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Young, Tight Emily


   School is officially over and my favorite fuck is home for the summer. He is a Professor at a University so I only see him during the summer months. I love older men, because they’re always in charge. Boys my age just don’t know what a girl like me wants. A few pumps and they’re finished, leaving me horny and frustrated. 

I ran over as soon as I saw Mr. B’s car pull up. He pretended to be mad and dragged me into his house by my hair. He pushed me on my tummy and bit my neck as he pulled my long, brown hair. I could feel how hard he was, and I wanted to be fucked so bad. He demanded I pull my tiny ass cheeks apart, and get ready to take his huge 8 inch dick in my tiny ass. He fucked me so hard we broke the headboard.

This is going to be one hot Summer!


Written By: Emily
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Fear The Unknown

I was the girl who sat under a tree reading banned books, the one who fucked for good grades, the one who climbed out her window and fucked in the cemetery. I was fearless, and that is what made you cling to me. Your parents had money so you had the best drugs, sports car and took me with you on trips. We went our separate ways, but then one day I saw you with a wee little babe. We chatted, and you told me she was your kid.

We arranged to meet later for drinks. After a few drinks, you spilled your fucking guts to me. I sort of always knew as you never tried to fuck me. I saw how you looked at the younger ones at school. Now you tell me the age that makes you hard, the age you want to rape. You’re worried, afraid what you might do to your little one. You never expected me to talk you out of things, so why would I now? Only thing is I don’t feel the connection we had once, so why would I even try to keep you from doing very bad things?

You call me panicked, she is asleep and you’re standing at her little pink bed. You don’t think you can control your urges anymore. You beg me to help you, to come over and take your mind off of her tiny, little body. Damn, don’t you remember anything from our past? I could come over, and help you rape the little bitch. Ah now, I guess that isn’t what you want help with. I could just blackmail you, tell your boring little wifey? I wonder which one I shall pick?


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Is It That Time

Phone sex daddy is so funny! He pretends we have to be careful, mumbles something about special time of month, and magically his condoms disappear. Hey!! I know what you’re assuming, but maybe he WANTS to knock my fertile little pussy up. I wonder if he wants to rub and kiss my little teen preggers tummy, or wants my tits to be bigger?  

Thing is that it really doesn’t matter because we both get exactly what we want. He gets to fuck my tight, pussy and I get his big daddy dick, and his baby batter. YUMMY! 

We’re alone for the night as long as the bitch has gone out with her friends to do whatever it is they do. I curl into daddy’s big king size bed, wearing just my panties. It isn’t my fault he doesn’t think it is hot enough for A/C. Oh, I am going to make it super hot! It’s not what you are thinking, perv! ~wink, wink! It sort of is, so I turned up the heater before bed so daddy would have to take off his sleep pants.

Now I am cuddling up to him and he starts to say no. No what daddy? No, please don’t find the condoms? I won’t daddy! Fuck a baby into me, and I won’t tell mommy what you made me do! ~Giggles~ 



 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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They Always Come Back

I was getting ready to do a little hunting and the thought of it had me unbelievably horny. I mean there is horny and there is fuck I need to cum! I planned on going on my own tonight as I had something special in mind. I was in the mood to destroy this cute emo boy.

There was this knock on my door. It had been awhile since we hunted a sweet little victim because he went to rehab for his deviant, twisted desires. When he told me that, I was “fuck, yeah sure here we go again”. He can’t resist me or the little baby dolls for too long. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with most of the guys in my life. It is sort of like the way you love/hate your sick desires.

He had some party favors to get on my good side and to use when we play. Rather bold of him, but his p-cock was in desperate need. I thought about sending his ass on his own but I fucking love the hunt!

Off we went to a new spot I had been thinking of. The boring, vanilla mall. The sweet young things are all over since school is out. The soccer moms dump them there for “mom” time.

There she was licking on an ice cream cone with long blonde hair, pink shorts and a little tee that said Eye Candy. What the fuck was her whore mom thinking? When I approached her, I told her that her mom had been in a car wreck and she needed to come with me. Once we had her in the car, I knocked her out with my fist and we went to a private spot a few hours out of town. He couldn’t wait and started without me. Yeah, no that won’t fly. I pulled over, and did another hit. Fuck it, this spot looked good enough so we dragged her by her long blonde hair into the woods. He pissed on her to wake her up and we began to play. Some things never change, and a p-fuck will always crave tender flesh.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Young Voice for Young Fantasies

I’ve always attracted a certain type a male and if you’re visiting my profile, then you know EXACTLY the type of men that enjoys my services. The ones that have a taste for the younger kind. The best thing about me is my voice. It’s nice and young and helps me to bring any of your fantasies to life. I like to go above and beyond for all of my naughty phone sex pedos. Any age, any scenario, any fantasy. It’s all super sexy to me. My voice will take you away and make you believe that you’re with the little princess of your choice. If you haven’t tried a little taboo role play yet, you should take a walk on the dirty side and talk to a girl that knows how to give you exactly what you want.



