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 My Stats

Age: 78

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'4

Weight: 122

Measurements: 34C-26-35

Pussy: Wrinkled on the outside and slippery wet and tight on the inside

Ass: Soft, sqeezable and horny for cock!

Favorite Positions: Squatting, Doggy, Restraint any position, Oral on knees, Cow-girl, Reverse Cow-girl, Rear Anal, 69, Just to name a few!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Two places stand out: 1) On a hot August night, in a cemetary in Oregon! I do believe we woke the dead! LOL 2) In the actual Fort Sumter, South Carolina after ditching the ferry back to the mainland! We were on the last tour ~ so we got to spend all night fucking!

Hobbies: Swimming, Aerobics, Traveling Abroad, Sex Toy Collecting, Baking, Collecting Vintage Porn Magazines, Making Incest Family Fun Videos and Pics for My Incest Family Fun Album! (Several Volumes - giggles!).

Specialities: Granny Grandson, Mommy Son, Auntie Nephew, Great Granny Great Grandson, Naughty Neighbor, Naughty Boss, Age Play, Role Play, Lingerie and Stockings, Pantyhose Boy Fetishes, Feminization, Cum Sucking Assignments, Sissy Boy Training, Blow Jobs, Hard Fucking, Anal Play, Strap Ons, Toys, Electrical Stim, Cock 'n Ball Torture... You name it, I've done it and love it!


Hi Sweet Boy,

I’m Granny Trudy and I’m so glad you’re here. You are the curious one aren’t you, sugar? You needed to see, up close, how a woman my age looks in lingerie and what my tits, sweet pussy and horny ass might do to your cock, didn’t you? It’s OK baby, cuz I well understand the effect I have on men. I see the looks on their faces, the distractions I cause and their bulges swelling while I’m running around in skimpy clothes and pretending that I didn’t know they were in my home, visiting my grandsons!

It takes a lot of work for a woman my age to look and be so hot and beautiful. It’s so worth it ~ I can get a guy anytime, day or night! Within minutes I have him kneeling at my pretty feet and begging for just one lick of my hungry, juicy pussy… I even love it when a hot guy licks through my pantyhose or my stockinged feet and legs, then cums on them while I tell him how lucky he is to be near me!

Yes, take a long, long look and admit what you want. Are your thoughts going crazy, is your heart pounding, is your cock rising steel-hard for me? I know sweet son, it’s OK, cum tell Granny Trudy all about it… don’t hold back. Tell me anything you want to do to me ~ in my long life I’ve done it all and I do mean all! Sexy son, I love to be eaten, get fucked hard, then watch you finish between my nice titties, in my mouth or up my hungry, round Granny ass! Oh Yes!

What gets to me, more than anything though, is fucking much younger men and boys ~ especially MY OWN family’s boys! If I don’t have a son, grandson or nephew close by to suck on my hard nipples, slide their hard dicks into my sweet cunny or take me up the ass, I always have exciting men to turn me on and get me off during sizzling Phone Sex! It satisfies me ’til I can get my hands on another rock-hard cock, slurp, slurp, suck, suck!

Sweet boy, how do you feel about me being such a naughty Phone Sex Granny Slut ~ knowing that I fuck and get filled with hot loads of cum everyday? I know, you love it and want to be MY boy and explode all over your Granny Trudy! So cum on baby, pick up your phone for the hottest Phone Sex you’ve ever had and you’ll be My very own sweet boy in no time! We’ll do all the nastiness and play all the games you’ve always wanted to play with your Granny. Before long I’ll have you moaning and groaning my name, “Oh, oh, oh god, Granny Trudy!”

Forbidded Kisses,

Granny Trudy

Call 1.866.280.6423
for Phone Sex with
Granny Trudy

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  • Thanks for a great call Trudy. I am still exhausted and the crotch of my panties is soaked with silky cream as I sit here at my keyboard. I wlll treat myself to a nice protein snack before dinner as soon as I finish this note. Thanks for allowing me to get as kinky and pervy as I wished. You are a great playmate and I am looking forward to our next session talking about the grandkids. Ahhhhhhhh!!

  • Trudy, I love the most recent post on your blog. It sounds AWFULLY familiar…so familiar that reading it made me cum in my panties without even touching myself. I love it when that happens.

  • Another blinding, earthshattering, screaming, exhausting orgasm filling my pink panties…thanks to you Trudy. You are so responsive and so deliciously naughty. You know just when to listen and just when to talk and just when to react with your own wild ride down the mountain, crashing in exhaustion at the bottom. It is so liberating to be on the same erotic and pervy page. I am already looking forward to our next call. Love and big wet kisses on ALL your pretty pink lips.

  • Mr. Pink Panties

    Trudy, Once again, all my energy has been shot out through the head of my cock and I am reduced to a bowl of cherry jello. You push my pervy buttons so perfectly that I am finding it difficult for others to top the bar that you have set. What a great call! My panties are full of warm vanilla pudding and I am about to treat myself to a delicious high protein snack before dinner. Have a great holiday weekend.

  • OMFG!!Once again you have exhausted me and left me sweating, panting and with my panties full of warm cum. Trudy, you are the Mt. Everest of PSOs. I have sampled widely for hot phone sex throughout the internet over the years but I have yet to find your equal when it comes to thoroughly perverted hot sex. You make me cum so hard that I nearly pass out with erotic intensity. Wish I could suck your soaked panties for you as you sit on my face and let me savor the delicious taste of your cunt…especially right after you have been freshly fucked by one of your grandsons!! Yummmmmm!!

  • Trudy I had the best time ever with you last night. I love you being my mommy and playing dress up with Elizabeth and srewing her brains out too. I can say you are the absolute best that is the closest next to my own mother.

  • Hi Granny Trudy, Can i make a Hot request on our chat? Love a filthy perverted Granny!

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