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Little Lucie’s Nap Time

He comes to me in the middle of my favorite Disney movie. I ignore him when he tells me to turn off the tv. He tugs on my pigtails and tells me that it is nap time. Now, he has my attention. I cross my arms and pout. He grabs the remote and off goes my movie. 

I let him know that I am a big girl and not a baby! I don’t need a nap! He does not like my childish attitude and that I am fussy, so it is time for an afternoon nap. 

To demonstrate that I am a big girl, I stand up, put my hands on my hips, and calmly state that I am not sleepy. It makes no sense to lie in my bed if I am not tired. I want to watch the rest of my movie while he does his work on his computer. Geesh! 

Now, he is getting mad and frustrated. He spanks my butt one time and picks me up. He carries me to my bed and tugs off my jeans and my shirt. In a sweet voice, I ask if I can wear my pink summer pj’s. He hands them to me. I won one battle. Mommy would never let me wear these. 

I curl up in my bed and remind him that I am not sleepy, not even a little. I ask if he will get into bed with me because it is so boring to be in bed alone when I am not tired. He takes off his shoes and jeans and crawls into bed with me. Now it is time to play! My little girl fingers start to wander around inside his boxers. He is not sleepy either. I made him hard and he wants to play daddy/daughter games. Let the fun begin!

Little Lucie


Written By: Little Lucie
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Spending Time with Family

My phone sex daddy, sister and I have been home for a month now. My sister would normally be in college but she’s home now because of the virus. We’ve been having some really amazing family bonding time. What else is there to do when you’re stuck at home with your family?

My daddy has been loving both of his little girls home at the same time. I’ve been having sex with daddy for a couple years ever since my sister left. The only time I’ve been with my sister is when she came home drunk one night and she sat her pussy on my face while I was sleeping, and demanded I licked her pussy. It was so hot! She told me before she left for college to keep daddy happy, and I never let her down.

Now that we’re all stuck at home, we’ve been having so much sex! My sister and I both sleep with daddy in his bed. As much as I want things back to normal, I am loving all this family fun time!



Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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Guess What I Am Hunting For This Easter

  No hunting for Easter eggs this year, but I know just what I want to hunt for! We still have a house full because no one can go home. Lucky for this horny little bunny, it’s mostly men.

I was teasing all my brother’s friends and asking who had the biggest dick? A girl needs to know such important facts. I was on my knees telling them to all whip it out when I heard my Uncle’s voice. He is sort of sexy in a rough carny worker sort of way. He made all the boys go upstairs and told me we needed to have a talk.  

He is sort of intimidating, but to me that’s super HOT!!  He was talking but I was so busy staring at his huge bulge that all I really heard was”Delaney”  and then just odd sounds. Why would I be listening when a huge cock was right beside me? I explained to him how bored I was, and how horny I was. Before I could finish, he was pulling up my skirt. I tried to act like this wasn’t going to happen but then there was the huge cock, sexy Uncle, horny me thing. You can’t blame a girl.

Phone sex Uncle grabbed me by my bunny ears and pushed me on to my knees. All I could do was stare at the big bulge. I unzipped him and began sucking his big cock. My pussy was gushing. Then I heard another voice. It was phone sex Daddy asking what the hell we were doing? I can handle this situation. The more the merrier!

Happy Easter From Your Naughty Little Bunny


Written By: Delaney
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Family Fun Role Play

  I am in the mood today for a very naughty family fun role play. I have so many dirty ideas, but I would love to hear what my callers think. The dirtier and taboo the better! I can be any age you want for our fantasy call. 

I was thinking that I could be your little girl who can’t keep her hands of her hairy little pussy when she hears mommy and daddy fucking. The sounds mommy makes seems like she is really having a good time. I can sure understand why! Daddy has such a big cock. All my friends ask about him. Tonight is the night I can finally climb into bed and join them. 

Mommy takes me into the bathroom to make sure I am ready. She makes sure I haven’t trimmed my big, beautiful bush. She then gives me an enema, because daddy wants to fuck my cute little ass. I can hear daddy’s porn in the bedroom. I bet our threesome will be better than any porn.

I hope this excites you as much as it does me. Cum join me and I know it will be better than the porn you’re watching.

Love and kisses, Emily


Written By: Emily
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Is That You Daddy?

I wanted to take a minute with Valentine’s Day almost here to let my callers know just how much I appreciate and adore them. I have the most awesome, fun and sexy callers! One special man knows that I am all about everything supernatural. My pussy creams at the thought of being taken by a vampire. He picked a fantasy that was just for me. The coolest part was I came 2 times on our call! So fucking hot!!

        I am in my bed trying to sleep, but I have so many thoughts in my head. I remember my daddy with his warm hands, tender kisses, and most of all how much he loved me. I was his baby girl. Even my friends loved him. I was the girl with the hot phone sex daddy.

I hear a sound, my curtain is blowing around through my open window. I watched way too many Dracula movies, and my imagination is getting the best of me. I can’t sleep, so I just lay out my cute red dress, panties, and heels to wear to school on Friday for Valentine’s Day. 

I can’t shake the feeling someone is watching me. Maybe if I cum a few times, I will get to sleep. I hear my name in a soft masculine voice. “Angel, it’s me, your daddy. “I missed you so much”, he says. Daddy is standing over my bed looking so handsome. He cuddles next to me and begins kissing and biting me all over. It feels so good. I don’t understand, I thought my daddy left us forever?