Written By: Raylin
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Hello, I know You’re There!

I was taking a nice, hot steamy shower and I was enjoying rubbing my new raspberry scented bath gel all over my body. I heard a noise in the bathroom so I peeked my head out from the curtain. I couldn’t believe it was my phone sex daddy sitting on the toilet with his boxers around his ankles and his hard dick in his hand! He actually didn’t see me peek out so I just went back to washing my body, acting like I didn’t know he was there.

I thought daddy would really like to hear me masturbate. I put the shower wand up my pussy while my other hand was rubbing my clit. I started moaning and I could hear daddy beating off faster. I was fingering myself deep with 2 fingers. I wanted so badly to invite him in the shower but he didn’t know I knew he was there. It didn’t take long before I had a really intense orgasm. I peeked out again and it looked like daddy did too with that big mess all over his stomach.


Written By: Kaylee
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What Happens At Auntie’s House Stays At Auntie’s House

You find yourself going over to Auntie’s house a lot lately because at my house, there’s no rules. Your mom and I may look alike but I tend to dress a little more sexier and I’m a bit more out going than her. I’ve always been the wild child of the family.

I think you like the fact that I’m so confident with my body and very relaxed when you come to visit. Little to no clothes are optional at Auntie’s house. Your first visit you seemed quite surprised that I just wore a see through nighty around the house with my big, hard nipples popping through and now that seems quite the norm.

I like when we have our special movie night in my bedroom and we get naked under the covers. Your mother gets mad that I let you watch Rated R movies but little does she know, you’re not really watching the movie when your head is buried between Auntie’s thighs. Opps! That’s our little secret, isn’t it baby?

Before she comes picks you up, we make sure we have one last “play” session. I give you a kiss on the cheek and whisper in your ear that I can’t wait till next time.

What happens at Auntie’s house, stays at Auntie’s house!


Written By: Sandra
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Age Play Phone Sex

The weekend is here and I know you’re craving some age play phone sex. You probably just woke up and the first thought in your head is young, tight pussy. Immediately your p-cock gets hard and you need a release. You check out some porn and it’s just not doing the trick. You want someone a little younger to cater more to your specific fantasy. You need to hear that young voice in your ear, calling you daddy.

Age play phone sex with me you get to pick the age and I’ll do the rest. My imagination gets so hot that I start playing with my bald pussy while your stroking your hard, daddy dick.

I might have the perfect role-play for us. Call me and let me take care of your full, aching balls.



Written By: Laney
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My Step-Mom’s Obsession

When I was younger, my dad re-married this woman who always treated me special. She loved spending time with me. She would take me to get my hair and nails done and on many occasions, we went to the mall for shopping sprees. She always dreamed of having a little girl so when she married my dad, I was the perfect redheaded daughter she always wanted.

When I was in my early teens, she started becoming obsessed with my body. She always complimented me on my beautiful tits and round little ass. She would undress in front of me and then make me take off my shirt and she would like to compare our tits, telling me how perky mine are. She would grab my hands and place them on her breasts so I can massage them and then she liked to rub our nipples together.

At night, she would sneak into my room after my dad fell asleep and she would caress my little pussy and tell me how beautiful I was. I remember how good she made me feel and how wet my little cunt got. I know she wanted to take things further but I was young and only did things when she told me too. 

I masturbate to my step-mom quite often and I can just imagine how sweet her pussy tasted. Unfortunately, my dad cheated on her and she moved out and I never seen her since. What I have left is all those hot memories that will live with me forever.


Written By: Patsy
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Age-Play Fantasy Phone Sex

Would you like to worship my hot barely legal phone-sex body? Let’s start with us getting back into bed so I can spread my legs for you. Mmmm I want you between my my thighs, worshiping my wet pussy while I glide my soft hands up and down your body. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll toss you a handjob or blowjob.

When the time comes to get you off, I want to hear all your dirty secrets. No limits – I want to know it all. I want to indulge in your fantasies with you while you gawk and worship my little titties and my sweet bald pussy. I am sure we can spend endless hours rolling around the sheets with a hot age-play fantasy. If you’re ready for my hot body and my wet pussy you know what you need to do.


Written By: Felicia
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