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I’ve Got The Cure For a Bad Day

I called you at the office and you seemed very stressed. It was a quick conversation because your other line was ringing. Once I got off the phone with you, I knew you needed a little stress reliever.

I went into my closet and picked out one of your favorite lingerie outfits that you love on me, and a sexy pair of red stilettos. I put on the perfume you got me for my birthday in special areas on my body.

Once I heard your truck pull up in the driveway, I quickly stood in front of the door. Since you had a day from hell, I wanted the first thing you see was my hot ass up in the air, and my wet pussy lips from behind.

You walk in and suddenly your day just got a whole lot better. Tell me exactly what you want to do with me.


Written By: Maggie
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Doctor, Doctor

     I woke up one day last week in a very wicked mood. I have been having the most delicious, dirty dreams that I wanted to act on.

I went online looking for a cosmetic surgeon. I consider my body to be perfection, but looking at the different surgeons in my area one just caught my eye. Tall, sexy and just fucking yummy! I made my consultation appointment, and went to it yesterday. I dressed for a casual date, but underneath wore my sexiest silk bra and panties.

We discussed what size I would like to be, and I told him something ridiculously large. I sat on his table with just a pair of panties as he felt my breasts, and suggested not going much bigger. My nipples were hard, I was creamy wet, and could see the bulge in his scrubs. I decided I might as well come clean at this point, so I confessed why I was really there. That made him even more excited, with a wet spot I just wanted to lick off. He told me what a naughty little time wasting slut I was. 

He began to get a little rough which is exactly how I like it. After a very hard spanking, he began to lick my asshole. He pushed his tongue in deep, and when I began to moan he demanded I get back on the table and put my feet up in the stirrups.

I left his office with a dirty grin and cum dripping out of my ass.



Written By: Valentina
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Transformation Thursday

You were checking out this beautiful brunette at the store today. Her hair was silky smooth, nails were perfectly manicured with bright red polish and her makeup was stunning. She was wearing a beautiful short, red dress with sheer nylons and a pair of sexy red pumps. Even though this woman was gorgeous, you weren’t interested in fucking her. You were checking her out for one reason and one reason only.

You Wanted To Look Like Her!

You want a transformation but just need a little help. That’s where I come in the picture. I will be your personal shopper and take you to the best places and help you pick out the perfect lingerie, outfits, shoes, makeup and of course, the perfect brunette wig.

Once we get everything we need for your sexy transformation, I will dress you from top to bottom. I will make you feel girly inside and out. When you look at your sexy self in the mirror, you’ll want to fuck your pussy like it’s never been fucked before!



 Written By: Amber
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Sexy Silky Pantyhose

I wear the shortest black slip dress and my super shiny Silk Reflections in the lightest nude shade tonight. My pantyhose are sheer from my toes to my hips. I want to tease and make all the hot guys notice me tonight. 

My legs are long and sexy. In my heels and shiny pantyhose, I dare your cock not to get hard.

 I get wet, and my lovely lady juices drip inside my pantyhose between the legs. That scent hits your nose, and it makes you crazy. All you can think about is getting me home and ripping a hole in those pantyhose and fucking me deep and hard.

Your pantyhose fetish is adorable and sexy. Let’s make this an experience to remember forever! 


Written By: Brynna
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Lingerie Shopping for Pantyboys

I am so excited. I got a part-time summer job lined up at an upscale lingerie shop. The owner of the shop is an exquisitely dressed, very sophisticated lady.

During the interview, she was impressed with my extensive knowledge of the some of the lingerie designer lines.

I demonstrated by taking off my skirt and showing her the lacy La Perla thong I was wearing.  She was impressed to see something other than something from Victoria Secrets. 

Also, during the interview, I surprised the owner with my experience in dressing and playing with panty boys. She invited one of her panty boy customers to join us. I knew I was being tested. I selected a stunning hot pink nightie and a lovely shade of cream stockings instead of black. Both the panty boy and the owner were thrilled.  The owner closed the shop and gave me a strap-on to use on our panty boy.

It is going to be one hot summer!



