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Good Night Kisses


Your Mommy Morgan has started to get ready to go out tonight, but you are complaining about a headache and sore throat. You feel a little dizzy watching me get ready.

I pick up the phone and cancel my plans. After all, you are the most important person in my life. I will always be there to take care of you and to tend to your needs. 

Since I am not going out, I can change my clothes and put on something more comfortable. You look up at me with the sweetest eyes and ask why the black lingerie that I am wearing is not comfortable. Unknown to me, you have tried on my sexy things many times and always found the luxurious fabrics to be best thing you have ever felt next to your skin.

I try to brush off your question that you would have to wear it to understand that it is not as comfortable as Mommy’s nightgown. Secretly, you hate when I wear that nightgown because it hides Mommy’s curves and it is not pretty. You are relentless with your questions about the comfortable of my lingerie. I tell you that Mommy knows best and that you need to get to bed straight away since you are not feeling well. You start to frustrate your Mommy with one more question. You ask me if you can touch my legs and feel how soft the stockings and garters feel.

It is always hard to say “no” to you. As I let you run your hands up and down my long sexy legs, I get a very wicked idea that I think will get you into bed very quickly. I threaten to make you wear my black lingerie tonight if you don’t get into bed right now. Your eyes get very big and you become very excited. You keep touching Mommy’s smooth beautiful legs.

You are thrilled and aroused. I make you strip. I put you into a little black silky nightie and matching panties, then make you climb straight into my bed. You are starting to feel funny in your tummy. I see you rubbing yourself under the blanket. Well, Mommy’s panties made you hard and now Mommy is going to have to make you feel better so you can drift off to a peaceful night sleep.

I give you a very special kiss in a very special place, and you feel much better!


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Late For The Party


You want to take me to a party that your boss is throwing. I don’t know anyone. I would rather spend the night at home getting sexy with you, but I know you want me to look extra hot for your party. I promise to be ready on time for you tonight.

I know of your pantyhose fetish, especially for black pantyhose, and you know that I never wear panties under my pantyhose.

I am almost ready for your party. My hair and makeup are done. You watch me sit on the bed and slowly slide my pantyhose carefully up my legs. I know that makes you hot. I pull them up nice and tight, so you can see my sexy butt and pussy underneath those summer sheer black pantyhose. I slip into my dress and ask you to zip me up.

Your eyes nearly pop out of your head. Your cock is so hard. I point to the clock and remind that you do not want to be late. You lift up that short hem on my dress and rub your cock against my ass. Your cock is hard for me. You whisper erotic words into my ear, while your cock comes out. You nearly explode when you run the length of your shaft against my pantyhose. My dress hits the floor and you take control of me. You grab my arms and tease with your hot cock. I beg and plead for you to fuck me.

I think we are going to be very late for your party!


Written By: Brynna
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Sissy Makeover with Sylvia

 If you’re looking for a hot, mature woman that will dress you up in frilly lingerie then your search is over, hunny.

My cunt gets so wet every time I dress up one of my many sissy boys. I have sexy, lacy lingerie in all colors. I have several different types and colors of wigs to complete the look. And of course, you need a pair of fuck me heels.

Once I have made you into the slut we both know you are, I will parade you in public. We can go shopping together, not just for sexy clothes, but I’ll take to the supermarket as well.

I will also introduce you to my friends. If you’re good, I’ll turn my girlfriends loose on you and let them fuck your sissy boy brains out.

 Call now for your Sissy Makeover!


Written By: Sylvia
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You Are My Barbie Doll

You are craving to be inside my panties, not inside my pussy, but actually inside my panties Right, Panty boy?

You know that I have the cutest panties and you know how much that I love to dress you up. You are like my own living, breathing Barbie doll. When I was little, I dressed my Barbie in all sorts of slutty outfits. Now, I get to dress you up and make you look so sexy!

I start you off with a pair of sexy panties. I always pull them up very tight. They look so cute on your ass. I make you prance around the room in just your panties and black high heels.

I dress you from head to toe. You look so sexy, so ready to play. Just look at yourself in the mirror. Take in every detail. You look amazing and I love your cute curves.

I think we need to show you off, it’s not fair that only I can see how fantastic you look. Let me make a few phone calls.



Written By: Layla
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Anal Slut Emma

I love being a naughty girl. I’ve turned into such a little anal slut. Anything that has to do with my ass, I am up for it.

I remember when my daddy’s gave me my first spanking. He wanted to know why I wasn’t screaming and crying. He kept spanking my little ass harder and harder.

When I got a little older, I used my sweet little ass to my advantage wearing short skirts and bending over teasing all the boys. That’s when it all changed.

I invited all the boys over from the neighborhood to hang out. I went upstairs and changed into sexy pink lingerie. When I walked downstairs, I could tell they were excited. I smiled and asked who wanted to fuck my tight ass first?

I bent over and spread my ass cheeks. I felt a hard cock sliding in my tight little hole, they took turns ripping and pounding on my tight little asshole, making me scream with pleasure filling me up with loads of cum.

If you like it nice and tight then you will love my little asshole.

