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Family Fun Phone Sex with Little Layla


You come for a weekend visit with the family. There is little Layla looking so cute, but you are shocked to find her skirt is so short. When you arrive, she hugs you so tight. Not only is her skirt short, and tight, but she is not wearing a bra. Her nipples are hard, like two little headlights beaming through a thin white top. Is she aware that she looks so sexy? Is she teasing you? She gives you that look with her eyes. Little Layla hangs on your every word and laughs hard at your corny jokes. She is brushing up against you, appears to be doing a lot of bending so she can show off her little butt.

It is just going to be to the two of you alone tonight. You know that you should not be having such thoughts about one of your nieces. She is family and she is young, but she is so tempting. Her little butt looks so hot and she makes you so horny.  You have always thought of Layla as a good girl, but maybe good little girls need to have some naughty fun too!


Written By: Layla
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Age Play Anna

I love age play calls. It’s so much fun to go back in time and be that young, naughty slut again. I have a certain caller that I just love to seduce with my young, tight body. From the teasing girl next door to super naughty brother/sister, our role plays are always extra hot.

He always tries to be good and resist, but I just won’t take no for an answer. I use my young body to seduce him and then he gives this little teenage slut what she’s begging for; a big hard cock and a good pounding.

I always start out in charge and then somehow end up being his young sex slave. I love pleasing his cock and always beg for his creamy load in my young, tight holes.

Just thinking about it has made me so wet. I’m in the mood for some extra kinky age play fantasies. Does anyone need a naughty girl to play with?


Written By: Anna
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Mommy/Son Shower Fun

It had been a long day. I dropped my gym bag next to the front door and headed to the bathroom for a much needed hot shower.

I turned on the water, stripped down and stepped in. As I ran my hands over my body, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. The steam was already beginning to create a film on the shower door, but there was no mistaking it, my step-son was watching me, and he didn’t think I knew. I picked up a bottle of lavender shower gel and squirted a handful into my palm. Then I slowly started rubbing it over my body; down my neck, tits, tummy, inner thighs, and my ass. I could see my son moving his arm, and I could only assume he was masturbating. At that point, I got a very dirty idea.

I opened the shower door and met his eyes. I told him to get in with me. He just stood there frozen with his hand around his cock. I repeated it again and still he didn’t move. Apparently he was in shock.

I stepped out of the shower and walked over to him. I told him to put his arms up, and I slid his shirt over his head. His jeans were already low on his hips so I just pulled them down. I took his hand and guided him back into the shower with me. His cock was so hard, it was stiff against his stomach. “You like watching Mommy, don’t you?”  I smirked as I ran my soapy hand over his erection. I’d been thinking about fucking him for awhile now, and there was no time like the present.


 Written By: Annette
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Little Lucie’s Nap Time

He comes to me in the middle of my favorite Disney movie. I ignore him when he tells me to turn off the tv. He tugs on my pigtails and tells me that it is nap time. Now, he has my attention. I cross my arms and pout. He grabs the remote and off goes my movie. 

I let him know that I am a big girl and not a baby! I don’t need a nap! He does not like my childish attitude and that I am fussy, so it is time for an afternoon nap. 

To demonstrate that I am a big girl, I stand up, put my hands on my hips, and calmly state that I am not sleepy. It makes no sense to lie in my bed if I am not tired. I want to watch the rest of my movie while he does his work on his computer. Geesh! 

Now, he is getting mad and frustrated. He spanks my butt one time and picks me up. He carries me to my bed and tugs off my jeans and my shirt. In a sweet voice, I ask if I can wear my pink summer pj’s. He hands them to me. I won one battle. Mommy would never let me wear these. 

I curl up in my bed and remind him that I am not sleepy, not even a little. I ask if he will get into bed with me because it is so boring to be in bed alone when I am not tired. He takes off his shoes and jeans and crawls into bed with me. Now it is time to play! My little girl fingers start to wander around inside his boxers. He is not sleepy either. I made him hard and he wants to play daddy/daughter games. Let the fun begin!

Little Lucie


Written By: Little Lucie
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Stroke It For Mommy Georgia

Oops! Mommy walked in on you in the bathroom. Not only were you completely naked, but you had a pair of my dirty panties practically pushed up your nose. I know how good my pussy smells. Especially the freshly fucked pussy that was in those panties last night. No need to feel embarrassed, everyone needs relief every once in a while.

I take my hand and put it on top of yours and start to help you stroke. That’s my good boy. Stroke it for Mommy. I see you look back at me in the mirror, and I decide to let my top drop and my tits fall out. There we go. Now your hand is moving faster. I take my hand away from yours so I can watch. Your whole body is shaking as you build up speed. Your teenage body breaks out in a sweat.

I sit back on the counter and spread my legs so you can see how wet Mommy’s panties are getting. Harder and harder you go. I love the sound of your hand sliding up and down on your slick cock. You throw your head back and look at the ceiling as you cum, everywhere! All over you, all over Mommy, everywhere. I just laughed and started to draw myself a bath. Care to join me?



