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 My Stats

Age: 37

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34C-23-35

Pussy: Cute little landing strip.

Ass: Perfect for you!

Favorite Positions: Missionary and on top.

Strangest Places I've had sex: I was in a tour group visitng the Grand Cannon and veered with with a complete stranger.

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, hosting parties, watching CNN, weekend resorts, skiing, hot bubble baths and spending time with my kids.

Specialities: Cuckolding, Role play, MILF fantasy,Oral/Anal, Cougar, GFE, Cheating wife or girlfriend, Nipple play, Adult babies, Erotic stories, Sensual domination, Family fun and Guided and mutual masturbation


Hi guys!

I’m Annette your sweet little soccer Mom. You watch me from your car when I drop the kids off to different events. You fantasize about pulling my little skirt up and showing me what a real man can give me. Keep thinking that because I count on your twisted desires to make me cum over and over again. My husband travels a lot for business so I have all day to make your fantasies cum true. My sexual appetite is as red hot as the hair on my head is.

When I was growing up all the guys called me “Ginger,” because I was the hot one of the group. I get lots of attention from all of my friends husbands. Funny thing is that they do it right in front of their wives. I guess when you stand out in a crowd it is expected. I love dressing super sexy. Short little mini skirts to show off my long legs and skin tight sweaters to show off my other assets. I get so horny when my husband leaves for weeks at a time and sometime masturbation just doesn’t take care of the burning fire in my pussy. That’s where all those lonely husbands come in handy. I love fucking and sucking all of my best friends hubby’s. Sometimes they even thank me for taking care of it for them.

I think the best sex I ever had was on my honeymoon. We went to Hawaii and when my husband went back to the room to lay down because he had gotten sunburned this lifeguard came up to me and asked me to fuck. I was in such shock I said yes. I guess he was use to that response because when we got back to his room he dropped his pants and MY GOD that was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I dropped to my knees and sucked like a pro. He said I was the best cock sucker he ever had. I swallowed the first load and then it was time to fuck. He liked it doggy style and he was nice and rough. We fucked for 5 hours and my pussy was so sore I almost couldn’t walk. I had to suck off my husband that night because I was too sore to fuck.

If your looking for a naughty little red head then you have met your match with me. I am as wickedly hot on the phone as I am off. I love being your secret slut or your dirty little victim. I will do anything and everything to please a stud like you. This little ginger will make your cock snap over and over again.


Call 1.866.794.8180
for Phone Sex with

13 Responses to “Annette”

  • Sorry it has taken me so long to leave you a comment. But you deserve it. Your voice is so sexy and you make all my stories that much better!

  • Annette is amazing. A great voice and wonderful personality. She really got into my fantasy and blew me away.

  • Annette is a phone artist who is absolutely the most creative, imaginative, and capable of placing her clients in the middle of their specific fantasy as if they were actually there in real life. She is so smart and intellectual. She can sense exactly what her clients want, and give it to them better than they could ever have dreamed anyone could.

  • you look hot, sound hot, and very likely are hot. The question is this — when are you ever available?

  • Loved our call yesterday! Looks, voice, everything is so incredible!!

  • Anette I wanna suck your bosoms

  • Annette,

    I am at a loss for words after our brief, yet passionate call today! You are the sex goddess that I have searched for! Now that I have finally found you, I yearn to worship you in every conceivable way. Your sultry voice is so silky smooth. I was and am entranced by your soft tones. How could I forget that naughty, sexy laugh that accompanies the wicked twinkle of your sapphire eyes?! You were a vision in black as strode confidently into my office, letting your black trench fall to the floor gracefully. Like the tigress you are, you positioned yourself to devour me. Yet, tenderly, you pleasured me with such skill and aplomb. Graciously, you allowed to share my self with you in a very intimate way. Finally, when the time came for my climax, you gave another sensual courtesy. I defer to you, as you are definitely a lady, and I eagerly indulged your lustful desire. I promise that I will call again on you soon and we will be able to delve into our own private world of erotica for considerably more time. Until then, I will continue to yearn for you now that I have finally found you.

