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Seductive Bedroom Eyes

They say the eyes are the opening to your soul, and with my eyes….your pants as well! Any guy who looks into my eyes, they’re lured in for the taking. I can get any guy I want, and do whatever I want to them.

If Daddy says no, all I have to do is bat my pretty little eyes and I get anything I want. I climb up onto Daddy’s lap, and put my arms around him and give me a long stare with a big smile on my face. It doesn’t take long and he gives me a handful of cash and his Amex black card.

My teacher is also hypnotized by my eyes. All I have to do when I get a bad grade is stay after class so I can talk to him alone. I sit my butt on his desk and look down at him while he’s sitting in his chair. He takes a little more convincing. That’s when I get on my knees and unzip his pants. I look up at him and take his raging hard cock into my mouth. I seductively look at him the entire time I am pumping my lips up and down his shaft. Soon, I have a mouthful of warm jizz and an A on my paper.

 Look at my picture, call me, and soon you will be powerless. My seductive bedroom eyes will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.



Written By: Baby Britt
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The Age Of Innocence

Are you obsessed with teenie little girls like me? I’m sure you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog. There’s something about my tiny, fragile body, and my sweet little girl giggles that drives you totally crazy. Your senses are captivated by that smell that only little girls have. It’s so sweet and innocent.

I bet you’re looking at my white cotton panties and wondering what they would taste like? Imagine how good it would feel to rub your hard cock against my tender, bald pussy lips. I have the most amazing puffy, pussy lips you’ve ever seen. Not to mention how tight my perfect barley legal pussy is.

I specialize in any age play fantasies. I love pedo daddies that get off on young ones like me. If you’re a really naughty daddy, I might let you hear my wet pussy juices.

Baby Britt knows exactly what your cock wants when it comes to young girl fantasies.



Written By: Baby Britt
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The Perfect Gift From Your Baby Britt

I bet you’re dying to know what your little Britt’s pussy smells and tastes like? I describe my pussy to you in full detail, and even let you hear how wet I am, but I know you want more. I can hear you jerking your cock off really hard when we get into extreme age-play fantasies. And, if you know me at all, you would know that the hotter the role-play is, the more I’m getting my panties soaked.

Wouldn’t our call be so much hotter if you had my panties in your hand, mouth, or wrapped around your dick? You would know exactly how your baby would taste.

I can discreetly send you a Valentines gift that you can cherish forever. I don’t send just any pair of panties, I will send you Victoria Secret panties that will have my sweet cum on the crotch. I think this would be the perfect gift for Valentines Day!

Mention this blog and I will have something very sweet & tasty headed your way!

Written By: Baby Britt
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Bad Britt

People would never think a cute, young pretty girl like me could have a naughty side. Everyone thinks I look like a good wholesome girl next door. You would expect someone like me at your door selling Girl Scout cookies or maybe running around on the soccer field.

Boy, do I have everyone fooled.

I am bad.

I get off on seeing men’s faces when I take out my big strap-on. I let them know right away that I am in charge. Any moans or whimpers will only drive me to stretch you more. I may be petite but when I have a huge dick between my legs, I feel like super woman and have all the power in the world. I’m confident and I know I can get any man I want but I prefer to be the hunter, looking for my prey. I can take the strongest, domineering man and turn him into my weak, submissive fuck toy.

If you’re done with the boring good girls, it’s defiantly time to try an experienced bad girl who doesn’t play by the rules.


Written By: Baby Britt
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Daddy’s New Secretary

Phone sex daddy has been spending a lot more time at the office lately. He doesn’t come home until after I go to bed. It’s been pissing me off so much that I had to see what or who was keeping him at the office longer and not home (where he should be) with his little girl.

My Daddy had a dentist appointment and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to drop by his work when he wasn’t there.

When I walked into the office, I saw a new secretary sitting where Bonnie (the 60 year old Grandma) would be. Daddy’s new hire looked young and trashy. I knew right away what was keeping him at night. I knew her little plan. She is working her way to the top by keeping my Daddy happy and satisfied. I know Daddy’s weakness. He loves young, petite, and long brown hair girls. And of course, she looks just like me too.

She doesn’t know that she’s making the boss’s daughter very upset because she’s draining Daddy’s balls and nothing is left for his little girl. 

Maybe you and I can come up with some sort of a plan to get this bitch fired so Daddy comes home to his little Baby Britt.




Written By: Baby Britt
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Dominating Britt

I know what you’re thinking; how could such a cute, little girl ever have a mean, dominate side? She’s so petite and how could anyone be in control when they have “Baby” in their name?

