit of everything and can’t wait to start dressing up and going out to all the party’s. So if you’re wondering why I haven’t been around much I have just been shopping. Like I have said though even if I’m not signed in I will probably still answer my phone and let you know when I’ll be available or we can set up a date. Have I ever mentioned I love going on dates?? The whole getting ready and butterfly feeling in my stomach the build up. Anyways Happy Halloweenie everyone!!! xoxox Parker

Ready? Let’s Play A Game

After a much needed night out of drinking, dancing and flirting, I am ready to pick my playmate. A tall handsome man at the bar has been buying me drinks all night but hasn’t said a word. He finally approaches me and asks if I am a domina. I laugh and tell him that I don’t know about that I am just your average girl. What is the fun if he knows from the get go he is prey. I suggest we take the party to my house and he quickly agrees. I am walking distance so we walk and talk about music, books and life.

We get to my house and have a few more drinks and I ask him if he likes games. I could tell by the look on his face that was a surprise but well he agreed. I told him this game is called “Drop the handle”. He says he never heard of that and would I explain the rules. I quietly without ceremony explained to him I would bind his balls and the longer it took him to come the bigger his chances of losing his balls would be. Somehow, I don’t think he quite believed me.

Before long, two of my friends entered the room and helped me restrain him. He still was treating this as a joke, or best case a hot foursome. One of the girls snapped her latex gloves and informed him once his balls were in the band it would be time for his prostate exam. Ah, by the look on his face he seems to be finally getting the rules of our game.

Evil Mistress Brianna

Now, Don’t Move!

Get undressed and lay down on the table. I pull both arms above your head and tie your wrist to the metal hook at the top of the table. I graze my soft finger tips from your wrists to your toes. I spread your legs and secure your ankles to the bottom of the table. I don’t want you to be able to move at all or it will hurt worse. You need an update on your shots.

You can see me draw up a solution into a syringe. I have a 3” needle attached. I explain to you this solution will increase your sensitivity throwout your whole body. I grab a hold of your balls firmly. I slowly push the long sharp needle into your balls. You can feel the warm sensation entering your body. I am ready to add some more.

The second solution I draw up is much more intense. The needle is 4” long this time and a little thicker too. Don’t be a baby though, you’re always such a good patient. I grab your cock hard. I slammed the needle without any hesitation into your shaft. I let the fluid flow through out your cock. It’s hot and makes you throb. It’s time to get that cum sample I need. I pour cold lube all over your cock. I start stroking you gently as I grab a catheter. You are loving it so much you don’t even see it coming as I slide the tube right down your dick hole. I go faster and faster milking your cock. Give it to me, I need that cum sample right now!

Such a good patient. Make sure you make your next appointment.

Nurse Loretta

It May Hurt A Little

“Good boy, just relax… I’m going to insert this needle into the base of your penis and then fill the penis tissue with this solution. The solution increases stimulation, It will drive you wild. It may feel a little uncomfortable to begin with, but very soon the pain should subside and it’ll feel like your getting an erection. Towards the end it’ll feel like your penis is going to explode, don’t worry that’s perfectly normal! Once we have induced the erection we’ll be able to begin the next procedure.”

I see that you’re trying to be so brave with your cock throbbing. You just want to cum, but the rule was you cant until I tell you to.

Such a good boy, I can see the problem here. Just lay still while I fully examine the urethra… breathe deep sweetheart, this may be a little uncomfortable. When I’ve finished this extremely long procedure on your trembling penis, you’re going to beg me to end it. You’re almost crying you want to cum so badly, will I let you? I don’t know, call and find out.

Nurse Loretta