He begins to suck and bite my nipples. Daddy is biting so hard, but I love it. I am so wet and horny I can’t stand it. I feel his cock against me, and it is huge and hard like a steel rod. But??? Why is daddy’s cock so cold?

I must have finally passed out from all the rough sex. I wake up in my bed and I am alone. There is a note that says ” Next Valentine’s Day I will visit again, Peanut. This time- I will take you with me.



Written By: Delaney
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Daddy, Take Me To Disney World

It is Valentine’s Day weekend, but my thoughts are focused on Spring Break. I want to go to Disney World, but I know Daddy thinks he is too busy at work. I am only going to be his sweet, petite baby girl for so long.

My friends and I go shopping at Target. I have my babysitting money and want to buy Daddy a gift for Valentine’s Day. While shopping, I see the tiny bikinis on display already. Even though there is snow and ice on the ground here in the Midwest, girls are buying bikinis and sunscreen for Florida.

I get a super fun idea for a present for Daddy. Something he will REALLY love. I buy a present for Daddy and me, something that will get him in the mood. Daddy is a busy man with lots of stress. It is my job, as his special girl, to always put a smile on his face.

I pick out a tiny bikini. Since I have small tits, I don’t need a big one. I buy a black one with red trim, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

That morning, while Daddy is making me breakfast, I put my hair in pigtails and come out with a bow on my belly, wearing my new bikini. Daddy’s eyes almost pop out of his head when I kiss him.

As he hugs me, I whisper, “Happy Valentine’s Daddy. Do you like the new bikini? Wouldn’t this be perfect for a trip to Florida for Spring Break?”

Daddy lets me wear my bikini while I eat my eggs. He takes a picture of me. Then I see him on his phone while I finish my breakfast. As I put my plate in the dishwasher, I bend over with my cute ass up in the air. I know Daddy is looking at my butt in my bikini.

I crawl into his lap. We snuggle, and he tells me that my bikini is the best Valentine’s present he has ever received. He shows me on his phone where he booked us a trip to Walt Disney World for Spring Break. I squirm around in his lap with excitement, which gets him excited and hard. He picks me and takes me to his bed so I can finish giving him the rest of his present.
Happy Valentine’s Day


Written By: Layla
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Baby Doll Bethany

I am the perfect obedient little girl for a phone sex daddy. I always do what I am told, but sometimes I do deserve to be punished by daddy. I am the girl you can spank and then use all my little fuck holes. 

I love it when you have friends over and they all use and abuse me. I lay in my bed listening to the men talk and play with my tiny pussy waiting for the men to take turns fucking me.

I am waiting daddy. I’m wearing just the heels you bought for me to show me off in front of your friends. I heard you talking to your boss and how he wants me to be his little sex slave. I hope he pays you lots of money for my sweet, tiny body. Don’t worry daddy, I will always be your sweet, obedient baby doll.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Daddy’s Little Cock Teaser

Daddy loves when I dress up in my slutty, little teen outfits.  I love anything from a micro-mini to a micro-bikini. He actually enjoys being teased and tortured by my hot, young body.

He generally makes me pay the price for all of that teasing. When he does finally get to be alone with me, he totally annihilates all of my tight, wet, teen holes.

I love how he seeks his revenge on me. I must admit, I dress like a little slut all of the time and walk around teasing daddy’s cock because it always gets me exactly what I want.

Always your daddy’s girl, Charlie



Written By: Coed Charlie
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My Special Present To Daddy

      I love the Holidays so much! We have lots of company over and my whole family is home. I can see how my phone sex daddy looks at me and it makes my little pussy gush. I decided that this year I will be giving him a very special present. Mommy is always so busy, she never has time for him. When she leaves for midnight Mass, I will show daddy just how much I love and want him.

He was in his den doing work and I quietly knocked on his door with a Martini to relax him. I was in my little pink silk robe that daddy bought me. He looked me up and down. I told him just what I was giving him for Christmas this year. At first, daddy said “no”, but he can never resist me for too long. Could you?

I dropped to my knees and began to give him one hell of a sloppy, wet blow-job. He tasted so good and his dick was huge. I heard daddy moan as he pulled me onto his lap. He began to suck on my hard pink nipples and picked me up to slide on his 9 inch dick. I never felt anything so good, not ever! The boys at school have nothing on my phone sex daddy! Cum with me, daddy!


Written By: Delaney
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The Stripper Made Dad and Me Horny

dancing in the dark

It was my step-dads birthday and I wanted to do something special for him, so I took him out to a nice dinner. We had a few drinks and caught up with one another about life. My dad is one of the coolest guys I know. He’s very laid back and he always makes inappropriate jokes.

 After dinner, I surprised my dad and took him to a high scale strip club. The drinks were flowing, and my dad was having so much fun. I saw he had his eye on this one particular stripper. She was gorgeous and she looked like me. Throughout my childhood, my dad always flirted with me and always told me how hot and sexy I am, so it’s no wonder he’s attracted to a stripper who reminds him of me.

I surprised my dad and got him a lap dance with her. The three of us went back to the VIP lounge. The strippers name was Candy, and the way she was grinding on my dad, got him noticeably hard. He was so turned on that he was grabbing my tits and playing with my nipples through my shirt, while Candy was humping his cock. I was getting really fucking turned on.

After 3 lap dances, I grabbed my dads hand and we left to go to his house. I was so horny that I gave him a sloppy blowjob on the way home. We were both so hot for each other. As soon as we got out of the car, he bent me over the hood and fucked me right in his driveway. Then 2 more times that night in his bed. It was a birthday my dad will never forget.


Written By: Diana
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