If you are continuing to read this, you’re a pathetic loser who doesn’t even know what you want.  But don’t worry, I do! I have manipulated so many men and taken over their mind, body and soul. They completely worship me in every way imaginable. I know how to push your limits and boundaries. If you’re taking up my precious time, I will own and control you to make it worth my time. You will also address me as Mistress Britt, anything else and you will be punished.

A little girl like me loves big toys and not just for myself either. It excites me to hear muffled cry’s and whimpering when I use my 15 inch strap-on dildo on your loser ass. Hearing such pathetic noises from a grown ass man only makes me want to push it harder and ruin your so called man holes.

You think you can handle this or are you too scared of your little Baby Britt?


Written By: Baby Britt
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The Principal’s Office

Bad Girl BrittThere I was sitting in class and my teacher gets a phone call. She gets off the phone and looks at me right away with such disappointment on her face. She walks over to me and leans down and quietly whispers in my ear that the principal needs to see me right away. My teacher thinks I get into trouble because Mr. Garrett, the principal calls me into his office at least twice a week. I get up from my desk and give her a devilish grin and walk out of the classroom, knowing exactly why Mr. Garrett wants to see me.

When I walk pass his secretary’s desks to get to his office, I give a little wave and smile to them. Mr. Garrett greets me at his door and shuts it immediately behind me and locks it. He normally says something loud near the door like he’s reprimanding me, to throw the ladies off. Then he puts his hands all of my body and bends me over his desk so I can feel his hard cock pressed against my leg. He loves when I wear my short skirts. He likes to play a little game with me, the shorter my skirt, the harder he fucks me. My reward is also a big, creamy load inside my pussy. I beg for him to cum in me, so when I am a naughty little school girl, I get to have his principal jizz deep inside me.

If you would like to see me after class, my tight school girl holes will be ready!

Sloppy Seconds

Lately, I’ve been having my boyfriend come over and we have been having sex in my bedroom. Normally, I go to his place but his roommate and his weird girlfriend are constantly there.

My step-dad came into my bedroom last night and told me he’s been watching me fuck my boyfriend. I was in complete shock because I didn’t think he was ever home. He told me he will continue to let my boyfriend come over; on one condition. My daddy said that after he leaves, he gets to come to my room and their better be a big, cream pie waiting for him.

So, last night my boyfriend came over and daddy hid in my closet so he could get a close look at his step-daughters hot, teen pussy getting pounded.

Since I knew my daddy was watching this time, I put on more of a show. My boyfriend wanted to cum on my face but I demanded him to cum in my pussy; knowing my daddy would be really upset if that cum wasn’t in my creamy cunnie. After my boyfriend blew a huge, thick load in my pussy, I told him he had to leave. Normally, we chill for awhile but I kicked him out of the house right after we fucked. I walked back into my bedroom and daddy was waiting for me on my bed with his big, hard daddy cock in his hand. He told me to get on all fours and back my dripping pussy to his mouth. Daddy’s tongue felt so good inside me and he devoured my cum-filled pussy for the longest time. He said it tasted so good that he would be visitng my room on a daily basis.

I say “Sloppy Seconds” because seconds after my boyfriend leaves, daddy is there cleaning up my wet, sloppy pussy.

Nerdy Britt Phone Sex

When you were in school you didn’t give the nerdy/geeky girls a second glance. Your young, horny cock was wanting the sluty, ditzy cheerleaders. Little did you know that under the sweater and the nerdy glasses is a hot slut that was far more advanced than the other school girls. You see, I didn’t need to fuck my teachers because of my failing grades, I fucked for extra credit. My grades were always really high but I needed any extra credit so it would look good on college applications.

You can say I am an over-achiever in everything I do. Could you imagine the effort I would put into your throbbing cock like I do my homework?  I’ll have your dick shooting cum on my glasses in no time.

Are you ready for Nerdy Britt to do things to you that no one else has even thought of? Call me now- 888.285.5966



My daddy’s love to fill up my barely legal pussy with their hot, daddy cum. I get asked ALL THE TIME if they can cum inside me and I will never turn down a huge daddy load. I do have to warn you though, my pussy is very fertile and you may get me pregnant. Your cock instantly grew just thinking about making a baby with me. Most girls my age would make you wear a condom or have you pull out but not me. I will demand for you to shoot your massive cum deep inside me. You can fuck me over and over again till you get what you want.

Why do you think I am called “Baby” Britt? Now you get the idea. Put your cock in me already and let’s get some of your daddy cum inside my fertile pussy.