Written By: Georgia
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Losing Your Mind

 Ice Cream shops closed, zoos closed, parks closed, and schools closed.  A man like you needs to have options, and with quarantine you have none. Such a pity isn’t it?  I know that for people like you planning is half of the fun. I’ve been planning for weeks all the deviant things I will do when finally free! So Perv, let’s plan.

I wonder what she will look like, her age, and most of all the nasty, twisted things we’ll do to her or them? I know when this is finally over, you’ll go on a bit of a spree. Of course, a depraved spree needs lots of fucking planning. 

Maybe you don’t even need to leave your home. She is right there with you looking so sweet, and innocent. Sort of hot, isn’t it perv?

How about a little twist on our fun? I have a little friend here with me, she is just so fucking cute. You tell me all the things you want me to do to her. You know you’ve been dying to try and take the lead.  



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Waiting and Scheming

Oh hey, I see you are home a little bit early from work. Don’t mind me, I just wanted to get comfy in your bed. After fully examining your sheets, it seems like this bed isn’t getting any action! “Giggles.”

Not to worry Mr. hottie neighbor, because I plan to fix that problem. I mean I already did twice! You might think you should turn me down, make me get dressed and leave. The thing is Daddy, I don’t want to leave. 

The other thing is you don’t REALLY want me to dress my sweet, tender, horny little teen body and then leave. You can fuck my little brains out, and I will lick clean all the evidence. You don’t even need to wrap that sucker, because I want, need and crave all your thick, slippery, yummy jizz.

Now that we have all that settled, cum fuck me on your bed. Put her fancy silk pillow case under my adorable teen ass, and lets both cum all over it! If fucking me isn’t enough, not to worry Mr.  neighbor, I will text some of my friends to join us.

                                                                                           Bratty Teen AJ 


Written By: AJ
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Fuck, Shit, Cunt of a Motherfucker

I have the most fun callers a girl could hope to have! I love all the fantasies they come up with for us. Last week was no different. I was asked to be a girl with a very dirty mouth and mind. When he suggested it, I knew it would be so much fun.

Teacher called me after school to talk about my naughty, dirty, little mouth. Well I don’t know what your mother fucking problem is, Mr. Jackoff? Please don’t fucking tell my mom because she is one big, fat, annoying bitch of a fucking cunt, I said to him. I could see he was trying to hold back a giggle. Of course, that got me going even more. “Listen asshole shit face If you make me stay in fucking detention my dick of a brother will kick you in your big, hairy cum filled balls. 

Mr. Fuckhead asked me if I knew what any of those words mean. Well, fuck I am not a baby or anything. Of course, I knew. Somehow all my dirty words turned teacher on. What the mother fuck? He was sporting a huge, fucking boner. OMFG!!! I then decided it was time to show him what I think all those dirty words mean.



Written By: AJ
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Britt Goes Trick or Treating

I love Halloween, it’s my favorite time of year. I know I’m too old to be trick or treating but I can still pull it off because I am cute and tiny.

It’s Halloween night and your cock has been rock hard for the past several hours looking at the cute little girls in their costumes. One girl was a gymnast that had on a skin tight leotard. Her little nipples were poking through the spandex materiel and you almost blew a load in your pants while passing out candy.

It’s 9:00 pm and your doorbell rings, it’s way to late for trick or treaters but you answer anyway. There I am in my sexy outfit, looking up at you. The young ones made you so hard but seeing me in my sexy costume put you over the edge. I tell you I don’t want any candy, I just want to please your pedo cock with my young, petite body. All your young girl fantasies are about to come true tonight.



Written By: Baby Britt
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May All Your Fantasies be Dark

     Happy Halloween month you perv! I know just what you’re fucking thinking. You want this year to be different. You’re so excited and you know just what and who you want. She is older than you’re used to, but she is so hot in a chubby, big tits sort of way. You’ve worked for her for many years. She is bossy, rude, and you can’t stand her. You want to hurt her. You’re waiting for all the Halloween excitement. Adorable little ones are everywhere. People are drinking, drugging and going to parties. This is your night to strike.

You knock on her door and she thinks it is kids. When she opens the door with a big, fake smile you push the taser into her round tummy. She convulses and falls on the floor. You look around to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t. You look at her body and quickly strip her. She wakes up to find herself bound to the bed. She tries to scream, but it gets stuck in her throat. You know what she is so frantic about. You picked her for two reason and the second one is in her pretty pink Laura Ashley bedroom. 

The bitch tries to give you what you want. All she can think of is the girl in the pink bedroom. You fuck the life out of her and finish with your strong hands around her neck. Just when her life is slipping away, you whisper in her ear that next you will be heading to the pretty pink bedroom.

Happy Halloween! May all your fantasies be dark and deviant.



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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