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 My Stats

Age: 29

Eyes: Piercing

Height: 5'8

Weight: 132

Measurements: 38DD-26-38

Pussy: Pulsing

Ass: Purrrrfectly ass-pounding!

Favorite Positions: I love fucking in any position

Strangest Places I've had sex: Shark tank at the aquarium

Hobbies: Too busy running this freak show to have any hobbies!

Specialities: Sadistic dominatrix, Stalking, Scat, Sissification, Submissive girl, Sissy assignments, Slave training, Sadist, Small cock humiliation, Leg fetish, Smothering, Insertions, Submissive whore, Water bondage, Trampling, Torture, Toilet training, Medical experiments, Mind control, Nipple torture, Psychotic GFE, Cuckolding, BDSM, Blackmail, Body worship, Bondage, Castration, Fire play, Smoking fetish, Facesitting, Hardcore humiliation, Fisting, Forced bi, Golden showers, Impregnation, Enemas, Hypnosis, Prosthetic leg, Cum denial, Cock smashing, CBT, Brainwashing, Chastity, Cream pies, Dildo training, Device bondage, Domination, Financial dom, Branding, Burning, Demoralization, Female supremacy, Mistress, Bestiality, Web cam watching, Diaper bitch, Period play, Flogging, Corpral punishment, Mutual masturbation and Guided masturbation *If for some reason your fetish isn't found here, then you truly are a sick fuck and should seek therapy!


You’re here looking for a bad ass time aren’t you? Well you’ve found it! I must worn you though, be very careful what you wish for, you just might get it all. Those of you who were fortunate enough [or unfortunate, time will tell] to stumble across this page, have entered into a realm navigated by many, survived by few, and regretted by none. You see, you have found Splendor! That’s all you need to be concerned with, because from here on out, I am in control. I am no stranger to the twisted little secrets you think you have so cautiously tucked away, safe in the corners of your mind. I will derive endless pleasure for reaching in, taking hold and exposing them for all to enjoy, because everyone has a secret, don’t they? Even me. Me?

Oh, I am an enigma. A mystery wrapped in a riddle a joke without a punch line. I am the mother fucking Ring-Leader of this sexual circus, in which we are all players. If something is a miss, something nasty, naughty, twisted or truly psychotic is afoot, chances are, I am the one held responsible! Hey, I get bored, what can I say? When my day is void of chaos, I create it! So, the question remains, are you brave enough to tackle that taboo fantasy you have been holding captive all these years? Set it free an experience a hedonistic world that you have only dreamt about. I posses the skill, knowledge and experience to get the job done, as do any of my ladies. So quit fucking around and pick your poison! Splendor is my name and twisted, raunchy fantasies is my number one game!


Call 1.866.927.5889
for Phone Sex with

5 Responses to “Splendor”

  • Please my goddess…punish me no more!!!I didnt mean to whine so!!!!pleeez let me back into your good graces, your twisted realm!!!!!i need to worship you!!!My whole body aches for your wonderful punishments!!! I have just left a generous gratuity to prove my sincerity!
    mercy..I beg of you…… your humble servant, Adam

  • milk me again mistress…i need your skillfull direction!

  • Thanks splendor for another milking You know how to drain me.

  • To be in this woman’s company is rare. To be a goddess and the most sexually sensual woman I have had the privlage of being in the presence of was truly a reward. If her body isn’t enough to command you her voice will bring you to your knees.

  • Goddess Splendor is a gift to us all. Her beauty, elegence, and sophistication are rare to behold. I get weak and drop to my knees involuntarily before she even commands me to do so. To worship her is like having a taste of the rariest fruit in the world if for only but a moment!

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