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Naughty Miley


I was a bad little girl last night. I couldn’t sleep because of the thunder, so I got out of my bed. I walked down the hallway to your bedroom. You heard the sound of my little feet scamper against the hardwood floor as I walked to your bed. You pretend to be asleep. I am not supposed to be in here.

I climbed into your bed next to you and snuggled against you. I rubbed my little body against you. I made you hard and before you realize what is happening, my mouth was sucking your hard cock.

You can’t believe how good it feels, my naughty little girl mouth sucking your cock in the middle of the night.

I am your favorite naughty little girl.

Written By: Miley
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Daddy/Daughter Role-Play

I had a great daddy call last night! There’s nothing I love more than to be a daddy’s girl.

Last night I played a young teen. I was laying in my bed, wearing a white tank top, no bra, and some panties. I had my hand down my panties and I was playing with myself.

Daddy heard me outside my door and peaked inside. He stood there without me knowing, watching me as his cock started to get hard. Finally, he decided to let me know that he caught me. I tried to deny what I’ve been doing but it was useless.

My fingers were wet and daddy really couldn’t care less. He picked me up and decided I needed a nice hard spanking, not for playing with myself, but for trying to lie.

He pulled my panties down and spanked my bottom. Then he decided to have a feel of my wet pussy too. I love it when daddy takes what he wants and I love it even more when his little girl is a nice tight virgin!



Written By: Jade
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Aged to Perfection

Hello Gentlemen! I’m old enough that it’s definitely not polite to ask my exact age! I will say this much, this old pussy has been getting banged for almost half a century.

I’ve had young men, old men, little dicks, and ass splitting pricks. I’ve had white dongs and black schlongs. I’ve had them with hair, and I’ve had them bare, I’ve even caught them wearing my underwear.

I have filled every hole… (mine and theirs) and I’ve played every role. I’ve been Mommy, Auntie, Sister, Teacher, Boss, Mistress, Madame, Nurse, Queen Bitch, and the Whore Next door. I’ve fucked in cars, bars, and the great outdoors and I’ve christened every room in my house ten times over. I’ve done it in an elevator, a limousine, an outhouse, on the beach, on the porch, pressed against a window, and in a tree.

I’ve fucked and sucked in front of an audience and it always made it hotter when my hubby was there cheering me on. I did the girl on girl thing long before girls were gone wild and it was trendy for a chick to do muff diving! I’ve had everything you can imagine jammed up my cunt at one time or another from dildos and cucumbers to a night stick, and a fist! If that’s not convincing to do a call with me, I’m not sure what is!



Written By: Sylvia
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Outdoor Sex

There’s something about having sex outdoors that makes me so horny. When I was younger, I would have sex with one of my teachers in the woods near the school. Everyday at recess, my pussy would be soaked with anticipation of getting fucked by a guy that was double my age.

Sometimes I would lie down on the branches and leaves and it didn’t matter how dirty I got. I just loved having my naked, little body exposed to the air and having my teacher fuck my tight pussy. It made me wet when I could hear the students and my friends from a distance, playing outside when I was doing something so naughty in the woods.

I also love to masturbate outside when I talk to my callers. I sit naked on my back patio deck and play with my pussy while we talk about extreme fantasies. I have a very nosy neighbor that loves spying on me, but I will tell you about that when you call me.


Written By: Alex
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You Can’t Say No To Me

How hard do you get when I bend over  in front of you, showing you my cute little panties under my short little skirts? How hard you get when I crawl up into your lap and wiggle my cute butt against your lap?

You can’t lie to me. I know you get hard. I can hear it in your voice. I am tiny and you are big, but I have all this power over you.

Then, you get super hard when I whisper, “Fuck Me, Daddy”. You get rock hard when I tease you with my wicked words and my perky nipples.

My sweet little voice and tight, young body make you want me. I make you get down and dirty with me!

  What naughty “daddy” can say no to his naughty little girl?

I know I make you hard. Now, let me make you cum!

Bad Lil’ Bree


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Age Play Princess

I play all sorts of roles, but nothing gets me off like naughty taboo age play. I have no limits. There is no age that is too young. Whether I’m your teasing step-daughter, innocent step-sister, failing student, or the cheerleader next door-I want to make your fantasy come true. As long as my tight pussy and ass are getting the pounding that they deserve, I’ll play any role.

I’m not against blackmailing you to get what I want either. I don’t care if you’re married or attached. I just want your cock!

The possibilities are endless. Let my young voice drain your balls into my young, tight fertile pussy.



Written By: Josie
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Family Fun Time with Daddy

It’s the weekend, so it’s family time. With you and me that means naughty family fun.

I walk around in short skirts and sheer tops. You find it impossible to ignore me despite how hard you try. That hard-on in your pants won’t let you focus on anything but me. I am such a little teen cock tease.

I flirt and seduce you with my eyes and lips. You know that it’s time for us to slip away into my pink bedroom where it’s just you and my tight little body. You know you want to get inside of my sweet, wet panties. You know it’s wrong, but that’s what makes it so exciting. Isn’t forbidden fruit always the sweetest? There is nothing sweeter than tasting the inside of my young pussy.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Mommy’s Cleaning Day

It all started so innocently. You were playing video games. Mommy was cleaning. She did the vacuuming, the dusting, and then started on the kitchen floor. She warned you that you wouldn’t be able to get into the kitchen while the floors were wet. You just nodded and kept playing.

Once your game is over, you want a glass of juice. You walk into the kitchen, and there is Mommy on her hands and knees. The way her butt and hips are quickly swaying back and forth reminds you of that porn your buddy showed you. The man in the movie was pounding the mature porn star’s pussy, and her hips were rocking just like mommy’s hips.

Mommy realizes you are there and scolds you. You stand there frozen and unable to speak. Mommy returns to her work, and you watch her hips moving faster and faster. The harder she scrubs, the harder she rocks her hips.

You run to your room and pull out your hard cock. You jerk off and instantly cum. How is it possible that you have never noticed your Mommy’s perfect butt?

Later that night, you slip into her bed and pull down her panties. You pull out your cock and rub it all over your Mommy Morgan’s naked butt. Mommy wakes up and takes very good care of you and your cock!


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Age Play Phone Sex

I’m your age play cutie with no set of boundaries. I have many callers who love calling me up because of my adorable young voice and my creative age play fantasies. Having phone sex with my perverted callers is so much fun and I absolutely love extreme role-plays.
I know your mouth waters when you see my barely legal body. Just imagine you’re sitting on your couch and I do a sexy little strip tease right in front of you. You grab your throbbing cock because the site of my tan, teen body is driving you crazy. I expose my tits and you can’t believe that a girl my age is so overly developed.
I come over to you and sit on your lap with my teen pussy pressed against your cock. I whisper really naughty things in your ear. You’re shocked that a girl my age knows so many dirty words and have such a dirty mind!
Are you ready for a age play slut like me that will do anything to get you off? 


Written By:  Jessica
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Spying On The Cute Neighbor Girl

You spy on me every chance you get. Today, you watch me get off the school bus. I stop and bend over to fix my shoe. Then, I open my backpack and rummage inside. I can’t find my house keys. I look around, trying to figure out what to do since I am locked out of my house until dinner time.

I look over at your house next door. You are standing in the window again. You were trying to look up my skirt when I was bent over with my butt pointed towards the sky. I am starting to get cold and my tits are starting to ache.

I walk right up to your front door and ring the bell. I explain that I forgot my house key and that I am locked out until my Mom comes home from work.

You, being a good neighbor, invite me inside. Once inside, I seduce you into giving me that load of cum that has been waiting for me ever since I reached puberty.



Written By: Miley
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