Baby Girl Emma


Written By: Emma
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I know that you want to look and feel like a pretty girl. Let’s discover your inner goddess. You need a complete transformation. Let me turn you into my living doll.

Let’s get you naked. Your naked body is my blank canvas. Now let me create something beautiful. Just give yourself over to me and I will bring out your pretty assets. I can transform you from a guy to a beautiful girl with big tits and tight ass.

I will find you the perfect lingerie and hosiery to get your heart racing. You’ll absolutely love the feel of the soft, silky fabrics against your skin. Maybe something classy or maybe something even a little slutty, we will find that perfect outfit for you. I’ll find just the right accessories to complete the look. I’m also really good at makeup. I’ll give you some tips for makeup and style your hair. It takes a little work to be a be a pretty girl, but it is so much fun!

Now, stand in front of me and let me admire you. You look so sexy! Let’s have some fun and find some girly time together.


Written By: Brynna
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Let’s Stay In


Let’s stay in tonight. Instead of going out like everyone else, I want to cook for you. I want to spoil you, and I plan to seduce you.

I start by making your favorite dinner. I wear a very sexy black dress and beautiful black lingerie to set the mood. I pull out the good china and my antique wine glasses. The table is beautiful. No dessert tonight because I am your dessert.

After dinner, I slide up my dress and show you the top of my creamy white thighs. You find my thighs intoxicating and want to bury yourself between them.

My fingers caress your face and shoulders. You slide your hands up my thighs and touch my panties. I shiver and gasp. I want you. I have to have you right now! The dishes can wait, but I can’t wait for you to fuck me.

I drop to my knees while you sit at my dining room table. I give you one fantastic slow blowjob. I am going to make sure that you want me as much as I want you. I pleasure your cock with my lips and tongue. I deep throat your cock.

You pull me up to you. You grab me and bend me over my table and give me the hot fuck that body is craving.

Well that was a fantastic first course, so let’s take this to my bedroom for the night and make our own fireworks.


Written By: Ava
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Wake Up Daddy

I love waking up my phone sex daddy with my soft, young voice. It’s exactly what his cock needs in the morning. I like crawling into your bed and stroking your big, hard daddy dick while I whisper naughty things I want to do with you in your ear.

I know it turns you on when I go in Mommy’s closet and play dress up with her sexy lingerie. It makes my pussy wet when you tell me I look hotter than her. I love when she goes to work early in the morning so we can have lots of play time. I normally go to bed thinking about you. I pump my tight, wet pussy anticipating your daddy cock inside me.

My mornings are the best when you put your daddy cum in me before I go to school. I like to brag to my girlfriends. I pull them all into the girls bathroom so they can see my cum filled pussy. They get so turned on that my daddy fucked me that they stick their fingers inside me and have a taste for themselves.

Tons of licks and kisses,

Your Little Corina



 Written By: Corina
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Sticky, Wet Panties


You have been playing in my dirty panties again. I wonder what you do with them? I used to think that you licked, smelled, and rubbed them on your cock. I noticed something yesterday, which really made me begin to wonder. Just what you do in my room and laying on my bed?

I devised a plan to see. I asked you if you could feed my kitty because I was going to be gone all day. Yes, the entire day! Giggles. I knew as soon as I left you would do whatever it is you do in my pretty, pink bedroom. I expected to see you with your big cock out and licking my yummy panties. But, wait?  You are trying them on. Oh no! I am afraid you will stretch them out!

Then you found a matching bra. You slowly put in on and rubbed your nipples. Then you slapped your ass and began to dance around my room. Just what am I seeing?

  Not my toys! You opened my closet and found my toy box. You started sucking on my vibe. Oh no, this is just way too much! I opened the door, barging in on you. I bet you wonder what this naughty little girl did next?


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Our Little Secret

Opps!!! My phone sex daddy caught me playing in Mommy’s dresser again. I had very strict rules that I was forbidden not to go into her lingerie drawer. I really can’t help it, I’m such a girly girl, and I love trying on all of her sexy bras, panties and, nylons.

Once I put on the lingerie, I sit down at her vanity and try on some of her makeup. After that, I walk over to her full length mirror to admire my body.

That’s when Daddy walked in.

I turned around and he gasped, he couldn’t believe how mature I looked. He said I looked quite stunning, and in fact, he thought I looked better than Mommy in the lingerie. I could tell he was getting very excited and that’s when he told me to take everything off, and get into my clothes and to go wash my face. He was trying so hard to be strict with me. I walked over to him and grazed my hand against his cock and I told him I would take off Mommy’s lingerie, but only if he would help. I whispered in his ear that since I look so mature for my age, that I want to do grown up things to him.

It didn’t take long before I was on my knees sucking my daddy’s cock. He almost came in my mouth, he said I take it deeper than Mommy ever does.

I realized the power I have over him when I dressed this way. I had total control, and he was putty in my hands. He enjoyed every minute of it as well.

The next day, my Daddy brought home a present for my Mom. It was a beautiful white and purple corset with a matching thong, stockings, and even sexy high heels. We both smiled when she hugged him for the unexpected gifts. We know who the present is really for, but it’s our little secret.


Written By: Devon
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