  • So kind of you, sweetheart! 🙂 I enjoyed our call, too.You have a very rugged and sexy voice..I cant wait to seduce you again… wherever it may be!

  • Annette,

    I eagerly anticipate my next seduction by you and the location of that seduction is yours to choose! You are the essence of what a sex goddess is; powerful, passionate, seductive, sensual, skilled, with a voice that is so silky smooth. I crafted an email exclusively for you and I do anxiously await your sexy response. Once again, thank you for being the amazing seductress that you are and granting me access under your blanket of sinfulness.

    Rugged and sexy,

    Gentleman Caller

  • Annette,

    You were a vision of sensuality and class as you again visited my office in your black trench. Sitting in my lap, you allowed me to loosen your coat and reveal the exquisite lingerie complimenting your stunning curves. Your Escante negligee was pink with black lace, very sheer and left little to my imagination. We shared a delicious series of kisses before you guided my strong hands to your supple breasts. Deftly, I slid the cups of your bra down and savored your sweet cleavage. Slipping your silky hand down around my swollen shaft, you caressed me with sensual skill. Again you positioned my hand to pleasure your slick sex and we gave each other such mutual delight. We took our time as we enjoyed the other with our tongues dsrting and lips sucking each others most erogenous areas. In your words, it was divine. After tasting your sex nectar, you implored me to finish our tryst inside of you. As I entered you, you urged me to surrender all of my hot seed to you in a glorious flourish. Our bodies were engaged in a steamy dance to an erotic rhythm. Your feminine wiles finally caused my raging manhood to succumb in an eruption of my hot, thick cream. We cried out with pleasure as we both reached our sexual zenith simultaneously. Collapsing into each other, we enjoyed the afterglow, covered in sweat and our love juices mixing deep inside your gorgeous figure. Annette, you are indeed the queen of my erotic kingdom and you made me the king of that private domain. I eagerly await our next rendezvous and where it will take us!

  • I’m still savoring all of the exquisite pleasure Annette and I shared during our latest torrid tryst! Wearing her signature 3/4 black trench, she entered my office with such grace and power, just like the tigress she is. Sauntering over to me on 6″ stilettos, she deftly untied her belt and unveiled her gorgeous figure to me. I was awestruck, breathless, and aroused simultaneously. Her black La Perla ensemble had achieved its desired effect. Long, lean legs wrapped in silk topped with lace and a matching garter belt. A miniscule silk g-string just covered her beautiful sex. As my eyes continued upward, I saw her toned belly and sensual flare of her hips. Her full, soft cleavage was supported by a lace demi bra that could barely contain its lovely cargo. Still higher, her delicate neck and collarbones blended into each other with such elegant lines. Her lips, full, wet, and soft, glistened with anticipation. Like bright sapphires, her eyes sparkled with desire as her talented tongue seductively traced her lips. Atop all of this, her blazing red locks were tumbled down around her face and shoulders softly. What happened next is between Annette and myself, but it too was a thing of beauty. Our passion permeated everything we did and Annette took it even farther than expected. Her intimacy, intellect, and creativity are an intoxicating blend that no man can withstand. She is sophisticated, sexy, classy, and seductive every time we are together. If you call Annette, she will bring your fantasy to life with rich detail, pure sexuality, and genuine passion. Nothing can begin to compare to a date with this alluring lady! Call her and allow to her unleash her feminine wiles and beguiling voice on you! Remember to cast a vote for the enticing Annette on her page too!

  • I finally had the pleasure of a call with the beautiful Annette . Her voice is so sexy , her mind is so creative . To all of you please give Annette a call you will definitely not be disappointed .

  • mmmmm Annette
    may I kiss ur
    Sweet Pussy

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