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 My Stats

Age: 29

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 107

Measurements: 34D-23-34

Pussy: Smooth and wet

Ass: Small and tight

Favorite Positions: Reverse cowgirl and on my knees

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a bowling alley

Hobbies: Shopping, dating, movies, bowling, skiing and relaxing on weekends

Specialities: Nasty role-plays, Cuckolding, 2 girl calls, Sissy boys, Family fun, Rape, Mutual masturbation, Gang bangs and much more!


Can you keep a secret? This part of my life has to be kept real quiet. I work for a very prestigious law firm and the older Lawyers would never understand that I need to do this because I am addicted to sex. I graduated top of my class from a very old school on the East Coast and I have an image to keep up. During the day I am all business, but when the lights go down, so do I.

I got into college on a cheerleading scholarship and well being a cheerleader you are expected to be a slut. I was, so no problem there. The good thing about being a college slut is that it doesn’t matter who you fuck. I never had to keep my sex life a secret back in school. I would sometimes fuck three or four guys a night. My little pussy would be so full of cum I would go home with it running down my legs. I actually love being fucked when I am that full. The way it squirts out when you slide your dick in is amazing. The guys back in college called me a cum dumpster.

This is my first year working at the law firm and well even though I was top of my class I still had to interview the old fashioned way. My boss has been fucking me since day one. The first time he laid eyes on me I was wearing a little black suit and heels and I guess that turned him on. He closed and locked the door and told me even though I was the most qualified applicant I still needed to convince him of my talents. He fucked me right there on his desk. Sometimes he even fucks me while chatting with his wife on the phone. I love making him moan while she spends his money. I get a hefty paycheck to keep him happy.

Since I am new to the city I haven’t had much time to go out and I have been doing phone sex to keep my twisted side happy. I love sex, but I love it more then the usual girl. I really like the dirty stuff that you can’t do in the office. If you need a no limits secret slut to make all of your fantasies come true then give me a call and lets get off together.

*Check out my younger sister Brittany on the site. We also do 2 girl sister calls.

Lots of love,

Call 1.877.280.9448
for Phone Sex with

9 Responses to “Teagan”

  • Wow, What can I say. Teagan you are so hot, sweet,sexy and fun. I get excited just seeing that you are available when I look at the website. I will be calling back soon (probably immediately).
    Sorry I did not get this posted sooner.

  • What a sweetheart! So sexy and she knew what I wanted almost before I knew myself. Awesome babe.
    Talk to you again soon.

  • Teagan has without a doubt one of the most sexy voices I have ever heard. The way she described how she would fuck me made me feel like she was actually in the room with me! She also makes the cutiest noises when she is cumming.. I can not wait to play with both her and her sister..


  • Talking to Teagan on the phone was great. She has the hottest voice ever too. She told me loves big black cockng more than anythi ..and thats even sexier.

  • The sexiest voice, the dirtiest mind, the kindest girl I think I’ve ever spoken to. Very open-minded, made me feel perfectly at ease. I will definitely be calling again. And again. And again…

  • Wow what a dirty mind! I love that southern voice too. She makes the cutetist sounds when she is cumming. I need to visit the south more!

  • Thank you for the amazing call the other night. You made me realize how amazing it is to be showered in black cum

  • Teagan,

    Do you and Brittney still do two girl calls together?

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