Written By: Layla
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Teacher Bree Examines Your Tiny Package

breeYou think Bree, the new student teacher, is hot. You want to get into her panties. She makes your cock twitch whenever you see her.

She bent over the other day when she was in the library with her students. You got a peek under her sweater. Wow, she was wearing such a sexy bra that your cock started dripping. She noticed the wet spot but no big bulge, and she smiled a wicked smile at you. 

In that instant, she knew you are a loser with a little dick. Your super tiny dick could never pleasure a hot, young beautiful student teacher like Bree.

Well, I take that back, there is one way that you can amuse Ms. Bree. She loves to tease and humiliate big guys with little dicks.  

Pull down your pants, so Ms. Bree can compare your little baby-sized dick to the little boys in her class.  You make Ms. Bree, laugh and tease the fuck out of you! 

For small penis humiliation, call Ms. Bree! 


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Evening Of Debauchery

My company has sent me on another trip to help with a boutique hotel opening. I love soft openings as the hotels are filled with the most interesting people wanting to see the hotel before it becomes a thing in the city. The staff is all young, energetic and good looking. This will be a very interesting week and I certainly packed for anything that will come my way.

After the days formalities, most of the guests had settled in for the night. I went to the bar and sampled the many different cocktails they were promoting. The drinks were named after artists and writers that frequented the building before it was renovated and the characters in their books. I chatted with the bartender while sampling a Dorian Gray. The drink was strong and I was feeling even more uninhibited than normal and for me that is a lot! I handed the bartender my extra key and left without a word.

I imagine he shut things down quickly because I barely had time to get out of my evening dress when he let himself in. He wasn’t alone and in the style of my drink, Dorian Gray he had two sexy women and men in tow. Let the depravity begin!


Written By: Valentina
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Black Thigh Highs

There is something so sexy and slutty about a beautiful pair of black thighs. My black thigh highs make my legs look incredible with just little creamy white leg exposed. I know the sight of me in black thigh highs makes you hard and horny for me. 

Tonight, I wear them for you and nothing else. 

I am a midwest girl who has been wearing pantyhose for church on Sunday, weddings and fancy social events, but thigh highs are for the bedroom. They make us both feel hot and sexy. 

I love the way they look and feel on my legs. I get turned on wearing them for you. Even with nothing touching my pussy, I get so wet! 

What really turns me on though is how excited you get when I wear my black thigh highs. The foreplay lasts a little longer, your dick gets a little bigger, and you fuck me much harder.  

Your Sexy Girl,

Luscious Layla 


Written By: Layla
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Cum Join Me At The Pool

DaphneHappy Valentine’s Day to all my favorite men and boys. I am such a wonderfully spoiled woman on everyday of the year because I have such amazing phone sex buddies.

The weather is perfect today to take my calls outside by the pool. I wonder where I should hide to do my calls or maybe I should just do them in the open as I have absolutely no inhibitions and get so wet knowing I am being watched while fucking you.

A glass of Pinot by the pool, a sexy black one piece on my smoking body and you, would just make my day!  Tonight I will change to my sexiest red baby doll nighty and have all my toys ready to play. This is going to be one hot as fuck Valentine’s Day. Cum join me?


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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You Can’t Get Enough

   I love making you do things that could totally fuck up your world. When she leaves you pull out the party favors and call me. If it is in the afternoon you know I am wearing skimpy shorts, a tight little tee and expensive as all get out tennis shoes. If you get the chance to sneak off at night I am in sheer, baby doll nighties and fuck me slippers. 

I easily talk you into giving me gift cards worth thousands from stores I love. Quite the loser, aren’t you? You imagine seeing me in a cafe where you’re with your wife. Not bad really, although she sure as fuck isn’t me. You watch me cross and uncross my tan legs as I tease the fuck out of you. No, I don’t care if she notices. In fact, I hope she does and she cuts you off completely. We both know you would rather phone fuck me than you would want fuck her.

You offer to pay for a weekend away with her friends, that is how much you crave alone time with me. She happily agrees. You better send those gift cards loser, if you want time with me.


Written By: Easy Elle
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